Counting In A Column?

Jun 2, 2014

So I have an annoying dataset to work with. The first column contains ID#, string, string, string, ID#, string, string, string, string, ID#, string, and so on. It is basically a list of patient numbers with a list of their appointments listed underneath them. I need to find a way to count up the number of strings for each patient, like shown below:



Had an appointment

Had an appointment

Deleted-Had an appointment

The format isn't too important. The data I have is basically column A, and I want to create column B.

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Stop Column B Counting Days From Today IF Column C Is Populated

Jan 5, 2012

I've created a very simple formula which counts the number of days from Today and excludes blanks.

I'm trying to set it up so the formula *stops* counting the days once a cell in column C is populated.

Formula so far...

=IF(A3="", "",A3 - TODAY())

It looks exactly like this this [URL] .....

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COUNTing Values In Column Two On Criteria In Column One

Feb 1, 2007

I have a workbook where I am trying to COUNT the values greater than zero in column "J" based on a selective criteria of column "B".

In other words, if the date in a column "B" cell (B3:B78) is greater than the date in A86, I want to count the number of cells whose corresponding value in the "J" column is greater than "0". And then I want to take this selective COUNT and divide it by a COUNT of all the cells in the range "J3:J78".

So, what I am trying to do is:


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Counting Differences Between Column A And B?

Feb 27, 2014

is there an IF formula to compare values in two columns, say Column A and Column B have "Action recommended" and column B has "Actual action taken", both columns should have the same texts, in cases where there is no similarity, the formula should count the cases.

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Counting Text In A Column If

Dec 17, 2007

Im trying to find out a way of counting the contents of, say: column C where that contains text as long as column B = a variable

Basically column C contains the words Sale and Lead and i need a function that reads column B for examples of a user defined variable (1-4) and counts sale or lead in column C if this condition is satisfied.

like a sumif but capable of adding text (two cases of in this example but not really vital as the only things in column C would be sale, lead or left blank)?

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Counting Column Even With Autofilter

Feb 28, 2009

what i need to do is count all the instances in column h excluding headers so in the attached sheet. in a2 i need it to return one of the teams ( in this instance sheffield wednesday) and then in cell b2 i would like it to return how many times (sheffield wednesday) appears in column h in c2 draw. in d2 i would like it to return how many times (draw) appears in column h and the same again in e2 and f2 for the other team. i need it to understand that it may be any team as the next set i use may be for instance utd v chelsea etc etc. in row 3 there will be ( which there isnt now a filter )

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Counting Names In A Column?

Dec 7, 2012

Is there a way that excel will count how many cells in a column have data in them, in this case peoples names?

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Counting The Column Data?

Apr 7, 2014

I have list of states in column. Here I need to the group the cities and take the maximum counts for all those states. I have a huge data to do it. The countif() formula is taking too much of time. find the attachment.

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Counting Frequency Of Name In Column

Jan 9, 2013

I have a column of names and I want to find the frequency that each name occurs per row, but the cells have a string of text. For example:

Column A:
John Dimon, Matt Carpenter, James Chan, Gary Smith
Matt Carpenter, Leo Monroe, Craig Thomson
John Dimon, Matt Carpenter, Larry Barclay

I would like a way to count how many times each name occurs in the column. So John Dimon would be 2, Matt Carpenter would be 3. I tried countif but it doesn't seem to work with a string of text.

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Counting Several Dates In Column

Jun 4, 2007

I have a worksheet that has several dates in column D. I would like a formula to count the number of dates that are 7 days or less than the current date in F2.

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Counting Names In A Column

May 10, 2006

I have a list of 60,000 names in a spreadsheed, column A has the NAME, Column B the STREET NUMBER and Column C the STREET NAME. Heres a small sample.


As you can see some of the names repeat, and that is exactly what I want. I want to write a formula in Column D that will indicate how many times each name appears so that it will show, for example, a "5" beside JAQUE D J" and a "2" beside "BAXTER P M".

I have tried using EXACT, MODE, IF ... COUNTIF wouldn't work because there will be some names that are duplicate but at different addresses, besides the range would be enormous.

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Counting Entried In Column

Aug 8, 2006

I tried using the following code to count the number of entries in a column (Column A, text entries) and then display it as a percentage of the total in a separate box. I just got the result "1".

Sub Count_Selection()
Dim cell As Object
Dim count As Integer
count = 0
For Each cell In Selection
count = count + 1
Next cell
Range("g1").Value = count
End Sub

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Counting Sequential Zeroes In Column

May 21, 2014

How do I go about having a formula which will return the number of times 0 is repeated in a column sequentially?



The idea being that after row 7 (there have been 5 consecutive zeroes), the count would reset when it hits a value greater than zero, and then count again once it hits a zero again.

Output for the example above should be 3.

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Counting Consecutive Numbers In A Column?

Jul 1, 2014

I have 2 Columns. One column represents calendar dates and the other column represents numbers between 0 and 7.

Therea re 10000 rows in this table.

I would like to count how many consecutive days I observe certain numbers numbers ( i.e 3+, 4+, 5+, etc)

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Counting Unique Values In A Column?

Jan 17, 2008

How can I count the number of unique values in a column?

I have a spreadsheet that lists transactions that occurred over a one-year period (2007). I need to determine the number of days our facility was operational. No transactions on a particular date (25-Dec-07, for example) and the facility would be considered to have been closed on that date.

On the days that the facility was open, multiple transactions would have occurred on those open days and those multiple tranactions are all reflected in the worksheet.

So I need to count each occurrence of '01-Jan-07', '02-Jan-07', and so on.

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Counting The Number Of Used Rows In Column

Oct 4, 2006

how can I count the number of not empty rows(and for example too many) using do.. until loop kind. I am searching on the net for about 24 hours but I couldn't find it.

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Counting Instance In Column - COUNTIF Not Working

Feb 24, 2014

Ok so I am trying to streamline the Shirt ordering process at my work. I have made a table with Employee names as Column A, then Row 1 is shirt sizes from small to XXXL. The Cell values are going to be the colors people want. I want to total the number of each size/color combination. But someone may want more than one of the same color. For instance you would enter "BK, BK" if you wanted 2 black shirts of that size. This is where the issue with COUNTIF comes in. If a cell has the same value twice, it only counts it as one because counts the cells with an instance of a value, not the actual count of instances. Is there a way to make COUNTIF or a better function for this?

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Counting A Column Based On Two Sets Of Criteria

Jul 23, 2009

I'm using a sumproduct forumla to count rows based on specific data in multiple columns. So if column A equals 1 and column G does not equal 6 and column M equals 4 then count that row. I know how to do this. The problem I'm having is that I want to count column A if equals 1 or 2. I tried adding an OR comand in with my sumproduct but it doesn't seem to work that way.

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Counting Number Of Filled Columns According To Another Column

Dec 19, 2012

I have this data lets say id denotes a particular house and the multiple entries of the same house are for different members of a house. Now i want to calculate the total no of people who earn in a particular household i.e if a cell is filled or not.

idB C


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Counting Cells In A Column With Specific Data

Jun 10, 2009

I want it to count and fill in a range in column A until it sees a blank or notices the change in value in column B. In the example below i hope it shows what i need to do. i left the last group without numbers to show that is where it needs to start counting over again. i am basically wanting to count down 1st place 2nd place etc.

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Counting Occurrences In One Column Based On An Occurrence In Other

Mar 2, 2006

I have one column with names and another with date ranges (JAN06) etc. I
want to count the number of times a name occurs within a given date range.

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Counting Occurrences Based On Uniqueness Of Value In Another Column

Aug 9, 2007

I want to count the number of times a certain value is found in columnB, only for unique values in columnA.

I have made a simple example file, attached. Column B shows Status which can be Active, Current, Dormant. Column A holds Item names. I want to know how many Active Items I have, but an Item can appear more than once in ColA, so I want it only to include in the count the unique ColA values.

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Counting Number Of Unique Items In Column

Oct 10, 2008

I am trying to count the number of unique items in a single column (~5,000 rows of data). For example, I may have the following data

a1 = apples
a2 = pears
a3 = oranges
a4 = apples
a5 = apples
a6 = apples
a7 = pears

in this case number of uniques items is 3

Right now I am using a Pivot Table to figure out the number of unique items but I am sure there is an easier way to do this.

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Counting Month And Year From A Date Column

Dec 15, 2008

Need a formula for counting the number of occurences of a month & year in a date column? The spreadsheet is looking at items raised in any given month e.g. all items raised in Dec-08.

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Counting Number Of Cells In Column That Are Not Blank

Mar 21, 2012

I want to count the number of cells in column A that are not blank MINUS or EXCLUDING the cells in Column AD whose values are "Closed".

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Counting Items If They Match A Condition In Another Column

Apr 2, 2012

I need to be able to count items if they match a condition in another column, as below

1 Apple Red
2 Apple Green
3 Apple Red
4 Pear Green
5 Apple Red
6 Pear Green
7 Pear Red
8 Apple Red

How can I count how many Red Apples there are. The answer should be 4 but when I use countifs I can either count the no of apples in Col. A or the no of colour Red in Col. B.

I have tried every combination of if, vlookup, and count that I can but keep getting errors or single col. counting.

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Counting Number Of Occurrences A Value Appears In A Column?

Apr 13, 2012

I'd like to count the number of occurrences a value appears in a column. Hard to explain what I'm after so I will draw it out:

Column A

I want to add a formula in column b that will add the number of times it appears as it appears:

ColA ColB
2512 1
2512 2
2513 1
2513 2
2513 3
2513 4
2518 1
2519 1
2519 2
2519 3

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Display Column Number Without Actually Manually Counting Across?

Sep 17, 2012

Is there any way i can display the columb number without actually manually counting across.The columbs are A to Z,AA to AZ,BA to BZ,CA to CZ & DA to DN....about 120 columbs.Is there a way to have the columb number diplayed by just placing the mouse cursor on the columb letter (not press though as it will select the whole columb..going to use for VLookup function

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Counting Word Occurrence Within A Month From Another Column

Aug 11, 2013

How to make information gathering easier. So I have a spreadsheet with information in one tab and Graphs & tables in another. I am trying to count how many times a word appears in my last column (the word is "HM - GM") but I only want to count how many times that appears in the month of Jul (The July column is my first column, it shows as "Jul-13" but when you click on the column it appears as 01/07/2013). I have tried a few =COUNTIFS formulas I found around the site, but none seem to work for me. I am trying to get the counted information into a table so it will show how many 'HM - GM' were in Jul-13.

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Counting Unique Values With Reference To Other Column?

Jun 9, 2014

I need to count all of the unique value in column C( Supplier Name) If the Owner is Analyst on column D and the Buyer is Mark column A.

I would be needing a formula to count it and not pivot table. I dont know how to set up an array and I just have learn how to use the Countif formula.

Supplier name


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