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Determine A Cell's Format And Type

How do I determine a cell's type (e.g., numeric or string or formula) and if numeric, the format (e.g., currency, general, scientific) including the number of decimal places.

Is there a function that returns the object's properties? Must I use isnumeric, isformula, and so on or is there one function that returns this information?

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Vba Give Format To A Cell- Specify A Type For It
Does anyone have any clue of a VBA function that gets a cell and Changes the type of its contense?

I have been using the Cstr function as in the next example but I dont get the result I want

hojaRES.Cells(i, 6) = CStr(hojaRES.Cells(i, 6))
If IsNumeric(hojaRES.Cells(i, 6)) Then
MsgBox "nothin changes :("
Exit For
End If
hojaRES.Cells(i, 6) = "0" & "34" & hojaRES.Cells(i, 6)

My problem is that i want to add 034 prefix to a telephone number, and as it treats the data as numeric; number 0 (before34) is deprecated

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Type A Number In A Blank Cell With The General Format
My excel recently the General number format so that when the general number fomat is used and I type a number in a blank cell with the general format, the number is always divided by 10.

E.g., I enter "102", the number is automatically improperly converted to 1.02.
However, if I enter "=102", the number is properly entered as 102.

How can I reset the General format to the original setting without this divide by 100 problem?

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Determine Data Type Of Array Elements. Numeric Strings
I have an array of variants..

lvarArrSource = Array(12, "=F", 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, "123", "F", "F", "F", "F", 11, "F", "NR", "F")

which i am using to map columns between spreadsheets. The basic numeric entries refer to columns to copy. But I want to make the routine smarter with the strings.

If array(x) = 12 (For example) Then
Do something
End If
If left(array(x),1) = "=" Then
Do something Else
End If
If array(x) Is String literal (e.g "xyz" Or "123") Then
Do a third thing
End If

i cant find a typeof or isstring kind of function. Isnumeric works ok for some values but quoted numbers (eg "123") return true (which isnt what i want). I have tried the left(string,1) = """ but excel seems to hide the quotes.

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Merged Cells: Format The Cell So That If There Isn't Two Lines Of Type In The Description It Remains Aligned With The Quantity And Price
I've attached part of the file I'm working with, and can't figure out how to align the text to the top in the merged cells titled description. How do I format the cell so that if there isn't two lines of type in the description it remains aligned with the quantity and price

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VBA: Format Amts Into Text $ 9.99 Type Format
Need to create a set of aligned text amts from various cells...Tried Format but unable to get right combination...I've looked at many threads and most seem related to getting amt from text instead of reverse.

Cell may contain nothing or a monetary amt, negative or positive. Output needs to be in format of "$9,999.99-" or similar...with leading zeros suppressed but a min of "$ 0.00" showing, so that above/below amts with be decimal point aligned in a fixed font situation.

I've almost gotten my routine finsihed but this is last remaining obstacle.

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Format Individual Cells To Type In CAPS
how I can format individual cells to put text in caps. I have found how to format the whole worksheet, but I only want certain cells to do it.

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Time Between Date Format Of Type Yyyymmddhhmmss
I have 2 dates format like 200903021124 and 200903030254. How do I use excel or excel VBA to calculate what is the time that elapses between this 2 date format?

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Format Date: Type Library Is Missing
I have a problem with the format( Date) function.

On the computer I've developed the application everything works but when running the application on another computer I get a compilation error telling that the project or library doesn't exist

This is quite urgent so I really appreciate a quick solution.

On the computer that fails it says that Type Library is missing when looking at accessible references. Can this be something explaining the problem ?

Private Sub Workbook_OpenTest()
Dim varWeekW As String

varWeekW = Format(Date, "YYWW") ' Here it fails

End Sub

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Type Mismatch Error Message Comparing Value To Cell Error "Type Mismatch"
I'm trying to write a Macro that, in the active sheet (which contains plenty of data), deletes rows according to several criteria, for example:

- if cell(i, ar1(j)) = ERROR, delete row i and shift 1 up
(ar1 is an array of column numbers)

- if cell(i, ar3(j)) = 0, delete row i and shift 1 up
(ar3 is another array of column numbers)


The problem is that, when I run it, I get a "Type Mismatch" error message, and I don't understand why. Here is the

Sub Delete_invalid_rows()
Dim i%, j%
Dim Nr%, valid As Boolean, BYPdata As Boolean
Dim ar1, ar2, ar3, ar4 As Variant
Nr = 1379
ar1 = Array(11, 14, 19, 20, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 104, 106, 107, 109, 112, 116, 126, 127, 128, 129, 131, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 142, 143, 145)..............

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VBA Functions: Type # For Date (Type:=?)
1. Is there a VBA Function equivalent to the FIND() function, If so What is it?
2. Let's say Im Putting a Date into a inputbox, what is the type # for date (Type:=?)??

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Determine Cell Value Or N/A
I am working on a spreadsheet where individuals must enter a value between 1 - 4 or n/a. I would like to include a formula for each question where if they enter a value between 1-4, this scores 1 and if they enter n/a this scores 0. Does anyone know a simple formula I could use, I have tried IF formulas but keep getting muddled.

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Not Allow A Word To Be Type Into A Cell
I am trying to figure out how to not allow a word to be type into a cell. I am relatively new to excel and I am working on a spreadsheet where I do not want the word TOMORROW to be allowed in a cell.

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Select Cell With Value I Type
I want a macro to select the cell with i type. Like i type in cust-0001 and it selects the cell which has cust-0001. I then want it to select the cell in column C that is in the same row with that value. E.g. Find cell in column A with value cust-0001 and then select the cell in column B in the same row.

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How To Determine What Cell Was Selected
Can anyone help me in finding how to write the command in VBA to determine what Cell was selected in a worksheet? The objective is to know what Cell has been selected by double click event to pop up a userform with a calendar from which the user can select the date. I am looking at making it dynamic so I do not select a particular range.

Can this be achieved? I guess yes, but how?

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Determine If Cell Contains Any Text In VBA
I have tried searching for a way for VBA to recognise in VBA if a cell contains any text, but most of my searches respond to specific cases for specific characters in a string

Basically, I'm just looking for the correct way to word a string of code that if it detects any text in column B (col 2 ) then it should not do anything, else it should cut the value in col 2 and paste it in col 8

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Vba: Determine If Cell Value Is In A Range
Column A contains a giant list of pathogens, with each often appearing in several ways (with/without species name, various misspellings, etc.) Column B contains truncated versions of maybe 20 or so pathogens that I'm interested in. What I want in column C is for an "X" or something to appear every time the code finds a pathogen of interest (that is, from column B) in the corresponding row of column A. For example:.............

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Determine If A Cell Is Bold Or Not
I'm trying to create a VBA module that will update data. However, I need it to skip any updates to data that has been set by the user. For simplicity, the user changes will be bold. I've found the info on the site for a function for counting cells in a range that are bold. But really just need to know how to get format of the cell.

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Determine Cell Above Maximum Value Of Row

I have the above table. I would like to determine which is the item that has Maximum value on a particular date. example on 2/11/2007, the maximum value is 7, so the result should be item a. How can I achieve this by using a formula.

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Determine Cell Content By Other Cell Contents
I am trying to write an "IF" scenerio.

I want to be able to control what is put in a cell based what is placed in another cell.

For example.

I want to be able to only enter a credit/debit in B1 based by what I type in A1.

If any cell in column A is any of these numbers (41,47,48,49,50,51,52,60,61,65,68,63,67,69) then any number entered in a cell in column B can only be a positive number. If any cell in column A is any of these numbers (40,42,43,44,45,46,52,53,55,56,57,64,62,66) then any number entered in a cell in column B must be a negative number.

So if A1 is 41 then B1 must be positive (debit).

If A4 is 42 then B4 must be negative (credit).

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To Type A Number In A Cell (G4) On A Worksheet,
The goal is to type a number in a cell (G4) on a worksheet, and then look it up in different work sheets (JANUARY THROUGH MARCH) in a different workbook,(NEW DAILY SUMMARY.xls) Once found, import the value of the cell next to were the number was found....

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Type Celsius Into Cell And Converts To C/f
is there a way to type a number into a cell and for it to alter the cell upon hitting enter?

for example...

typing -10
and it displaying -10 / 14 in the same cell

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Identify Cell Data Type
How can I identify a cell type at excel sheet (w/ VBA command) ?
I find this command (from Access forum):
but its working only with Access...

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Change Cell Format Based On Existing Currency Format
I would like to have a single button that changes a range of cells from the USD to EURO to perhaps CAD symbol. Can this operation be performed, such that if I start in dollars, and I click the button once, it shifts by range to EURO (not formulas...just symbol)...and then if I click the same button again, it goes to CAD, and then back to USD with a third click?

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Determine Date Of Cell In For Each Loop
I have a for/next loop working through a date range. I want to skip a date at the 'next' code line.

1st loop Date = 1/1/2008
miss 2/1/2008
2nd loop Date = 3/1/2008

For Each Date In Rng
Next Date+2

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VBA Test To Determine If Cell Has A Formula Or Value
I need to take a specific action when a cell has an actual formula in it versus when it just has a "value". Is there a procedure or command which will allow me to identify if a certain cell has a "formula" (like =sum(a1: a5) ) or just a value.

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Dynamically Determine Cell In Which To Apply Value
I've searched the forumn but have found no resolution to my dilema. I'm trying to accomplish the following:

I would like to apply an Alternate number to a job that meets a certain criteria. The criteria is based on a Marker, which should be automatically determined based on the count of total jobs that are Estate or Custom. The Alternate number needs to be applied to certain % of the Jobs. What I've done is to get the count of jobs Estate or Custom then based on the count I have applied the Alternate % to determine the actual number of jobs that should have the marker applied. Here is where I need the help. The next step would be be to apply the marker to the number of jobs. I'm not sure how I can accomplish this task. Attached is an excel spreadsheet with an example of what I'm trying to achieve as well as what the end result should look like.

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Determine If Cell Maximum In Range
I have a spreadsheet where I need to check if one cell value is greater than 6 other cell values in the row, then have it enter 1 in another cell if so.

For example: C1=5 C2=2 C3=3 C4=2 C5=7 C6=0 C7=4

The largest value is in cell C5, so I would like C6 to show that it is by entering a 1 in there.

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Determine If Cell Is Number & Round
It's been awhile since I've done this...and I tried searching for the solution but to no avail.

I'm trying to edit the contents of a series of numbers by using the Rounding function. When I execute my macro on the next cell, it uses the value of the original cell when the macro was created. Here's a copy of my macro:

Sub RoundTest()
' RoundTest Macro
' Macro recorded 7/26/2007 by Aramark Uniform Services
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+l
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=ROUND(2103.86,0)"
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Range("A1").Select
End Sub

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Determine If Cell Value Exists In A Range
I am trying to make a spreadsheet for bank reconiliation. I found this formula, =if( countif($B1:$B$1000,D1),D1)=0,D1,"") but there are two open parathese and three close. What needs to be corrected?

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Determine If Cell Value Is In Number Array
1. In column A i have a list from 1-12 (months in a year)
2. In column B i have the formula that references the corresponding cell in column A in the same row i.e. B1 "=(A1={1;3;5;7;8;10;12})"

Problem: This formula works only when the value in column A equals "1"...i need it to work when it equals any of the identified numbers in the set.

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To Type The Number 413 And Have Joe Smith Appear In The Tech Cell
I am in a role that has recently required me to do scheduling for employees every week. The schedule is 6000 rows of sites with columns A-N used for data such as site #, date, address, tech name. I want the tech name to be associated with the site number. Example:

Site Date Tech Name
413 5/17 Joe Smith

413 5/29 Blank

How do I get "Joe Smith" to magically be linked with site 413 and automatically populate in 5/29 when I enter it in initially for 5/17? I want all the techs to do the same sites from start to finish but the data entry is brutul. I am very basic in excel. Ultimately, I want to type the number 413 and have Joe Smith appear in the Tech cell. Is this possible?

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Format Cell: Changing The Format Of Sheet2 To Exactly Like The Following Image Below
I need in changing the format of sheet2 to exactly like the following image below.
*there are some codes in sheet2 which I think is the place to change the format.

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Determine If Allow Edit In Cell Is On/Off Or True/False
I want to return a true or false result that I can use in a formula to indicate whether "Edit directly in cell" has been "set". The VBA code is
Application.EditDirectlyInCell = True

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Determine Whether Cell Contains A Number Formatted As Text
How can I interrogate the contents of a cell to determine whether or not it contains a number formatted as text? I intend to run a .value = .value over each such cell to convert it to a number format, but I only want to do this to relevant cells.

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Determine If Cell Value Exists In Column Of Table
Im trying to write a formula that will check if a name that I have in column A also appears in column B and if it does I want it to return a value for example TRUE in column C.

I'm currently doing a survey and I have all employees in column A (600persons) and then column B I enter thos that have taken the survey. So If an employees name exist in column B he/she has done the survey and then they I get the value "TRUE" or "1" or something else. So in this way I can easily see who has and who hasn't done the survey. I've been trying with VLOOK and so on but I can not get it right? Maybe I need VBA?

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Determine Left Most Character In Cell Text
Could someone tell me if the following formula is valid?

=AND(F15="R*", I15>0)

I want to know if F15 contains 'R' or 'RW' but using a wildcard always returns false whether this correct or not.

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Determine If Cell Has White Space Only & No Characters
Using VBA, how can I determine if a cell contains only white spaces and NO valid characters?

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Determine Row Number Of Active Cell In CurrentRegion
I'm trying identify the active cell row number in a current region for viRows below. Currently I'm getting the active cell row number on the total worksheet.

With ActiveCell.CurrentRegion
viCols = .Columns.Count
viRows = .Range(ActiveCell.Row).Count
End With

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Cell Type Constants Returns Wrong Order
I'd like to add items on a UserForm1 ComboBoxes in the correct order but I can't. That's because with the code below, in ComboBox6P1 the items are added with mixed order:

For Each thing In .Range("AC6", .Range("AC65536").End(xlUp)).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants)
If Trim(ComboBox4P1.Text) = thing.Value Then
For Each aNew In .Range("AD6", .Range("AD65536").End(xlToRight)).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants)
If aNew.Row = thing.Row Then
ComboBox6P1.AddItem aNew.Value
End If
Exit For
End If

I should add items in ComboBox6P1 in order -> AD6, AE6, AF6, AG6, AH6, the rest are empty cells. Instead of it adds AF6, AG6, AH6, AD6, AE6. When I change .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants) to .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible ) it adds it in the correct order but with another 200 emtpy cells in the ComboBox6P1. The format of the cells is General.

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Change Cell Font Type If Condition True
I would like to know if there is a way to change the font type in a cell, if a condition is true in another cell. e.g font in cell C3 is Arial Rounded MT Bold and if condition is true in cell F3 then font is changed to Arial Narrow.

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Type Equation In Cell And It Is In Another Cell
I am trying to type in a basic equation in a single cell (343.56 + 46.78) and I want it to be solved in another cell. Can this be done? Can I put this function in a cell where the cell it is trying to solve is not yet put in?

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Function For Determine If Cell Has 'mingled Bold Text'
I have the following formula (taken from the web) in my spreadsheet which let me know if a cell have bold text or not. But when the cell has 'mingled' text, i.e. only partly bold, he gave a #VALUE error.

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Cell Protection :: How To Stop Type Of Data But By Selecting Drop Down ...
is it possible to restrict a cell in such a way that it is impossible to type data into it, but rather select data from a drop down, through validation?

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Determine If Cell Value Between 2 Other Cell Values
I'm trying to create a formula where: If A1 is between B1 and C1, then it equals D1, but also if A1 is between B2 and C2 then D2 etc.

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Worksheet_Change Code: Determine How To Get The Code Below To Fire Whenever Cell J10 Is Populated
I am trying to determine how to get the code below to fire whenever cell J10 is populated and do nothing when cell J10 is not populated but I can't quite get it. (Cell J10 is manually changed and is not changed based off of a formula)

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Reference Cell Based On Button Location & Determine Button Used
I received this code from an example I found once upon a time that was originally submitted by someone else. Right now the code enters the current date in a cell of the same row as the checkbox when it's checked. I need to revise it, or come up with something similar, that will reference the value of a cell when it is in the same row as the button (from the Forms toolbar) that is clicked to activate the macro. First of all, I don't know how to reference a Forms button in VBA.

Sub Process_CheckBox()
Dim cBox As CheckBox
Dim LRow As Integer
Dim LRange As String
LName = Application.Caller
Set cBox = ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes(LName)
' Find row that checkbox resides in
LRow = cBox.TopLeftCell.Row
LRange = "B" & CStr(LRow)
'Change date in column B, if checkbox is checked
If cBox.Value > 0 Then
ActiveSheet.Range(LRange).Value = Date
'Clear date in column B, if checkbox is unchecked
ActiveSheet.Range(LRange).Value = Null
End If
End Sub

Here is some other code I already created. Unfortunately, because I don't know how to do the row reference, I had to create 25 different macros, which just bulks up the size of my file and slows it down. But here is what I'm trying to accomplish in my macro:.............

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Sales Growth Per Month Formula...</title><script Type="text/javascript" Src="clientscript/vbulletin_post_loader.js?v=384"></script><style Type="text/css" Id="vbulletin_showthread_css">
In my spreadsheet below I want to be able to enter a sales number for January, the value of cell F2.

I want cells F3 thru F12 to automatically calculate according to the "Growth Per Month" value in cell H1.

Example: If January sales are 20,000, then February should calculate to 21,000 (january * 105%).

Excel Jeanie HTMLSheet1

E F G H 1 2010 Per Month Sales XXX 5% 2 XXX XXX 3 February $ 10,000 4 March $ 5,000 XXX 5 April $ 2,500 6 May $ 1,250 7 June $ 625 8 July $ 313 9 XXX $ 156 10 September $ 78 XXX 11 October XXX 12 November $ 20 XXX 13 December $ 10 14 $ 39,990
Spreadsheet Formulas Cell Formula F3 =F2*10*H1 F4 =F3*10*H1 F5 =F4*10*H1 F6 =F5*10*H1 F7 =F6*10*H1 F8 =F7*10*H1 F9 =F8*10*H1 F10 =F9*10*H1 F11 =F10*10*H1 F12 =F11*10*H1 F13 =F12*10*H1 F14 =SUM(F2:F13)

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Auto Deletion Of Contents</title> <script Type="text/javascript" Src="clientscript/vbulletin_post_loader.js?v=384"></script><style Type="text/css" Id="vbulletin_showthread_css"> <!-
As shown in the below image. I have some data from A13 to I 13. Currently if I put the cursor on A13 and press DELETE button then all the formatting from A13 to I13 goes off. But the data still remain there.

Is it possible then when I press DELETE the content of A13 then all the data from B13 to I13 should also get deleted ?

Excel Jeanie HTMLSheet2 *ABCDEFGHI13Key FieldEmp 11 2 4 8 5 3 7 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Macro That Will Clear Contents Of Cell Based On Format Of Text In Adjacent Cell
Been racking brain, searching through the forum here, and my Excel 2003 Bible all day trying to figure out this problem to no avail. I would like to clear the contents of any cell in a given range if the cell immediately to the right of is formatted as bold.

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Formula To Determine If A Cell Has A Formula Or Constant
In cell A1 exists data. In cell A2, I would like to test A1 to determine if A1 is a formula or a constant.

=A9+3 would result "formula"
="1+3 would result "formula"
3 would result "constant"
'Blahblah would result "constant".

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