Counting Wingdings

Sep 20, 2009

I am using arrow wingdings (CHAR233 or CHAR234) in the same
column and I would like to count them.

I don't need a separate count of 233s or 234s I just need a
count if the column is occupied by one or the other.

I have tried various contexts of the formula posted below without

How do I count multiple characters in the same cell?


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Counting Matching Values In Two Separate Ranges Without Counting Duplicates?

Jan 1, 2014

I cannot get various formulas (Countif, Match, Frequency, Etc) to work properly.

I am trying to arrive at a total number of matches of numbers in cell range B1:G1 with any numbers entered into the cell range of K1:P11 and have the total of matches display in cell H1.
However I do not want to count duplicate numbers from the K1:P11 cells. (if the number 5 in posted in K1:P11 multiple times I only need it reported once in H1)

B1:G1 is the constant and the numbers will not change - K1:P11 cells will be populated by adding numbers until the all the numbers in B1:G1 is completed and match.

B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1
2 7 19 45 22 13

H1 Total of matching numbers in cell range K1:P11

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Formula Counting Attendance - Counting 1 Day Too Many

Feb 3, 2014

I was given this spreadsheet to count attendance by entering the entry date and exit day, however it's counting the first day and the last. I'm needing it to only count the first day and not the exit day.Book2.xls

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Day ## Of ## Counting

Jan 8, 2009

I am looking for a formula that will count days in increments of 1 through 40. I need it to look like this: DAY 1 of 40

Whereas only the "1" counts up to 40 every 24 hours. And maybe a button to reset the counter back to "1" ...

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Counting Up From Certain Value?

Nov 26, 2013

want to count up from a certain number but rather to a certain number.

Basically I am making a spreadsheet of products which already have product ID's, however there are 1000's of these. So I am doing them by manuafactuer, so some sheets do indeed start from 1, but pretty much every other sheet starts from a number like 1300, or even 2563.

how I would go about making excel automatically fill in the ID field?

So it would show like;

etc etc

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Counting 0 In A Row

Nov 6, 2005

i use a excel sheet to count the points gaint in an competition with model sail boats ...

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Counting From Various Columns

Apr 29, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with 3 sheets, the first sheet is to be an overview of the entire workbook used to keep track of training,

The last sheet (Called Raw_Data) contains various coloumns, the two I am interested in is the training course and the name, as someone completes a course I record what the course was, who did it and date/time of start/finish,

What I would like to do it to count on the front sheet how many times someone has completed a course

Operational Overview
Joe Blogs

Work Pratices
Joe Blogs

Incident Handling Processes
Joe Blogs

Paul Smith

Incident Handling Processes
Joe Blogs

From the above table Job blogs should flag in a cell for Incident Handling Processes twice, Is this something that can be done via a formula as I am trying to avoid VBA.

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Counting In A Column?

Jun 2, 2014

So I have an annoying dataset to work with. The first column contains ID#, string, string, string, ID#, string, string, string, string, ID#, string, and so on. It is basically a list of patient numbers with a list of their appointments listed underneath them. I need to find a way to count up the number of strings for each patient, like shown below:



Had an appointment

Had an appointment

Deleted-Had an appointment

The format isn't too important. The data I have is basically column A, and I want to create column B.

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Counting Cells That Are Different

Oct 23, 2007

Is there a function in Excel that will count cells that are different from one another? I.e. it would not count the same value twice. For example, in column A:


The result would be 3. However, if I replaced the first "a" with a "d" I would get 4 as a result. Basically I want to know how many different arguments there are in a list. I could not find a function that does this in the Excel list of functions.

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Counting Certain Numbers?

Oct 24, 2007

In my rows, I have 0, -1 and 1 and wanted to know how many 1s, 0s and -1s I have. So in the example below, there are 4 -1s, 4 0s and 3 1s.


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Formula For Counting

Nov 20, 2008

How do I get cell C4 to give me a total of the times a score in column C is > than opposing score next to it in coumn D? Also, a total in cell D4 to show the number of times this team's score was less than the opposing score in column C. This would be for a running Win/Loss record.

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Counting Particular Cells

Nov 22, 2008

I am now attempting to do the same type tally except I want a tally for "in conference" Wins/Losses.

I tried the same "SUMPRODUCT" formula as before except this time I held the control key down so as to use only the cells desired. I'm getting "VALUE" for my answer though.

The row I have added in for in conference tally is row 3.

All blue colored cells are for the ACC conference and the green are for the SEC.

Is there a way to get the win/loss figures for selected cells / rows only?

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Matcing And Counting

Feb 3, 2009

A quick background. I have a large dataset on radio stations in the US. The data (that I will illustrate below, and sorry if it looks like a mess, I run on a mac and don't know how to get the right structure when I paste it in) contains the following:

Column A: Owner (owners of radio stations - by their name: e.g. Clear Channel)

Column B: Owner (same owners above, but with corresponding ID-numbers instead, e.g. 83)

Column C: Market (a market which holds both owners and their radio stations, e.g. Boston)

Column D: Market (same as market above, but with the corresponding ID number instead, e.g. 21)

Column E: Number of stations - this column represents the number of stations that a particular owner has IN ONE MARKET. OBS: A owner with 4 stations in Boston, will have four cells, in which all of them say "4", so be aware of the problem with doubles, tripples, etc. ........................

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Counting By 2 Or More Criteria

Jun 2, 2009

i have to create a summary of the productivity of the administration staff in my office. i have a table of raw data that shows the jobs they open each day, but i need to find a way of counting the number of those jobs.

i've included an example so that its easier to understand what i'm getting at.

on the first sheet (Jobs) i have the table of raw data. each administrator opens jobs each day which can either be S (standard) or W (Warranty). the second sheet (Summary) shows the way i need the data to be summarised. effectively i need to narrow my count by 3 criteria (Date Opened, Job Type and Administrator).

i've used DCOUNT functions in the past to count data by more than 1 criteria, but as this system will be in place for every day of the year, that means i would have to produce a table for every administrator and every type of job and every day of the year. which would be 3650 different tables, and that's too many.

is there a way i can do this more effectively? or can i somehow make the DCOUNT tables relative so that the table can look up the date required, reducing the number of tables required to 10?

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Counting Times

Aug 25, 2009

in cell F5 I would like to know how to count the times between 13:00 am and 14:00 so if theres 3 times it will show a 3 i havnt got a clue what formula to use.

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Counting Values In VBA

Mar 5, 2014

I'm trying to display a 2-column table that tells me the number of games broadcasted by each channel. The code has to figure out the channel name itself, without me specifying the channel name in it. How can I do this in VBA?

Game1 NBC
Game2 CBS
Game3 CBS
Game4 CBS
Game5 FOX
Game6 CBS
Game7 FOX
Game8 FOX
Game9 FOX
Game10 NBC
Game11 ESPN
Game12 NFL Network
Game13 FOX
Game14 CBS

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Counting In Letters

Sep 30, 2008

I am basically looking for a method to fill in information through VBA in excel into a 2-D grid. Ideally I would like this to work but it does not.

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Conditional Counting

Jan 18, 2006

I have 8 columns.
The first column is a counter
The 7 others contains codes for faults on 7 different channels that get theres value from manual input.
The codes has a value and from all this i get a graph. Count/points.
Now i need to know when criterion is met and mark the count in the graph some way.

Fault codes:

For example:
Criterion 1 to be met: Fault B1 or fault A

Criterion 2: One individual channel >B1 or >two channels with B1 or > one channel with A

Criterion 3: One individual channel >B2 or >four B1

The criterion is judged by row. So when it find a row that match one of these i need that
count to be marked in the graph and then that criterion is set and not needed to be checked no more.

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Counting Months ..

Dec 2, 2006

In column A I have dates set up in the 00/00/00 format. In cell B2 I want it to tell me how many 09s (Septembers) there are in column A.

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Counting In Between Ranges

Apr 2, 2008

I am trying to count the number of patients that were in a hospital during specific times (time and date). I want to know, by hour, how many patients are in the hospital. I am using a month of data as my "sample size".

I all the start times (e.g. 3/1/2008 12:35:00 AM) and leave times (e.g. 3/1/2008 5:52:00 AM) and I want to have the patients by hour for the month. So I want to know that during, as an example, 2:00:00 AM to 3:00:00AM there were 40 patients in the hospital.

So I will eventually combine all one hour periods (e.g. 2:00:00 AM to 3:00:00 AM) for all the days, but it's counting (patients per hour)

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Counting Certain Values

Jul 11, 2008

if i want a cell to count certain value in a range what formula o set, i know that CountA function counts cells with words in them but it counts everything, i want a certain word(s) to be counted.

for example i have...

Take Over

and i want C11 to count 'New' in range of B12:B20 .

how to?

and 2nd how to Name the Columns, i mean Instead of regular A,B,C how to set a name or title for them...
and how to keep them on top, i mean as i scroll down columns keeps there only sheets scrolls up and down so i can see given Column Names/heads.

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Counting Functions - If Col A =5 And Col B < Col C

Oct 3, 2008

I'm trying to find a function for the following statement:

=number of rows where columnA="value" AND columnB<ColumnC

So this formula would return 2 from the below table if the "value"=5...

1 5 5 6
2 5 8 9
3 1 6 7
4 5 9 8
5 5 9 9

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Looking For A Counting Formula...

Nov 11, 2008

I need to count how often a formula is true over 2 columns and have that total in a 3rd column. Here's my problem:

3 2
4 5
2 1
1 6
4 5

Every time A is greater than its corresponding B, i need to count 1 and have the total show up in a certain cell on my spreadsheet. I can't seem to get the A>B portion into my formula and have it hold true down the entire column and count it all up in 1 cell.

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Average Without Counting Any Zero's

Nov 26, 2008

How can you average a cell of numbers that contain zero's. I need the average without the zero's.Can I use < or > somehow

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Counting If Conditions Are Met

Dec 2, 2008

I have two sheets of data.

Sheet 1:
...........Column A......Column F
Row 1........"F"............."acpt"
Row 2........"F"............."acpt"
Row 3........"F".............."---"
Row 4........"F"............."acpt"
Row 5........"G"............."acpt"
Row 6........"G"............."acpt"
Row 7........"G".............."---"

Sheet 2:
............Column A......Column B
Row 2........"F"............[count all "acpt" in Sheet 1!F:F if Sheet 2!A2=Sheet1!A:A]
Row 3........"G"............[count all "acpt" in Sheet 1!F:F if Sheet 2!A3=Sheet1!A:A]

In sheet 2, B2 should = 3 and B3 should equal 2. I can do it manually by simply adjusting the range in a countif(Sheet1!F2:F5,"acpt"), but I want it to be automated because the number of F's and G's in Sheet 1 is dynamic.

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Counting Without Returning 0...

Dec 16, 2008

I want my worksheet to search a column for a specific date (3-Dec-2008, for example) and count cells containing only that specific date. If it finds the date, I want it to count them.

However, if that particular date doesn't appear in the column, it returns 0. I want the cell to return blank. Basically, instead of giving me 0, I want it to return empty. I've tried IF statements, COUNTIF statements, combinations of IF/COUNTIF statements.

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Counting With If Statement?

Oct 27, 2011

I have a two column chart.

In column A is a list of genders. Male and Female In column B is a list of ages (24-30)

in a separate cell outside of the chart. I would like to count how many times a Male that is 24 years old appears. Separate cell for Male 25 years old and so on and so forth.

Then I would need to do the same count for females.

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Counting In Different Locations

Dec 14, 2011

i am counting hotels in different area of 1 city

city area hotel_name hotel_name hotel_name
NY st-1 A001 B001 C001
NY st-2 B001 C001 D001
NY st-3 D001 E001 A001

count by checking NY and see how many branches A001 is having in all these areas. (i should get answer 2)

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Counting 3 The Same Names As 1

Mar 14, 2012

How to count 3 the same names or more located in different cell in a row and be counted as 1(Excel File).

1 name1 name1 name1 2 name2 3 name3 4 name4 5 name5 name5 name5 6 name6

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Counting Without Duplications

Dec 22, 2012



Total IDs with Code 60
Total IDs with Code 345
Total IDs with Both Codes

[Code] .......

In column “A”, there are 14,000 ID Numbers. In column “B”, there is either a 60 or a 345 code beside the adjacent ID number in column “A”. There are duplicate IDs, some with same code and some that have both the 60 and 345 codes. I need to count ID numbers with code 60, code 345, and the IDs with both codes without duplication.

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