ComboBox Validation: Check Values Before Closing UserForm

Sep 5, 2006

I have a userform with 15 Combo boxes & I would like to make sure all the enabled combo boxes (some may be disabled) have a value > 0 (Zero) before exiting the userform.

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Userform Loads Combobox Values Upon Userform Initialize

Oct 1, 2009

I have one userform that loads combobox values upon userform Initialize. Though through a second userform changes can be made to anotherworkbook this workbook is saves any changes. when i close the second userform i need to rerun the 1st userform Initialize event to update the combobox's incase changes have been made.

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Closing Workbook When Closing Userform

Sep 14, 2006

I have a userform which opens when the workbook opens. Ideally Id like to have the userform open without the workbook coming up and have the workbook close when you close the userform. If thats not doable then is there a way to just close the workbook when the userform is closed?

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Userform Inserting Values From Combobox

May 14, 2007

I'm running in to some problems on creating a Userform. I will try to explain it as best as possible. Right now I have a userform set up with 2 ComboBoxes. Here is my current code. It's not near complete.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Set ufStart = Worksheets("Data"). Range("AP4")
Set valNames = Worksheets("MasterData").Range("AA6")
Set valMonths = Worksheets("MasterData").Range("H3")
Set SelMonth = ComboBox2.ListIndex
Set SelName = ComboBox1.ListIndex
If TextBox1.Value > 0 Then
ufStart.Offset(SelName, SelMonth).Value = TextBox1
Else: End If
End Sub

The way it's supposed to go, is if TextBox1.Value is greater then 0... then go to UfStart and Offset by Row, which is ComboBox1 Selection Index Value and by Column, which is ComboBox2 Selection Index Value. I can't get the sub to get past Set SelMonth = ComboBox2.ListIndex.

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Populate Userform From Row Values Based On Combobox?

Jul 20, 2014

how can I build a userform to display all values from a row? in order to select a row, i was thinking to use a combobox to display values from one column and based on that selection, display all values in that row? the reason i want to use a userform is because i would also like to be able to edit that data.

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Fill UserForm ComboBox With Values In Range

Aug 15, 2008

I have created a User form with Combobox's, which in turn look up cell references in another sheet. In order to make maintainence of the combobox's as easy as possible I'd like the look up as many cells as possible, therefore anyone can easily add additional text to go into the user forms. However I don't want the blank spaces to show until something has been added.

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Populate Userform Combobox With Unique Values From A Range

Jul 26, 2012

I found this thread which deal with populating unique values in my listbox.

Here is the thread link. [URL] ........

What these line of code mean (the ones in red).

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Dim v, e
With Sheets("maintenance").Range("c2:c500")
v = .Value
End With
With CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")

[Code] ......

Note : I simple tried to check the value of v by giving msgbox (v), just below the line v = .Value.

But I got run-time error 13 : Type mismatch error.

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Excel Userform Combobox Looking Up Value From Worksheet Based On Other Values Picked

Jun 28, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet that is a roster to track mutliple crews and shifts.

I have a userform which is used to select a person on shift and assign them as being on either, Annual Leave, Personal Leave, Training.... on particular days.

I would like to have the shift combobox auto populate what shift the person is on based on the person and dates entered. All the information is there I just can't get the code to do this.

I was also thinking about blocks where the shift goes from DS to NS and if people are on leave over this time. I would need the combobox to know this also.

I have attached my workbook : New Annual Leave Spreadsheet.xlsm

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Userform Listbox: Check Wether Range Have Negative Values Or Not If Yes Load All Negative Values In The Listbox1 By Clicking Checkbox

Jan 19, 2009

I have data in range J2:J365 , H368:H401 & J403:J827. i want to check wether this range have negative values or not if yes load all negative values in the listbox1 by clicking checkbox.

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Userform To Search For Exact And Partial Values From Combobox In Database Worksheet

Jan 15, 2014

Below is my current code. The strFind1 searches for a name within the database and then I need strFind2 to do a exact for a Subproject search and a partial search for everything containing the Subproject selected and other Subprojects. Currently, when the database entry in the worksheet includes Subproject 1 the search function works but when I have an entry that contains Subproject 1/Subproject 4 it does not find the entry. How can I expand the strFind2 to equal what is selected in the Combobox2 and find entries that have what is selected plus more text. I have set the line where I think everything is going wrong to a bold format.

[Code] .....

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Combobox List Lost On Closing Workbook

Mar 31, 2008

Simple combobox query:

step 1. open excel, control toolbar, add new combobox ( named combobox1)
step 2. create new module, with the following

Sub test
With sheets(1).combobox1
.AddItem "123"
End With
End Sub

step 3. run macro "test", combobox1 should be populated, save and close file.
step 4. re-open file, drop down on combobox1, no values to select from.

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From Userform / Other Workbook Not Closing

Nov 26, 2013

I wrote this macro where, from a userform, I click a button and it will fillout another form with certain data from the original WB to a different WB.

All is working fine and exactly the way I want it except, it won't close and save the other sheet. It will go back to the userform, as I want it to, but it will leave the other file in the background open.

This is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton6_Click()
'Allocation file fill out
Dim alloc As String
Dim allwb As Workbook
Dim ABA As Workbook
Dim Prompt As String
'Dim fd As FileDialog
Set ABA = ThisWorkbook


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Closing Userform Event

Aug 9, 2006

How can I trigger a code, when closing a userform by clicking on the upper right red "X"?

Where can I catch this CLOSE event?

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Activation Of Userform Hide Worksheet And Closing Userform Activates Worksheet

May 14, 2014

I want activation of userform to hide worksheet, but as soon as the Userform is closed, the worksheet should show.

I have attached file to aid.

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Closing Userform With Invalid Data

Jul 2, 2014

I have a userform that has validations in it. One of the validations is to ensure the user has entered in a correct date. Right now if the user has the correct date in the form, but decides they no longer want to add any data into the spreadsheet using the userform, they can simply click the Close Form button at the bottom of the form and the form will close out.

I just discovered however that if the user inadvertently put in an incorrect date and then attempted to close the form, the validations will not allow the user to close the form until they have corrected the date. I would like to set up my close form button to close the form no matter what data has been entered into the form. Basically have it so the close form button overrides any validations within the userform coding. Currently I only have unload me within the cmdClose_Click() sub routine, It looks like this:


Could I use something to the effect of clearing all fields when the close form button is clicked...

[Code] ....

Would this work???

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Warning Msgbox When Closing A Userform

Oct 12, 2008

I have a userform for inputing a range of vehicle details. It will not let the user add the details unless all fields are complete.

If the user complets some of the fields and closes the form it will not save any information.

They must use a command button to close the form (the red X will not show)

I am looking for a way for a warning msg box to appear when they select the close form button

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Closing Userform When Opened Via Array

Dec 18, 2012

I have a userform that opens, and allows the user to enter data into it for each row where a specific cell is blank. If the user hasn't updated in a couple of days that could be 15-20 entries that need to be made. Currently when the user clicks the close button the userform closes the form for the current row and shows for the next row, acting more like a Next button. I would like to be able to assign Previous, Next and Exit, where exit closes all instances of the userform, and not just the one the user currently sees. Even if we cant do previous and next, the exit button is really important sot he user doesnt have to click through in order to exit the userform.

The following is the code that brings up the array, followed by userform code

Sub ErrLogSupEntry()
'Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Set wsErrLog = Worksheets("Error Log")
UserName = Environ("UserName")
If UserName = "09070403" Then

[Code] ........

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Excel 2010 :: Check If Cell Not Blank Upon Saving Or Closing And Color Code To Show Blanks

Aug 30, 2012

Looking forward VBA coding for:

If input is entered into column C (range C2:C100), then row cells for columns D, E ,F, H or I must NOT be blank upon save.
Could be that one or more of these row cells are left blank by mistake.

An error msg pops up upon attempting to save, stops the save and colors each cell yellow that needs info entered into.

Using Excel 2010.

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Make Loop For Disable Closing UserForm

Jun 4, 2014

I have below code for prevent to close a user form:

[Code] ....

But this work to me only one time, when i make a second press on close button user form close. I think i have to make a loop or something but i really don't now how?

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Showing Userform When Closing Previous Workbook

Dec 22, 2008

I have two workbooks (Book1 and Book2). When Book1 opens, its Workbook Open procedure displays a Userform1 that has two Command Buttons. The first Button closes Book1 (exit the program). The second Button opens Book2. Book2 has a Workbook Open procedure that should close Book1 and display a new Userform2. When the Workbook Open procedure of Book2 closes Book1, the procedure stops there and does not show the UserForm2. How can I get the Workbook Open procedure of Book2 to execute both steps of closing Book1 and showing Userform2? This must be done by clicking the second Button on Userform1.

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Userform Combobox Value Selects Next Combobox To Appear

Dec 2, 2009

I have a userform with a combobox that has three items to choose from: Blue, Red, and Yellow. When a user selects one of those options, I would like another combobox to appear on my userform with a specific list for that option.

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Userform - Second Combobox Based On First Combobox

Apr 9, 2012

I'm trying to make a userform that has 2 combo boxes. I have just 3 columns right now.

Procedure GrpADA-QSI DescProcedure GrpAnesthesia And
Drugs9210-LOCAL ANESTH/NO SURGAnesthesia And DrugsAnesthesia And
Drugs9212-TRIGEM BLOCK ANESTHCrowns And BridgeAnesthesia And
Drugs9215-LOCAL ANESTHESIADenturesAnesthesia And

[Code] ........

I copied and pasted Column A into Column C and then removed duplicates. I named Column C 'ValList' and placed it in the RowSource for ComboBox1. What I now want is for ComboBox2 to populate based on my selection in ComboBox1. There are no duplicates in Column B. Duplicates are in Column A.

I also named Column A 'Proc_Grp' and Column B 'ADA_QSI_Desc'

For the properties in Combobox2, I left the RowSource empty. (that's correct right?) Because there's going to be a code that links Combobox2 to Combobox1... I think...

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Excel 2010 :: Crash - Ready Calculate Flashing Taskbar When Closing / Opening Userform

Jan 8, 2014

Excel will hang up as if it's gone into a continuous loop (Although no looping macros are active) when you open or close a user form. The task bar in Excel will flash Ready Calculate. Visual basic reports no code is running but excel either crashes or becomes very unresponsive. I have to exit and reopen excel in order to fix the problem . It also doesn't happen at any one specific point it can vary. I have various VLOOKUPs around the workbook and userforms display the correct information. I use the INDEX formula in the control source of textboxes. I also use the offset formula to make sure DTPICKER displays correctly.

I am using 'Option Explicit' at the start of all my code. I have tried a 3rd party code cleaner. No visual Basic references are MISSING


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Check Value Is In ComboBox List, If Not Add It

Oct 18, 2006

In VB is there a way to check the values in a combo box, to check whether the value you are trying to insert into it exists in the list, if not add it to the list.

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ComboBox For Data Validation?

May 3, 2013

I am working on a project where I have a data validation list box in column A B and C on the same row. The selection in column A determines what can be selected in column B, and column b effects column c selection. The data from the list is located in another sheet and dynamic named ranges.

The data validation source is as follows:

Column A:
Column B:
Column C: =OFFSET(ProjectNoList,MATCH(D11,OFFSET(ProjectNoList,MATCH(C11,ProjectNo,0)-1,2,COUNTIF(ProjectNo,C11),1),0)-1+MATCH(C11,ProjectNo,0)-1,3,COUNTIFS(DisciplineCode,D11,ProjectNo,C11),1)

This works fine, however I need the drop down menus to be longer as there can sometimes be a lot of data to scroll through. To do this I have used the instructions at Excel Data Validation Combo box Click to make a combobox data validation.

It works fines for column A, however I can't get the list for column B to populate in the combo box.

The code looks like this:

Dim str As String
Dim cboTemp As OLEObject
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = ActiveSheet
On Error GoTo errHandler

If Target.Count > 1 Then GoTo exitHandler

Set cboTemp = ws.OLEObjects("ComboName")
On Error Resume Next
If cboTemp.Visible = True Then
With cboTemp
.Top = 10
.Left = 10
.ListFillRange = ""


I suspect that column A works because the data validation formula is only referring to a named ranged, ProjectNolist, however columbs B and C use a few in a formula.

.ListFillRange = str
is empty when column b is selected

is it possible to get the data validation list from column b and c into a combo box and if so how?

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Data Validation VS Combobox

Mar 17, 2009

I am using Excel 2007 and I've been working with a spreadsheet that utilizes several Data Validation to allow users to make different choices and depending on those choices the next options in line change. My problem is that I have so many different options, so long of formulas, that I run out of space to type in formulas in the DV source field. One way I get around this is to drop down to the next cell and start again, but I really need all the choices to stay in one row. Somebody suggested using VLookup, but I am not sure if that is the right path to take because a few of the final drop down choices have multiple options, and I'm not clear on how to use VLookup.

I am strongly considering using a Combobox Form Control or Combobox ActiveX control because, from what I have learned, they wouldn't be restricted by formula space. However, being fairly new to Excel I do not know what the codes would be to allow the comboboxes to change options based on previous selections. I've searched the message boards extensively and haven't been able to find an answer.

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Check If ComboBox Has Item Chosen

Jul 27, 2007

I have a userform which manipulates data based on the userselection from the combo box. I have setup the userform so that the user may select up to 3 sheets due to the presence of 3 combos boxes. I need to writing an IF statement which checks to see if combobox1 is occupied to carry out a function, followed by it checking to see if combobox2 is occupied to carry out the function, and then checks to see if combobox3 is occupied and carries out the funciton.

As such, if only 1 combo box is occupied it would then only carry out the operation on combobox1's selection, and if none are occupied, nothing occurs, the box simply stays open. This is what I have so far, I know there is probably a more eligant way of writing such a If/Then/Else statement

Sub Start()
If UserForm1.ComboBox1.Value And UserForm1.ComboBox2.Value > 0 Then
Call Find1
Call kTest1
End If

If UserForm1.ComboBox3.Value And UserForm1.ComboBox4 > 0 Then
Call Find2
Call kTest2
End If................

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Another Dependent Data Validation Combobox

May 5, 2009

I'm still curious about the sample from Contextures, (DV0032 - Dependent Data Validation Combobox)

I have made a modification from its file (sample is attached). First drop list can be autocomplete, but the second cannot. For the comparing, I made row 2 in ValidationSample sheet is my modification, and row 3 is the original.

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Without Closing A Form How Can I Show Values Of Clicked Cell?

Aug 18, 2009

I attached an excel that I created. But I have one problem with it.

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Prevent/Allow Workbook Closing Based On Cell Values

Feb 15, 2010

I have a small macro that before closing the workbook will check a range ("C4:G24") on Sheet ("Data Checks"). It will then show a msgbox displaying each non "OK" result in the range. I want this to close the workbook if all cells in the range have the value "OK" and cancel the close if the msgbox appears. This is what I have so far...

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim r As Range, txt As String
With Sheets("Data Checks")
'for each non "OK" result in range
For Each r In .Range("C4:G24")
If r.Text <> "OK" Then
txt = txt & r.Text & vbLf
End If
End With
If txt <> "OK" Then
MsgBox "Please check:" & vbLf & vbLf & txt, vbExclamation
Cancel = True
End If
End Sub

The problem I have is that although the msgbox displays the correct cell values if they are not "OK", it also appears and cancels the close if all cells in range DO have value "OK"???

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