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Automatically Copy Rows To New Sheet In Excel When Column Marked With An X

If a column is marked with an X I need to copy this row to a new sheet. So if a column C is marked with and X I need to copy this row to Sheet2 , if a column D is marked with and X I need to copy this row to Sheet3 and if a column E is marked with and X I need to copy this row to Sheet4., Please can someone help with the VBA code to make this work?

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Copy Marked Ranges To Another Sheet
I have this excel workbook that when i tick the first sheet ("251" in temp), it copys the row onto the second sheet ("order" in temp). This all work wonderful, but now if i would like to add additional pages to this excel workbook and have it do the same thing (by same thing i mean adding additional sheets but keep only one "order" worksheet and have all the information go onto the order worksheet.

So for example:

I would add an additional page name 252 into the workbook, it would look and function just like the 251. So after all the ticking on 251, all the information would go onto the "order", i can then move onto 252 and do the same type of ticking of information and those information would also continue onto "order". And i can keep adding multiple worksheet onto the workbook and do the same exact thing.

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Automatically Copy Rows Based On Criteria In Column
I'm not sure that I'll be able to explain this clearly, so I've attached an example. There are 3 columns - Issue, Action Group and Status. Many Issues belong to the same Action Group and others do not belong to any Action Group. The is also a Status summary section that has the total Issues and Actions associated with each status. For example the Status called Resolved could have 10 issues and 5 Actions (including blanks). The problem is that I can't figure out a way to get the total for the Actions. As I said this explanantion isn't great, so the attached sheet

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Copy Rows Into Sheet According To Entries In Column
I copy rows of data according the Workgroup entries in Column C and paste them in to the relevant team sheet so that it is separated and printed off. Currently I am doing this manually, as the report length is variable and can be a few hundred rows or sometimes a few thousand which takes up some time. I know I can use the auto filter option, but as I currently use a macro to format this report I was hoping to include it whilst it is being formatted. Also would like to apply all borders to report so its easier to read when printed and a comments column at the end, but this can be done later.

There are teams and 27 workgroups to separate into each team, I have to do this everyday and was hoping to save some time here. I've attached a sample work book as an example.

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Look At The Item ID Column On Sheet1 Compare It To SS# On Sheet Two And Copy Any Rows From Sheet1 To The End Of The Sheet In Sheet 2
I have I workbook that contains 2 sheets. The first sheet "Business Objects" is the master list. The second sheet "Gene" contains similar data but is incomplete. There is a unique identifer for both sheets and that is item ID. what I would like to do is look at the Item ID column on sheet1 compare it to SS# on sheet two and copy any rows from sheet1 to the end of the sheet in sheet 2. I have found in my searches on this forum a bit of code that identifies the ones in sheet1 that are not in Sheet2 and highlights them red(which is not neccessary for me, but I am struggling to figure out how to take that and paste it to sheet2.

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Copy Range Rows To Another Sheet Matching Condition In Column
i'm trying to create a macro to find any value <> "" from COLUMN B then copy Bx;Cx;Dx and paste into another worksheet with the name of COLUMN A.

And when the cells Cx or Dx is empty should appear 0 into the other worksheet

for example.
sheet1 ..... cell("dx") is empty
a b c d
w 5 3

the macro would copy 5,3,0 and paste into sheet named "w".

i found this code on internet but it's not quite good for me because it copies the hole row. i tried everything to change that but i couldn't.


Sub SearchForString()

Dim LSearchRow As Integer
Dim LCopyToRow As Integer

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Copy Paste Rows To Another Sheet Based On Column Criteria
I have a file that has two sheets, I have some formulas in the first sheet named "Data",What i would like to have is, If column G in the sheet Data is "Closed", then i want that particular row to be cut from the sheet " Data" and pated in to the Sheet "Done".

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Automatically Re-name Sheet To Cell Value & Create Copy Of Hidden Sheet
I have a workbook with a hidden sheet ("Template") and a visible sheet("New Job"). I need code so when cell F1 in "New Job" is populated:

1-the sheet is renamed to the value of F1,
2-a new tab is made (a carbon copy of the hidden sheet "Template")
3-the new tab is named "New Tab" and marked as unhidden.

Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
ActiveSheet.Name = Range("F1").Value
End Sub

Function WorksheetExists(SheetName As String, _
Optional WhichBook As Workbook) As Boolean
Dim WB As Workbook
Set WB = IIf(WhichBook Is Nothing, ThisWorkbook, WhichBook)
On Error Resume Next
WorksheetExists = CBool(Len(WB.Worksheets(SheetName).Name) > 0)
End Function..................

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Automatically Copy Column To Last Cell In Another Column Upon Open
I have this code that I have been using fine until today when it just stop working for me... It's a simple copy and paste using VBA Code. The code finds the last row in Column A and copies the cell to L1. Below you will find the code I'm using and the line in yellow is where I'm getting the error.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.CutCopyMode = False

End Sub

This codes runs as soon as the worksheet opens and it has worked for over a year. I'm using MS Excel 2007. Please let me know what you guys think I have tried pretty much everything I can think of but i dont really know what i'm doing when it comes to VBA.

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Automatically Move Rows To Another Sheet
I have a spreadsheet that contains large amounts of data. I've looked through the forums and tried to adapt other VB code to work for me all to no avail.

I would like a macro to automatically cut a row from sheet1 and paste it on to a new line in sheet2 when data is input into column 'X'. (The data input in to column X is a date the specific case is resolved)

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Transfer Rows Form One Sheet To Another Automatically
i need a little help. I have a workbook with 2 sheets. I need rows to transfer to the first sheet automatcily if the record dose not already exsist on the first sheet based on if a vaule in a certin cell is below a certin number.

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Automatically Copy The Name Of The Company In Column
I have a workbook with 2 sheets; Forecast and Resources.

On the "Forecast" tabb there are 2 columns; Column A: "Company Name" and Column B: "Forecast"

The "Resources" sheet is for breaking the forecasted amount from the Forecast sheet down to the various resources who will be generating the forecated revenue. Column A lists the Company name and each column after that lists the resource.

Unfortunately, entering the data requires bouncing between the 2 sheets.


This request has 2 parts.

Part 1)
Any time a value is forecasted for a company listed on the Forecast tab, I would like the system to automatically copy the name of the company (column a) to column A of the Resource tab. (initially the row 2 as row 1 is a header, and then subsequent entries to the next available row)

Part 2)

Any time a value is forecasted, a window which lists a predefined set of resources will appear allowing the user to assign an amount to each of the resources therein AND then, when the window is closed, that data will be used to populate the corresponding row/coumn on the Resources Tab.

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Input Into 1 Sheet & Automatically Copy To Another. Synchronize Worksheets
i have one main sheet, and two resource sheets. In main sheet i have resource and project Matrix and in top of the cell i can select the week number. in other sheets, i have week and project matrix for resource. Now what i want is if I enter some details in main sheet, those values should be automatically posted to Resource sheets.

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Automatically Hide Rows Based On A Value In Column Q
After the user selects something using the validation list in cell F38, the macro should check in column Q in the rows 44 till 425 for "hide". For each row in which it finds "hide" the entire row should be hidden.

I have the code below but it does't work yet. It calculates for ages and afterwards only the first 2 rows of the 381 are hidden (probably because the third row is not "hide").

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim MyRange As Range
Dim ThisCell As Range
Target = Range("F38")

Set MyRange = Range("Q44:Q" & Range("Q425").End(xlUp).Row)
For Each ThisCell In MyRange
If ThisCell.Value = "hide" Then
ThisCell.EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If
Next ThisCell
End Sub

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Automatically Copying Rows From One Sheet To Another Depending On A Cells Input
i have a certain column that tells me if a client has withdrawn from the company, and the column just says "y" or "n" i want excel to automatically copy the whole row to another sheet if that cell is a "y" for yes the client withdrew...

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Macro: Copy A Word From A Column To Another Automatically
On the data sheet I attached you can see easily what I am trying to do:

The macro should do something like this basically:

Column A there is a entry like "L110E (CST_PRG-Wheel Loaders-E series models)"

Lets say we have 10.000 entries more or less like this.

Macro should do this:
* Take first word for example in this case "L110E" and copy into column D same row.
* Take second word's second part in this case only "PRG" and copy into column B same row.
* Take the 3rd word between - - in this case only "Wheel Loaders" and copy into column C.

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Copy Rows From Selected Sheet To New Sheet Based On Cell Value
i have a workbook that has a lot of sheets but i need to pull information from the one sheet "Veneer Log" i Need it to make new sheets with the same heading as on the "Veneer Log" (Rows 1 & 2) Sheet but it needs to be filtered by the "Product" Column (H) with a new sheet made for all the diffrent products i.e. Dimensional, Drywall, Corners - Thin V., Accents,..... so each product will have a new sheet with i am hoping someone can help me with this. This log changes Daily and it would be nice to have a sheet with only the same product on it to compare new orders so we can batch run. i hope i have given you enough information so someone can help me with this. i have attached a sample log the real log has about 10 worksheet for diffrent departments but i only need info from the Veneer Log Sheet.

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Automatically Sort Column When Sheet Selected/Activated
i want to automatic sort data very time i open the file or any change in column b.

i have data in column B from B1 to B100

how to collect data from Column B and place them in Column A star from A1 because Column B not Organized!

I mean B1 have data
B2 have null
B3 have data
B4 have nul .... etc

i want to display all Column B in Column A one by one to be Organized.

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Automatically Copy & Append Range To Another Sheet Based On Number Entered
I need help with creating a macro that runs when a user enters a value in the 'Numbers' column, copies and pastes data in the corresponding worksheet 'Worksheet' column by the value of 'Numbers' column data. An excel file is attached.

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Delete Rows That Contains Zero And Copy Active Sheet To New Sheet
I want DELETE the rows that contains 0 (zero or -) in column F (SALDO BRUTO), when I click the Button (Clear). And How I can copy from this sheet to a new sheet in this workbook, but the names of new sheet automatic rename to next date or 2, and next when I click the Button "Copy to New Sheet".

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Automatically Color Fill Rows Based On Changing Column Information
I would like to automatically color fill a series of rows based on like information from a single column. When the information in the column changes then the rows would either stop filling (this would be best) or fill with a different color until the information changes again.

Summary: series of alternating rows would either be filled or unfilled based on changes from the column information.

Hope this isn't too confusing. Below is an example except I would want the cells filled, not the text or numbers to change. The highlight is changing based on the changing of the numbers.

ABCD 12345
ABD 12345
ABCD 12349
ABDF 12349
ABCD 12358
ABF 12358

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Copy And Paste From One Sheet To Another Based On Column A Using A Macro Copy Button
I want to copy and paste from one sheet to another based on column a using a macro copy button.

E.g. if column a value = apple then copy that row into the apple sheet.

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Copy Or Move Column Ranges From 1 Sheet To End Of Column Range Of Another
I have two different Excel reports and the data needs to be copied from each column on one spreadsheet and pasted to the bottom of the equivalent column on the other spreadsheet.

So, is it possible to get a macro that will copy the data from one column then paste it to the next free cell in the column on the other spreadsheet.

If I could get some code to do one column then this should be enough to get me started and I could apply this to the other columns I need to copy.

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Autofilter Column A Then Copy Data To Another Sheet With An Empty Column
I'm trying to write a program for work. One sheet (whereiseverything.xls) will have a list of parts column E and where it is in the process column (k). Column E of this sheet will have multiple part numbers. (Sometimes duplicated.) I would like to figure out how to write a code to Auto filter (whereiseverything.xls) sheet and copy only one P/N from (whereiseverything.xls) column E onto another Workbook Worksheet (Commit status.xls) column. After that the sheet must copy all of the locations of that P/N from whereiseverything.xls column K into and under the P/N of the Commitstatus.xls.

It will continue to autofilter and copy from where is everything, the "one" p/n and all of its locations into another empty column of Commitstatus.xls until it no longer has part numbers to autofilter on whereiseverything. I am extremely green on VBA programming but here is my first attempt.

Windows("Where is everything commits .xls").Activate
Windows("Where is everything commits .xls").Activate

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="7516113-905" \<--this Is one p/n

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VBA To Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another
I have a Excel workbook that has 31 sheets. One column(H) of each Sheets will have cells that will contain the word "OPEN" or "CLOSED". When I execute a macro or VBA code I need to scan each row of that column of the current active sheet. If the word is "OPEN" I need to copy all of the data in that row to the next sheet. If the word is "CLOSED" nothing has to happen. Before the rows are inserted into the next sheet. I have to find the first empty row and start inserting at that point. The sheets are labeled 1-32 so if I am on sheet 10 and I find the word "OPEN" in column H, the current row needs to be copied to the next empty roe on sheet 11, etc.

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Copy Rows To New Sheet ...
I have a sheet(sheet1) that has a couple thousand rows of data. Column C starting at Row 4 has customer names. What I want to do is to have a macro to run looking at range A4:H5000, and make a new sheet for each different customer and copy the data in each row on to that customers sheets.

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Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another
I have 3 rows in sheet1, say rows 1-3. In sheet 2, I want to be able to copy the 3 rows in sheet1 and past it right before a row that contains the unique value "XYXYXY". I will attach this macro to a button.

The value 'XYXYXY' is truly unique and could be located in any row in sheet 2.

I also want to be able to do the reverse, that is delete the top 3 rows above the unique values 'XYXYXY'. I also attach this macro to a button.

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Copy Header Rows To New Sheet
I am trying to understand how to simply COPY the Header Rows from one sheet to another sheet.

The first four rows have the report heading with the fourth having the column titles.

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Reorder Rows & Copy To New Sheet
I need some VBA help in copying ranges from one sheet to another and pasting them on a predifined order. I have one worksheet that contains a large number of ranges with data on alphabetical order. Each entry on this sheet contains several rows of data and is identified by a name (e.g. entry "David" = rows 6:11, "Mark" = rows 13:18 and "Rose" = rows 20:25). I need to select certain ranges from this sheet and copy them on a predefined order on a different sheet (e.g 1) Rose, 2) David 3) Mark. The sequence is neither set by date, alphabetical order, nor by value. I have the order already predifined. I guess I could do this by specifiying the source sheet ranges and the destination ranges as well, but as I have over 2000 entries (each consisting of six rows), I need an efficient way to do it. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Copy Highlighted Rows To Another Sheet
I have a spreadsheet worksheet 1 "BOM" and created worksheet 2 "Risk List"

I have multi Rows of highlighed (ColorIndex = 44) and I would like to have a marcro that copys the highlighted rows from worksheet "BOM" to Worksheet "Risk List" starting the entery at row A3 on "Risk List" as row A1-A2 are Header.

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Rows Copy Over To A Different Sheet And Place The Next Available Row
I have is 3 seperate jobs listed, what i want to do is have each one of these rows copy over to a different sheet, and place the next available row. What I would like to drive this is the number in column "n", for example, "n3" is 1, so I would like that row to copy to the sheet named "1", and entered in the next available row under any previous lines that have been copied over.

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - BETA SCHEDULE.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA1=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP1Date EnteredTime Ent'dCUSTOMERJOB #LINE #MATERIALMATERIALMAT'L   QTYPAPERPAPER QTYFinish QNTYSIZEMach.RUN DATEDue Date233/318:58 AMCUST. A2585271HSS5260 15 SH  15 / 1530X65 .02013/313/3143/318:58 AMCUST. B2585241PC 8256 7 FT   3 / 624X26 .01023/313/3153/318:58 AMCUST. C2585161TFS1010 3178 FT  615 / 61532X61.5 .00833/314/1MASTER [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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Copy Various Duplicate Rows To New Sheet
I have this code picked up from a friendly website:

Public Sub Extraction_to_new_sheets()

Dim My_Range As Range
Dim My_Cell As Variant
Dim sh_Original As Worksheet

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Set sh_Original = ActiveSheet

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Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another Is Skipping Every Other Row
On the attached example there is a button called 'unsettled hedges', click this and it loads a userform. In this example, there are 10 rows of data that want a value entering into the 'returns' textboxes.

If you try to enter a value into all of the 'returns' textboxes and click the 'settle hedges' button then all the values from the textboxes should against the relevant row in column L of the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet and then each of these rows should be copied to the next available row in the 'settled hedges' worksheet.

This isn't happening though, instead, it is copying across every other row from the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet, leaving half of the rows still on the unsettled hedges worksheet.

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Copy Rows From Worksheets To New Sheet
I am working a project to move data from Rows 4:35 on a large number of worksheets (all in the same workbook) to Sheet 1 of the workbook by " looping through sheets". I need the data to be compiled. I am a novice at VBA, the code below was given to me (LoopthroughSheets) and the middle portion is a macro I recorded. I cannot get them to work together.

Sub LoopthroughSheets()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown

On Error Resume Next 'Will continue if an error results
ws. Range("A1") = ws.Name

Next ws

End Sub

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Copy Selected Rows To Another Sheet
I need to copy only user selected rows ( multiple) from one sheet to another. I see similar threads here but none that work with user selected rows.

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Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another In Same Workbook
I need to copy data from one sheet to another in the same workbook. The data is never the same and can change without notice. Here is what I need to do:

The trigger will be in column A with the cells content being 1 through 85 (never all 85 numbers though, mostly 1 to 10 sheets need to be created). As I said it is not consistent and sometimes new ones are added or some are deleted. For instance, if you find a 1 in column A1 and there is not a sheet named "1" then create it and copy all of the rows that have a 1 in column A. When column A changes to another number say 5, create a new sheet and redo the above until all is copied into separate sheets. My problem is that I don't know how to create a new sheet when the number in column A changes.

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Copy Unique Rows To Another Sheet
I have a list in column C that the data appears numerous times. What I want to do is copy the first occurrence of that item along with the cells from columns A, B and E of that row to a new sheet called Unique Records in the same workbook. I tried Advanced Filtering but it is not working the way I thought it would.

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Copy Multiple Rows To Different Sheet
In the attached wb I have 4 sheets. The macro selects a row then copies it to specified location. This works great. What I would now like it to do is match data in (MonthStats) column b then copy those rows to specified location. eg All rows containing AAA would be selected then copied to sheet AAA. I have searched various threads but without success

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Copy Matching Rows To New Sheet
I'm trying to eliminate any .select or .activate from my code to speed things up and reduce screen flicker. At the moment, I have a sheet created at the click of a button. Basically for every date exclusive of weekends, there are 4 entries, for each date there are the following entries AM Metro, PM Metro, AM Regional, PM Regional. The user wants to be able to change the date range in the "overview" sheet and when there is data already in the other columns for these matching rows, have the input sheet update with old (copied??) info, if no previous data then add all 4 rows and sort... if previous date not in date range then delete entire row.

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Copy Group Of Rows To New Sheet
I have a workbook with data that represents trouble tickets assigned to different applications and sorted by application. I want to select all of the rows assigned to one application, and paste them into a new worksheet, then do the same for the next application, and so on. I don't know which specific applications I will be looking for, as this will change from day to day (the system has more then 160 apps). I've attached an example.

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Copy Down Number Of Rows In Another Sheet
Using VBA, I'd like to copy the formulas down from the first row of one sheet to the same number of rows that are used in a second sheet. For example, if 100 rows are filled in column A of sheet1, I want to copy the formulas in row 1 of sheet2 to rows 2-99 of sheet2.

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Copy Rows To New Sheet If Cell Contains A Particular String
I am a VBA starter. I try my best to customize the previously posted code to solve my problems. But I am badly stuck this time. Help please!

I have a sheet by name “MAIN”, that has the following features:

1.Data that I require starts from row 12
2.Cells in Column D (starting from D12) contain: mix of numbers, alphabets and special characters

MAIN!D12 = “123-AXE1”
MAIN!A12= “CopyMeA”
MAIN!B12= “CopyMeB”

What I would like to do is: .....

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Copy Sheet Then Delete Duplicate Rows
I have a worksheet that is composed a header row, and columns of data (client call results).
Each client is identified by a unique ID number in column A, a seperate column F has the 'call number, from 1 to x'.

So a client can have a single or multiple rows of data. Each client group of rows is sequenced with call 1 as line 1, call 2 at line 2, etc. etc. as your proceed down the rows.

The entire worksheet is already sorted (with a header row) ascending by client id and call #

What I want to accomplish is this

1 - copy the existing worksheet (CallRecords) to a new worksheet (CallToday)

2 - in the new worksheet, scan down (or up) from first data row (2) to the last row {ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row} and delete duplicate rows of the Client ID retaining the row with the max call number for that client id.

3 - sort the new worksheet (CallToday) ascending by column (G) date, and column (H) time.

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Copy Rows From Multiple Tabs Into One Sheet
I am looking to write a macro that will take 5 sheets and paste the rows into 1 summary tab. The names of the sheets are, CMH, ORD, JFK, LAX, and MIA. There are other sheets in the book but I don’t want any information from them. The five sheets have the same columns. I want to paste only the rows of the last entry for Origin and Forwarder. I have enclosed an example. So in rows 2 & 3 we have the same Origin-Forwarder combo but I only want the most current which would be row 3. Some Origin-Forwarder just has one entry so of course I would want that one.

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Search Box To Copy Rows And Paste To Another Sheet
I am pulling from odbc into an excel sheet
Thier is one column with our Sales Order Numbers.

I would like to have a search box or box pop up asking a user to enter the Sales order number they need.
Once they do that it will search thru the list and copy the rows with that Sales Order Number, then paste them to another sheet.

I need help on setting the searching part up and selecting the range to copy....I think I can take it from thier after that.

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Copy Rows Based On Cells To Another Sheet.
Attached is a sample of what i'm trying to do.
I want to use the data in the Setup Sheet to parse data in the Master sheet.

so for each row in the Master sheet, if the Property Column cell matches a Property cell in the Setup sheet, copy that row to a sheet named after the Person Cell (identified in the setup sheet).

Sorry if that's not very clear. I am not proficient at using advanced excel functions. I'm hoping this is an easy one..

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Select Cells, Then Copy Those Rows To New Sheet
I'm trying to create a macro that will allow the user to select a range of cells, (in column V in the attached sample), and then insert a new worksheet and copy the entire row where the user selected the cells to that worksheet.

For example: (I've deleted most of the data from the sample). The user want to create an order that has an exteded cube of 300 feet. By holding the "Ctrl" key down, they could pick and choose the parts they want to add, until the sum in Excel shows nearly 300.00 extended cube. They would then run the macro, which would copy only the rows which the user has selected in column V to the new worksheet.

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Add New Sheet & Copy Checked CheckBox Rows
I need to copy all the cells to a "new worksheet" if the checkboxes are checked.
I have thousand of cell in here but i just narrow it down in this example.

21 22 23 24 25 26 checked
31 32 33 34 35 36 unchecked
41 42 43 44 45 46 checked
51 52 53 54 55 56 unchecked

there is a command button in here that when it was click it will open a "new worksheet",
what I need to see in the new worksheet is this:

21 22 23 24 25 26
41 42 43 44 45 46

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Search For Strings And Copy All Rows To New Sheet
I am trying to find a function that will search for a particular name in a range and return ALL rows (or, preferably, specific cells in that row) which have that name in it, onto a new sheet.

eg. Sheet 1

Fred 45m $50 6/2
Joe 30m $35 5/28
Pete 60m $60 6/4
Fred 30m $30 6/6

If this range was on sheet 1, I would like to show on sheet 2 all times and dates for Fred in consecutive rows. ie the result on sheet 2 would be: Sheet 2

Fred 45m 6/2
Fred 45m 6/6

If selecting individual columns cannot be done, then the whole row would be fine.

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Copy Column To New Sheet
I have a very simple task: I have a column listing a bunch of names on a sheet called "Names", and I want to include in a subroutine the code to copy those names into the last sheet starting at cell A2 and going down. When I write the code as 3 separate lines, it works just fine:

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Copy One Column Into Another Sheet?
As I am having difficulty using the search function, I need to ask this here. How can I copy a column into another sheet with a macro? "Copy column A of Sheet1 into column A of Sheet2". Column A of Sheet1 is a range of data to be manually input. And when I press the macro button, I want it to be copied on column A of sheet2. I am sure this can be done.

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