Creating Images Database Where Pics Are In Excel Database

Mar 31, 2004

I am currently trying to create a database of products for my company. For each product I would like to include an image associated with it. I then want to have on another sheet a place where the user will click an error and be able to cycle through the products. As tehy cycle the associated image will pop up.

What I need to understand is after importing the image into excel, how do I associate that image to a cell so I can reference it in another sheet of the database. I am not concerned with how large the database will get, my pictures are quite small.

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Creating Database Excel Spreadsheet And Invoice?

Feb 9, 2014

create an excel spreadsheet, where i can enter all my products name, unit price etc. so when i am doing an invoice for the customer, if i just type the product name price will show up automatically.

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Database Named Database And Return A Time In Column

Nov 7, 2008

I'm trying to lookup a database named database and return a time in column A, based on criteria in cells a1 and b1 on another sheet, A1 would contain a number and B1 would contain a day from mon-fri

eg of Database
10:00 5000 Mon Tues

11:00 5000 Wed Thur Fri

and so on

if a1= 5000 & b1=Wed
how can I return 11:00

I have tried index and match =index(a:a,match(a1&b1,b:b&e:e,0))

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Sum Database Totals But Only If 2nd Database Greater Than X Number

Oct 17, 2013

I've used a countifs, but I'm having trouble doing a sum in a similar way. I have 2 databases and I will try to explain below. I need the to sum the values of database 1 if the second database is >= 20. So the value I would expect on this example would be 900. I would also like to be able to highlight which ones are elliminated. Such as coloring the text red.

Database 1

Eric 100
Jenny 200
Gina 300
Doug 400

Database 2

Eric 18
Jenny 20
Gina 34
Doug 55

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Creating Reactive Searchable Database?

Jan 2, 2013

I would like to be able to create a reactive, searchable database. I have data that will be broken down into two divisions: Origin and Destination States. I would like to type in an Origin State, then a Destination State, and then have the document provide results for matching data. For example, if company 1 is in the origin state, but not destination state, its data will not be shown in the search result. However, if company 2 is listed in both the Origin State and Destination State, its data will be listed.

Addition - Attached is a small example of the worksheet that I would like to create. In the "SEARCH" tab, I would like to enter the Origin and Destination States. the search would yield all appropriate matches. In this example, if I entered Alabama as the Orign State, and Arizona as the destination, the search would provide the following match:

H&M Bay
Refrigerated Express

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Creating Database Records From Invoice

Apr 30, 2013

This is my invoice. I want to be able to create a database record of every transaction. In the end I want to be able to export this data into Access, but it needs to be in sequential rows and columns. I want to be able to list the cells on Sheet 1 that have Data in them in the configuration on Sheet 2 that I have listed. What I need to keep in mind is that someone might have 1 item in a transaction and others might have 5. So I need the ShopID and Customer information to appear in front of every item listed in rows 20-27.

ShopID Data


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Creating Master Database With Linked Columns?

Jul 1, 2013

I am working on creating a medical master database. I have a master sheet with a huge number of columns. I have a couple of guys working with me, and they have their own sheets in the workbook.

So here is what I would like to do: anytime one of the guys enters data into his respective worksheet, I want the data to be copied over to the master sheet in a new entry.

The columns among the worksheets are different, and I would like the data to automatically sort in the appropriate column on the master sheet when it is copied.

I have attached a copy of the workbook.

I have included an example of what I would like to see. For example, if Charles puts in an entry in his worksheet, a new entry is created on the master sheet with the information from Charles' sheet sorted in the appropriate columns.

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Creating A Database On A Worksheet To Populate A Userform

Dec 28, 2009

I am working on a label printing set-up for my work. So far I have completed the userform that formulas will be entered on and printed from. I had an idea of being able to save these formulas for recall later. I included “Save” and “Recall” buttons on the userform. My plan is to have my co-workers click on the “save” button and be able to enter an additional piece of data and have everything saved to another worksheet labeled “database”. If you look at the said sheet you will see a column for “customer”, “color” and then the colorants. Due to the wide variety of colorants and quantities available, I set it up so that I have the colorant and under that Oz and 48ths. I am trying to figure out a code that will populate that across the row.

Then I want to be able to push “recall”, find my customer and then color in a combobox and have that populate my label.

At this time I am stuck. Part of my problem is I don’t quite know the terminology to google.

Attached is the file I am working with. The only sheets that need concern anyone are "main" and "database". The others are from the original file and I will be deleting those once I am done.

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Creating Simple Database To Hold A Record Of Attendance

Dec 6, 2013

I have been creating a simple database to hold a record of attendance.

I'm now at the stage where I want to create a worksheet that cannot be modified; but rather is something the user can look at in a glance.

I need forming a SUMIFS formula that will look for monthly periods of the times late, sick, absent etc and add them up to return to one place.

So the dependants will be the month, the employee and the type of record (late, sick, holiday)

I have created a userform that I can use to add in the raw data, so I'm not sure what range I can create, as every time new data is added it finds the next available row.

Here is what I'm using so far: [Code] ........

What the Overview will look like : Overview.PNG

What the raw data looks like : Raw Data to use.PNG

Do I need to introduce a matched up column that has the employee name and date?

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Creating Spreadsheet Utilizing National Vulnerability Database?

Mar 10, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet utilizing the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) from NIST.

I am successfully able to import the xml files and have the xsd mapped fine.

My problem is within each xml files for each records(1000s of records) there are sub pieces to certain record parts. I.e. software versions (that will be different per piece of software) however they will always fall under prod vendor

Excel creates a new row for each of these.

How can I make it only create the 1 row and comma seperate those?

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Creating Database For Daily Production Record Multiple Products

Jun 3, 2013

I have a 5 major categories of products e.g. Ketchup, Hot sauce ,mayonnaise , pizza sauce etc.

Now each of these individual categories are further divided into number of of subcategories based upon the the sizes and brands.

I want to create a sheet (One sheet) where I have to record production of each product on daily basis.

Like for example if I am producing ketchup, I select ketchup from drop-down list,Now in next column I have to select production size from predefined sizes i.e subcategories. But it should also be from drop-down menu and it should only show me the subcategories of my selected product like ketchup .I think this has something to do with data validation but I am not sure how this model will work.

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Excel As A Database

Dec 31, 2009

Has anyone ever tried to make a database out of Excel? I know that Access would be a better choice, but i have never done anything in Access and have no clue where to start. i know Excel, but i'm worrying that i will end up having too much data and my program will be slow.

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Creating A Yearly Database File Using Information In Daily File

Feb 7, 2008

I would like to automatically update a 'yearly' database file with info from a file that is changed on a daily basis.

The daily file that i use has info like date, truck number, delivery stops, weight.

the database file has the similar headings.

at the end of each day this daily file is saved. I would like to have the info that is entered into the daily file automatically plugged into the yearly database file into the next available group of cells with respect to the salesperson.

This is kind of a generalization but i'm hoping to just get pointed in the right direction. If something like this involves vba then it will be beyond my ability and i'll have to do it manually, which is fine

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Excel 2007 :: Compare Two Database?

Jul 9, 2014

I got two sheets of database and I need to fill the gaps in one of then, taking the information for the other one, I been told that I can do it with vlookup or if function?

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Run SQL Queries In Excel Against Database Using Macro?

Jan 29, 2014

I have sql queries in spreadsheet column and which needs to run against Db2 database daily and then update the result back to spreadsheet. This is tedious process and could there be a way to create a a macro using VB which performs the following?

1. connect to db2 database

2. take the sql query one at a time from every row and then run against database

3. Obtain the result and then update it back to last column of the spreadsheet.

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Extract Data From EPR Database Into Excel

Dec 9, 2011

I'm tasked with looking up part numbers in Epicor's ERP database and entering the labor cost into excel. Is there any way to write a macro or VB program that lokks at the part number in excel, goes into epicor, pulls finds the part number and cut and pastes the cost data.

I have about 30,000 of these to look up.

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Close Access Database From Excel Using VBA

Jul 19, 2012

I have an access database that runs some excel subs. If the excel sub doesn't meet a certain criteria, I want to close the excel workbook and close the access database. Most google searches yield how to close excel from access but I need closing access from excel. I was thinking that if the "detonate" criteria was met, I could pass a variable over to access and terminate that way....

If x 5 then
end if


if x 5 then "Self-Detonate"
end if

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Using Excel As Database And To Create Quotations

Sep 19, 2013

My situation is as follows:

1. I have one sheet with all the information about my customers, such as customer name, address, mobile number and email. I have also added customer reference no...... this could act like a primary key in databases...... This is SHEET 1.

2. my other sheet, lets call it SHEET 2.... is basically a template of my quotation where at the top I need to enter the customer details such as customer name, address, mobile number and email.. Sometimes I have returning customers and I need to enter their details again and again.... it is time consuming.

Initially I would like to enter all my customers detail into SHEET 1.

When I have to create a quotation in SHEET 2, I would like to enter a customer reference number and it should bring all the data from SHEET 1 about that customer and place it into SHEET 2 (quotation template)...

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Use SQL To Connect An Excel Document To Database

Feb 26, 2007

Some time ago, a friend of mine told me he didn't use any Pivot Tables at all, due to the imense space they require.

Instead, he made connections between Forms in Excel and the Databases using SQL.

Do you know of any Internet site where I can start to learn something about this?

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How To Set Up And Store Information In Excel As A Database?

Oct 14, 2008

Are there any good website for a beginner on how to set up and store information in excel as a database? I have mutliple sheets that I use everyweek for payroll and I would like to store the previous weeks data in a seperate sheet so I dont have to save each weeks sheets.

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Importing Excel Data Into A Database

Jul 20, 2006

which databases people are using with importing excel data into a database.

I want to know people's experiences on different databases and suggestions on which database i can use maybe.

On this moment i do everything in excel, but excel is not longer working properly because of large files that need to be connected to 1 or more sheets.

This is the situation now:

VAX (Dos bases database) -> Comma seperated Files -> Importing in Excel -> Linking the data to sheets.
Now I want to have a database where i can do all normal operations to have a good look and the situation of stock status, ordered parts, sales etc. (inventory control)

Who has experiences with databases ? And what are you doing with that database?

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Excel 2013 :: Mail Merging From Excel Database To Outlook

Apr 15, 2014

Using EXcel 2013, Windows 8

I have an Excel worksheet with one column being e-mail addresses. Other columns are Christian names, etc

Ideally can I create a full Mail merge with Outlook using whatever data I want. But probably just e-mail address and Christian name?

Otherwise be able to send one e-mail to all the e-mail addresses, without a major re-type.

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VBA Code To Prepare Database From Five Excel Files

Dec 16, 2013

I wantto prepare a database in excel. This is database of five different excel files.Consolidate them in one excel file under five sheets.

Thesefiles have name say A, B, C, D, E. Macro should ask user to browse these filesone by one and copy data in new excel under individual sheet. Finally databaseshould save as name X and should contain sheet 1 as A sheets 2 as B etc.

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Excel 2003 :: Autopopulate Data From 1 Database To Another?

Jul 1, 2014

I have inherited a number of databases in work (running Office 2003). It has quickly become apparant that a vast amount of work is duplicated and so i am trying to cut down the data input and therefore the possible errors.......

I have narrowed most of the work down and now have a major worksheet (is that what you call a complete Excel file) named "master database" and several over minor files....

Currently what i am trying to do is to get one of the minor files to auto populate an area of the master database. I will try to explain it below...

1. Minor database has 2 columns with data i require to auto populate the master database. (1 column (B) is called 'off', the 2nd column (C) is called 'on').

2. A number will be inputed manually into either 'B' only or 'B and C' columns, depending on the criteria of the job..

3. The criteria of the job is dictated by column (Z) where the text 'A' or 'ATL' is inputed

4. The master database i would like to add up the numbers inputed as a total from columns 'off' and 'on' and place them into seperate columns 'E' and 'G' of the master database.

5. IF column (Z) shows 'A' then only column (B) 'off' is to be calculated and put into the master database at column (E)

6. IF column (Z) shows 'ATL' then BOTH columns (B and C) 'on' AND 'off' are to be added together and column (G) populated on the master database.....

To make mattters more complex. An expiry date is shown on the master database at columns (D) and (F).
IF column (E) does not exceed 12 by the expiry date, i would like the cell (D) to turn red
IF column (G) does not exceed 10 by the expiry date, I would like the cell (F) to turn red

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Using Excel In SkyDrive / OneDrive As A Linked Database?

Mar 13, 2014

I need multiple users, each with their own Workbook to utilise data from a central database I made in Excel. I therefore need to put the central Excel database online and link to it. However, two issues so far:

1) I don't have an online domain or server to put it, nor the possibilities to get one quickly

2) Putting the central database into SkyDrive/OneDrive haven't been working so far, as the links are always local and not addressed on the OneDrive server domain.

Therefore my question:

Is there any way I can use the cloud power of OneDrive to host a (fairly simple) database without my computer being turned on and running the workbook?

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Delete Blank Rows From Excel Database

Apr 30, 2012

Any code for deleting empty rows from a database, without sorting the database.

I am trying to do a loop going through each row but can't work out the code to check each row as to whether it is blank.

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Dynamic Feed Excel Table From SQL Database?

May 8, 2012

Call center stats: I have a SQL database which is LIVE. I would like to create a live report on excel from this database. (update my excel table automatically)

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Excel 2007 :: Connecting To Oracle Database By IP

Jun 14, 2012

I am running Excel 2007 and connecting to an Oracle DB.

I have created a VBA macro to connect to an oracle DB and retrieve data then place it in a table. The code works, but it uses DSN entries which are specific to my computer. I want to be able to distribute this Excel spreadsheet to others in my company and have them be able to click one button and update the data. I figure the most logical way is to connect to the DB using an IP address that should work for anyone on the intranet.

How do I modify the connection info below to have it connect via IP?

I tried "Data Source =" and "Data Source =", both of which VBA dislikes.

Here is what I have now:

Sub Create()
Dim Servername As Range
Set Servername = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Summary").Range("B16")

Set StartDate = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Summary").Range("B3")

[Code] ..........

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Create Annual Leave Database Using Excel?

Jun 27, 2012

I am trying to create simple leave data base using Excel. Is it easy or complicated?

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Updating Access Database With Excel File

Jan 24, 2014

I've been trying to make this work for hours and hours and am finally giving up. Most of this code was found on the internet and I've attempted to make it work for my project but I keep getting errors. I use VBA with Excel quite often but never with Access before. Currently I am getting an "Object doesn't support this property or method" error at rs.Findfirst.

I have an excel worksheet that mimics the access table with five fields, an ID field, lastName, FirstName, DeptID (int), Email. I want to search the Access table for a match on the email field, and if it doesn't find the match, to add a new record using values typed into the excel sheet.

Sub UpdateDB()
Dim cn As Object
Dim rs As Object


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