Crashes When Saving Workbook...

Jun 8, 2009

As I've learned to develop Excel apps with vba over the years I've noticed that, if the Excel app starts to get too large (over 1MB) saving it will often cause the application to crash for no apparent reason - the result being that I lose all the vba code I entered before the last save - with the worst case being that, on occasion I have lost all of the vba code in an applications!!!

So, I've learned to back up often using a third-party utility that I use to save my applications, which works wonders in allowing me to save my application without it crashing. The application is called Code Cleaner 97.exe. It was designed around Excel 97 (which I still use) but if possible I'd like to get an updated version for Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, which I also use.

Does anyone know of a more recent version of this utility, or another similar utility that allows large Excel applications to be properly saved, etc?

Code Cleaner 97.exe was a freebie that was available through one of the old Compuserve Excel forums. It was a very popular utility and was suggested as a means to save one's Excel apps without the app getting trashed, etc.

I'm not expecting a freebie solution so I'll gladly pay for something that allows me to save my large Excel apps without them crashing, etc.

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2007 Crashes When Saving A Specific File

Jul 1, 2009

Hi all, I've reinstalled office 2007 because excel 2007 was crashing very often when inserting new rows or when saving the file. I tried with other files and apparently work fine. The specific file can be opened but I don't know if is corrupted, I tried repairing it with open and repair from the file open menu but didn't work (it is still happening the same). I've been working on the file during few days and wouldn't like to start from scrath again, can anyone help me with this?

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Add Beforeprint To New Workbook Crashes?

Apr 3, 2007

I’m launching a new workbook, exporting some stuff, basically creating a report. But then I want to add a BeforePrint event to the new worksheet. Both of the macro below works great right up until I change “Sheet1” to “ThisWorkBook”…then Excel crashes.

Sub AddCode1()
Dim VBCodeMod As CodeModule
Dim LineNum As Long
Dim Copybook As Workbook
Set Copybook = Excel.Workbooks.Add
Set VBCodeMod = Copybook.VBProject.VBComponents("sheet1").CodeModule
LineNum = VBCodeMod.CountOfLines + 1
VBCodeMod.InsertLines LineNum, "Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)" & Chr(13) & "if ActiveSheet.CodeName <> ""Sheet1"" or ActiveSheet.CodeName <> ""Sheet2"" or ActiveSheet.CodeName <> ""Sheet3"" then" & Chr(13) & "MsgBox(""This Electronic Outcome Review Summary Report is NOT optimized for Printing......................................

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Workbook Crashes On Open

Jun 14, 2008

Three times (by three different users) over the past two months, a workbook has gotten into what appears to be some sort of corrupted state. When you attempt to open the workbook you get the "report to Microsoft" screen which states "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close". Proceeding on this screen closes the entire instance of Excel, including the offending workbook and any others that are open. However, if I simply open and save the workbook in Excel safe mode, then it resolves the problem. But, again, it has happened three times so it keeps coming back.

A little more background: there is a custom add-in referenced which contains many custom functions. This add-in is also referenced by other workbooks, none of which have had this problem. The Workbook_Open event only does what I consider to be superficial processing; it hides some sheets, selects a sheet, defaults some shape colors, and defaults a checkbox to True. In other words, nothing too heavy going on at startup, in my opinion. I have tried several times to break into the code between the time the workbook begins to load and when the "report to Microsoft" screen is displayed, but this was unsuccessful.

I was hoping that the fact that simply saving it from safe mode resolves the problem might indicate the problem to someone on the forum. I have a copy of the file in its corrupted state but I have not attached it because it contains some business sensitive information.

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Spinbutton Incrementing Crashes Workbook

Apr 3, 2008

I use spinbuttons to increment 3 data cells (C7:C9). These cells are used as entry data for some calculations and also trigger some macros via change event. Every time I use them the workbook crashes, this is only since I modified one of the instantiated macros that sorts a table on another sheet. See below the spinbutton code with the call of the macro and further the code of the sorting macro:

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinDown()
Range("C7").Value = Range("C7").Value - 0.05
End Sub

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinUp()
Range("C7").Value = Range("C7").Value + 0.05
End Sub

Private Sub SpinButton2_SpinDown()
Range("C8").Value = Range("C8").Value - 0.05
End Sub......................................................

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Crashes :: One Large Workbook Or Many Small Ones

Aug 8, 2009

I'm writing an application in Excel, its a little over 5MB after I've run through UsedRegion and trimmed stuff, 94 worksheets. I'm encountering a fair number of crashes these days. My OS is fully patched as is MS Office. Running Windows server 2003 and Excel 2007.

I was wondering about the pros and cons of writing an application in one large workbook or many smaller ones. So far its been one large one but these crashes are really impeding my progress.

What's the best way to remedy these crashes or even start to diagnose?

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Crashes When Using Macro To Close Workbook

Dec 19, 2009

I have the following strange problem. A simple macro 'ActiveWorkbook.Close' causes excel to crash if I use it with a button on my sheet (a form). When I run the macro via developer > macros > run
the macro runs as expected. Even if a run the macro with alerts (thanks to jproffer) the problem persist.

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Excel Crashes When Adding Code To Workbook Via VBA

Apr 9, 2009

The code below resides in my personal.XLS Module. When I step through the code everything works till it reaches the point in red then I get the pop up that says excel needs to close and asks to send or not to send.

I noticed that if I choose recover my work and restart excel and I look at the code in THISWORKBOOK of the recovered workbook that the code I wanted placed there is there.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? I have the macro's security set to low and a check mark in the trust access to vb projects.

Any Idea's how to fix this?

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Creating New Workbook / Copying Sheets And Saving Workbook - Subscript Error

May 30, 2014

Trying to create a new workbook from another open workbook, then copying all the sheets that aren't called "Summary" to that new open workbook and then saving it. I get a subscript error on this line:


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Extracting Information From A Workbook And Saving Into A Separate Workbook

Feb 21, 2014

i have a workbook blank template for my colleagues to fill in, they fill in this blank template and save it under the serial number of the item they are creating. However a lot of errors exist when they input the serial number inside the workbook where the serial number is a duplicate of a former serial number.

Anyhow i was wondering is there any way when they input the serial number into the worksheet that i could get it to save in a separate workbook and then have conditional formatting to check those serial numbers in the workbook to see if they match?

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Saving A Workbook Via The This Workbook Module

Mar 20, 2007

I will shortly be running a project over a twenty four hour period, where a group of people will be inputting data into a workbook (one worksheet per hour), and what I would like to know is if it is possible, to input some coding into a thisWorkbook module to action a save on the workbook every time an entry is placed in column A (of each worksheet) which is divisable by 10 (a10, a20, a30 etc).

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Saving Just One Tab Out Of A Workbook

Dec 4, 2008

I have an Excel doc with ~20 tabs. Each type represents 1 type of activities (soccer, tennis, etc). The size of the file (with the 20 tabs) is pretty significant (>1mb), which jams our email traffic.

Is it possible to:
- keep this workbook with the 20 tabs when open by the user;
- let the user select and fill in whatever tab he needs (just one at a time);
- have a button for the user to click that will save only this tab with a different filename (therefore, when sent by email, the file should be pretty small).

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Closing Workbook With VBA Without SAVING?

Nov 27, 2012

I'm trying to close a workbook without saving it. But everytime I get the message box popupped twice.

These are the codes that I use:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose _(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim YesOrNoAnswerToMessageBox As String
Dim QuestionToMessageBox As String


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Rename Workbook Without Saving In VBA?

Apr 5, 2010

Is it possible to rename a new workbook without saving it. What I do is I create a new workbook but I don't want to save it:


Now Sheets("Layout") is standing in a NEW workbook called Map1.xls.

I want to rename Map1.xls to Invoice.xls without saving the workbook.

Then I do:

ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False

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VBA - Creating And Saving New Workbook

Oct 26, 2011

Ok, I'm trying to learn how to create and save a new workbook using VBA...having some issues with this error:

Run-time error '1004':

Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed.

The line is highlighted in red.

Sub Copy_ActiveSheet_1()
Dim FileExtStr As String
Dim FileFormatNum As Long
Dim Sourcewb As Workbook
Dim Destwb As Workbook
Dim TempFilePath As String

[Code] .........

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Macro For Saving Workbook

Dec 24, 2007

I Want A Code That Will Save My Workbook To A Specific File (different Form The One It Is Currently In) Using The Name That I Have Typed In Cell D13 In The Workbook

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Saving Workbook In VBA And Location

Dec 20, 2008

I am using this code in my ThisWorkbook, but it keeps coming back as an error for

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=ThisFile

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
'Saves file as what is in cell "C7" to specified network location - variant below
Dim Location, ThisFile As String
Location = "\Office-pcpublicCustomers"
ThisFile = Range("C7") & Format(Now(), "dd/mm/yy")
ThisFile = Location + ThisFile
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=ThisFile
End Sub

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Saving As A Workbook Through Inputbox

Feb 6, 2009

When the button is pressed, It opens a Mesage Box giving an alert to the User about what is He going to do...if he clik no the macro stops, if the user click yes then it opens an InputBox ....and the name the user writes there will be the name of the new book...

If working good if the user press OK problem comes If the User press CANCEL in the InputBox...The excel try to Save the file as FALSE...and I don´t know how to avoid it.

Here is the code.

Sub Botón1_AlHacerClic()

X = MsgBox("Warning Bla bla ".Are you sure ?", vbYesNo, Title:="IMPORTANTE")

Naa = Application.InputBox("Write the file name Here", "New File Name")

If X = vbYes Then

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Naa, FileFormat:=xlNormal _
, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, _

End If
End Sub

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Workbook Doesnt Allow Re-saving

Dec 14, 2009

i have a workbook which is mainly use in construction building design... i want users to input ther respective data in that workbook to calculate and design only, but i dont want the user to save the changes they made...

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Shared Workbook Saving

Mar 5, 2010

How do I get a shared workbook to automatically save upon every change by each user. The only way I can get this to work (at this point) is to run a macro that updates every 45 seconds IN EACH WORKBOOK! It's counterintuitive because the workbook is shared (on a network), but each user must start the "time" macro in their "individual" SHARED workbook to allow the automatic saving.

What am I missing? There has to be a more efficient way to do this, right?

Code below
HTML Sub Time()

Call Save
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:45"), "Time"

End Sub

HTML Sub Save()

End Sub

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Prevent Saving A Workbook

Jul 5, 2006

I'm wondering if it is possible to prevent a user saving a workbook. If opened as a read-only, excel throws up an option to save with an alternative name. I'm wondering if I can put some code in the Workbook_BeforeSave event that prevents saving of the document unless the application.username is myself.

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Saving Sheet But Not The Entire Workbook?

Mar 14, 2013

All I want to do is save a copy of one sheet called "Patient Stock Form", change the name to "Patient Order", and put it into an email. But my code is putting the entire workbook into the email. Here's the code:

Dim oApp As Object ' Outlook.Application
Dim oEmail As Object ' MailItem


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Saving Userform Data To Different Workbook?

Oct 29, 2009

Is it possible to have a userform open in a workbook and when the data from the form is saved, save it to a completely different workbook. If so, will that other workbook need to be open for the userform data to be saved?

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Closing The Workbook & Saving Automatically

Jan 25, 2008

I have my Excel workbook open & have made changes. Now I close it and Excel prompts me if I want to save the changes. Is there a way to just close the workbook and automatically accept any changes without have the "Do you want to save changes" message appear?

What about if it is opened in read-only mode? Typically the workbook will not save any changes unless you save it off as another file name. If there is a solution to my question above, can it be enabled only when the workbook is opened in edit mode, or will it not auto-save changes over the file because Excel knows it was opened in read-only mode?

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Close Workbook With Out Saving (Workbook_BeforeClose)

Oct 16, 2008

I read two pages on "Workbook_BeforeClose" trying to find a relative answer. I want to able to close a workbook with out saving and not rely on the user pressing the correct button, can this be done?

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Opening New Workbook And Saving Sheet.

Oct 21, 2008

I am trying to write code which copies the activesheet (called "Data"), opens a new workbook, pastes the data into it and closes the new sheet as "sales 2008" followed by the date. What I have at the moment is:

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Closing A Workbook Without Saving - Macro

Nov 28, 2008

Need the VBA code to close a workbook, and not save it? I need it to open a workbook, run a macro, and close without saving. The code I have thus far is:

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Saving Data To A Closed Workbook

Apr 3, 2009

i get an excel file with dynamic data everyday. is there away i can use a macro on this file to store this dynamic data to a specfic closed workbook and add the data onto the old data in that workbook?

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Rename Workbook Prior To Saving

Apr 6, 2009

I have a need to simply rename a workbook without saving. I have a master template named "IR QT" but, within the workbook, I run a macro that saves the file with content from a cell as the filename. After the 'Save' macro is executed, the sheet stays open, as planned, but obviously the file has been renamed. What I would like to happen at the end of the 'Save' macro is for the sheet to be renamed (not re-saved) to "IR QT". I just need the VBA code to put at the end of the 'Save' macro to do the rename back to "IR QT".

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Saving A Workbook By Two Cell Values

Jul 1, 2009

I would like to set up my workbook so that I can save it by the combination of two cell values. The cells are A2 (which displays a country name) and E10 (which displays a string of numbers) and would like to specify the file to where to save the workbook which is:(G:BusUnitsShipping_RecievingInternationalInt'l Order FormsSpecific Orders). The following is a code I have tried that is close but not quite right:

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