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Count If Value In Range 1 Greater Than Value In Range 2

I have two ranges that show parts of a question to be answered and those parts already answered (aa6:aa55 and ab6:ab55). I would like to count those elements where the value in column AA is greater than the corresponding value in column AB, showing questions with parts still to be answered. Currently I have a formula comparing the two and am counting the occurrences of true or false. This seems to be overkill and I am sure that there is an array formula that can do the same thing more efficiently, unfortunately I cannot figure it out.

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Count Until Greater Sum Range Value Reached
10 12 13 12 10 11

40 30

? ?

Count values in the top row until the sum is greater than the relative value below

In this example the first ? would be 4 as 10 + 12 + 13 + 12 = 47 (greater than 40)

The second ? would be 3 as 12 + 13 + 12 = 37 (greater than 30)

I cant figure out how to do this with a formula! Custom Function needed?

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COUNTIF To Count The Values In A Range Which Are Greater Than 0
How can I use COUNTIF to count the values in a range which are greater than 0?

I put =COUNTIF(B2:B100000)>0 but that didn't work?

(I'm using XL 2007 hence the range greater than 65000 rows. But I don't
think COUNTIFs syntax has been changed in 2007 so I assume I'm having a brain

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Countif Statement: Count The Number Of Cells That Have A Value Greater Than 0 In A Range Of Cells
How do I count the number of cells that have a value greater than 0 in a range of cells?

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Sum Values In Range Greater Than Zero
I am trying the sumproduct funtion,but getting #value error.I only want to sum up values greater than zero,omiting blanks,formulas

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Minimum In Range Greater Than Zero
I want to find the minimum time value within a range of cells, excluding 0:00. Currently, =MIN(BL5:CP5). returns 0:00 if it exists in any of the cells.

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Change Range If Cell Value Is Greater Than Zero
I have a certain range to start, and want to exclude rows if a defined cell is not greater than zero. I cannot figure out the syntax to achieve. The following code selects the range even if the single cell is NOT greater than 0...

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Determine If Any Value In A Range Is Greater/Smaller Than Another Value
If any cells in (Specified Range) are greater then (Number) then say true else say false. And how I would write it.

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Percentage Of Numbers In Range Greater Than Another
I have two columns A and B. In each column are a list of numbers. I want to count the number of times the numbers in column A are greater than the numbers in column B and display it in the form of a percentage. An even easier way for me to do what I need is as follows...I have a third column (column C) that subtracts A from B...if it is a negative number, the cells in column C are autoformated to color the cell red. If it's a positive number, the cell is colored green. Is there a way I can count the number of cells that are red and divide them by the number of cells that are green to get a percentage?

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Format Cells In Range Where Previous Value Greater Or Less Than
I have a row with values in successive cells. Some cells are blank. I want to conditionally format the cell text colour based on the value compared to the previous populated cell (i.e. compare A3 to A2. If A2 is blank, compare it to A1).

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SUMIF Function: Sum A Range Of Cells Greater Than Whatever Is In Cell D8
I am trying to use the SUMIF function in excel where I want to sum a range of cells greater than whatever is in cell D8. Here is what I tried to use, but it doesn't work. SUMIF(A2:A10,>D8,B2:B10)

The content in D8 can change because the user makes a choice from the drop-down list and a number pops up in D8 that is referenced to their choice.

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Change Text Of Cell If Cell Is Greater Than Nothink Withen Range
I would like to change the name of all cells withen xrange with a text value greater than nothink.

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Conditional Format: Highlight A Cell If Any Cell In The Range To The Right Was Greater Than Zero
If I wanted to highlight a cell if any cell in the range to the right was greater than zero, what formula would i use. I have tried =IF(L1:AD1>0,1) with the result returning for only the cells in column L. Row 3 has no value in column L but a value in column N with no result to highlight the cell.

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Count If Greater Than But Less Than
I want to do is count in a column numbers greater than 13 but less than 20.
I am also trying to write another formula that counts numbers equal to or higher than 1 but less than 12. In other words,
I do not want this count to include any cells that contain 0.

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Count Values Greater Than Zero
I want to look to a range and if there is a value greater than zero I want to count it. I keep going round in circles trying to do this and now I give up.

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Count 0's In A Range
I have a range of cells (say A2:a9) that contain only numbers but some of those numbers could be 0 No empty cells no cells with text.

How can I count the number of cells with 0's?

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Count Cells With Numbers 1 And Greater
How do I count cells with numbers 1 and greater. My cells are counting the -. All my cells are showing the - (zero value) but are being counted.

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Count Values Greater Than Or Equal To Zero
How can I count the number of cells in a range that contain values that are greater than or equal to zero?

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Count Data/Values Greater Than Zero
I have a spreadsheet that contains dates in column A and numbers in column B. For some dates I do not have data available but I must include all of the dates, so a date with no data available has a 0 in column B. I need to come up with a way to average the total of my data with the total number of weeks with data (ones without a 0) that will recalculate everytime I add new data. How do I write a function that will check column B for a number greater than 0 and then based on that result either count or ignore column A, and then total the number of times A is counted?

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Count In A Range When It Keeps Changing
I'm trying to count the word "Standard" in a series of ranges. Say A10-A15, then maybe keeps changing from 3 rows upto 10 rows.

Is there anyway to count in a range when the range keeps changing in the amount of rows. Like it won't ever be only 5 rows, it may be 3 rows, 6 rows, 9 rows and then 2 rows.

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Count Of Persons Name In Range
I want to count how many times a name is listed in the first 5 rows of 36 columns.

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Count & Sum Of The Selected Range
Count & Sum is one of the most usefull function in the Excel,
I always used this, Is it possible in VBA to create such code that if I Select a range and click on Commandbutton1 automatically one msgbox display with the Count & Sum of the Range Item

eg. If Range A2 to A5 has a number like 50,10,20,10

here if the command button is click automatically one msgbox is display
which showing the

-Total Sum of the Seletced Range is 100 and Total Count is 4

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Count Non Blanks In A Range
I have use for this function on varying ranges. I pasted my function as well as my call to it. PhasesActive is just a named range of 5 cells. I get an error... by ref argument type error. Something with the argument, do I have to name the worksheet the range is on?

Function RangeValueCount(Rng As range)
'The function to check if a range has more than one value marked for 'selection, ex: The phases choices

For Each cell In Rng
If Not IsEmpty(cell) Then
RangeValueCount = RangeValueCount + 1
End If
Next cell
End Function

Call RangeValueCount(PhasesActive)
If RangeValueCount > 1 Then
msg = "There appears to be multiple phases selected. Please select only" & vbNewLine
msg = msg & "one phase at a time"
MsgBox msg
End If

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Count Number Range From + To - And - To +
I want to compare the total % change I have to several markets. I have to do this for several months.

Problem is that the total % change can be + or - and the market change can also be + or -

Examples of what I'm looking for:
total % change is -20%, market change is -10% result it 10
total % change is -20%, market change is +10% result it 30
total % change is +20%, market change is -10% result it 10
total % change is +20%, market change is -10% result it 30

I tried to figure it out but I'm drawing a blank.

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Count Range Of Numbers
I'm having trouble getting Excel to count how many times each 'Colour' appears in each lottery draw. I've searched the previous questions and I think I'm nearly there, however I still can't quite get it right. I've added a small example to show what I mean.

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Count Cell In The Range
In cell G443 I have the word "Jaxx"

I need it to count any cell in the range that has that word anywhere in the cell.

An example:

Practice Jaxx is in a cell.
If we can countif after the 9th character if the word practice is in the cell.

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Count Letters In Range
I have a sheet that has various data in the range of cells from B1 to Q80.

In these cells are various letters, numbers, etc. In some cells, the letter "L" appears not at all, sometimes once, sometimes multiple times.

I need a formula (or another method), that counts the number of times "L" appears in the range of B1 to Q80 (and not outside this range). Unfortunately, COUNTIF wont do the trick since sometimes in a single cell, "L" appears multiple times and would get counted only once.

I prefer a formula, because I have to do the same thing for the letters D, H, O, M, C, U, K.... I figure I could just copy/paste and modify slightly for each letter I'm trying to count the instances of. Unless of course there's an easier method.

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Count Any Text In A Range
I need to count text in a range.. Any text and only text.. No formulas.. No numbers..

This formula does not work

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Count Certain Date In A Range
I have a problem if column A has 10 dates (some the same) i need to count the seperate dates ie if A1;A10 has 4 dates of 24-09-09 i need to total that many dates which is 4 to go into a cell named Thursday 23-09-09 will add up and go in wed and so on sorry no example no winzip in work.

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Count Pairs In Range
I am trying to analyse a set of variables in my dataset.

The variables I have are numbers which are organised into a single column.

I want to count the number of times different variable pairings occur within my data.

An example dataset of mine is: 1,2,4,2,1,3,5,3,2,1

As the dataset contains 5 variables (1,2,3,4,5) the potential combinations are: 1,1; 1,2; 1,3; 2,1; etc.. with 25 in total.

I want Excel to move through this column starting with the first two cells and step down 1 cell each time and then tell me the number of times each of the combination occurs.

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Count Numbers In A Given Range
I have these two very simple vba commands that I need to combine

Range("A6", Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Range("A4").FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(the range defined above)"

in order to count the numbers within the selected range

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Count Age Range Formula
I have a 2007 spreadsheet where a person's age is entered into a cell. I need to count how many are between 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, etc.

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Count Of Each Name In List Range
I need is a way to list each unique value in a row and how many of each value is in said row. For example, in row B I have Alan Jones, Alan Smith, Alan Jones, Bobby Strong, Bobby Strong, Alan Jones, Alan Smith (in cells B1 - b7 respectively).

Desired output in B8 is somethign along the lines of Alan Jones (3), Alan Smith (2), Bobby Strong (2). I'm sure this is possible, but what's the easiest way to achive this. Additionally, my particular spreadsheet has 17 entries in each row and is possible to have 17 unique entries.

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Count Numbers Between Range
I have a spreadsheet that has a colum which has a duration column which is counted in Minutes, i am trying to do a formula that would look at this col and count up instances, egc =>5 but =<10, then >10 but =<20 and so on, I have tried and failed misserably trying CountIf and SumIf.

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Count Most Occurrences Of Value In Range
I have a table of values, each of which can occur multiple times on multiple rows. I need to figure out the maximum number of times a specific value appears in a row. I could do it quite easily with VBA, running countif on each row and tracking the maximum, but I would like to do it with builtin formulae if at all possibl

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Count Of Value Within Date Range
I thought my formula would return the number sold (SLD) from column A, but it returns 0. Any idea where I'm messing up? {= SUMPRODUCT(--(A2:A30="sld"),IF(B2:B30>=D3,IF(B2:B30<=D4,A2:A30)))}

--A--- ----B----- -------C-------- ---D----
1 Status Close Date
2 SLD 04/26/07 Full Year Stats
3 SLD 04/27/07 From Date 04/20/07
4 SLD 05/02/07 To Date 04/20/08
5 SLD 05/03/07

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Count Used Cells Of Range
I'm trying to create a quick macro that tells me the number of active rows in a spreadsheet with just one column, and then copies the value of that variable and places it into an excel spreadsheet. For Counting the rows in Column A, I have:

Sub countRows()
Dim RowCount As Integer
RowCount = Range("A1", Range("A1").End(xlDown)).Rows.Count
End Sub

How could I get the value of RowCount to be entered into the excel spreadsheet, say, in cell D5?

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Count Dates Greater Than Date In Cell
Its a training list, and I want to count the number of staff with valid training dates, I want to keep invalid dates as a reminder and I also have text N/A to disregard. Have used an IF function array but there are approx 33 column entries I want to add and using array function limits the amount of formula entries up to column 24.

Would be much easier if I used data validation to kick out the invalid date entries but we want to keep them if possible.

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Head Count: If It Is Greater Then 7 Then It Would Be 1 For Current Week
Currently having problems getting correct head count. I have formula that works for rows 6-8 but fails in row9. The should be answers are in rows 17-20.

Conditions used in formula
*Start date > Start FY =0
* Current Week > End Date =0
* End Date < Start FY =0

The date difference is divided by 7 because there are 7 working days in a week. If it is greater then 7 then it would be 1 for current week. I tried zipping the file but I could not shrink it to required size. find on weblink below:

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Count Unique Entries In A Range
count unique entries in the Range A1:A10

i have data which repeats but i ant to count only unique entries?

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Count Number Of Cells Between Range
I receive spreadsheets which tell me where samples are located in 96 well plates. The plates' rows are lettered A-H, and the columns are numbered 1-12. So, for example, the first well is labeled A1, the 12th is A12, the 13th is B1, and the 96th is labeled H12.

When I receive the spreadsheets, there are cells that tell me which wells are occupied. For example a cell will contain "A2 - B7" or "D3-F12" (sometimes with the spaces before and after the "-", and sometimes not." I need a program that will tell me that "A2-B7" (or "A2 - B7") means there are 18 wells occupied.

I've tried a few things, but a lot of problems arise when I try to do anything with names like "A1" because excel already defines "A1" as cell A1. Do you guys have any ideas? Am I being clear?

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Count Number Of Items Within A Certain Value Range
I would like to make a list like the one below

1 - 50 mm 87 pieces
51 - 100 mm 99 pieces
101 - 150 mm 46 pieces
151 - 200 mm 42 pieces


I have a list with values all ranging from 1 - 200 mm. Which formula can I use to sum them up in the above 4 classes?

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Count A Range Of Cells In A Column
i'm trying to count a range of cells in a column. it seems basic but i can't quite figure out the code. i just want to count the nonblank cells, not the data in them. could i use something like =if a1 = 1 and a10 = 10, counta a1:a10 to count all the cells from a1 to a10?

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Count How Many Blanks (false) In The Range
i have a sheet with many formulas on it some in a range are if statements which output a blank ("") if the condition is not met i.e. false.

i need to be able to count how many blanks (false) in the range

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Count Blanks In Dynamic Range
I want to count blanks in a horizontal range (all in one row) that will change (dynamic range). The values in the range could be numbers or words. Some values may be added to the end, but there may still be some empty cells to the right of the last value. My goal is to count blanks in the range up to the last entered value, but no beyond that. As an example:

A6 = 2
B6 = empty cell
C6 = 2
D6 = empty cell
E6 = tt
F6 = empty cell

The range for the count blanks would be A6:E6. F6 is not included because the last entered value is in cell E6.

The answer (count blanks in dynamic range) should be 2.

I have got these 3 formulas to work, but it seems that there must be a better (shorter, faster calculating, more elegant) formula than these:




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Macro: Count Non-Contiguous Range
I'd like to count non blank cells in 16 separate ranges (each range consists of 6 consecutive cells). The first range in the series is C9:H9. 3 cells are then skipped and the process is repeated with the next range, ie L9:Q9 then skip 3. The last range in the series of 16 is therefore EK9:EP9.

If the value of non blank cells = 2 in any of these 16 ranges then copy the contents of this range to C24:D24 in sheet " Record Form Games 3583". If C24:D24 is not empty copy these values to C25:C26.

If the value of non blank cells = 6 in any of these 16 ranges then copy the contents of this range to C22:H22 in sheet "Record Form Games 3583". If C22 is not empty copy these values to C23:H23.

The ranges colored yellow in the example workbook are the ones that need to be copied to the sheet Record Form Games 3583.

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Count Of Cells That Have A Range Of Data
I'm trying to get a count of cells that have a range of data for instance I
want a count of cells that have data between 10 - 20.

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Unique Count Of Range - Vba Coding
how to count unique records, and I can only find formulas, and not code. This code works fine, and I get the right "actual" count, but I need to change it to a unique values count.

Sub CountEmployees()
lastrow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
For t = lastrow To 2 Step -1
If Cells(t, 8).Value <> "" And Cells(t, 8).Offset(2, 4).Value <> "" Then
Cells(t, 12).Select
Selection.Offset(1, 0).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
List = Selection.Cells.Count ' Need to make this unique count
Cells(t, 9).Value = List
End If
Next t
End Sub

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Do Not Count The Blank Cells In Range
This formula counts how many dates in the range match the month in cell (Q3). How do I get this formula to to not count empty cells. I keep getting $VALUE! as my answer when I include all the cells in the range.

This is the formula:

This is the formula in the cells of the range that is being used above:

I needed this formula to leave the cell blank if all the data cells were blank that's why I have =IF(D26="","", at the begining.

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Userform Count Used Range With Cbobox
My userform has a combobox that shows a list of player names in column A from cell 2 down to row 15 on Sheet1.

On Sheet2 the names are from B1 to O1.

Some present code runs and takes data on sheet1 and sends it to sheet2.

On Sheet 2, under each players name is an amount that person has acquired.

Is there something that can be added to the user form to count just the number of times a player has an entry greater than Zero and from the combobox selection show me in another combobox or listbox what this amount is during userform runtime?

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Count A Range Coupled With Vlookup
I have a data sheet, say in sheet1 as per table given below :

Sheet5 *ABCDEF1Sr.No.PeriodCAF / Account No.New MDN No.UserMonthly Charges23101/03/09 to 31/03/09180414408611111AA299.004**1804144086 Total**299.005101/03/09 to 31/03/09180414438122222BB299.006**1804144381 Total**299.007101/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759533333CC299.008201/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759544444DD299.009301/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759555555EE299.0010401/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759566666FF500.0011501/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759577777GG500.0012601/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759588888HH299.0013701/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759599999II299.0014801/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595100000JJ299.0015901/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595111111KK299.00161001/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951222222LL299.00171101/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951333333MM299.00181201/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595144444NN299.00191301/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595155555OO299.00201401/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951666666PP299.00211501/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951777777QQ299.0022**2814957595 Total**4887.0023101/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077031zz10.0024201/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077032xx5025301/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077033vv2026401/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077034cc4027501/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077035bb8528601/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077036nn8929701/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077037mm8430801/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077038kk2031901/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077039jj4032**2820407703 Total**438.00Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA3=+A2+1F4=SUM(F3)F6=SUM(F5)A8=+A7+1A9=+A8+1A10=+A9+1A11=+A10+1A12=+A11+1A13=+A12+1A14=+A13+1A15=+A14+1A16=+A15+1A17=+A16+1A18=+A17+1A19=+A18+1A20=+A19+1A21=+A20+1F22=SUM(F7:F21)A24=+A23+1A25=+A24+1A26=+A25+1A27=+A26+1A28=+A27+1A29=+A28+1A30=+A29+1A31=+A30+1F32=SUM(F23:F31) Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I need to look up the CAF No. in Sheet2 table and count the MDN Nos. against the corresponding CAF Nos. from sheet1 as per table below.

Sheet4 *ABCD1Sr.No.PeriodCAF No.MDN Nos.2111/03/09 to 10/04/09180414408613211/03/09 to 10/04/09180414438114311/03/09 to 10/04/092814957595155411/03/09 to 10/04/0928204077039Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA5=+A4+1 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I tried using vlookup formula but unable to get the right syntax.

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