Converting Decimals To Fraction...

Sep 25, 2009

Can anyone help me with a code for converting decimal number to a nearest 1/16 th fraction. For example converting number 2.1875 to 2 3/16 and so on...Also if it is 2.5 it should display 2 1/2...

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Convert Fractions To Decimals And Decimal To Fraction

Feb 6, 2009

I know that if I enter =3/4 in a cell it will give me .75 but is there is formula to convert fractions into decimals or is this the best way to do it? I was also wondering if there is some way to convert the decimal amount to a fraction

for measurement conversions I know that
=B3*25.4 will convert a decimal to mm and so will the formula =CONVERT(E4,"in","mm")

and to convert mm to a decimal a few formula that work are
=MROUND(H4/25.4, 1/8)

But is there a way to convert a fraction to the decimal and is there a way to convert mm to a fraction instead of the decimal equivalent of the fraction?
or maybe a formula to convert mm to inches but instead of the result being in decimal format it would be in fraction format?

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Fraction Converting To Whole Number?

Aug 28, 2013

I have copied from a website some data regarding steel weights, for example 1/16 .005 copies to one cell, when I try text to columns to separate the whole column and move the decimal .005 to the next column the 1/16 changes to 41290. The data copies quite well as HTML into Excel except for where a lone fraction value becomes a 5 digit number beginning with 41***. I can find no conversion calculator on the web to determine what's happening.

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Extract Fraction From Text Without Converting To Date Serial Number

Jul 16, 2009

I have a cell with the following text in it that is being imported from a website "5/1 Smith T win". What i want to do is extract the "5/1" part without it being in the format of a date. I want it to be extracted in the format "?/???". I have entered the following formula to extract the "5/1"

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Converting Decimals To Hrs & Minutes

Jan 23, 2007

How can I show a decimal as time. For example an item takes 13 minutes to make and I want to make 50, thus using 6.5 hours but really, the 0.5 hours is 30 minutes therefore, I would like to show 6:30 but Excel gets to 23:59 and goes back to 0:00.

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Converting Fractions To Decimals

Aug 11, 2009

=("0 "&C3)+0

have this formula for converting fractions to decimals which works great,

the problem i have is to get it to register 0 if there is no fraction in c3

will try and word my next question better

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Numbers Are Converting To Decimals

Dec 6, 2007

I received a complaint from one of my colleague that he is facing sudden problem with Ms-Excel(2002)
The problem is When he feeds number 2 in to a cell it automatically converts in to 0.02. I tried using "Decrease decimal" and "format cells" option and even through uninstalling office and reinstalling a different version but the problem still continues.

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Converting Hours To Numbers, Decimals

Nov 10, 2009

How do I convert hours into numbers and/or decimals?

Column A Column B
---------- -----------
30:05:00 to 30.05
26:10:00 to 26.10
262:47:00 to 262.47

Figures under Column B refer to info that I would like to get.

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Converting Prices In Ticks To Decimals

Feb 12, 2010

i am trying to convert 100.50 to 100-16, agency mortgage price formats ...

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Convert Degrees Minutes & Decimals Of A Minute (12 34.567') To Degrees And Decimals Of A Degree (12.57611)

Oct 29, 2008

I am trying to convert Degrees Minutes & Decimals of a minute (12 34.567') to Degrees and decimals of a degree (12.57611). I have the formula to convert latitude, that is two digits, but it doesn't want to work with longitudes, three digits. (see attachment). This is the formula that I am using:


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Fraction In Formula Bar

Nov 4, 2011

How do I get a fraction to show as a fraction rather than decimal in the formula bar by formatting the cell as text.

For ex:

I have "-3/4" in a cell formated as "TEXT" I expect it to show "-3/4" in formula bar but it shows "-0.75".

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Combing 2 Cells Into 1 But Using A Fraction..

Nov 24, 2008

Im combing 2 cells into 1 but using a fraction..

I created 2 examples of what im trying to do..

A1 = 22
A2 = 11 3/4

=A1&"'-"&TEXT(A2,"# ?/?")&"''"

[b]22'-11 3/4"[b]

but when A2 = 11

i get this..

on excel it has some space between the 11 and '' but i cant show that here..

i would like the '' to be next to the 11. is there any way to do that?

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Decimal To Fraction (Inches)

Oct 28, 2008

Could someone please tell me what is wrong with this formula. I have been looking at it for so long, I can't even concentrate .....

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Rounding Off To He Nearest Fraction

Sep 18, 2009

I write up job cards that require measurements in fraction form. Usually whenever i want to round off a figure , say 10/16, to 5/8, i right click on the figure and format cell it. However, this can be quite time consuming if there are multiple cells and are of a different breakdown.

What i would like to know if there's a shortcut way where when the 10/16 is in the cell, it automatically rounds off to the nearest fraction.

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Number Left In A Fraction?

Aug 19, 2012

I am wanting to get a function that can get the number from a fractions left side only . 13/14 2/1 1/5 etc

Col A varies in lenght so using a right function doesnt always work .

The result i need is in col B .

Sheet1  AB1DataResult2Fred Swchensoncenson [R63] 57 (13) 13/14 $39.40133Bob Bill [R54] 65 (7) 2/1 $3.3024Patrick Patrick [R56] 65->63.5 (10) 1/5 $12.6015Le Le [R56] 65 (2) 6/6 $3.4066John Ringopeterpaulandmaryslambgoingupahill [R58] 65 (2) 1/1 $2.8017Gold Silverbronzmetalmedals [R61] 58.5 (5) 16/15 $33.90168Mr Mycardontrun [R59] 68 (4) 1/1 $6.701

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Fraction Is Appearing As Decimal

Apr 13, 2007

I am joining two columns of data. first col. has size in fraction format: 7 3/8

second column has text string:



Changing fraction to decimal, needs to remain fraction.

I have played w/ the formatting to make Number w/ zero decimal places and then selected Fraction, but no luck there.

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Inches And Decimal Fraction

Jun 23, 2008

I am working on a simple calculater, what I want to do is figure sq. inches my problem is every thing I try the decimals won't calculate right,, this is a example of what I want to do

8.25x10.75= 81 sq"

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Format A Percentage With Fraction

May 13, 2009

Is there any way of formatting a cell to show a percentage with a fraction? For example, I'd like to show: 3 1/3%, 1 2/3%, 2 1/2%, etc.
I'm showing data to a client who will pull out his calculator and add up the decimals on his calculator and be unhappy that the numbers don't add up to 100%.

I can force the output by using TEXT() or multiple columns, but ideally, I'd like a custom format if possible.

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Rounding Down To The Nearest Fraction

Feb 27, 2004

I am trying to round a number down to the nearest 1/4". For example;

Round Down 8.80" to 8.75".

Is there any combination of Rounddown and Mround that will accomplish this?

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Pasting Fraction Turns Into Date

Feb 3, 2008

I am trying to paste in a decimal equivalent chart, loacted here:

which basically has a mixture of whole numbers and fractions, and how they equate in decimals.

When I paste this in, all the fractions turn into dates. So for instance 1/64 turns into Jan/64, and 1/32 is Jan/32. Now, I could go in and change each one, but I would like to know how to do this with cell format on the entire sheet....

I have tried to change the cell formats to "general" or "text" and of course fraction, but in this case, I have to go in and do each fraction cell individually. Now maybe I am being too lazy, and in the time it took me to look up my login information, and type this out, I likely could have re-done the worksheet, each cell individually, but I would like to know the way to fix this automatically.

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Using Numerator Of Range Of Fraction Values In VBA

Dec 15, 2013

I have created a "heat map" in VBA that takes fractional values and "ranks" them in 10 equal bands, then assigns a colour to each band. (Hopefully that made sense to you VBA experts out there)

However, I now want to look at the numerators of these fractions, rank these, and do something like "if the numerator is > x then proceed, else exit. Is there a way to reference these numerators directly? If so, is there a way to store them in some sort of array then take the max value too?

I've tried searching this and it seems like this should be a simple answer, but is there any way I can reference the numerator of a fraction in Excel? These cells will contain formulae; so they'll be E5/C5 for example.

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Insert Fraction Symbol Into Cell

Jun 20, 2009

I simply cannot insert a one eighth symbol in my spreadsheet.. I used to be able to see this in the Insert Symbols grib but now all I get are lots of question market.. if I use
selection.value = ChrW(8569)

the symbol does appear until I select the cell and press return, after which point it turns into a question mark.. I'm sure its something to do with my settings but I can't figure out what.. this is really important for me.

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VBA Code For Replacing Continuous Fraction Numbers In One Row

Jun 19, 2014

I have attached my excel sheet. I have continuous fraction numbers in every attribute value. How can i write vba code for replacing continuous fraction numbers in on row

Attribute name1 Attribute Value1

materials1 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD 1/4 IN THK
materials2 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD
materials3 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG

example: 1/2 IN ID, 2/3 IN LG, 4/5 IN OD 1/4 IN THK in a single row

I have TOOL OUT sheet

ModelNumberAttributeValue Replace Value

1materials2/4 IN LG, 3/4 IN ID, 5/9 IN OD,1/15 IN THK
2materials1/2 IN LG, 2/9 IN
3materials4/15 IN
4materials5/18 IN
5materials4/19 IN
6materials2/4 IN
7materials1/2 IN
8materials4/15 IN
9materials5/18 IN
10materials4/19 IN LG, 9/8 IN
11materials2/4 IN LG, 3/4 IN ID, 5/9 IN OD,1/15 IN THK

I want this to converted in (Replace value column)

Example 0.5 IN LG, 0.75 IN ID, 0.55 IN OD,0.06 IB


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Formula To Convert Fraction Of Year To Months?

Jan 28, 2012

Inmates can apply for pre-release when they have half their minimum sentence served. For example 2 years 6 months. They would have to serve 1 year 3 months.

I use this formula


Where A1 is half the years, B5 is half the months, and B6 is half the days. The problem is when an inmate is sentenced to a minimum of 3 years and 3 months. The latter formula will not calculate 1.5 years or 1.5 months. It rounds up. What I would like to do is covert the 1.5 years to months and the 1.5 months to days.

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Fraction Formatted As General Not Letting To Do Calculations

Apr 28, 2012

Below is a sample. I was given a spreadsheet and it contains fractions formatted as General. I need to do a calculation based on the fractions. Example there is a number in A1 lets say 3 and a fraction formatted as general in a2 1/216 and I need to multiply A1 * A2 but obviously I get a value error. If I go to another sheet and format the cell as a fraction then the multiplication works. My spreadsheet is full of the general formatted fractions.

A1321/2163 4 5 60.0138888897 8#VALUE!Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA6=(A1*1/216)A8=A1*A2

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Excel 2010 :: Return Percentage Of A Fraction In Row Above

Aug 8, 2012

I have row 2 formatted as a fraction and row 1 formatted as percentage.

I am looking for way to return the percentage of row 2 in row 1. I.E. If i have 3/4 in a2, I want it to return 75% in a1. I have figured a formula to return a percentage for numbers with only 1 item to the left of the division sign (i.e., 3/4). That correctly returns 75%. I am struggling with working a formula to also return larger numbers (e.g. 12/15).

I'm using excel 2010......

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Convert Fraction From ComboBox To Decimal In TextBox

Dec 16, 2007

i have a combo boxes populated with fractions 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 etc up to 15/16.

i just want to output the chosen fraction to a textbox as a decimal.

This is done in a userform, not in a cell.

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Fraction Char / Display One-third In Userform Label Control?

Nov 26, 2013

Is there any way to display one-third 1/3 in a Userform label control?

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Excel Only Shows Small Fraction Of Rows In Large File?

Jun 26, 2013

I have a file that has been produced using Statistica software. The file is supposed to have around one million rows, and when exported to Excel the file is about 30 MB. When I open the .xlsx file in Excel 2010 only two pages of data appear. The rows also have weird numbering. The first square of the A column is A1. The second is A3833, the third is A6789, then A8161, then A8162, then A8163, then A8164, then A18070.

The scroll button to the left of the screen is long, as if the document was only two pages long. When the scroll button is click-and-dragged a small beige square appears with a row number. This small square seems to be aware that not all rows are shown as it shows many more rows than are visible to me.

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Getting Decimals To Appear On Graph?

Jul 17, 2014

I am creating a graph with a wide range of values (0.06 - 300). The smaller values are barely visible on my column graph. I have tried all of the tricks I know. Any way to get the smaller values to show up instead of just hovering towards the bottom of the graph?

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