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Check If Cell Has Data Validation With VBA

How can I check if a cell has data validation with a VBA procedure?

I want to do this because I am using a procedure to add data validation and I get an error if the cell already contains data validation.

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Date Validation Check With VBA
How i can create a Validation rule on my form (that i made using Microsoft Visual Basic) to make sure that they key in a date later than that of todays date

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Nested Data Validation: Figure A To Enforce Dual Data Validation On A Single Cell?
I'm trying to figure a to enforce dual data validation on a single cell. That is, I need to restrict the user to entering only a decimal value, only if a particular other cell (say A2) is blank. To put it another way, if A2 is blank, the user can enter a decimal value, but if A2 is not blank, the user cannot enter anything. I can use Data Validation to enforce either the decimal restriction or the ISBLANK, but I'm not sure how to make them work together.

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Data Validation: Can I Use Data Validation In A Cell That Has Formulas In It?
I have attached a sheet that I am working on. I want cell G1 to be less than or equal to 165. That cell contains a formula. If the formula takes the number to over 165 the validation is allowing it.

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Vba Data Validation Macro
write a VBA macro that will check selected cells to see if their values conform to the corrosponding data validation rule?

I understand that data validation only checks the data upon entry. how to check all the cells or a selection of cells in a worksheet after the fact. I done a lot of editing and made changes to some of my validation lists and now want to know which cells no longer conform.

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Insert Data Validation By Vba
I want to insert data validation to a cell by VBA. When i record the macro to put a list (value1;value2;value3) to a Cell the following code is generated and the validation works OK.(dropdown of the 3 values)

Sub Validation_by_VBA()
With Selection.Validation
.Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _
xlBetween, Formula1:="value1;value2;value3"
.IgnoreBlank = True
.InCellDropdown = True
.InputTitle = ""
.ErrorTitle = ""
.InputMessage = ""
.ErrorMessage = ""
.ShowInput = True
.ShowError = True
End With
End Sub

If i run this code from VBA I have only one value in the dropdown (value1;value2;value3) How can i change this code so it will work from vba as well?

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Data Validation And Conditional Formatting Using VBA
I am using Data Validation for my drop down list, using “List” and “source” =$A$132:$A$159 along with Conditional Formatting that changes different fill colors, depending on selection. Is there a way to use VBA with a command button that when selected would give the user a dialog box so that they could enter additional comment that would be added to existing list and would also be able to select a fill color for that new selection.

Below I have a recorded Marco to give an idea of what I would like to achieve, but of course using a input box of some sort to make selections of text and color

Also I'm using Excel 2007

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Edit Data Validation Formula From Vba
I have a cell that uses list type data validation. I need to be able to update the list of allowable values via a macro and would greatly prefer not using a range in excel.

I've been able to create the string that I want as the formula but cannot change the formula. I'm not very familiar with this aspect of excel macros (data validation)

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How To Add A Data Validation Input Message In VBA
Cells A1 to A10 contain names of different cars, what i would like to do in VBA is when i select any individual cell to the right of these the name of the car appears as a message (as if i had gone DATA -> VALIDATION -> INPUT MESSAGE -> CARS NAME).

Tried positioning a Userform next to the active cell but when i scroll down the page and select a cell the userform is to far down the screen to be seen.

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Converting Data Validation Function To A Vba Script
I have a data validation on a cluster of Cells that has a name.range = "match". On clicking on a Cell in Row 61 belonging to range = "match" i get a Data Validation|Custom formula(Alt+A+V+V) "=J61>=0"

now how can i convert this function of Data Validation to a Vba script.

To be Exact what i need is....
If a value is entered in cell belonging to = "match"
then check the value in "corresponding row" of the column J.
If Value is greater than J
then stop vba script and show message box.

If value is not greater than J then run desird Code.
I hope the following picture might clear things even more of what im looking for..

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VBA To Choose The Source Cells For A List With Data Validation
when you choose Data Validation for a specific cell, you can choose list. Once you have chosen list for "Allow", you can select the source cells for what will be in the drop-down menu. I want to be able to use VBA (or just use Excel) to modify those source cells.

For example:

There will be 3 lists with drop-down menus using Data Validation.

List 1:
Choose first option in list -> List 2 uses source A
Choose second option in list -> List 2 uses Source B

List 2:
Choose first option in list -> List 3 uses source C
Choose second option in list -> List 3 uses source D

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How To Validate If Data In A Cell Conforms To Data Validation Rules In The Cell
I have an Excel workbook which contains data entry fields, which have different types of data validation rules - like Lists, Date, Whole Number.

I do not want end users to remove these data validations as well as the formatting of these cells by doing copy/paste. So, I have implemented techniques mentioned in the following post, and elsewhere - to override the paste functionality and implement PasteSpecial values automatically.

To keep it simple, I'm only supporting pasting a single cell at a time.

Now my problem is this:
Doing the PasteSpecial values programmatically doesn't prevent the user from pasting values in the cell that violate the data validation rules. So, I can paste a string into a cell having data validation as Whole Number, or a invalid string into a cell having data validation as List.

The following post just suggests disabling paste whenever data validation is present:

But I would like to allow the paste operation if the value being pasted is a valid value for the cell's data validation.

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VBA: Check If The Value Of A Cell Is A Number
1) check if in cell A1 there is a number. Something like

If .Cells(1,1).Value is number then ....
2) how to get the "code" of cell A1 in VBA (i.e =code(A1)).I tried
but it didn't work.

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VBA Macro To Create Multiple Data Validation Lists From Variables & Named Ranges
I cant seem to find the correct syntax for creating 14 validation lists using array members as the source of the named ranged. The validation lists are stored on a different worksheet, the Named Ranges are created fine, as are the ranges that are having the validation applied. The Syntax I am having a problem with is

Public Sub assignDVList(WSD As Worksheet, sListName As String)
Dim DVListName As String
DVListName = "DV" & sListName
Application.Goto Reference:=sListName
With Selection.Validation
.Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _
xlBetween, Formula1:="=" & DVListName

It is the Formula1:="=" & DVListName that is creating the headache. The sub is called as the array moves through the columns, using the header row as the Name for the Named Range, and the data Validation worksheet uses the same naming except it has DV in front.

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Print Validation Check
I need to disable the normal Print Icon and Print function from the menu bar in excel. I did find an article for this but it disabled the function for all excel spreadsheets! How can I overcome this so that its only relevant to this particular worksheet.

The reason I want to disable the normal printing functionality is so that the end user clicks my own print button which in turn before printing will check if 2 cells in my worksheet match. If they do not match a message will appear and they won't be able to print the worksheet(in essence a certificate). So I need to validate cell a1 against cell a2

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Sequential Check Digit Validation
I have a spreadsheet that pulls in a log file after running a macro with 100000eight digit numbers which may or may not have a record in the system. These numbers are produced by using any seven digits and adding a check digit at the end for an eight digit number using the mod function specifically Mod7...=MOD(A1,7) , for example, if cell A1 has 1234567 the mod7 function will produce the check digit 5 then concatenating for the eight digit number 12345675. the next number will be produced by adding 1 to the end of the 7 digit number 1234567+1=1234568 then concatenating again the number with the check digit 6, 12345686. this would be sequential order.

my spreadsheet gets all the eight digit numbers with no record and sorts them in MOD7 sequential order in one column. since the spreadsheet ignores the eight digit numbers with records. my compiled list of numbers have non sequential numbers in the list.

i need a way in VB to loop through 100000 lines (column A) and find the first and last number of a MOD7 sequential range and place the first number in (column B) and the last in (column C).

I have figured a way to do this in a spreadsheet but it takes too many functions and calculations in 100000 lines so the spreadsheet takes too long to open and sometimes crashes!

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Data Validation To Ensure Like Numbers In Cell A Has Same Date In Cell B
I am trying to set up a data validation to ensure that when a user enters a number in column A that matches a previously entered number in column A, the user is only allowed to enter the same date for the number it matches in column B.

For example, if:

Row 3 column A = 1320


Row 3 column B = 16-Dec-07


Row 15 column A = 1320


Row 15 column B must be 16-Dec-07

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Two Data Validation On The Same Cell
can i do two data validation on the same cell
the first one to make a list form Define name "Lists"
and the other to make sure the name is not repeated

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Apply Data Validation If Cell Value Is < X
I'm building some work life balance spreadsheets for employees to show satisfaction levels / hours etc...

For the satisfaction piece - users will enter a value between 0 and 5 with 5 = happy as larry and 0 = ready to quit. Next to this field is a comments box. This comments box only needs to be populated (from a data validation list) if the staff are unhappy.

I need the file to prevent users entering a value less than 3.99 without selecting a comment from the validation list. Users will go into the file and update for their own lines so the check can be written into the save function maybe???

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Data Validation Based On Cell Value
I am trying to set the data validation on a cell based on another cell value

So basically if the User enters say CAN in cell A2, cell B2 should use "listCAN" range as the data validation list

and if i enter US in A2, B2 should use "listUS" as the data validation list

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Data Validation Contingent On Another Cell
How can I create a drop down list, where the items available for selection in this drop down list are contingent upon another selection made in a seperate drop down list.

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Macro To Check Validation Dropdowns Left Blank
Got a table where I've placed Data validation - List on them.

Placed a macro on a button so that the data on the table where the validation list is placed is transfered to another sheet (same workbook).

What I need is a to modify the macro assigned to the button so that when the button is clicked to activate the macro:

a.) Can identify if there are any blanks on specified cells with validation list
b.) Stops the macro from copying the fields to the other sheet
c.) Alert the user of the blanks (an alert stating there is a blank would suffice)
d.) Alert should preferably be similar to a Stop alert from Data Validation.

Can anyone help? Been reading through several threads but don't seem to find anything that could help me - tried reading a Visual basic thread and now i've got a headache....

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ComboBox Validation: Check Values Before Closing UserForm
I have a userform with 15 Combo boxes & I would like to make sure all the enabled combo boxes (some may be disabled) have a value > 0 (Zero) before exiting the userform.

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Filtering Data Validation Based On Other Cell Value
I'm working on a few dynamic KPI charts and could use a little help with figuring out data valuation for the End Date value. In the attached workbook I am using data validation to pick a start date from a dynamic list (Dates) in E2:Exxx. Cell B2 has 2/8/2010 picked. I would like to have a drop down in B2 show the listing of all dates in E2:Exxx which occur after 2/8/2010, so the filtered list would be in the range E3:E49.

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Using A Cell On Another Worksheet As Input For Data Validation
Situation: I have an Excel file with multiple worksheets. Each of these worksheets contain the same rules for data validation in a certain column (G).

Problem: If I want to add an item to the data validation lists I have to edit every single worksheet. I've tried making a seperate worksheet containing data validation items and using that as the source for the data validation rule, but Excel doesn't allow me to switch worksheets while defining the source.

In other words, I want to manage my data validation rules of multiple columns in multiple worksheets in one central location.

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Special Data Validation And Cell Highlighted
I need a hint for one complex validation. In column B I am having emails and need to validate that after ” @ “ the extension is If something different from that I need the cell highlighted.

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Reference Data Validation Cell From Another Workbook
I'm trying to link a range of cells in one workbook to a range in another workbook, both in a network drive. Everything is working out well except for the cells that have a data validation list on them. the formula linking one cell is ='G:Destination To[Workbook2.xls]SheetX!B13 so I'm just trying to get the value in the cell. I don't need the validation list to transfer just the value of what was selected. If I go to that cell and type something in then it transfers over just fine. If the validation list was used in Workbook2 then I get a #N/A in Workbook1 that is linking to the Workbook2 cell.

How can I link the cell with a data validation list in it to a cell in another workbook so that I can get the data in the cell (whatever was selected from the validation list)?......

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Prevent Empty Cell With Data Validation
I'm looking for a formula which will enable typing (in cell A1) positive numbers between 0-1000000 but will prevent the user from leaving that cell in an empty state. Empty cell means: cell with space(s) or deleting the legitimate value that is, already, in it).

I must emphasize that I know how to handle this by VBA code and/or by using a "named" pre-defined list of values + un-checking the "ignore empty cell" option - but I would like to know, once and for all, the solution WITHOUT using Macro and/or 'List' (if any..)

I tried that, without success:


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Adding "Data Validation List" By VBA Code
I want to add "Data Validation List" by VBA code.

If in column "A" I have 100 rows of data, I would like that in column be will be 100 "combos" with reference to certaing range.

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Data Validation: Multiple Formulas Required In 1 Cell?
I currently am using Data Validation drop-downs (which are identically referenced) in a number of cells (From J10 to J19). Each entry refers to a Crew departure &/or arrival time (based on an Aircraft schedule) and crew Subsistence & allowance ($17 per day). Referenced from “K10:K19” is USD currency:

“J10:J19” “K10:K19”
“FULL-WEEK”(References 7 Days) = “USD 120.00”
“SATURDAY (DEPART)”(References 2 Days) = “USD 35.00”
“SATURDAY (ARRIVE)”(References 6 Days) = “USD 100.00”
“TUESDAY (DEPART)”(References 5 Days) = “USD 85.00”
“TUESDAY (ARRIVE)”(References 3 Days) = “USD 50.00”

I am trying to establish a way to specifically; select a particular day in the Data Validation drop-down menu (J10:J19) and a formula automatically converting the result to “USD Currency” for each of the 5 alternatives?

So in other words, each data validation cell will have 5 matching formulas pertinent to each specific orientation (Day)?

E.G.Select “FULL WEEK” from the drop-down option and “USD 120.00” is revealed / converted?
Select “SATURDAY (DEPART)” from the drop-down and “USD 35.00” is revealed?
... “SATURDAY (ARRIVE)” = “USD 100.00”
... “TUESDAY (DEPART)” = “USD 85.00”
... “TUESDAY (ARRIVE)” = “USD 50.00”

The closest I have managed (with no real success) is as per the following formula:

I would be so incredibly grateful if somebody could help me (in laymen’s terms)?

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Lock Data Validation And Yet Permit Cell Editing?
What I'm trying to achieve is to be able to lock the text length of a column so that users can enter text data into that column but not exceed the allowable length for our purposes. I've found a way to use auto loading macros to make a popup if they exceed the set length.

However, that is useless for our purposes because 1) pasting data into the cells as opposed to manually entering data overrides the validation just as it does when you set it with the data validation menus, 2) it requires that macros be activated in the end user's computer which we cannot guarantee will happen. If you lock in the data validation by protecting the worksheet, the end user can't enter data. Do you know of a way to lock in the data validation without using active controls like macros, and yet allow the end user to enter data into the cells. (Perhaps a solution would be to somehow prevent the pasting of data into a cell forcing the data validation to be utilized?)

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Convert Logic Function To Data Cell Validation

how can i use the data cell validation using the above function logic?

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Data Validation - Cell Only Displaying First 4 Characters Of Listbox
Is there a way with "Data Validation" where the data that shows on the drop down box, when selected, only displays the first four characters on the cell. For eg In a worksheet, Row A1, A2 etc has got data validation settings whereby the value to be input in those cells comes from a list. The list looks something like this: 3000= Staff, 3001=Parking, 3200=Retail.

If I want to select for row A1 from the listbox - "3000=Staff" , what do I need to do to have only the value "3000" show up in cell A1 and not "3000=staff". The reason I only need the numbers to show up is because that will in turn be used in my vlookup function. The reason I am showing "staff, Parking, Retail" in my listbox is to give users additional information as a guidance to choose the correct code for those cells.

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When Check Boxes Click Data Appear In A Specifice Cell
I'm attempting to use VB in excel. I've created a form and several check boxes with specific options for each one.

when one box is clicked I want the data from that box (whatever the option is) - to appear in a specific cell (ie: cell 17)

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Check Cell Upon Selection Allowing For Filtered Data
I have a database of names and titles (acutally: #, last name, full name, title, meeting) and at this point I have a column using the following code.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A5:A355")) Is Nothing Then
Target.Font.Name = "Marlett"
If Target = vbNullString Then
Target = "a"
Target = vbNullString
End If
End If
End Sub

everything works like I want, except when I use the auto filter, the "a" won't be cleared from cells that are hidden. I need to make sure only one "a" is populated in this column as that's what I'm using with the vlookup function to key the data for my Character Generator.

Maybe I'm not using the best code, I'm new to this and just cobbled together code from a few different places.

Some quick background to what I'm doing, but you may not need it to help. I'm trying to use Excel to populate some cells that will tell our Chyron Character Generator (for those that don't know what that is, it's the device that puts graphics on screen during news programs, etc...) what to put up for lower third titles (and more) for our meetings we cover.

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Data Validation In That Large Merged Cell Using List And =Cements
I am including a sample. On sheet 1 I am trying to do data validation in that large merged cell using List and =Cements. Why do I get the error that pops-up?

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Data Validation :: Selected From 4 Validation Lists
I would like to know if it's possible to populate a data validation list based on what is selected from 4 validation lists?

for example:
On sheet1:
If 'Group1' is selected from data validation list1 then data validation list5 will show a list of all items from Group1. If 'Group2' is selected from data validation list2, then data validation list5 will display all the items in 'Group2'...

(I do not want to use a combo box for this)

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I have 4 cols, x rows. I need Column C to check Column B for a numerical value, and if true, return the value in B, and if not true, then return value from A. Column B are functions formatted as general. The reference made by Sheet2!B is numbers formatted as text as to retain leading zeros. Here is what I have so far

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Data Validation :: If Cell A2 > 0 Have Cell A1 =1
Is there a way to use data validation for the following

cell A1

If cell a2>0 have cell a1 =1

data validation will be in cell A1

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Custom Data Validation Formula To Limit Cell Value To Maximum Of 4 Decimal Places
I require a custom data validation formula to limit cell value to maximum of 4 decimal places.

0.0001 ok
0.02 ok
0.3 ok

0.12345 fail
0.123456 fail etc

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Data Validation (restrict A Cell To Only Be Able To Input The Letter "i" Multiple Times)
I am trying to restrict a cell to only be able to input the letter "i" multiple times, almost like a tally sheet, in other words I want the cell to be restriced to one letter, but allow that letter to be entered multiple times.

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Validation Code Vba
I want to validate the length of data is inserted into the cell as integers only, so im wanting it to be 16 digits long (no shorted or longer). I've already managed to make sure that only numbers can be used using the code below :

ElseIf Not IsTextAllNumeric(Range("H23")) Then
MsgBox "Card number must be digits only" & vbCrLf & _
"Please re-enter the card number", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Data Error"

Now im not 100% sure on how to make sure that the length is a certain amount of digits. I've babbled on for a bit on a not so complicated question.

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Password Validation In VBA
However, one problem in particular has gotten me stumped after a few days of working on it and I was hoping someone might be able to help me understand how to crack it. The question is from chapter 7, question 12(a).

"All passwords in your company's system must be 8 characters long, must start with an uppercase letter, and must consist only of uppercase and digits -- no spaces.

Write a sub to get a user's new password. It should use an input box, embedded within a Do loo, to get the password. The purpose of the loop is to check that a valid password has been entered."

Below is my latest try. It will technically work for a password of 4 characters instead of 8, but it already runs pretty slow and I have a feeling that there must be a better way to do this.

Sub Password()

Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k As Integer, l As Integer
Dim pw As String 'pw is the password
Dim Length As Integer
'48-57 = 0 To 9, 65-90 = A To Z, 97-122 = a To z

Do Until isValid = True
pw = InputBox("Please enter a valid password.", "Password")
Length = Len(pw)
For i = 65 To 90
For j = 48 To 90
For k = 48 To 90
For l = 48 To 90
If pw = (Chr(i) & Chr(j) & Chr(k) & Chr(l)) And Length = 4 Then
isValid = True
Exit For: Exit For: Exit For: Exit For
End If
Next: Next: Next: Next
End Sub

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Restore Validation Using VBA
I want to do is allow a user to choose entries from a data validation list and then they can remove the validation to make some edits to the selection. I have it set up so that they can do this by clicking on a command button that will remove validation for the selected cells.

What I want to now do is to be able to restore the validation in case they have made an error. My first thought was to have a hidden "Master" sheet that has all the relevant validation in it and then when the user picks a range to restore validation to, just copy the cells from the "Master" back to the working sheet (it should be noted that the range to restore validation to may contain cells with different validation). I'm sure the code for this is quite simple but I am still learning. The steps I want to do are:

1. Store the range of cells chosen on the worksheet
2. Go to the Master worksheet and select the same range
3. Copy the range from the Master worksheets back to the same range on the original worksheet.

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Validation Lists Using Vba
I need to find a solution that will prevent users from pasting values into cells that do not match values in a named range or validation list.

I think the best method would be to have it trigger with a SheetChange event. I would like it to check to see if the enteredpasted value(s) in a range of cells is equal to one of the following:


If it does not, I want the cell cleared and a message box shown.

I am sure this is simple, stock code for someone, but I am teaching myself vba and am fairly green. Does anyone have this handy in thier code library?

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Check For Duplicates Using VBA
I have created a userform that inputs employees names in to a sheet called employee list. It works well, now I want to take it a stage further and check to see if the employee being entered is already in the list and if so let the end user decide whether enter the new data or save the data already in the list.

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Employee List").Activate
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
ActiveCell.Value = txtName.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = txtLast.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2) = TxtNum.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) = cboCourse.Value
If optIntroduction = True Then
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = "Operative"
ElseIf optIntermediate = True Then
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = "Team Leader"
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = "Manager"
End If

End Sub

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Spell Check Via VBA
I have is that the code does call the spell-check up and it goes through the motions.

However, when you perform this manually (as in from the toolbar), the spell-check accepts the items as you put in the text bar at the top if you change it.

When doing it via the VBA macro code, it will not accept the user amended-suggestions unless you highlight the (top) text bar area/row/cell to get it to accept some things - otherwise it just accepts the suggestion the checker gives n the section below - not the text you have amended.

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Check The Value Of A Checkbox In VBA
I'm trying to check the value of a checkbox that I created in my workbook, but both of the if statements below say "Object does not support this property or method"

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Check For Numeric VBA
in excel when im writing a vba macro is thier something that i specify to only find numerical, or only find alpha characters? what about in excel when im doing a odbc query?

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Vba To Check For And Enter Value
In vb would it be possible to make a macro to check if a cell has writing in and if it does enter a value underneath.

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