Formula That Updates Each Time A New Value Entered

Jul 4, 2013

I have a formula in one of my sheets that updates each time a new value is entered...

=INDEX('HR Reports Marco New'!BI:BI,COUNTA('HR Reports Marco New'!BI:BI),1)

The issue I'm having is that Column "BI" has an =SUM formula already in it and the formula above is going to the last value which is 0 but all the way to the end of the year when we are only in July...

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Running Totals In The Cell As The Previous Week And So On Until New Data Is Entered And Updates The Total

Oct 2, 2009

I have to keep a record of the running totals of school house points for each week. The problem is that teachers are very lazy and don't record data every week so I have many blank cells which my current formula can't cope with. I've tried using N/A but it doesnít seem to work? (Have thought about threats of violence but would probably lose my job) Iím if there is no data (blank or 0) then I need it to keep the same total in the cell as the previous week and so on until new data is entered and updates the total. I have attached a simplified copy: Teachers enter points in the HP sheet, the Running Totals sheet (TAB) contains the formula.

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Extend Formula Each Time Data Entered In Column Of Next Row

Nov 30, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that requires a formula in column "e". How can I automaticlly extend the formula each time data is entered in column "d" of the next row.

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Create Chart Which Updates Every Time New Date Added?

Jul 1, 2012

I am trying to create a chart which updates every time a new date (and its data) is added to my list below:

Click Through Rate




The chart plots the number of impressions and the Click through rate (on a secondary axis) against the date.

I think I need to use the offset property but am not totally sure how to do this

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Prompt Message Of Time Limit When Time Is Entered

Jul 30, 2008

Is it possible to place a prompt message regarding the time limit or return time when entered time is place on the worksheet? Like "Please be back at 8:30 AM" when the user click the Start time button at 8:00 AM.

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Formula: Automatically Updates

Jun 25, 2008

My issue is it automatically updates.

I have 4 collumns:
I want to enter in the location in a drop down list, which I know how to do. The thing I'm trying to do is when the Location says To S-1 for example, the date that it is changed "To S-1" the collumn under S-1 will post the date. When location changes to CSM, it will put that day in that collumn, etc.

My issue is that if I use the NOW() or TODAY() function in an IF() then it will update evertime I reopen the file. So the dates won't stay fixed. So if I change the Location to S-1 on the 12th, open it again on the 13th... it will say the 13th not the 12th.

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Formula For Lookup And Count Function In New Updates

Nov 11, 2008

Having trouble getting a formula to work that will lookup a site number and count the number of times the site has a particular type of visit. For instance:

Site # Visit
1001 Active
1001 Active
1001 Discont.
1001 Screen Fail
1001 Active
1002 Discont.
1002 Active
1002 Screen Fail
1002 Active

I want a formula that will return the number of active instances for each site, like:

Site # # of Active Visits
1001 3
1002 2

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A Macro Which Updates =now() Formula For Only Blank Cells

Nov 13, 2008

a vb macro which checks whether a cell is blank or not? if yes then r1c1 formula = now() if NO gives a pop up message you can not input the time here.

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Check If Time Has Been Or Is Entered In A Cell

Jul 21, 2007

Is there a simple function to check if a time has been or is entered in a cell, just like the IsDate function.

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Verify Valid Time Is Entered Into Textbox?

Jul 23, 2013

I have a textbox on a userform in which I want the users to enter a valid time, such as "1:20" or "0:15". How can I test this input to verify it is a valid time? Also, after this time is entered, how do I subtract it from the current time which I am displaying in another box>

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Current Time/date Automatically Entered Into B1 When A1>0

Jun 12, 2007

I would like to have the current time/date automatically entered into B1 when A1>0 and I want it to be non volitile, is this possible?

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AutoFilter Reset Each Time Workbook Entered

Jun 22, 2006

I have a workbook that is accessed through a network by many users. The one problem that occurs with certain users is that they leave the autofilter on when then are in the spreadsheet. It has an autofilter on each title, and the user initials are an option to filter...certain users leave the filter on when they save the sheet so the next time someone else goes in, it only displays the previous users results.

Is there a way to reset the autofilter for the user initials each time the sheet is opened?

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Record Time And Date Of Data Entered Into Workbook?

Feb 24, 2012

I'm having trouble while trying to use a variable in a cell reference. I have a sheet that is being used to record the time and date of data entered into the workbook. This sheet is divided into columns, each designated to a specific type of data. I have written a macro to enter the current time in the correct column, but that macro is embarrassingly long and complicated because I used a series of if statements to handle all the different data being entered. I'm trying to simplify by using vlookup, and assigning the column value to a variable, and inserting that variable into the cell reference.

Here is the line I need to insert a variable into:

Sheets("Current").Cells(Rows.Count, columnstart).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = Now()

Where columnstart is my variable. It is an integer, but it's value will change depending on the type of data being entered.

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One Column In Spreadsheet Doesn't Save Entered Figures All The Time

Apr 16, 2014

I have a spreadsheet for payroll. The last column is for net pay. I enter this by hand when I get it back from the payroll tech. There are no formulas in this column. When done entering these figures, I click on "save". Then I close the file. From past experience with this sprdsht, I have found that it doesn't always save this column. It saves all the other info. I have entered in the sprdsht, but not this column. So, I have to re-enter everything in this column and "save" again. Close the sheet, then re-open it to be sure it got saved. Why won't it save this column of info. the first time?

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Change Color Of A Cell For Some Time Based On Its Value That Is Not Manually Entered

Oct 25, 2012

VBA macro to change the color of a cell automatically for a specific period of time -say 5 minutes, based on the value the subject cell holds at that time. The cell value is not manually entered but comes from a sub.

There will be hundreds of such cells so that the macro must be able to be repeated for other cells utilizing their individual cell values as well.

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Formula Entered With { } Brackets

Jan 12, 2009

I have a formula in a spreadsheet that must be entered by selecting Command (Apple) and Return. This puts parentheses around the entire formula. Example: {=A1+B1}

I have it in a SUM IF formula: {=SUM(IF('Dollars'!$A$2:$A$2546=A116,IF('Dollars'!$B$2:$B$2546=B116,'Dollars'!$E$2:$E$2546)))}

If it's not entered this way, it will not work. You cannot simply hit return for the formula to work.

Since I did this so long ago (4 years), I cannot remember what it's called; why it has to be done that way and how to do the same thing in Windows Excel.

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Formula Hiding - Hide Zero If Nothing Is Entered?

Jun 24, 2014

In this file i want the red coloured cells not to show zero (0) or anything unless anything else is entered in the cells above.In other words I want to hide the zero if nothing is entered above.

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Formula To Hide Or To Stay As It Is Until Value Is Entered

May 16, 2014

In Spreadsheet A Cell H8 is entered as Item Description.

In Spreadsheet B Cell H8 is also entered as Item Description, but if the Item Description in Spreadsheet A has been changed, I need Spreadsheet B to reflect that change, if not it should stay as Item Description.

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Formula Which Gives Error When More Than 16 Characters Entered

Jan 16, 2009

Need a formula which will allow an error message to pop up in a cell if more than 16 Characters are entered into another cell?

However, I cant put an actual limit on the characters for this cell as if another cell is populated with anything other than bacs then it can allow more than 16. Therefore my formula needs to state something like :

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Formula To Prevent A Higher % To Be Entered

Oct 2, 2009

What formula can I use to accomplish the following, if it can be done.

If B9 is 100% all the rest of the % cell inputs would be 0%

If B9 is less 100% ,lets say 50% all the rest of the % cell inputs would be less than or equal to 50% until any sum of those cells equal to 100%
in which case if I enter 50% on B9 and 25% on D9 and 25% on F9 their total sum would be 100%.

If I try to enter a % on H9 it should not allow me to do it
because then the total sum on O9 would be more the the original amount on A9

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Change Formula When Data Entered

Jul 22, 2006

There are two worksheets: Finances and Summary. On Finances, there is data input for years, quarterly. There is a cell on Summary that depends on which year is input first, in which case the cells in the formula SUM("cell1:cell4"))/4 is currently changed manually by the user by just checking to see which year data is input first on Finances. I need a macro or a formula function where the workbook finds which year is being used on Finances first, then changes the cells in the Summary formula accordingly.

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Formula: Show Nothing Until Data Entered

Oct 21, 2006

I am trying to create a simple IF/THEN statement to display profit margin for an order form. I currently have the margin formula set at (1-H14/I14). How should I structure my IF/THEN, to where it displays nothing in the cells, that are empty?

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Add Formula Dynamically Up To The End Of Data Entered

Jan 23, 2007

Below is the code. It seems to be creating 50 thousand rows below the data already entered in the worksheet "DELPHI DATA". What I need to do is change it to only add those formulae or pasted values to as many rows as already have data entered in them (which may eventually approach 50000, but may remain at only a few thousand.)

Sub Refresh_Current_Month() ...

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Enter Sth In Column A Then The Date And Time Automaticaly Entered In Column B E.g

Jan 20, 2009

I want to enter any thing in column (A) and then the date & time automaticaly put in column (B)
enter any thing in (A1), the date & time entered in (B1) automaticaly
enter any thing in (A2), the date & time entered in (B2) automaticaly

and so on ...

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Formula To Erase Names From One List When Entered Into Another?

Jul 8, 2014

I have a list of names in separate but connecting cells (list 1). I would like to use list 1 as a population from which to select and enter names into other cells (list 2). Is there a way that the names in list 1 would disappear from the available population when entered into list 2?

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Copy Formula From Previous Row When Data Is Entered

May 14, 2009

This is just a sample worksheet. I have got a worksheet with having 3 coloumns A, B & C. Column A contains E Code, while Column B is of time which user will enter. Column C contains the time in Hours.
I have entered one record for example. Now, whenever user enters the value in B3, then formula from C2 should be copied to C3 i.e it should be =B3/60.

I want this to be done using VBA. Pls help me out. I want to use this feature in one of my another files which requries this feature.

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Unhides Rows/columns When Formula Is Entered

May 1, 2008

One of my co-workers is using excel 2000 and when she enters a formula into any cell, adjecent to a hidden row/column or not, it automaticaly unhides all hidden rows & columns. My PC does not do this. I tried to find a setting to duplicate this and have not found anything yet.

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Formula Works A Treat Except When Text Is Entered

Nov 10, 2008

The problem i have is with the sum offset function. The formula i use is to sum up the totals for each page of an accounts document. At the top of each page there is a column with " £ p " in it and i use that as the basis of the formula. This formula is entered in the bottom of every page to calculate the total for each page.


This works all the time but when text is entered into column F (the column i'm adding up) it messes up with the formula. the formula will instead find the £ p but for a page 2/3 pages before the one i'm calculating on. This formula only faults when text is entered. Another thing; this excel sheet i'm working on is an output from a different computer program. it is outputted as csv file i think.

Like i said the formula works a treat except when text is entered. The obvious way around this not to enter text but that is not an ideal option. I cannot think of another way of calculating the total for each page although i'm sure another exists.

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Referencing A Sheet Name Entered In A Cell For Formula

Sep 14, 2006

I am working on a sheet called 2005, with "Jan" entered into cell C4. I want to reference cells on the sheet called Jan2005 using a function that points to C4 and adds "2005".

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Relative Reference Formula Not Changing Until Re-Entered

Dec 28, 2006

When I copy the formula to another cell, It doesn't show the result. But when I double click on it, it works. For example

there r values in A1 as "john" & A2 as "Jack". I write formula =A1 in cell B1. It shows "John". Now I copy this formula to B2, it shows "john" instead of "Jack" . When I double click on B2 & enter, it shows "Jack".

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