Count The Number Of Occasions

May 22, 2009

My data is a list of (in reality 3000x larger). users and the company they belong to. I want to find out how many companies have 1,2,3,4,5 and more than 5 users. Any idea? I am using a pivot table to find out the number of users per company (easy so far) but then I get stuck when I want to use a countif with getpivotdata...

Example of my 2 columns:


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Count Number Of Equal Cells With A Prefix In Col D And Insert Count In Col A?

Aug 7, 2013

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D beginning at the top of the column. The counted cells must begin with a text prefix of "Category:" without the quotes.

Some but not all of the cells in col D begin with a prefix of "Category:" without the quotes, followed by a word or words following the word "Category:" See examples below. All of the terms prefixed with "Category:" in col D are in alphabetical order. I need to count the number of identical cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix.

Examples of the contents of cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix are as follows:

Category: Adversity
Category: Answers
Category: Assurance
Category: Blessings
Category: Build
Category: Change
Category: Children
Category: Choices

Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are not adjacent.Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are separated by 3 to an undermined number of rows.

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D and insert the count in col A at the last equal term. For example, col A above would have 93, 1, 1, 5, 10, 8, 3, and 12 inserted into col A.

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Count If Formula: Count The Number Of Nhew Stores Each Quarter

Aug 21, 2006

going down are stores a, b, c, d.... what i'm filing in across is the square feet of each store and what quartr or year each store came into place. so there will either be a 0 or a number Now, I want to be able to count the number of nhew stores each quarter. how do i create a formula that just recognizes it the first time there is a number and not a zero... because i will put the square feet in subsequent quarters after it opens so i can see yearly how many square feet the store had. then also, how can create a button on the page that will say quarterly numbers and a button that is annual. so that i can hide the quarterly columns and just see an annual spreadsheet... and for the quarterly button so i can hide the annuals and just see the quarters....

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Count If- Formula That Will Count The Number Of Times

Jan 16, 2006

in writing a formula that will count the number of times
the store is listed (Column B) when it matches with closed (Column C).

On the table listed below I will return the data using a match.

From this table
1/8/2006 9:45Store 1Closed
1/8/2006 9:57Store 2Closed
1/8/2006 10:05Store 3Closed
1/8/2006 10:09Store 4Closed
1/8/2006 10:15Store 5Closed
1/8/2006 10:24Store 1Closed
1/8/2006 10:36Store 2In Progress
1/8/2006 10:41Store 3In Progress
1/8/2006 10:50Store 4Closed
1/8/2006 10:58Store 5Closed
1/8/2006 10:59Store 1Closed
1/8/2006 11:15Store 2Closed
1/8/2006 11:22Store 3In Progress
1/8/2006 11:24Store 4In Progress
1/8/2006 11:33Store 5Closed
1/8/2006 11:51Store 1Closed
1/8/2006 11:56Store 2Closed
1/8/2006 11:57Store 3Closed
1/8/2006 12:03Store 4Closed
1/8/2006 12:16Store 5Not Started
1/8/2006 12:23Store 1Closed
1/8/2006 12:28Store 2Closed
1/8/2006 12:57Store 3Closed

To this table

1/8/2006 9:45Store 15
1/8/2006 9:57Store 24
1/8/2006 10:05Store 33
1/8/2006 10:09Store 43

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Count Number Of Clusters / Groups Of Given Number Occurs In Column

Mar 2, 2012

I have data in a column (G) consisting of zero and ones. I would like to count the number of clusters of the number 1 in the data. For example in the data below there are 8 ones. But instead, I need to calculate how many groups of 1s occur. So in the case below the group of 1s = 3.

In terms of what defines a group. Whenever there is a zero either before or after the occurance of a 1 constitues a group, i.e the groups are broken out by zeros.


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How To Count Number Of Events A Number Appears In A List

Jul 30, 2012

I want to count the number of times any given number appears either as a consecutive group or singularly.

To give you a context I monitor windturbines and for any given fault code I wish to count the number of events it occurs in a month. Now it could be for 1 hour then clear the next then back for 17 then claer again. That would be 2 events!

NB the data is in seperate coulumns per turbine.

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Count Cells By Number & Add Adjacent Cell If Number Is X

Jan 19, 2008

Create some sort of formula combination or macro that will: Recognise a cell with a value of 1, 2 or 3 in. If 3 is in the cell, the cell to its left will be counted and added to a total. If the cell that has 3 in changes the value is removed from the total. Ive tried lots of methods but i cant figure this one out!

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Count The Number Of Occurrences Of A Number In A Range

May 5, 2007

I would like to count the number of occurence of a user given number in a range through VBA code. Have attached a sample with this.

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Count Row Between Each Number

Dec 20, 2013

I have some form used for "deret fauli test" it's like have 42 row cell and 37 column cell. What I need is count how much row between number 1to2, 2to3, 3to4, ... 19to20.

Here some example:

__|A|B |C |D
1_| 1| | 3 |
2_| | 2| |
3_| | | |
42| | | |4

each column have 42 row.

That mean from number 1 to number 2 have 42 + 2 = 44 row (this value put in A 45)
number 2 to number 3 have 40(because 2 row have add to number 1) + 1 = 41 row (this value put in A 46)
number 3 to number 4 have 41 + 42 = 83 row. (and this one put in A 47)

Anyother way to find how much row each number?

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Count Number Box Not Appear

Sep 20, 2013

When you click on an entire column and drag your mouse to the right/left, you get a little box that tells you the number of columns highlighted, actual the same with rows. This little box has stopped coming up on my Managers laptop. I have looked in the View tab and the options area but nothing jumped out at me as the fix...

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Count Number Of Appear

Oct 15, 2009

-Sheet1 has a list of numbers in column A.
-Sheet2 has a list of numbers with some numbers appear more than one in column B.

-I need to write a macro that start with the first number in sheet1 and go to sheet2 and count how many time that number appear. If the number of count more than 1 then highlight it in sheet 1, or copy it into a new sheet.

-Go back to sheet1 and start with the next number in the column until finish.

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Count The Number Of 0's

Oct 16, 2008

I have a row (say d3:i3) that has numbers in it. j3 has the sum of all the numbers in that row. I would like k3 to count the number of 0's in that row.

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Count A Number Once

Dec 20, 2007

Is there a way to add a colum but only count the item once if it appears more then once.

I want to add a colum with inputs of MHC07, MHC06, MHC35 and so on. These numbers will appers several times in the colum but I only want it counted once.

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Count Number Of Months

Jun 11, 2013

What I am trying to do is take the dates in Column B and count each date as a month, and put those totals into the January through December boxes. I've put in the amounts that should be shown with the data I provided.

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Count Number Greater Than Zero?

Aug 14, 2014

Is there an equation to count numbers greater than zero without adding an additional column?

I had a COUNTIF equation but realized that the criteria that I used to use required an additional column. The additional column I used to have would be something along the lines of =IF(A1>0, "x", "") and then count the X's. I was just wondering if there was another equation that could reduce that step.

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Count Number Of Formulas Used?

Jul 24, 2009

Is there a way for excel to tell you how many formulas (formuli..??) you have in a spreadsheet?

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Count The Most Repeated Number?

Dec 9, 2013

I have 1 to 30 spread sheet plus a Sheet with TOTAL , each represents one day ,

on each sheet I have one column and 6 lines where I will please random numbers from 1 - 50 but six number on each sheet

The question is on the total sheet I would like to have automatically the number repeats the most on those 31 sheets .

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Large Number Count

Aug 17, 2007

If I have the numbers 1-50 repeating in columns, 1-50, 1-50 etc is there a way to determine that number "1" falls 1st, 51st etc in the sequence without doing a manual count? Or that the number 2 falls 2nd, 52nd etc?

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Count Number Of Items With A And B

Nov 4, 2008

I have a workbook (attached).

I want to count the number of times North AND Win, North AND Lose etc.

Can anyone provide me a way of doing this. I dont want to have to use B2&C2 for example. I know I could do this and then use an IF statement (I think).

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Number Count Two Different Words

Sep 19, 2013

The following formula counts the word WO in a row

I want it to also count the work WL

So basically want it to count WO & WL


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Count And Write The Number For Every Fifth Row

Apr 22, 2014

I need to have the counter to count every row consecutively, but to write the consecutive number in the first cell in every fifth row.

F.e. A$1$ should have the number 1 but A$6$ should have the number 2 and so on.

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Count Number Of Items Using VBA

Feb 6, 2009

I have 2 column: item and quantity. I need to count number of items. In column "a" some item are more than one time. I need something like SUMIF function but by using vba. open attached file

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Loop (Number Count)

Jun 17, 2009

I have a have a userform that uses a macro to save data to a worksheet and i want to display the row number using a loop ie if column B3 is not empty/contains a values add a number 1 in column A3 and so on everytime a record is added.

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Count The Number Of Occurences Of A Value

Jan 19, 2010

I have a list and the list contains the same string multiple times. I am trying to take that list and print it in column D and then list in column E the number of times that string appears in column A. S for example I would like the list to output

Col A | Col B| ....| Col D | Col E |
String1__________String1 3
String1__________String2 1
String1__________String3 2

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Function To Count The Number

Jan 24, 2006

I have a 2500+ line document with different years indicated in column D. How
would I use the count (??) function to count the number of occurances for
1998, 1999, 2000, etc?

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Count Number Of Cells

Apr 2, 2007

i need a formula to count the number of cells in a column that HAVE a specific value (for example 1123). I tried the COUNT and COUNTIF function but it counts all the cell that CONTAIN the number 1123, i just need the cells that are EQUAL to 1123.

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Count Number Of Element

Dec 19, 2008

For example, I have 2 columns:

I want on the third and fourth column the result like this:

I want to count automatically the number of elements taken by john, rick and andrew.

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Count The Number Of Cells

Mar 14, 2009

I need to count the number of cells that has a certain criteria. Letís say how many A or Bís etc.Ö.. has values? It should not count the blank cells.

------ ------
A 12
B 1
B 2
C 3
C 4
A 23
A 1
B 4
D 1
A 45
A 3

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Count Number Of Columns

Oct 20, 2011

We have a sales table that 23 sales people update then send back to me. So each week I receive 23 worksheets.

The number of columns in the tables I get back can vary, depending on what each salesperson is reporting for that week.

I have written a macro that takes each sheet, automatically finds the last column and then adds two new columns of summary data.

I use COUNTA on the header row to find the number of colums. This usually works fine - but there is one problem that can occur.

Sometimes people insert one or more blank columns in the table. So how can I find the last column, because COUNTA won't work? (I do not want to simply delete these columns because some people have set up vlookups and their own macros based on the position of the columns they have defined, including the blanks.)

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Count Number Of Columns?

Nov 12, 2012

I want to be able to return the column number depending on the cell.

For example I have the months of the year horizontally from f6:Q6 and I need to be able to return what column number a certain month i depending on the month I type in cell A1.

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