Chdir Not Opening To Correct Location

Nov 16, 2006

I am running a small segment of code in which the user is taken to a specific directory to choose the correct file.

ChDir "\Intranetuserscsandsads"
strInventoryOH = Application. GetOpenFilename

The dialogue box is not opening to the correct directory. I believe there are no permission issues as I have full access to this directory.

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Opening My Spreadsheet Which Will Only Open If The Correct Answer/ Password Is Typed

Apr 22, 2009

upon opening my spreadsheet which will only open if the correct answer/ password is typed.

I’d need to store the questions, passwords/ answers somewhere for VB to look up I guess??

Capital of England – London
Capital of France – Paris
Capital of Italy – Rome

Etc etc

And then I need coding which will open one of the random questions, which will only grant access to the spreadsheet if the correct answer is typed.

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ChDir & ChDrive

Oct 29, 2008

the following ....

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Chdir Not Working Properly

Feb 5, 2009

I have a really strange problem i have two different hard directories o: & u:

i have the following code linked to a command button

chdir "U: foldername foldername foldername"
saveactiveworkbook.saveas range("c9")

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Countif Formula: Added The Correct Amount In The Correct Cells

Feb 15, 2010

I'm trying to create a formula that will added the correct amount in the correct cells, I have create a dunny sheet in trying to achieve this. If Cell B8:B11 = ABS or Dum that any points won should be added to Cell L8:L11 right now its adding it into K8:K11. If Cell B8:B11 = is Blank any player points should be added to cells K8:K11. I'm using this formula throughout cells K8:K28 =IF(J8>J25,1,IF(AND(J8<>0,J8=J25),0.5,0)) Any thing in red is incorrect anything in blue is what I'm trying to achieve.

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Check Cells Are Correct Format And Contain Correct Data

Jan 26, 2014

We receive about 20 sales files of several hundred lines of data each day from various agencies. I want to create a macro / VBA code which checks that the data submitted is correct so that we can upload it into our database without import errors and / or having to manually check each line of data.

I envisage something like an output report:

149 entries
Column A - Date - OK
Column B - Customer_Phone - Errors (Should be 11 digits)
Row 21 - Customer_Phone - Error (Not 11 digits)
Row 108 - Customer_Phone - Error (Contains letters)
Column C - Outcome - OK
Please correct and re-check.

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Sumproduct- Counts The Correct Amount But Not With The Correct Dates

Jul 3, 2008

I have a table with 3 columns of dates and then a column with Set # that I
feel in the box #.

I need to see how many items processed for each set per day.


The problem is that it counts the correct amount but not with the correct
The formula that I use is:

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Interpolation Given A Variable Table Location & Location Of Data Within

Oct 6, 2009

I am trying to develop a spreadsheet that will calculate a cost based on a matrix. I am attaching a sample of the calculation created so far. The end result is in cell M13 and is highlighted in yellow. I kind of layed the formula out in a few different cells, so hopefully it would be easy to follow.

simplify this process with maybe another formula that I might not be aware of, or maybe show me how to get this done in VB code. I think VB code would be the correct way to go just not sure.

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Using ChDrive And ChDir: Check If "PPG" Exists In "C:MEASURE-6000"

Jan 14, 2010

I can not figure out why the ChDir command doesn't change to "C:" as programmed, instead it defaults to (I'm guessing last active folder) on my "D" drive (Which is "D:Test")? My goal is to check if "PPG" exists in "C:MEASURE-6000", if not use "C:" as a default.

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Opening A File Without Opening A Workbook

Apr 17, 2007

I have a need to open a file from my companies intranet. My current method was to open said file via the method that the recorder gave me. However, I would like ot be able to open a said file without having to start open another workbook.

This is the path:

So the command is this:
Workbooks.Open [url]

Links are not actual links

So what I need to know. Is how can I open this file without opening a workbook. I haven't been able to use the VB "Open Statement" to open a file and I don't believe that I've been successfull using the Filesystem object either.

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Looking For Correct Syntax

Feb 10, 2009

trying to write a formula in a VB to some cells:

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Ask If Details Are Correct?

Apr 12, 2009

I want to add some to a macro have which asks before performing the rest of the macro... "Are all details correct?" with a yes and no button. yes, carries on with the macro and no ends the macro.

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Vlookup Returns #N/A :: Not The Correct Value

Nov 12, 2008

I use a lot of VLOOKUP formulae in the sheets i put together and, despite both the lookup value and table array being in the same format (usually text format), i often get an #N/A being returned.

Here's the fun part... if i then do something simple like access the lookup value cell (either by double clicking or pressing F2) and then hit return, then the vlookup calculation suddenly returns the correct value.

I'm convinced it's something to do with the way the cells are formatted but can't work out what.

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Correct Mathematical Terminology?

Aug 19, 2013

What would be the correct mathematical terminology for the following:

I have a pool of 100 people and I am tracking their hours worked.

I want to present the % of people that fall in to the 3 largest categories

00:00 - 25:00 = 5
25:01 - 50:00 = 10
50:01 - 75:00 = 15
75:01 - 100:00 = 25
100:01 - 125:00 = 15
125:01 - 150:00 = 10
150:01 - 175:00 = 10
175:01 - 200:00 = 20

In this case the largest groups are:
50:01 - 75:00 = 15
75:01 - 100:00 = 25
100:01 - 125:00 = 15

55% fall in to this bracket.

What we are targeting as a business is that the majority of worker fall in to a similar range each month. So the challenge for my team is to increase the % value month on month. the close to 100% the better they are doing.

Equally what in Excel could I use to automate this calculation.

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Get Correct Output Of Superscript?

Jul 17, 2014

I want to superscript the text with red color. But now only a active cell is change to superscript with red color after running the macro.

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One Vlookup Returns Correct Value, Next Does Not

Mar 26, 2009

Looking for some help to figure out what is causing our problem. My friend has created the attached excel sheet in Excel 2003. The issue is that the a vlookup does not seem to be finding the correct line for the value from the lookup table when it is returned twice.

Let me explain - The details are contained in the attached workbook. There are three sheets in the workbook - NH3Curve, Samples and Qvalue table.

On the Samples sheet, in cell C12 and C13 you can enter varying values. Go across to F12 and F13 and you will see that they both have the value 22.1. This is where the issue occurs - in cells G12 and G13 the lookup value should be the same - but it is not. G12 is actually returning the value for 22.0 not 22.1. (lines 173 and 174 on the Qvalue sheet). We cannot ferret out why this is happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes when you look at something you can't see the obvious, so I hope it is that simple.

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How Can I Correct This Time Formula

Nov 4, 2005

How can I correct this Time formula which says in the Tag that it produces a
negative Result and hence displays in cell as ####


What I am doing is selecting the field in A which equates to the lowest
value in C (C= hourly sales), then I am subtracting 60 mins from the value
selected in A. This in effect will give me my closing Times i.e. find the
cell with Zero Sales then subtract 1 hour to find what must be the closing
time (assuming of course that there is at least ?1 of sales per hour while

My cells in A are formatted as h:mm AM/PM, as is the format in the formula

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IF Statement Is Displaying 0 Instead Of Correct Value

Oct 15, 2008

I have an attached spreadsheet, where I have an IF statement within "O8". Bascially, the result in that cell should equal "50", however displays as "0".

I think this might be an excel glitch - as the same formula worked for "M8".

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Totals Not Coming Out Correct

Dec 17, 2008

I have been working on a Spreadsheet for GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings). I'm having a problem with the Formulas in Excel, I thought you may know what's going on and why it's not giving me the right data. I'm pretty good with Excel, I've been using it for about 17 years for calculating Tank formulas, etc, but have never run in to this before.

I have three columns to the right of the sheet. One is Stock Vehicle weight of an item____(E) The next column is the Aftermarket weight of the item______ (F) Then the third column (G) is the total weight minus the stock weight using a very simple formula =SUM(E6-F6) gives the correct weight in the third column, but at the end of each area (Topic) i have a Total Weight area in the third column (G), using the formula of =SUM(G6:G26) which should just add up everything in column G, but it doesn’t. I have re-made the spreadsheet three times,

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Error In Function Which Appear To Be Correct???

Jun 1, 2009

it returns an error when I try to enter it. Is there a brave soul which a good eye for errors that might be able to shine some light on the error. Currently it appears the error centers around the MONTH( ) portions of the function. But each embedded function is able to stand alone and I can't imagine why they won't work together.

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IF Statement Not Returning Correct Value

Nov 4, 2011

I am trying to count how many entries in a worksheet say "yes" depending on a value in another column - formula is:

=IF('PM Tracker'!$D$3:$D$1000=C15,COUNTIF('PM Tracker'!$V:$V,"Yes"),"None")

Value in cell C15 is equal to "43-11" (week number and year)

This keeps returning "none" as the answer but I know 3 entries satisfy the "yes" criteria in Column V for week 43-11.

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Setting Correct Variables?

Oct 24, 2013

I have put together the below macro to take data from an Excel spreadsheet and place in a word documents (using bookmarks.

What should happen is it should open up the correct word template depending on what data is in column E (Servicecode) and fill in the bookmarks with the data from excel.

It all works fine and goes through the loop and saves, inputting the correct data into the bookmarks but after looking at the saved templates and scrolling through using F8 the IF ELSE does not seem to work. It CALLS theBearSSR macro rather than the relevant macro e.g. word in E2 is Cele, the macro should call the CeleSSR macro (which opens the correct template).

I don't think i have declared my DIM Servicecode correctly... I can't seem to figure out how to make the IF ELSE condition look at the Servicecode and then go to the correct sub routine (the difference between them is the template that is opened).

HTML Code:
Sub Celebration()

Dim departuredate As String[code]......

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UDF Needed To Get Correct Data

Jul 3, 2014

I need identifying correct title and corresponding company name. For this I need a UDF which looks for first occurrence of title having event or marketing or meeting word in data and if found the remove other titles and company names already separated with "/".

Sample Data
Producer, Target BTC@Periscope/Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board/Event Producer@Events by JLS

Required Result
Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Sample Data 2
Sales Associate@Teavana/Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Required Result 2
Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Sample Data 3
Sales and Catering Manager@Bunker Hills Golf Course at Town & Country Caterers/Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

Required Result 3
Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

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Set Focus, If Thats The Correct Code

Nov 7, 2008

I have a userform with several fields located in it. For the most part, it looks like a user information form, Name, Date,, stuff like that. There is a field that the user enters some information, and using the afterUpdate function for the field, it searches to see if the value is unique. The problem is that when I tab from that field, if the value is not unique, I want the cursor placed back in that field (textbox). SetFocus doesn't seem to do what I want, unless I am using it incorrectly.

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Correct Format Of Do Until Loop

Jul 9, 2009

I have a question regarding Do While loops. I'm trying to write a do while loop to search through an array for a particular value and return the row number. This value is in the first column of the array and there are 211 of each value chronologically sorted. So, the first column from top to bottom reads 1,1,1,1..211 times, then 2,2,22,..211 times and so on. For this case, I want to return the first row where a particular value is found.

The loop I wrote is as follows: ....

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Placing Into The Correct Name And Category

Jul 16, 2009

i've been having for quite some time now. I need to input quantity of items into the existing database that holds all the items names which is sorted by category. Below is a sample of the problem:

Table 1 - Items with quantity that is waiting for input:

Button A White
Ribbon B Blue
Thread A Black
Cloth A White
Button B Blue
4Button C White
9Ribbon A Pink15Button A White
Above is just a part of it, the list goes on to over 200 rows long.

Table 2 - Existing database of all products:


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Pop Up If Information Entered Is Correct

May 23, 2006

I have a barcode scanner I have setup with Excel to scan PC barcodes at the office.

Previously what used to happen is I would get a list of all PC's on level 6, under data validation I had an error alert setup. The source code was =$A:$A (A:A being the list of PC's). So basically If I scanned a PC that wasn't on the list a error alert would popup saying STOP - Take down PC details. This worked Fine.

I now need to use it for the opposite.

I have a list of PC's that are missing in column A, If I scan a PC on level 6 or wherever and its in that list I want the Error Alert to popup to advise me to take down the details. So the =$A:$A won't work anymore.

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Error In VBA Auto Correct

Jul 14, 2006

I have a spreadsheet I've been using for some time with hundreds of VBA macros. For some unexplained reason, is has changed all my




which then interrupts the running of the macro as it can't decipher this command.

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Correct Syntax For Executing Vba

Apr 26, 2007

What I want to do is make a simple text link inside of a cell so when it's clicked on it executes the CommandButton(x) VBA script.

I'm guessing =HYPERLINK is going to be the best method.

Like so:


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Copy And Paste Value In Correct Row Of Other Sheet

Dec 10, 2012

I have a macro which copies one cell into another on a different sheet, provided it has content.

I want to change it so that it copies to the different sheet but puts the value in the correct row of the other sheet.

For instance sheet 2, A1 =TEST, A2= TEST2, A3= TEST3

Sheet1. B7 = TEST2, A15= This is a test

I want the macro to copy the value in A15 and copy it to B2 on Sheet2, as this is the matching row

This is what I had originally:

If Range("A15") = "" Then
Exit Sub

[Code .....

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