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Continual Updates Of Most Recent Information

I coordinate nearly 200 volunteers for a small non profit using excel. I use excel to keep track of all volunteer information as well as for scheduling shifts. Currently I'm looking for a way to show what the most recent shift a volunteer performed was.

All of this information is kept in different tabs in the same document.

In the "Volunteer" tab you'd find all of the information for the volunteers: name, phone number, email address, number of shifts they've completed, etc.

In the "Shifts" tab you'd find the information for each shift including: Shift Date, Name of Volunteer, Location of shift, etc.

I'd like to find a way to show in the "Volunteer" tab what someones most recent shift was. The only way I've been able to think of would involve a ridiculously complicated series of =if() statements, which would be more hassle than it's worth.

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Gathering Information By The Most Recent Dates
I have an employee summary sheet, and another sheet where data will be entered by date.

On the summary sheet I want to gather only the last 3 dates that were entered.

Attached is an example.

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Screen Updates: Copies Information From Various Cell On One Sheet To Another
I have created a macro that copies information from various cell on one sheet to another. When I run the macro the screen flickers about 5 times. Is there a way to stop.

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Continual Changing Sheet Names
I want to capture data from another workbook each month where the sheet name that I need the data from changes each month. i.e. 0810, 0811, 0812, 0901. Are possible sheet names. I've tried to build this unsuccessfully into the my -

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Userform Data (allows Input Of Information And Then Deposits The Information On A Specific Sheet)
I have created a userform that allows input of information and then deposits the information on a specific sheet. I am looking for a way to have that information not only deposited on the specific sheet it is already set to but also to another sheet based on a selection made from a combo box.

here is my current

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Array Updates
I have a list of staff on a worksheet, indexed and shown in a drop down list. I also have another worksheet with the same list of staff listed against various tasks. For example:

Sheet 1!Column A:


Sheet2!Column A:


Sheet2! Column B:


What I need to happen is that when I update Sheet1!Column A with new members of staff, the array in Sheet2!Columns A&B automatically updates

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Auto Updates
New to the board: I searched the forum looking for a way for a spread sheet to do an auto update without hitting the F9 key. I have a sheet with external data which updates every 2 seconds that we moniter and I was tried of having to update the sheet every minute or so.
I found this code within the forum.

Sub startme()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:01:00"), "this_program" 'calculate every 5 seconds change to suit
End Sub
Sub this_program()
Application.SendKeys "{F9}"
End Sub

Then code works great...but when this sheet is open and in autoupdate mode all sheets that are open also start to update. I tried several things from the help section of VB, like adding a +sign to try to make the old shift/F9 update which only updates the sheet you are on. Nothing I do seems to stop all the sheets from updating.

I think there is probably a simple fix to this and I hope someone might lead me in the right direction.

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If Then Cell Updates
I have a series of cells that can be auto filled based on the initial response in cell B8. For example, if cell B8=ABC, then cell B22 should be auto filled with 123, and cell B24 should be auto filled with Yes and cell B56 should be auto filled with the word Hosted.

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Autofilter Updates Automatically
I have two worksheets, one that I update information on and the other which just basically points to that information. The second one is for viewing by a different department and has an 'Autofilter' applied so they only see certain information. This works fine as such until the data is changed in the first worksheet, at this point the 'Autofilter' doesn't automatically update, I have to take the filter off then put it back on again.

Is there anyway to ensure the autofilter updates automatically or is there an alternative way of doing this,

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Formula: Automatically Updates
My issue is it automatically updates.

I have 4 collumns:
I want to enter in the location in a drop down list, which I know how to do. The thing I'm trying to do is when the Location says To S-1 for example, the date that it is changed "To S-1" the collumn under S-1 will post the date. When location changes to CSM, it will put that day in that collumn, etc.

My issue is that if I use the NOW() or TODAY() function in an IF() then it will update evertime I reopen the file. So the dates won't stay fixed. So if I change the Location to S-1 on the 12th, open it again on the 13th... it will say the 13th not the 12th.

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Automatic Updates In Pivots
I would like to update data in a pivot with an offset function once I have new data in a worksheet. The range of the data is from A to CB.

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Macro That Updates Other Workbooks
I have a macro that I use to keep other worksheets updated with current codes and whatnot. The macro opens each workbook in the directory and updates the worksheets. It works fine except that it's only updating 1 sheet within the workbook (whatever sheet is active). I need help actually cycling through ALL the sheets in the workbook. There are 7 worksheets in each workbook. The code I need help with is in red.

Dim FromBook As String
Dim ToBook As String
Dim ToSheet As Worksheet
Dim SPDir As String

Sub Update_Columns()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

SPDir = "m:SPDWA"
FromBook = ActiveWorkbook.Name

'-Code to loop through files in directory.
'On Error Resume Next
ToBook = Dir(SPDir & "*.xls")
While ToBook ""
If ToBook FromBook Then
Application.StatusBar = ToBook
Update_Data ' subroutine below
End If
ToBook = Dir
'-- close
MsgBox ("Sheets Updated.")
Application.StatusBar = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

End Sub
Private Sub Update_Data()
Workbooks.Open (SPDir & ToBook)
For Each ToSheet In Workbooks(ToBook).Worksheets
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "Password"
Update_Column_Fields 'Subroutine to copy codes (not shown here)
ActiveSheet.Protect "Password"
Workbooks(ToBook).Close savechanges:=True
End Sub

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Automatic Stock Updates
For a project, I need a way to automatically have updated stock values in a worksheet to work into various other formulas. I tried the HYPERLINK formula to the individual stock reports, but it wasn't specific enough to simply get the current value of the stock. Is there a way to narrow that formula down to get only that number, and still have it update every time I open the worksheet?

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Conecting Sheet Updates To Userform
I would like to start by thanking all the people who have got this code to where it is now. There is no way i would have go here withough you.

For those who dont know im trying to get Andy Pope Picture Viewer into a Userform.

There are still some issues, The Listbox on the form needs to conncet with the Graph to move the pictures like on the sheet. And the Code for the Input picture from file or scanner needs to be embedded into the msgbox.

Also the Pictures need to be inseted into the graph when a new picturs is added.

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Active Clock That Updates By The Minute
Is there anyway of getting an "Active Clock" in a cell.
I know the =now() thing, but this is not what I am looking for,
I would like to get a clock that updates by the minute, without having to select a cell, or make excel do a calculation.

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Linking Cells And Conditional Updates
I am working on a resource model for my company. Essentially it is a list of contractors in the company with their daily rates and start and end dates. I have attached a sample spreadsheet. As you can see, all the information has already been populated with the cost of each contractor per month (formula used - daily rate*18.8 [days worked per month]). Now what I need to do is make the spreadsheet dynamic so if for some reason a contractor end date is changed (contract terminated earlier or contract has been extended) it needs to be reflected on the cost per month columns.

As an example, on the first row the contract period is from Dec 08 to June 09. If it is decided the contractor is now only needed until Feb 09, I need to have that automatically updated so all the figures are deleted in the March, April, May and June columns. Second example, on the first row if the contract period is from Dec 08 to June 09. If it is decided the contractor is now needed until July 09, I need to have that automatically updated with his monthly cost assuming the contractor has worked full time for that month (18.8 days).

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Automatic Updates; Concatenating Name Of Day To Date
I have two problems with my PivotTable: 1. My PivotTable consists of a constant number columns and varying number rows, eg.......

The dates (with data) should continue to update as I add new date records to the source datasheet, but they don't. I try the refresh option for the table, but it only updates for the dates that it was designed for. I also have automatic updates set, but so far nothing is working. I have to rebuild the PivotTable each day after I add new data...

2. Second problem are the date labels on the rows. I need to have them include the literal day of the week such as
Thursday 01/01/09
Friday 01/02/09

Another less urgent problem that I would like to solve is that I have included additional percent calculations for the total column that I am having to rebuild each time. Can that be included in the PivotTable as well?

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Most Recent Value
I have 31 cells (say in A1 thru A31), representing days of the
month, that daily number values will be entered. I want to be
able to select the value in the most recent day cell, not the
most recent updated cell...
i.e. the cell in the A1:A31 range closest to the A31 cell.

For example...
Say I have values: 2,4,7,12 in A1 thru A4, I want the value
in A4, even if I just updated Day 2's cell... because A4,
or Day 4, is closer to the end of the month.

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Table That Updates Automatically With The Name Highest Score
I want to create a table that updates automatically with the name & highest score top.

I.E. currently I have :-

Dates starting in A4,
names B2 : K2,
scores B4 : K4,

Not too fussed about having the date in the results table but i'd like something like :-

Scott 4 points,

Geoff 7 points

Tony 2 points,

I would like a table to automatically sort a table (preferably on sheet 2) so it looks like :-

Geoff 7
Scott 4
Tony 2

Is this possible ?, I only have 6 rows of data so far so it can be re-arranged if needs be and data will be added each week.

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Different Workbook Data Validation Which Updates List
Is it possible to have a workbook (1) with a list on it and another workbook (2) which has a dropdown list on it that shows the list on the 1st workbook. But when a new entry is made on workbook (2) it is added to the list on workbook(1)

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Disable Sheet Charts And Cells Updates
I want create something (a macro), maybe ending in a button to activate or desactivate the update (relatively) of the charts and relative cells in one of various sheets i use!

If the button is turned off the sheet is quiet!

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A Macro Which Updates =now() Formula For Only Blank Cells
a vb macro which checks whether a cell is blank or not? if yes then r1c1 formula = now() if NO gives a pop up message you can not input the time here.

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Formula For Lookup And Count Function In New Updates
Having trouble getting a formula to work that will lookup a site number and count the number of times the site has a particular type of visit. For instance:

Site # Visit
1001 Active
1001 Active
1001 Discont.
1001 Screen Fail
1001 Active
1002 Discont.
1002 Active
1002 Screen Fail
1002 Active

I want a formula that will return the number of active instances for each site, like:

Site # # of Active Visits
1001 3
1002 2

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After Date Occurs, Cell Updates To Next Year
The following formula is in cell A3: A3=IF(A2="X",A1+365,""). Rather than A3 displaying only 1 year, I would like for it to update after that day occurs to =A1+730, and then A1+1095, and so on.

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Selected Item In Combobox, Updates Textboxes
Its a phone number directory. the data is retrived based on nickname. when a nickname is selected, its phone number and details will be updated in the textboxes ... example: tony (in A2) is selected from the combobox, his phone number (in B2) and details (in C2) are updated in the textboxes.

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Dynamic Summary Which Updates As Sheets Added
I created a macro that inserts a new worksheet to my workbook and formats the sheet when I push a button on a summary sheet. Everything works except I also want the macro to link information from the new worksheets (formed by the macro) to the summary sheet. But I want to same information from the same cell on each new worksheet to be put into a different cells next to each other on the summary sheet but I don't know if this is possible.

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Count (Sum) Most Recent Value Only
I am familiar with SUMPRODUCT and {SUMIF}, but I am stumped on how to create a formula that can sum (or count) the only the most recent entry for each Name. The Name field is dynamic and constantly updated with a unique reference number, so I don't want totals by Name/Type, but rather only the newest Ref for each Name by Type.


Should return;
Recent_Type____NOT Total

Hopefully this explains it all. Looking forward to any input or suggestions to keep this a simple automated process.
*added _ to space out the columns

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Update Source Data So Table Automatically Updates
I have two worksheets in my workbook;

1. Table
2. Raw / Source data.

I have entered all the formulas into my table (sheet 1) referenced to the source data but I want to upadate the source data regularly but when I delete sheet 2 all the formulas come up with #Ref error. how i can update my source data so my table automatically updates

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Average Minus Most Recent Row
I have a table in a sheet where the rows of data are filled in automatically from other sheets. Each row represents a different week. The data, (lifted from from the relevant worksheet for each row) represents the no. of calls in each week.

Now, I've set up an average to be calculated from the data - it'll do this for every row as long as there is data present. (If the row's corresponding worksheet doesn't have any data the result will be "NA()" - not included in the calculation.)

However, I don't want the average to include the no. in the "most recent" row, as this is "live" data and until the week is over does not represent the data for a full week and therefore skews the average.

So I want the average to exclude the data in the most recent row with a numerical value in it and not a "NA()"

ie - column could be ......

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Run Formula On 20 Most Recent Entries
I have spreadsheet set up to calculate me and my friend's handicaps. I have set it up almost completely. The only problem is that I forgot one little detail when setting it up: handicaps only calculate the 20 most recent rounds of golf.

Rather than only storing the newest 20 rounds, I would rather add a layer to my formula to filter out older records for me.

=ROUNDDOWN(AVERAGE(OFFSET('Score Entry'!$I$2,,,VLOOKUP(COUNTA('Score Entry'!I2:$I$400),Rounds,2,TRUE)))*0.96,1)

In the "Score Entry" tab on my spreadsheet the date is in column D. Is there someway to modify this formula to filter anything beyond the previous 20 rounds?

For the sake of better communication the "Rounds" named range is a list of the number of total rounds played and the corresponding number of rounds that should be used to calculate the handicap.

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Lookup For Most Recent Date
I want to lookup an ID which there may be three of, but I would want the most recent date out of the three ID. I can get this to work by putting the column in ascending order but this is not very practical.

Is there any way I can do a lookup and add a date parameter to lookup the most recent?

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List Recent Changes To Document?
Is there a way to list the recent changes to an excel document on the document itself?

For example, I have just 4 or 5 columns in the sheet, but out the the right on the 7th column I'll have a header that says "Recent Changes". Below that for X amount of rows, I would like it to keep a running change list something like this:

B14 was changed from '6.021' to '6.5' by username on 10/21/07 3:45 pm
A23 was changed from 'Sally' to 'Billy' by username on 10/21/07 2:30 pm

I thought this up by looking at the way the "Track Changes" functionality works on the Tools menu. That will highlight the cells in blue as they are changed and will also let someone look back through changes to let them accept or deny.

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Sum Based On Most Recent 12 Months
I would like to sum a range of data based on the most recent 12 months.

Row E9:?9 - Contains random dates
(where "?" will change based on the user will be min 12 and max undefined)

Column C - Where I want the sum formula - to sum that corresponding rows data based on the most recent dates listed in row 9.

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Extract Row By Most Recent Date
I have data resembling the following

Col A

Col B

Col C

Is there a formula where I can extract the entire row for the most recent date, in this case Row 4 containing Sun,15/08/2007,D would be returned.

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Formula For Most Recent Date
I have a workbook to keep track of names and dates of a specific action. There are 10-15 names that recur on the list. The most recent action is added to the bottom of the list. The names are in column I and the date of the action is in column J.

The problem is having to scroll through the list to find the most recent action for each person. Ideally i'd like to have a list of the names in column N and then in column O the most recent date in the list for each name.

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IF Statemen T- To Finds The Most Recent X Or O
I'm tying to finds the most recent X or O. Then takes the price on that day and compares it to the current price and based on the difference either higher or lower puts out an X if the current price is higher and an O if the current price is lower by the Half StartData - however when i get to about 6 IF statement it freeze up and it wont give me the X or O's ...

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Return Value :: Most Recent Date Using MAX
Looking at a series of rows that contain dates (in one column).

Return the value of the cell in the column next to the most recent date.

I can get the most recent date using MAX, but how do I tell Excel to return the value of the cell next to it?

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Sum Data For Most Recent Week
I need help with summing the corresponding data to the most recent 7 days.

I have the dates (dd/mm/yyyy) in row C1:AH1 and data immediately below it in C2:AH2. I believe that using some formula including SUMIF & LARGE might work but I haven't been able to figure it out myself or find examples posted in the forums here.

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Update The Worksheets Field Value Based On Updates Done In Main Worksheet.
How to Update the Worksheets field value based on updates done in Main Worksheet.
As i have two different worksheets (Which can be even more then 5) and i want to update the Column Field value of "State" in work sheet "B" & "C" based on the updates done in "State" Column Field value in Worksheet A.
I just want to update the "State" Column Field value in Worksheet "A" and it should update the "State" Column Field value in Worksheet "B" & "C". Only the criteria to match is Number. Based on number i want to search the values in Worksheet "B" & "C" and want that these values also get updated.

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How To Open Most Recent File In A Folder
I am using the code below to Open the most recent file in a folder.But once it Identifies the most recent file I get a run time error"1004"

xxxxxxxxxxxxx(name of File) could't be found.At line "Wookbooks.Open strFilename".My question is , why can't it open it, it has the location and the file name?

This code works as long as the macro and target file are in the same directory(Folder)

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Function To Find Most Recent Occurrence
I need a function that will do the following:

Look at the name in Column H2 of the current spreadsheet
Locate that name in Column H on worksheet 'Project Info' for the match with the most recent date in column F also on 'Project Info'

Return the value of corresponding column K on 'Project Info' divided by column I on 'Project Info'

Project Info has a header line so the data starts on line 2.

I don't know how to tell it to find the most recent date.

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Delete All Rows Except Most Recent Date
Have a sheet with 24K rows. Column A is client name. Column B are check dates. The info is sorted by client then check date. Clients can have one to many check dates, so I client is listed as many times as there are check dates. If ten checks, then ten rows for that client. One check then one row for that client.

I only want to keep the last/most recent check date for each client, deleting all other rows for that client with check dates before the most recent. I believe I need to step through the file comparing column A, row by row, to see if I have a match for the next row in A. If no match I keep that row, because there is only one check, and move down one. If a match, then I delete the current row.

How to code this is my problem. Is it a loop?

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Copy Most Recent File To Another Directory
I've got this code that will copy data into my worksheet from the most recent .IRP file generated on my C:/ drive. Along with copying the data to my worksheet, I'd like to have a copy of the IRP file copied to a folder on my L:/Drive.

In the code section I've commented out the code that allows the data from the most recent file to be copied to my worksheet. I found code that supposedly will copy a file to a new directory. I want to combine this into my code to allow both to happen. Here's my attempt.

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2007 Registry Key For Recent Files
I've had my Excel 2007 set up for the longest time to show the 30 most recent files when clicking on the office button. After changing it to 50 the office menu in Excel runs off the bottom of the screen and I can no longer get ot the options at the bottom to change it back. Does anyone know the registry key to modify this setting back to the 30 that allowed the full menu to be visible?

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Stdev Using Most Recent Data From List
If I have 50 data points sorted in order (oldest --> newest), how do I do a stdev function that will only pull the 24 most recent points?

Essentially, I have 14 columns with 50 data points each. At the end of the list (or maybe beginning - under the column header) I want to do a stdev calculation referring to the most recent 24 points and a second for the most recent 36 points.

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Most Recent Date From Multiple Columns
I've searched the site, but have not found anything that matches what I want to do. I have a statistical spreadsheet that tracks machine accuracy by date. The spreadsheet has multiple columns per worksheet. The info is entered and sorted by date with oldest date first. I want to set up a seperate worksheet to find the most recent date from several different columns and populate it in a seperate cell. From there I'll do some calculations to identify how long it has been since a particular machine has been accuracy verified. Is there a formula to do this or does it have to be done through a macro?

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Graph Automatically Keeping Most Recent 18 Months
I have a word document that has all kinds of graphs embedded in it. When I double click the graphs, an excel spreadsheet comes up. The spreadsheet contains quite a few years worth of information. I, however, need it to automatically refresh to show only the most recent 18 months of data on the graph. The documents are in MSOffice 2007.

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Deleting Duplicate Rows :: Without Including Recent
I have many rows that contain some common data but I need to be able to select the row with the most recent data and delete the others. For example, a car part is assigned a unique number which never changes, it may be ordered several times and in different quantities, for each car part I want to select the most recent order and delete any others. Is there a simple way of doing this?

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Vlookup Or Index/match With Most Recent Record
I have a list of people and the dates they completed activities on. I would like to do a vlookup (or index/match) that returns the most recent event. For example, if I was after the most recent date that 'rogers' went 'fishing' it would be 03 Feb 07....

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Find Most Recent Files And Update Database
I have database that needs to be updated automatically. Thus far, I have written a macro that will take out and add all necessary data from a file I open, however I would like to write a macro that will find the most recent files and use them to update the database. I would need the macro to 1) Find the folder name that corresponds to the part number in the database, and open that folder, 2) find the most recent file addition to the folder 3) open that file and run the macro that I've already written.

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MAX Function To Populate The Most Recent Date In A Series
I have used the MAX function to populate the most recent date in a series.
-EX. the most recent date input into the cells S8, T8, U8 will populate in cell R8. There is a default value of 0-Jan-00 that automatically populates in cell R8 as a result of the MAX Function. Any value that is input into cell S8, T8, U8 will show in cell R8 immediately after being input as a result of the MAX Function.

I need cell R8 to remail blank until the last of cells S8 or T8 or U8 has been input (in no specific order). Once the last cell has been filled; it is only at that time I need cell R8 to show that most recent date input into any of cells S8 or T8 or U8. I can't hide the column, I need cell R8 to remain empty until the last of the three cells- S8, T8, U8 has been filled (the last cell filled will not always contain the largest value or most recent date).

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