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Align 2 Tables, Match Two Outputs From A Database

My goal is to match two outputs from a database so that the same person's record can be found on one row. At present output 2 does not marry up to output 1 due to staff leaving and new appointments being made. The data in output 1 should remain static. The data in output 2 must be manipulated to match the order of output 1.

Output 1 is a 5 column record containing (in A6:E6)

Forename, Surname, Branch, Roll Number, and a % score

Output 2 is again a 5 column record containing (in G6:K6)

Forename, Surname, Branch, Roll Number, and a % score

Each employee can be identified by a unique Roll Number Code contained in the fourth column of each record.
If an ideal match has been found I'd like the letter Y to be inserted in the L column of each record to signify a positive comparison. All non matches should have the letter N in the L column & these non matches should be placed at the bottom of the dataset.

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Match And Align Data Based On Unique ID Numbers
I have list of unique numbers on Column A and names on Column B. I have another set of unique numbers on Column C and counters on Column D. I have 100 numbers on Column A and I have 10 numbers on Column C. Every numbers on Column C exists on Column A. How do I match and align the unique numbers and have Column B and D in same row? (E.g. 100000 Jones 30). This question is very similar to the one discussed at Aligning Columns With Same Data?

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Database Functions Vs. Array Formulas Vs. SUMPRODUCT Vs. Pivot Tables
All I am doing is counting text values in a table.

The table has 3 main columns(which are relevant to this thread anyway).

Shift - Area - Status

The example I have attached shows examples of DCOUNTA, SUMPRODUCT and a Pivot Table.

I have read many threads stating that the best one to use is Pivot Table followed by DCOUNTA followed by SUMPRODUCT.

The most effective for me seems to be SUMPRODUCT (although this does slow excel down dramatically when you use a lot of these formulas). As do Array Formulas

The Pivot Table does not update on its own, therefore constantly needs to be refreshed. (I could use code to do this)

The DCOUNTA seems to be the least effective at doing what I want (unless I am doing something wrong)

In the attached example can the DCOUNTA be used more efficiently as I don't like the fact that I am duplicating rows to apply the criteria for a different shift. e.g

Area 1 - Late Shift - Banned
Area 1 - Early Shift - Banned

I want my table to be as follows (as the SUMPRODUCT shows)

AREA - Early Shift - Late Shift - Night Shift - Area Total
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5

Shift Total

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Find Minimum In Multiple Tables & Match To Heading
Referring to the post Find Min Value In Multiple Columns And Match The Header. I would like to go little bit further and see is there a way to find and match not just in multiple columns but in multiple tables (see the example)

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Recognize Value And Generate Outputs
The issue: Theres about 300 rows of data arranged in multiple columns. One column has a dollar amount and another column has a code. Data gets entered into the sheet periodically so every new dollar amount needs to be transferred to another sheet by recognizing the right code.

What I want to do: I want excel to recognize the dollar amount and attribute it to the code in the same row. Then sum and transfer that amount to another sheet and if possible add it to an existing amount the in the correct cell.

The final outcome should be that any user of the document can just copy and paste data into one sheet and the document automatically generates the costs in another sheet. And if possible every dollar amount should be linked to a code so a user can just click on the amount and see where it came from and under what code it falls under.

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Random Generator With Several Outputs
I need a formula to create random letters down a column: A-F. Probability of A=3%, B=6%, C=8%, D=11%, E=14%, F=16%. I've got it worked out to where each letter is a header of a column ("A" is in A1, "B" is in B1, etc.). My question is: how do I consolidate that in one column, so that, "A" for example, reads ABFCBACFBFBECEABCEABCEAFBCEFBCAFEBCFAEBFC...? I'm using the random number generator for the 6 columns...thx

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Database Named Database And Return A Time In Column
I'm trying to lookup a database named database and return a time in column A, based on criteria in cells a1 and b1 on another sheet, A1 would contain a number and B1 would contain a day from mon-fri

eg of Database
10:00 5000 Mon Tues

11:00 5000 Wed Thur Fri

and so on

if a1= 5000 & b1=Wed
how can I return 11:00

I have tried index and match =index(a:a,match(a1&b1,b:b&e:e,0))

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Search With Multiple Inputs/Outputs
I am looking to create an excel search with two input and three output values on Sheet 1 that will link to a table on Sheet 2. To help illustrate:

Sheet 1:

The two white cells indicate the two input values, and the three blue cells indicate the three desired output values.

Sheet 2:

I want to enter the two input values (Length and Width), press the "Search" button, and have the corresponding output values (DWG#, Item #, and Tooling #) from Sheet 2 appear in the three output cells on Sheet 1.

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Using List Function With Hiding Irrelevant Outputs
I am in a fix on how to create a formula where the user can drive the outputs by selecting specific timeframe (placeholder Cell add: C3 on worksheet named Staff Number Calculation).

Based on this selection, the output should be calculated in address C9:H25, now where I am getting stuck is referencing as this output is based on values present in worksheet named "Volumes" and "Time Spent Per Unit".

However, as volumes vary by each month, the number od workers required should also be reflective of changing in volumes worked upon.

For example: ...

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Nested Logic To Get 6 Outputs From 3x2 Matrix Of Inputs
I'm having a mental block with what should be some reasonably simple nested logic. Basically I've got 3 possible inputs in one field and 2 in another, and want to get 6 possible results out the other end. The sheet attached shows what i'm putting in (columns A and B) and what i'd like to get out the other end (C). The formula i need in column C is a bunch of AND's that i somehow keep getting wrong

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Limit Decimal Outputs In A Userform Textbox
I have a textbox on a userform.

The textbox is populated with a number which is generated by a formula which is
the result of a "Select Case" module.

On some occasions, for instance when dividing 1000 by 3, I get a result with recurring decimals in this case 33.333333333.

Is it possible to make the "result" round to the nearest whole number?
The textbox is named "inDorW".

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Arranging Outputs: Pulls The Weather For Today Into Cell A1, And The Forecasts For The Following 3 Days Are In A4, A9, Then A19
The weather data I receive from a web query pulls data in oddly. For example, some days it pulls the weather for today into cell A1, and the forecasts for the following 3 days are in A4, A9, then A19. The cells in between are blank, and the problem is that it pulls it in randomly otherwise I could just have the cells reference it (ex. some days it pulls it into A2, A8, etc) What I need to do is arrange it, in order, without the blank rows, but I want to do this without deleting the rows.

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Tab Or Align VBA Code
I have several lines of code written in VBA without any tabs. All the lines of code are starting in same column.

I need to align the code, so that it is easy to understand.

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Move And Align Cells
I have a task that I need to perform every now and then. And even though I normally find my ways around in Excel, I can't find a working solution for this one.

I have a list of features that I need to match with another list and place them on the same rows in my sheet. The attached file contains 2 worksheets where "Before" shows my normal input, and "Wanted" shows what I need to do.

Cols A-E contains info for the first set of features, cols G and H is the cells I want to move. Please note that sometimes the G and H columns contains info that are not present in A-E, and then I need to move those features around as well. An example is present at the bottom of the "Wanted" sheet.

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Align Data In Columns
This is a pretty simple request, but i need a macro to Find Column M's Last Entry and to copy down the 3 following columns down to the value.

I need it to be dynamic in other words, The length of column M will vary depending on my file . If the macro knows Column M ends Here, then drags the boxes down starting from N3 to Q3 down to the last Entry in Column M.

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Align 2 Columns 1 With Blanks
I have 2 columns one with blanks one without, the data can be anything. I need the 2 columns to line up, data matching up and blanks matching up. I'm attaching a spreadsheet with an example.

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Vba - Chart To Align Data Required
I am a PhD student and have a series of coordinates for various DNA sequences. I need to generate an excel chart which will show all the sequences aligned one on top of the other, not like a stacked bar, but where no gaps are found between the bars. So that they appear as if they have ‘fallen down’ as you would see with ‘Tetris’. This would end up with a bell shaped chart, rather than a messy chart. I need to do this to demonstrate which sections of the entire sequence appear more often. Can this be done using VBA or is there a way to modify a chart? I have no previous experience using VBA so I'm close to pulling my hair out.

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Align Command Buttons On UserForm
I've fought with this issue off and on for some time now and decided it was time to come to you for help. In the attached workbook there is a UserForm with five (5) command buttons along the bottom of the UserForm. I'm familiar with making them the same size and aligning tops. What I'm struggling with is how to distribute them horizontally. That is, to get the same amount of "white space" between them.

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Find Last Used Cell And Align All Numbers In Same Row
Example Table A:

*ABCDEFGHIJKL1No. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4No. 5No. 6No. 7No. 8No. 9No. 10No. 10No. 10221418269124333324171165141728884321000125067775100860615906015712170712180910

Result Table B:
*ABCDEFGHIJKL1No. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4No. 5No. 6No. 7No. 8No. 9No. 10No. 10No. 10263214854241121253210609433610178011412288370151076151767788070121206015907910

What i want here is to align all the numbers considering the last used cell. In example table a; the last number is 0 (F8). Considering that, in the Result table B all the numbers are aligned in row 8 from the bottom to top giving an equal alignment to the table.

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Align Shapes No Overlap Or Gaps
I am trying to get two shapes to butt up to each other. Unfortunately the shapes either leave a small gap or a slight overlay. I have tried using Ctrl + arrow key to move in small increments, but that didn't work. I have also tried adjusting the width of the rows, but the rows jump backwards or forwards to a number instead of staying with the number I entered. I want to create a seamless shape out of many different shapes.

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Align Text Center In A Cell Using VBA
I have the following code,

i would like to select columns A:W and center the text

Private Sub Workbook_NewSheet(ByVal Sh As Object)
Sh.Range("A1") = "W/O"
Sh.Range("B1") = "CUSTOMER"
Sh.Range("C1") = "DETAILS"
Sh.Range("D1") = "CUST PART NO"
Sh.Range("E1") = "STATUS"
Sh.Range("F1") = "NOTES"
Sh.Range("G1") = "DEPARTMENT"
Sh.Range("H1") = "DATE"
Sh.Range("I1") = "CUST ORDER NO"
Sh.Range("J1") = "DEL NO"
Sh.Range("K1") = "QTY"
Sh.Range("L1") = "SALE PRICE"
Sh.Range("M1") = "CARRIAGE OUT"
Sh.Range("N1") = "TOTAL SALES"
Sh.Range("O1") = "INT CODE"
Sh.Range("P1") = "SUPPLIER"
Sh.Range("Q1") = "COST PRICE"
Sh.Range("R1") = "CARRIAGE IN"
Sh.Range("S1") = "TOTAL HRS"
Sh.Range("T1") = "LABOUR COST".......................

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Cells To Align To Center/left/right
Here's a weird one: I can't get some of my cells to align to center/left/right. Both the buttons on the toolbar and Format->Cells->Alignment won't work. The kicker is that other cells on the same sheet will center/left/right just fine. Is there some kind of formatting protection I inadvertently set?

fyi, Excel 2003 on XP Pro, all fully updated.

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Pull Characters From Alpanumerics And Right Align
I am trying to create a data sheet to simplify the filling of corporate documents on our company computer systems. I have a working system, flawed, but working. What I want is to simplify it and correct some mistakes I made when I first made it. At the moment the priority is the field for our serial numbers. They vary from 1 to 10 digits in length with a alpha-numeric system. Some serial numbers even include hyphens, but the hyphens need to be removed for the forms. My system uses a modified form to allow for hyphens, but my boss wants them removed. ^^'

Anyways, the serial number of an item is entered into the data sheet field and my macro breaks down the serial number piece by piece. On the form the there are ten blocks for each digit of the serial number and I have coded the macro to put one digit per box. The trick is that the serial number must be right aligned and any empty fields must stay empty. This is where my request comes into play. I have already programmed the macro to do everything required except remove hyphens. The problem is that it is a REALLY long macro using If Then End statements to to compensate for the varying lengths of a serial number. Is there anyway to simplify this task?

Public Sub SerialNo()

Dim SerialNo As String
Dim SerialNo1 As String
Dim SerialNo2 As String
Dim SerialNo3 As String
Dim SerialNo4 As String
Dim SerialNo5 As String
Dim SerialNo6 As String
Dim SerialNo7 As String
Dim SerialNo8 As String
Dim SerialNo9 As String
Dim SerialNo10 As String

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Center Align Combobox Text
I'd like to align the text in comboboxes to be centred vertically - purely cosmetic I know, but "pretty = better" in my book!

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How To Align (set Tabs Or Columns) On A Text String
How To align (set tabs or columns) on a text string ....

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Align The Red Figure With The Corresponding Description In The Yellow Cells
Is there a way where i can have the figures in Red align with the corresponding description.

As it is when i run my report the account code will come on top of the description and i want to find a way to align them in the yellow cells.

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Align X Y Data Points On Combination Chart
Following my bosses recent charting attempts involving multicoloured backgrounds, graduated bars, textured boxes, mis-matched fonts etc, etc, which frankly showed no information whatever, I was asked to simplify them.

I did so, as in the two attachments, but the response is now along the lines of "well, yes, but they aren't very exciting, are they?"

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Align & Center Text In Cells Vertically
I know how to center text from left to right, but how about from top to bottom?

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Align Numbers From 2 Columns In Parent Child Manner
I have searched numerous times for the answer I need, but no joy yet.

I have a spread sheet that has one column (call it 1) of data with a single entry each of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and so on.

I have a second column (call it 2) that has multiple entries of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and so on, and I want to sort so that the rows wind up with the numbers in column 1 all sorted in an accending order, but I want all the same numbers in column 2 sorted to "list" next to the same number before the next number sorts. See below for a small example of what I hope to see once it sorts.

Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;Unfortunately the example didn't post correctly..perhaps this will work but note that the x's are in column 1 and don't exist.


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Add Blank Cells For People Not On Each Years List So All Names Align
I have 10 columns that are as follows. Name, rank 04, name, rank 05, name, rank 06, name, rank 07, name, rank 08. The longest name and rank list is over 1200 names long. What I need to do is create 1, 3, and 5 year averages based on rank.

My question is, is there a way to sort alphabetically that will automatically align column a,c,e,g,and i alphabetically that will also align each row by name.

name 04 05 06
joe 75 72
paul 82
carl 72 48

Joe isn't present in 05, Paul isn't present in 04 or 06, and Carl isn't present in 06.

Basically I need excel to add blank cells for people not on each years list so all names align.

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If Else Syntax: Change Some Outputs Of The Macro Without Changing The Syntax
I´m writting a macro. It works find until a certain point. When I want to change some outputs of the macro without changing the syntax, it display an error mesage while runing the macro. It says Else without If. Which is quite disturbing because the Else was not creating any problem before. Here is my macro before I changed the conditions (this one work nicely)

Sub Copy_Sheet_Beta()
Set wba = ActiveWorkbook
On Error Resume Next
If IsWorkbookOpened("Projekt.xls", "C:Documents and SettingsfrederikSkrivebordRedd Barna") Then
Workbooks("Projekt.xls").Activate 'In case open, just activate "Projekt"
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsfrederikSkrivebordRedd Barnaprojekt.xls"
End If
Set wb = Workbooks("Projekt.xls")
If Not SheetExists(wba.ActiveSheet. Range("C1").Value) Then
MsgBox "overall doesn't exist!"

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Multiple Outputs From An "IF" Statement
Attached is a sample of a ledger I am making for my small business. Under the ' books' column, having the output display nothing for a row with no entry was simple, but I can't figure out how to have three different displays for the 'bank' column. The idea of this ledger is that I can continuously balance my books by entering the check mark as transactions are posted. The thing is, I don't want to have the balance display all the way down the sheet when there are no entries in those rows.

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VLOOKUP / INDEX / MATCH Function: Match Data From 2 Independent Sets??
I am trying to match data from 2 independent sets, formatted slightly differently so not sure which function would work best for me. From the attached file, I am trying to match the date and time stamp (in cell A1) with that from the other data (in this example in cell E1) and return the data (from cell F1) to cell C1. So basically any date and time stamp before 04/03/09 04:00 will return a value of 44 (this value should appear, therefore in cells C1 - C30)

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INDEX / MATCH Multiple Ocurence Match Values
INDEX/MATCH multiple ocurence match values needed

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Search A Sheet For A Match And Then Copy All The Cells To The Right Of The Match
I need a macro that can search a sheet for a match and then copy all 7 cells to the right of the match. I have attached an example of the sheet that will serve as the database to search, and a userform example that will be similar to the userfrom that will display the copied cells when a match is found. I plan to copy and paste the 7 cells to a different sheet so that the userform can display the results with the control source property. I do not need a way to add to this database. I know very little about searching a database so.

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Copy Rows To Worksheet If Cross Match & Another If No Match
I have 2 worksheets named sheet1 and need_to_delete that are in the same format: 7 digit number, 5 digit alpha numeric, text, dollar amount. I need to copy every row into sheet2 where there are no matches in the column A of the two source worksheets, and copy every row that does have a match in column A into sheet 3. I also need to keep the rows in their current order.

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Lookup/Index-Match-Match Using Segments
Is it possible to return a value or a sum of values using segmented lookup criteria. The Sample 1 spreadsheet (attached) explains it better.

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Sum If W/ Index Match On Vertical And Horizontal Match
I am looking to sum the values found at the intersection of multiple values based upon a vertical and horizontal lookup. The formula I am trying is as follows (which results in #Value):


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Adding A Third Match To An Index Match Formula
I currently have a spreadsheet with two sheets. The first is my reporting sheet and the second is called Stores. I currently am using the following formula in the reporting sheet:

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Match Cells & Shift Rows Down If No Match
Attached is a spreadsheet of 2 tables from B:1 to V:5
I need to shift either rows down if cells from column B do not match column M and vice versa.

How would it be possible to acheive results as shown in B:10 to V:15 through VBA.

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I use Microsoft office 2008 for MAC i currently have 4 xls witch contains clients

The one has 11.206 the other 11.971 and the other 4267 people

THe 4th and last list has 3462 and i need to check witch of the people in 3462 are not contained in the other 3 xls

I tried to copy - paste some info in order to be replaced by excel but nothing

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Sumproduct Across Tables
I think this requires SUMPRODUCT, but can't work it out.

The attached spreadsheet should explain clearly.

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Validation Tables
I have validation tables in a few cells. I've unlocked them and password protected the sheet so that they couldn't be changed other than what is in the list.

What's happening is that the list is there, but the cell is also allowing an entry that is not in the drop down.

How can I protect the cell to only allow the validation list?

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Hide Tables Using VBA
I am after some code that will hide tables based on whether they contain certain values.

If we take the following example: ....

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Lookup In Sub-tables
I have a table with dates that have bonuses associated with them, some times the bonues change, so i have another table with the date the bonus is effective and then the range of bonuses based on the sales of the month....

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Comparing Two Tables
I have one .xls file that contains an inventory list of all the products that I want.

Unfortunately this .xls file does not contain the prices for these items. I have another .xls file that contains SKU numbers and the prices related to those SKU numbers.

Is there a way to run every single SKU in the first file against the second file and, when a match is found, take the entry in the price column of the second file and place it in the first file so that my first .xls file contains all my products with prices?

I included sample data.

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Formula From 2 Different Tables
i entered an item (ie, Aircard5740, cost = $99.99). This specific item must be compared from the 1st table (type of phone) with 7 different columns where does it fall the same. Once found, another item will be entered, (ie, America's Choice 450, cost = $59.99) and again will be compared to the 2nd table (commission) with 7 different columns, (while still based from the 1st item), and from this 2nd table, there's the commission amount be taken. what formula can i type to get the commission from the 2nd table?

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Vlookup With 2 Different Tables
i'm building a spreadsheet where there is a list where users will input work shifts (those shift can be, for example, "M", "N", "T", "Me", "Ne", "Te"). i use two different columns to retrieve (using vlookup) values for M, N, T and Me, Ne, Te shifts. those values are in two different tables (one table for M, N, T shifts and another one for Me, Ne, Te)

for the M, N, T shifts column i use:

for the Me, Ne, Te shifts column i have:

this seems to works fine, but only for one shift per day. the problem is that workers may work more than one shift per day. is there a simple way of, in one column, vlooking up the values for every M, N, T shift, every day ignoring any Me, Ne, Te and the opposite in the other column?

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Merging To Different Tables Into One
I have 2 tables in excel that i need to merge into one, Table 1 has 10 colmns and Table 2 has 7. Both tables have as column 1 a heading of Material, this is the column i need to compare as table 1 does not contain a material description field, but table 2 does, the bold headings are the key ones, but other column information is required. I have attached a sample ss to show what i am trying to do.

Table 1 Col Headings
Created on
Created by

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Create Tables From XML With CSS
how to create tables from XML with CSS.Below are the codes....

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="feedrecipe.css"?>


< percentages>Percentages</percentages>

<sunflower_heading>Sunflower Seeds</sunflower_heading>
<meat_heading>Meat and Bone Meal</meat_heading>

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Lookup From Tables
I am currently constructing a spreadsheet with an engineering application. There are standard size shafts that bearings must fit on. Once the design is run, i obtain a number which is usually inbetween the two standard sizes. I need the spreadsheet to select the larger one. for example, 184 must be looked up from


I need it to select 200, however and the moment using lookup function i am getting 180.

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