Create Pivot With Worksheet That Has Split / Complex Column Headers?

Jul 3, 2014

it doesn't like the fact I have split column headers and I was wondering if there was a way around it or another solution to save me time manually counting or filtering. I can't attach the actual spreadsheet for some reason but attach a screenshot to illustrate what I mean.

I need to count the number of 1's, 2's, 3's etc in each 'On Exit' column for each area. I then need to work out what percentage of the cohort they each are.

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Macro To Create Index With Hyperlinks To Worksheet Headers

Apr 9, 2014

Can't seem to attach sample Widgets.xls. I need a macro to take the heading (note heading not sheet name) from each worksheet on a workbook (or from a range of nominated worksheets in case I don't want to index the first or last few sheets) and use it as the Description for a Index entry on a nominated sheet e.g. Sheet named 'Index'. In addition that each Description is also a hyperlink back to the sheet with the heading. In this way users can click between each entry on the index to go to the sheet and then click on the heading on the sheet to go back to the index.

Index Sheet

M21, M22 and M22-A BICYCLES1
Q21, Q22 and Q22-A BICYCLES2
R21, R22 and R22-A BICYCLES3

Taking this one step further I ideally want to save this workbook as a pdf and the hyperlinks to remain.

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Pivot Table And Column Headers

May 21, 2006

I want to include columns in my Pivot Table where there is no data for that column. For example, I want to show 12 columns, one for each month, but my data only has 9 months of values.

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Macro To Delimit And Create Column Headers

Jan 15, 2014

I have a column with rows having strings as below (see sample.xlsx excel attached) .

I want to delimit the string in such a way that the for each parameter, the parameters will beome columns with headers and the value against them will be shown in thier respective column. The output tab in the attached excel might make what I am trying to convey more clear.

So basically CPU should have its own column and its time against it.

There are thousands of such column that we wish to analyse and therefore the ask.

I tried various option to delimit including recording a macro but did not work

CPU: 5,622.871 ms, Sync: 0 ms, Wait: 0 ms, Suspension: 2,399.921 ms

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Create Named Ranges From Column And Row Headers

May 6, 2013

Is there any way in Excel to create single-cell named ranges from a combination of the labels in the rows and column of a spreadsheet.

Here is an example:




I would like the first cell (containing the 100) to have a defined name of (something like) "SalesCompanyA", and the second cell to be "SalesCompanyB". And so on - e.g. the cell with 300 in it should be "CostCompanyA".

I can do it manually, but I have a huge spreadsheet & was hoping it could be automated. Just to be clear, it needs to be a single cell range. I know you can create a range from a selection - but this seems to create ranges of the entire row and/or column.

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Listbox With Column Headers As Specific Sheet Column Headers?

Jun 7, 2014

I have a userform with two listboxes in them, i have set the columns in the listbox to 9 and would like to populate the column headers in the listboxes with the column header of one of the sheets.

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How To Use Pivot Cache To Create Another Pivot Table Instance On A Different Worksheet

Jul 7, 2014

I have a pivot table that I created and now I want to use the same pivot cache to create another pivot table instance on a different worksheet. how can I do that? My first worksheet gets saved as "OO By buyer" and now I want to create a new worksheet and drop the next pivot there.

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Pivot Table - New Worksheet Auto Create To Right Of Existing Worksheet

Sep 2, 2013

The new worksheet is created to the left of the existing source worksheet.

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Cannot Create Or Use The Data Range Reference Because It Is Too Complex

Aug 15, 2008

I have a workbook containing a lot of worksheets, each sheet contains approx 60,000 rows of data (each sheet varies in the number of rows slightly but the data is always contained in column A). There are only 4 unique values and my task is to filter out the 4 seperate values and copy & append them to a master list in 4 columns side-by-side i.e. valueA in A1, valueB in B2 etc.

The problem I have run into is that when I have filtered out one of the values and try to copy it I get an error message - "Excel cannot create or use the data range reference because it is too complex".

This has left me thinking that the only way to process the data is to manually copy approx 20,000 rows at a time (I'm not sure what the maximum amount of filtered data Excel can handle is but this it can definitely handle) and paste to the master list.

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Create Complex Polygon - Determine If Coords Intersect

Dec 5, 2007

I am creating an automatic, mobile logging system utilizing a GPS. The US Census Bureau provides approximate coordinates for each US zipcode. An example of "45252", which is my home zipcode is below...


These sets of Longitute and Latitude coords define a boundary for my zip code. What I need to do is create a complex polygon with the above coords and then, feeding a function a Longitute and Latitude, determine if that given global position falls within my polygon (zip code boundary).

For example:

Longitude: -84.6197
Latitude: 39.2947

Will fall within the above polygon and my function would return true.

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Split Up Rows In Worksheet Based On Value In Column And Rename New Sheet To Same Value

Jul 9, 2012

I'd like to split up the rows in a worksheet based on the values in one of the columns. Also, I'd like the sheets to be named after the values in the column. I have attached example excel sheets to explain this better. I think the vlookup and Sheets.Add and ActiveSheet.Name formulas can be used but I'm not quite sure how to put them together. The actual data has about 20 columns and about 500 rows.

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Macro To Create Pivot Table On Active Worksheet?

Jun 20, 2012

I have recorded a macro to create a pivot table. I thought I had it so that it would create the pivot from the active worksheet only. But looking at the code, it is picking up the sheet name from the one I recorded it from

Sub SalPiv()
' SalPiv Macro
' Macro recorded 20/06/2012 by imccormick


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Macro To Create Pivot Tables And Sort Out Data In Other Worksheet

May 19, 2009

The first sheet is the row data given to me, the second one is where I want my data to be analysed automatically by macros.

I managed to create a pivot table manually to give me the info I want but then I still have to copy all the results from the pivot table sheet to my analysis sheet.

How can I create a macro able to do all that by it self? I tried to record a macro using the recorder but then when I try to play it it gives me an error straight at the beginning in the definition of the pivot table I think.

An example of what I want the pivot table to do is:
in the first sheet, go in the small table in column K and L, take the value of L1, then in the row data in column A to J, in column C look for the value in L1, once found, look for the value 1 in column J then do the average on the values in column E and put the result in my second sheet in cell F5
then do the same but look for 2 in column J and put it in F8, then 3 in F11, ... until 7 found (the data is in ss.000 and so the results in the second sheet should be formated the same way)
then do the same all over again for value in L2
etc etc etc

this should be done for the 6 values in column L, each having values up to 7 in the J column.

Then I need to do the same for other columns and not only averages but minimums as well but I can adapt the code I think.

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Pivot Table Headers

Jan 29, 2008

I have a pivot that links to another tab, which has items categorised by Date ranges i.e. Date Group 1, Date Group 2, Date Group 3 and Date Group 4.

Sometimes none of the items will fall into a date group i.e. there is no date group 1's for that period, but my pivot simply removes the whoel date group 1 column when refreshed whereas I would like the pivot to always have the 4 headers and quote 0 if there is none in that category.

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Pivot Table With Repeating Headers?

Dec 29, 2012

I've built a table that is meant to track the quality scores of multiple teams of agents. The agents are assigned to leads who are doing the quality monitoring. The goal is to track and trend the date the monitor is completed, the score of the monitor (scale of 1 - 12), who completed the monitor (initials in Lead column), and the running average score. The Score and Lead column are drop down validations.

This is being one of my first exploits into excel, so I am not sure if I built this correctly structurally, or what. When I go to create a pivot table off the data I have created, it's not calculating the values correctly. As an example if I want to count the number of 'score' for CCR1 it's always 1. From what I have been able to research is that this is because I have essentially repeated the headers multiple times. Below is what the table looks like so far.



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Match Text Headers To Create List

Jun 25, 2008

In cells D2:BM75 I have data about grades either in the format 3a, 3b or as an X which denotes not making progress. Across row1 (D1:BM1)there are column identifiers outlining the subject followed (Maths, English etc). Row 2 onwards contains the pupil name. I need a method of identifying which subject they have an X in for each student. Note that there could be blank cells with no grades present.


Jon Smith........X..........3b.........X...........5b
Bob Brown.......3c.........X..........4b..........X

The output for Jon Smith (in cell BM2) would be Maths, History
The output for Bob Brown (in cell BM3) would be French, Geography

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Pivot Table Not Showing Data :: Only Headers Coming

Dec 24, 2009

I have one excel sheet where I write a macro to create pivot table.

It was successfully ran and created the pivot table but there is no data in that table. Only headers are coming.

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Create A Form With 5 Headers And Each Header Uses Unique Database

Apr 13, 2006

I need to have a end user form that pulls information from a database and simplifies work for our substitue coordinator. Please be advised I have been working on this and can not get the desired results. I need a form that displays the current date and 5 columns of data the Data needs to be in seperate cells for example cell A1 titled TEACHERS and then the sub coordinator could start typing the name of the teacher in a2 and a predefined database of teachers name, class they teach, etc. MATH, ENGLISH and planning period would be pooled and automaticly fill the cell.

I also would need a second cell say cell B to be call Substitutes and b2- b100 to pull data from a database of substitute names and display their information.

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Table Headers Down Side Of Worksheet Instead Of Across

Dec 18, 2013

Is it possible to have table headers that are down the side instead of going across the top?

I have searched but have not found an answer so far.

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Complex If Statement To Calculate Date Range From Create Account To Stop Account

Sep 7, 2012

Creating a formula that basically has a big IF statement. I hope this makes sense, so here goes. I am looking to find the "age" or "elapsed days" of an ID from when they created an account to when they stopped. This might be very complex and if there's not a way to calculate the Elapsed days (even though that's what I prefer), perhaps there is some formula that can return a value like a "1" or "True" or something that lets me know the statement is true.

original formula from post 3261273

New formulas needed or revised from the above:

Formula 1: If the ID in column 2 are the same, and if there is a value in column 3 (Create) and a value in Column 4 (Suspend) AND there is no value in Column 5 (Stopped), then subtract the dates in column 1 for Create and Suspend. My manual calculation result is in the column called "Elapsed Days (Create to Suspend but NO Stopped)

Formula 2: If the ID in column 2 are the same, and if there is a value in column 3 (Create) and a value in Column 4 (Suspend) AND there is no value in Column 5 (Stopped) OR Column 6 (Unsuspend), then subtract the dates in column 1 for Create and Suspend. My manual calculation result is in the column called "Elapsed Days (Suspend Only, No stopped or Unsuspend)"

Formula 3: The ID in column 2 does not have to be the same, but if there is a value in column 3 only (Create) and there is no value in the Suspend, Stopped, or Unsuspend columns, then place a "1" in the cell. My manual calc is the "Create Only" column.

Event Date
Elapsed Days (Create to Suspend but NO Stopped)
Elapsed Days (Suspend Only, No stopped or Unsuspend)

[Code] .........

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VBA To Search Headers And Transfer Data To Another Worksheet

Jan 23, 2014

I have uploaded a worksheet that has a macro attached to button 4,

I want the macro to search the header in "All Data" worksheet and transfer the data under them to under the same headers in "Quote" worksheet.

The data in "All Data" could be upto 60 rows of data.

quote test 1.xlsx‎

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Move Data From One Column To Another Based On Column Headers And Row Text

Feb 7, 2014

I am in need of restructuring a spreadsheet of addresses for mailing purposes. (I tried to find something similar answered previously, but nothing seemed to work for me.)

I have attached a small example spreadsheet below, but our spreadsheets can be hundreds or thousands of rows in length.

I need a macro that will look for the "PO Box" addresses under the column headers named "ADDRESS2" and "ADDRESS3".

The PO Box addresses will need to be moved under the column header "ADDRESS1" within the same row.

It will need to overwrite the text that is already under "ADDRESS1" and delete the text from the "ADDRESS2" and "ADDRESS3" columns - UNLESS the text in 'ADDRESS2" is a PO Box AND "ADDRESS1" begins with "c/o".

If the data in "ADDRESS2" or "ADDRESS3" is anything other than a PO Box it will remain the same. As will "ADDRESS 1".

Basically if there is a PO Box it needs to be in the column named "ADDRESS1" and overwrite anything else that was there. The exception will be for PO Boxes that are in c/o someone else, the PO Box will then need to be listed in the column directly after the column that has c/o.

If the c/o exception will be too difficult the code could just highlight those scenarios and we could fix them manually. We usually do not have a lot of them, but enough that we need to be mindful of them.

The different scenarios are listed in my sample spreadsheet.Also, the code will have to use the column header names in row 1 because those headers are not always in the same column.

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Column Headers

Jul 19, 2007

on a vb user form list, made from the control toolbox

I enable collumn headers but have trouble populating them

From what i could get from google, it seems the only way to populate them is by having the data on an excel sheet. Can you just do it through code?

I have another list which the data is on an excel sheet but I can't get my headers working.

I have been using

frmAct.listCodes.RowSource = ("A1:C39")
frmAct.listCodes.RowSourceType = ("Value")

It doesnt like "Value"

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Sum By Name In Column & Between Headers In Row

Mar 2, 2009

In the attached file is it possible to use cell/ array formula in cells P3 to R6 to lookup names (Column O) within the data range (Columns A - M) and return the values shown in the yellow shaded area?

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Column Lettering Changing To Column Headers

Nov 19, 2013

I have been given a spreadsheet with standard configuration with column headers etc, but when you scroll down the sheet the actual column headers change from the normal A-Z display to be the column headers that have been entered into the cells.

I know this can be achieved similarly by setting Freeze Pane but how this other option has been switched on. I have attached the spreadsheet (which has totally fictitious content).

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Data Under 1 Column, Need To Seperate Under Different Column Headers

Jan 29, 2010

I have data as follows in Column A:

Part Number: 0000000-1 ARTEC-GH-56S 12A
SPARES in Repair: 20

On-hand: 100Location: BNCD

I need the data under different columns as follows: I also want an extra column before Column A labelled as Common number.


0000000 20 100 BNCD

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Excel 2013 :: No Column Headers?

Nov 28, 2013

My and a work college needed to combine our separate excel worksheets into a single document.

Office 2013 didn't have a function to "import sheet from file" so we used open office to import my .xlsx worksheets.

After we finished importing we exported the final workbook as .xls (so I could open it).

After opening the workbook on my pc (excel 2013) i notice some of the sheets no longer have column headers, but the row headings still exists. (No ABCD, only 1234)

Also I am unable to use features such as "Freeze Pane"

I suspect this was caused by importing and exporting through open office?

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Formula Bar Covering Column Headers

Jun 13, 2006

How do I set up the formula bar so it doesn't cover the column headers?

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How To Return Column Headers For Where Certain Values Appear In Each Row

Mar 16, 2014

I want to return the column headings (the months) where there is a 'No' value, per person. How to do this?

Here's the screenshot

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.45.34 am.png

And here's a dummy version:

Example Spreadsheet.xlsx

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Sort Button In Column Headers

Mar 14, 2013

I have a table with headings for each column.

How can I make the columns headers buttons/clickable, so that it sorts the rows on the column that was clicked upon?

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