Change The Format Of Numbers & Round

Aug 23, 2006

I have to change the layout of my numbers. At the moment the number have 3 decimal places but rounded to two decimal places and are separated with a dot (value in excel is 272.664 but shown just 272.66). After the macro or excel formula the output should be 000000000027266. So the last decimal places should be deleted (but the amount has still to be rounded!!!), the amount should be without a dot and the number has to be always 15 characters long (like in the example the above just with ceros before the number) I tried it in Format Cells but I couldn’t find anything. If I use the find and replace function to delete the dot, the third decimal place will be shown. Does anyone know if I can format it in excel or using a VBA code to change the number?

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Change Format Cells From Numbers To Text

Nov 19, 2013

I have data in range C1:C1000

The data is numbers 14-digits

When I try to convert the data to text the data appears like that


I want the data to appear like that


When I double click in the cell the problem solved but it will impossible to double click 1000 cells ...

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Index Matching Numbers To Conditionally Format Cells Value Change?

Jul 29, 2014

I have the same report, one a monday snapshot, the other a daily comparison. I would like to index columns B, in both reports, to find the same part number and then reference the horizontal row and highlight increases in columns G thru AD. The comparison report looks identical but the column B numbers may not be in the same location. this is a report to show prosduction requirements and the increases throughout the week.

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Format/ROUND Function

Jan 15, 2009

1) My data is $42,397.40 is there a way that I can format for it to read $42.4?

I tried ROUND function and that did not work.=ROUND(A1,-3)

2) Cell A5 is Data:1/14/09 - 1/14/09. Since I only wanted the date, I used this formula =RIGHT(sheet1!A5,LEN(sheet1!A5)-FIND("-",Sheet1!A5)) which gave me 1/14/09. I need to set the format to look like 1/14/2009 but the data function would not recognize..

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Getting Excel To Only Use Certain Numbers And Round Others To These Numbers

Nov 19, 2013

Is it possible to get excel to work out a formula but only allow the end values to fall as a 0, 2, 3, 5, 7, or an 8?

For example, show a value of 1881 rounded down to 1880 or 1880 rounded down to 1888.

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Round The Numbers

Oct 7, 2009

I have a number say:

156.9679628 then I go to format to change it to 2 decimal then it would show

156.97 and then I c&p that ... I still get 156.96796284 how do i just get


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Round To Two Numbers

Jan 26, 2010

round to two numbers. i have this formula

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Round Numbers

Feb 22, 2010

Total: 25.33660

If I use the Decrease Decimal on the total 25.33660, it becomes 25.34. How do I round all the sub numbers so that 25.34 is achieved.

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Round Up A Range Of Numbers

Mar 15, 2007

Is there an easy way to round a range of numbers up? I have a big list of prices and I would like to keep the two digits after the decimal point as .00, but round up the main number. And I would like to do that without writing a formula in every cell. Is this possible?

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Round Up Numbers In Cells

Dec 26, 2012

I am trying to get a number from a cell ( lets say A1) multiply by another current number shown in a different cell (lets say B1). The number in cell A1 is 1.758. However, I have it set (through the cell format settings) so it rounds it up to 1.8. Now, when the number in cell B1, lets say it is 1, is multiplied by A1, the answer is 1.758, but I need it to multiply by the number shown (1.8) and the answer should be 1.800. How can I get it to do this?

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How To Always Keep .0 Showing On Round Numbers

Jan 7, 2014

I have a formula that shows "two cells numbers" in one new cell with spaces between, (see below) but when I enter a round numbers it drops the .0 I want to keep it as a .0 The formula I have is below for the two cells. I take the numbers from (cells B8 and C8) and put them both in one cell with spaces.

Cell B8 C8 Formula I'm using to get both numbers to show in one cell is
2.0 2.1 =B8&" "&C8

If the number in either cell is 1.2, or 1.3, it is fine. But if the number is 2.0, it drops the .0 from the cell showing both numbers. I need it to always show the .0 (or whatever) whether it be a .1, .2. or .0

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Round Cell Numbers

Dec 19, 2006

Before I start a User Defined Function, does anyone know of away to round thousandths up to next hundredths ($US)

.031 = .04
.032 = .04
.039 = .04

Just an example of course the actual range of possibilites much larger.

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Round Off Numbers & Compare

Sep 14, 2007

I want to compare 3 columns of data across the same row with an IF statement to verify that all 3 numbers match. I would like the IF statement to only look to the first decimal place, rather than the entire number. In the first example, all columns equal. In the second example all columns equal only to the first decimal place. In either case, all 3 numbers would be equal when rounded down to one decimal place.

Example 1
Column A Column B Column C
84.5 84.5 84.5

Example 2
Column A Column B Column C
84.51 84.53 84.52

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Round Odd Numbers For Conditional Formatting

May 5, 2009

I have a sheet that has conditional formatting that looks at column D2 for a number and divides that by half. it then colors in a corresponding cell on a row in the sheet that matches that number. the problem i am having is with odd numbers like 23 it gives a result of 11.5 . all my cell numbers are all rounded to whole numbers. i need to round the 11.5 to 12 or 13 it does not matter which one... i just need it to round it up or down. I have tried everything i can think of but have had no luck. I attached my workbook so you can see how it works.

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Round Up A 24HR Format Time To The Nearest Quarter Of An Hour

Feb 5, 2009

Is it possible to round up or down a 24HR time format.

ie. 18:06 would be 18:00
18:28 would be 18:30?

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Userform Date Format Reverting Back To Us Format On Change Event

Aug 10, 2009

I have created a userform but I am having extensive problems with the date formats.

My system is set to UK and short date is set to: DD/MM/YYYY

When I used code to add the values in the userform to the spreadsheet, any that contained a date format would revert to the US format.

So I finally figured out to use DateValue to format it correctly for example: ...

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Change Cell Format Based On Existing Currency Format

Jun 12, 2008

I would like to have a single button that changes a range of cells from the USD to EURO to perhaps CAD symbol. Can this operation be performed, such that if I start in dollars, and I click the button once, it shifts by range to EURO (not formulas...just symbol)...and then if I click the same button again, it goes to CAD, and then back to USD with a third click?

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Macro To Change Date Format To General Format

Oct 17, 2012

I have two columns where there are dates (e.g. 11/05/2009) in a date format; I would like to change the format to `general`; but without losing the original values, i.e. I still want to see 11/05/2009, but just in `general`format. Is it possible to create a macro that will do that? I want these values to stay in the same place, i.e. if it is in cell K10, I still want to have it there - just in other format.

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Change A Date In Text Format Into Regular Format

Jan 10, 2007

I have an excel sheet full of dates in text format and want to convert them into regular format. For instance, one of the dates listed is in text as "60801". I'd like it to show in regular date format of mm/dd/yyyy, so that 60801 becomes 8/1/2006.

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Date Format: Change Format To Mm/dd/yyyy

Jul 3, 2006

I have txtboxes in which I write date in format dd/mm/yyyy but if I want to put date in cell correctly from this textbox in need to declare event on exit -change format to mm/dd/yyyy and then it puts date in desired format which is dd/mm/yyyy and my regional settings are English(uk)

Is there a way to put any date format in textbox and in cell there will always be format dd/mm/yyyy or at least if date is entered in format dd/mm/yyyy that also in cell the same format is putted

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Macro To Format Numbers And Justify Format

Jul 26, 2014

I have tried to write code to format numbers to zero decimal places as well as to justify the format as the zeroes appears as 00000000 when imported.

I need the macro to do this on the first 7 sheets.

I also need ------- lines and ) to be cleared on the first 7 sheets.

I have attached sample data and my code below

Sub Format_Data()
Dim Cnt As Long, i As Long
Cnt = Sheets.Count
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
For i = Cnt To 7
With Sheets(i)


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Convert Text Format To Numbers Format In Vb

Nov 21, 2006

how i convert text format into numbers format in vb.

i have a formula in vB:

Private Sub Textbox3_Change()
Textbox3 = Val(Textbox1.Value) + Val(Textbox2.Value)
End Sub

however..when i sum it up (in excel) using"=sum" ooes not sum up

I faced an error "number stored as text" to i convert it to numbers format in vb.

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Detect Numbers In A Cell Range And Then Change Cells Based On What Numbers Are Found?

Feb 27, 2014

I'm going to be using a spreadsheet to keep track of where different people are at. So if Person 1 is in Room 3, I will stick a 3 in the box next to their name and then can look at the spreadsheet whenever I need and see what room they are in. When I'm deciding what room to put a person in, though, I need to be able to quickly glance at a list of Room #'s and see what one's are still available. So I have a bank of Room #'s in the spreadsheet....1,2,3, etc.

What I'd like, is some way to set this up so that when I put, for example, "3" in the cell next to "Person 1" the spreadsheet automatically removes "3" from the bank of available Room #'s and when I delete the "3" because the person has left, it adds "3" back to the bank of available Rooms.

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Macro Code To Change Positive Numbers Into Negative Numbers

Feb 1, 2007

I know ASAP has a feature to do this but I need the code in a bigger macro that I wrote.

EX: -1 needs to be 1

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Format Numbers & Units Of Measure To Numbers Only

May 16, 2007

I am trying to format colums containing numbers & units of measure to numbers only.
I am using Office 2003.

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Format Cells To Change Name Format

Dec 6, 2013

Is it possible to change the contents of a cell (A1) displaying a name as:

John Smith

to Smith, John (in cell B1)

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Format Different Numbers To The Same Format (as Text)

Jan 19, 2010

How to format different numbers to the same format (as text). Mainly I need code that would format numbers like 25, 25.36 or 254.60 to numbers looking like this 000002500, 000002536, 000025460. They must be of nine digit length with the last two digits as decimals.

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Format All Numbers With The Accounting Format

Jan 10, 2007

When working in Excel I format all numbers with the accounting format. I often use the single and double underlining feature on the Font tab of the Format Cells dialog box. Sometimes when I use the double underline it only puts (and prints) one underline. I've worked with the formatting many times with little success. The only way I can get the double underline to show up in this situation is to change the vertical cell alignment to be centered and then increase the cell height. This causes me other formatting heartaches. It's like the double underline is there it just will not show.

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How To Change Date Format

May 1, 2014

The formula below is to change the fill colour of a date cell prior to the date expiring. The 120 value is number of days


The problem i have is it only seems to work if i format the cell and use mmm-yy.

I want to use the same formula for dd-mm-yy..

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Change Column Format

Dec 23, 2008

See attached picture. In column I need A B C D… replace by 1 2 3 4…

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