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Code To Add Data To Next Available Row

I am "pushing" information from MS Word Fill-In Fields to Excel. Currently, the code (which is intended to run in Word) is overwriting the "pushed" data in the same cells in Excel (row 1). I would like it to add new data to the next available rows [kind of like the End(xlUp).Row + 1 code, but for Word].

Dim Fld As Field
Dim ExcelSheet As Object
Dim iColumn As Integer
iColumn = 1
Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")
ExcelSheet.Application.Visible = True
For Each Fld In ActiveDocument.Fields
ExcelSheet.Worksheets(1).Cells(1, iColumn) = Fld.Result
iColumn = iColumn + 1
Next Fld
ExcelSheet.SaveAs "C:TEST.XLS"
' Close Excel with the Quit method on the Application object.
' Release the object variable.
Set ExcelSheet = Nothing
End Sub

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Locate Last Used Row & Add Formula Via Code
How can I program a variable 'rowcountnumber', that would count the number of active rows, starting from row 10 ?

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Add A Row After Last Row With Data
I want to create a button that will insert a new row automatically after the last row of data with the same formatting (basic outline of each cell A:H) as the row above it, which would be the last row with data.

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Add Data To The Next Row On The Next Sheet

On Sheet 1 I have a few fields, say A1= 123, and B1= 456, and C1= 789.

How do I add A1,B1,C1 to Sheet 2 but in succession by rows such as:

123 456 789
123 456 789

So, I need to add the rows like you would in Access, but to Sheet 2 from data in Sheet 1.

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others
I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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SumIf Formula: Add New Data With An Insert At Row 13
The formula that works is =SUM(IF('Pipeline Input'!$X$13:$X$39=1,IF('Pipeline Input'!$H$13:$H$39="Lead",'Pipeline Input'!$K$13:$K$39,0),0))

I am trying to modify this formula so that the ranges are dynamic to allow me to add new data with an insert at row 13. What would the syntax of the formula look like if I use the INDEX function to allow the ranges to grow with new data? I have tried naming the defined ranges and entering the formula as =SUM(IF((CloseMo)="1",IF((SaleP)="Lead",(LoanAmt),0),0)) but I get a #VALUE! error

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How Can I Stop The Chart Data Range From Updating When I Add & Delete A Row
I have a worksheet with 300 rows and I have a separate worksheet that contains graphs based on the data in the 300 rows.

The data is continually updated but stays at 300 rows. I add a new row at 301 and then I delete row 1.

I set the graphs up with a Chart Data Range of =GData!$B$1:$AB$300

As I add and delete rows the Chart Data Range reduces so after adding and deleting 3 rows the Chart Data Range is now =GData!$B$1:$AB$297

How can I get the Chart Data Range to stay at =GData!$B$1:$AB$300?

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Copy/Paste Code Ignoring Last Row Of Data?
I am building a large macro to filter/manipulate/format/organize data pasted into a Data Dump tab.

I am a VBA novice, and I recycled some code for a portion of the macro from infomation found on this board. I just discovered that my copy/paste section is ignoring the last row of data, which is a problem ....

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VBA Code To Select Last Cell In Row With Data
I have a row of formulas that reference other sheets in my workbook (i.e. Cell A4=Sheet2!A1, Cell B4=Sheet2!B1, etc). I need to have VBA find the last cell in that row with data. I tried "End(xlToRight).Column" but it goes all the way to the end because all of the cells have formulas. I need to find the last cell that is empty of data or maybe >0 would work.

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VBA CODE On Pasting On Last Row Of Data For Various Worksheets
I have got a workbook with 20 or more worksheets. Every quarter I need to paste/append new data on these worksheets (which has already got existing data from previous quarters). All worksheets have different rows of data, for eg One worksheet may have 10rows, the other may have 50. Hence when I am writing my code, I cannot specify the destination cell as for eg A11, or A51.

How do I write up a VBA code that looks for the last row of data on these various worksheets and then pastes the new information on the next row(new row).

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Custom Add In: Add The File Name Extension And Relevant VBA Code
Has anyone got the add in code? I have my own custom menu bar on my excel. But every time i want to add a new link i must go into the code and manually add the file name extension and relevant VBA code. Is there a method of just entering the file extension in a cell range and excel will automatically update or pick up or link from this location?

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Code To Copy Data From Dif.cells In A Sheet To A Single Row In Another Workbook
I have a workbook ("CaTr") Sheet1 has data ranging ("B2:I41").

There are about 30 cells values (scattered) which needs to be copied in a workbook "CA_Log" in one single next available row .

As soon as the CaTr.sheet1 is filled I want the operator to click a button to trigger this event. Then the sheet1 in workbook CaTr should be saved as "G3" cell value.

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Code For Moving Data From Row To Template Invoice Format - My Worst Nightmare
I’m looking to create an invoice-type format from data in a row but only when the client requests it.

So, if there is a Y in column R. i.e. the client wants an invoice format then.

I have been given a “template” format by the team manager that I have to use. Its far from ideal, well for me anyway, for moving things around and I’m struggling to get anywhere with it.

I’m trying to take the data from the row in the source / client worksheet, which will be created via a code from here, and transpose it to a copy of the “template” worksheet which sits within the same workbook. This is made more complicated because in some cases the data for the invoice will be in two or more rows, because there will be a few items on the same invoice, but they will still be on the same worksheet.

The source / client worksheet has data from columns A to T with a header in row 1.

The details will need to be transposed from the relevant row from each column to the “template” worksheet as follows
From column in source / client worksheet To cell in copy template worksheet.

From - To

This is where it gets messy, or more messy should I say


For each of the six sections M to N above there may be more than one relevant items which will be on rows 3 onwards of the source /client worksheet.
So, ideally I’m guessing based on if there is data in column A of the source / client worksheet then M to N above will need to copied downwards, i.e. below itself on the template worksheet say from column A and B rows 33-45 copied to A and B rows 47-59 until all the data is copied over.

Blinking eck ... this is a nightmare… a real nightmare. This more than one section above is really bad… I’m at a complete loss.

Although if its really not possible they may have to have another template worksheet with the second, third etc items on as I just can’t see this working.

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Add Row Preserving Formulas And Formats From The Above Row
I have a table with 15 columns and 10 rows (initially all cells are blank but with formulas and formatted) and I want a way to add automatically a new row in my table each time something is entered on first cell in each row. For example if I enter something in cell A1 (first cell in my table) then automatically add 11th row and if I delete the value in cell A1 it is ok to leave the 11th row there but if I I go on and enter a vlaue in A2 then add row 12th. Of course I want the new rows to have the same formats and formulas as the previous ones.

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Automatically Add Formated Row After Last Row
I am trying to do is have an additional row, or rows entered after after the last available row is filled. I've written a macro that searches for the last data set in a column, and will then copy the row above and insert, then copy the formating and formulas down, but I can only make this work by having the user click on a control button.

I would like to make this macro work automatically when data is enterted into the last row in the quote form. Below is what my current macro looks like:

Sub AddLine()

With ActiveSheet
. Unprotect Password:="*********"
ActiveSheet. Range("m17").End(xlDown).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 0).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormats, Operation:=xlNone, _
SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
.Protect Password:="*********"
End With
End Sub

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Code Clears A Sheete Starting At Row 7 And Leaves The Last Row
The below code clears a sheete starting at row 7 and leaves the last row. I want to validation that if the only row with text is the starting row then I dont want the delete rows to happen

Sub clearRecap()
Range("a7", Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(-1)).EntireRow.Delete
End Sub

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Add Formula From Row Above To New Row
How do you add the formula of the previous row to a row that was just inserted into the program.

If I have a bunch of lines with one formula dragged down, and then I add a row how do I make it have the right formula automatically.

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Add-in - How To Use Code In The Add-in
I created a worksheet as an add-in, and I am trying to use some code out of it to add to some of buttons in other spreadsheets. How do I call a subprocedure out of an add-in in another worksheet in VBA. I have tried several things. I have tried calling it like it was in a normal workbook by using the keyword Call, and I have done some other things like

Application.Run "'WorkbookWithSub.xls'!TheSubName"

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What Is The Code To Add A New Sheet With New Name
What is the code to add a new sheet with new name?

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Add MsgBox To Code
I want to change this so there is a MsgBox vbYesNo button below where it tells you what cells are found & says:

"Is this what your searching for?" If yes Box closes. If No Continues Search.
How would I go about adding it to the code below?

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Add If To This VBA Code
I need to add an IF condititon.

If cell is empty then leave it empty.

Sub Notes()
'Erik Van Geit

Dim SC As Integer 'Source Column
Dim TC As Integer 'Target Column
Dim FR As Long 'First Row
Dim LR As Long 'Last Row
Dim RN As Long 'Row Number

FR = 13
SC = 10 '26 = column "Z"
TC = 10
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, SC).End(xlUp).Row

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Code To Update Add-in
I need to write code to automatically update a user's add-in if a newer version is available. Here are the specifics. The add-in is installed on multiple users c:drives. In the add-in code, there is a constant, Version_Nbr. On the network drive, I have a text file containing the most up-to- date version number. When the user opens the add-in file, the code compares the Version_Nbr to the text file on the network drive. If the version on the network is higher, I prompt the user with "A new version is available. Would you like to download it now?"

I have a seperate download program which will automatically download the new add-in to the user's local drive. Here's where I run into problems. I cannot replace the add-in file with a newer version when the add-in is open. The add-in is always open because it's the add-in that determines if a newer version is available. So how do I do this? It seems to me I need to launch the download program from the add-in and then have the add-in close itself before the download program executes.

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Add To Code From Textbox Value
Just trying to figure out if it's possible to add to an existing piece of code via a TextBox value. Basically I have the below code and each time a new entry is made I'd like it to automatically add some more to it.

Case "Whatever"
outsh = "Whatever"
Case "Happens"
outsh = "Happens"
Case "I'll"
outsh = "I'll"
Case "Keep"
outsh = "Keep"
Case "Trying"
outsh = "Trying"
Case ":)"
outsh = ":)"

I would like to add these two lines when a new entry is made.

Case "New_Name"
outsh = "New_Name"

A link or pointer in the right direction'd be tops. btw the code is married to a Command Button which has more code involved.

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Add Code To Sheet Module
I have this script that adds to a Module, However I want to add it to a sheet module, How to change it to do that?

The line looked like this

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Add Code To A Module That Is Already Working
I am trying to add code to a module that is already working. however when trying to add new code i keep on getting error messages. It doesnt like the "next i" see attachment.

all else works except for the WEEK1 tab. I am trying to get it so if the "Date Submitted" colum on the MAIN tab is between 5/3/09 - 5/9/09 it will go to tab "WEEK1"

5/10/09 - 5/16/09 to WEEK2
5/17/09 - 5/23/09 to WEEK3
5/24/09 - 5/30/09 to WEEK4

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Add Pictures To Comments With Code
I searched for a code to add pictures to comments with VBA.

I only found this:

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Add Controls To UserForm With Code
way to allow a user to add a control to a userform without going into the VBE. Here is the situation, I am developing a userform to calculate a projected budget. I want the user to be able to select the number of controls to add, and click a command button to add them. Based on other selections that the user makes, different controls would automatically be added. Is this possible? As a follow up, will I be able to atttach code to these new controls?

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Add Shapes To UserForm Via Code
How do i draw shapes on the fly on forms?

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Automatically Add Code To New Workbook
I was trying to add some code through VBA to a new Workbook I'm creating. I'm following the instructions in {url}

What I need is to add an worksheet_change event procedure, and im trying it as it follows: ...

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Add New Worksheet With Event Code
Is it possible to copy a "Worksheet_change event" macro to a new worksheet by macro? Like when I insert a new worksheet, a certain macro, for example "run macro on data entry", to be already written in its worksheet_change event.

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Code That Manage Add-ins
Is there a code that manage Add-ins?

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Add X Controls At Runtime Via Code
I give some integer "X" and the program must add "X" checkboxes on User Form.

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Add Event Code To New Worksheet
I'm having trouble copying a macro to a newly created sheet. I do like this:

ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("Kopier1").Export filNavn

For Each kopSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If Left(kopSheet. Name, 8) = "Inddata-" Then
ActiveWorkbook. SaveAs ThisWorkbook.Path & "" & kopSheet.Name
ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("Kopier1").Export filNavn
Workbooks(kopSheet.Name & ".xls").VBProject.VBComponents. Import filNavn
End If
Next kopSheet

I copy 6 sheets, named "Inddata-*", and i wan't to copy a module named "Kopier1" with it. I know that i can use an add-in, but that is unfortunately not a good idea in this project. It does export the module "Kopier1", but, it doesn't import it to the newly created workbook!

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Code To Add Formula To Cell
I tried putting a formula into the below code but without any success.

mylogoff. Offset(0, 3).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(WEEKDAY(RC[-1]=""6"",""17:30:00""+0,""18:00:00""+0)

It says application defined or object defined error.

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Add Code To Worksheet Event Using VBA
i need to add a DoubleClick event to about 40 workbooks.
each has 6 sheets and the code will be added to two of them.

i can cycle thru the folders/subfolders and open the correct files.
but how do i put the code into the specific sheets using a program?

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VBA Code To Add 1 To The Previous Date
I have a folder containing excel files with dynamic suffix names. I have files for all days starting from the 1st of the month – for example : Performance_01012010.xls, Performance 02012010.xls, Performance_03012010.xls till Performance_31012010.xls.

I want a VBA code to retrieve the date out and change it automatically (means it should add 1 automatically to the previous date). For example, if I open Performance_05012010.xls, my macro should SAVE AS this file to Performance_06012010.xls.

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Automatically Add Cell Formula With Code
Cell b2 contains the formula
=IF( COUNTIF(B$1:B2,B2)=1,MAX(A$1:A1)+1,"")
I want cell b3 to contain the formula
I can do this within the spreadsheet by simply highlight and drag down to autofill and excel updates the formula references as I need

However - because the sheet gets very large (its a sort of rough database)
I dont fill in all the formulae on a blank sheet, but each time a record is entered using a VBA form I have the following working code copy the formula

ActiveCell.Offset(nextline, 0).Copy
ActiveCell.Offset(nextline + 1, 0).Select

However I dont want to use 'Active' - because I have to work out what cell is selected before this is executed and then reselect it after, which also causes the screen to flash when the active sheet changes so I tried the following which does not work

Worksheets(" Analysis").Range("A2").Offset(nextline, 0).Copy
Worksheets("Analysis").Range("A2").Offset(nextline + 1, 0).Paste

because 'object does not support this property or method' on the Paste.

I can save the code in a string and modify the string to generate the new code, but I cant find a way to assign the new formula to the next cell.

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Formula To Automatically Add New ID Number To Code
I would like to add something (formula) to the following code to automatically add a new ID number with each new entry. Some of the entries will have the same name but each time a new entry is added I want the ID number to increase by 1. Assume that the first entry is 0001.

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VBA Code To Add Event To New Worksheet
I need to to use VBA to copy a worksheet (which i've managed to do!), but I need the new worksheet to have a Worksheet_Change event. Now when I copy the worksheet, the event doesn't copy over (obviously as its a cut and paste jobby). Any ideas on what code I need to add in the Worksheet_Change event just after the new worksheet is automatically created?

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Edit Code To Add Extra Criteria
How do I make this formula include searching for "ann" and "john" (in separate cells)?

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Modify This Code To Add-up Numbers In COL-D
It's a linked post from:

I managed to do the combine the row if column B matches. However column D(quantity, number value), i want the quantity to add-up if column B matches. Any idea how do I modify the code below to do that?

for example:
TDG-**002 Tuna Cheese Pizza Bar (KG) KG 30
TDG-**002 Tuna Cheese Pizza Bar (MG) MG 30
TDG-**002 Tuna Cheese Pizza Bar (KG) KG 30

will combine to become
TDG-**002 Tuna Cheese Pizza Bar (KG) KG 60

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Add Library Reference Using VBA Code
I need to add a Reference to the "The Microsoft Visual Basic Extensibility Library 5.3" using VBA code in an Excel spreadsheet. I know how to do it going to Tools...References select the library etc, but I'd rather do it using VBA code so I don't have to do this extra step.

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Open/Add New Workbook Macro Code
I am trying to write code to open a new (blank) workbook while in an existing workbook (I am then going to pass data between the two which is easy). When I try to record the code to get the syntax for opening a new workbook it will not record any code. I also need to name the new workbook based on text in a cell in the existing workbook. I just saw before posting this that the code;


will open a new workbook now I just need to name the new workbook based on text in my existing workbook.

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Add Conditional Formatting Criteria With Code
I recorded some code and cleaned it up to apply a conditional format

Sub condi_format_I()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range

Set wbBook = ThisWorkbook
Set ws = wbBook.Worksheets("Summary")
Set rng = ws.Range("C4:P52")

With rng
.FormatConditions.Add xlExpression, Formula1:="=C4<0"
.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 45
End With

End Sub

I would like to apply a custom color index to all cells in range C4:P52 if the value is less than zero.

But when I execute the macro, many cells receive the custom format that do notr match the custom format. Other cells that should receive the custom format do not

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Add Subtraction Formula To Cell Via Code
If I wish to amend the below code such that it must use the cell one row above minus the cell on the left, how should I go about it?


If in cell C10, the formula is to use C9 minus B10.
If in cell C11, the formula is to use C10 minus B11.

mylogoff.Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-1]-RC[-2]

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Add Month To Date Macro Code
Suppose the current month is Feb-08. How will I be able to get the next and the next months in this format(i.e Mar-08 and Apr-08). I am able to get Feb-08 but unable to get the following months. i did lots of google search but was unable to find any examples..

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Add Dynamic Named Range Via Code
I am using follwoing piece of code for offset function. For Some reason it is not working.

Reference = Cells(TableRowNumber, TableColumnNumber).Address
Col = Application.WorksheetFunction. CountA(rngF.Columns(TableRowNumber, TableColumnNumber).EntireColumn)

ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:=TableName, RefersToR1C1:= _

Col value is also being calculated to zero. TableRowNumber and TableColumnNumber are the variables which store the starting location of the column.

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Add Each Character Code For Each Letter In String
For icount = 1 To LenComputername
valComputername = Asc(Mid(UserComputername, icount, 1))
Next icount

If the computer name is NAMTOK-PC Then the LenComputername is 9. Does that mean then that the valComputername is equal to 78?

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Add The New Row
I have containers with different SN# for each and the containers have items which are inside of it. My Excel sheet looks like this

ParentID Desc SN#
USAU Container USAU
USAU Tent 1234
USAU Stove Ab987
01BD Pliers N/A
01BD Screw Driver N/A

Every time the ParentID changes I want to enter a blank row
Basically I want to sererate the Parent and children from other

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Add Every X Row
I have a data set that consists of 500 rows - the first column is a list of countries
followed by 43 other columns.

I want to add up every 5 rows and save the result onto a new spreadsheet and then in the first column, have a list of the five countries used in the sum.

attached is an example.

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