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Displaying Percentage Values Over 100%

I'm trying to make my spreadsheet display over 100% while calculating a long column of entries. Each entry is showing percentage cost per hour of a benchmark of $65.00 per hour. When an entry for example is $51.10 the percentage displays 0.79%, but if the entry is for example $73.89 then the displayed value is 1.14%.

How do I make this display the percentage over the benchmark of 65 as 110, 115 or whatever it calculates out?

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Values Of Column Displaying In Rows
I have some values in the column and i want those values to be displayed in rows now. Example:

In the Excel sheet the data is in the form,
Column1 Column2 Column 3

I want in the format,

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Displaying Values In An Entire Column In Another Worksheet
Is there a formula/function in excel that can take all the cells in a column, lets say Column A, and paste/display it in another file without the spaces between the cells with values and without duplicates?

Column A

1 Name
3 Mike
4 Rob
5 Ryan
7 Mindy
8 Paul
10 Rob
12 Mindy
13 Chris

Column A

1 Name
2 Mike
3 Rob
4 Ryan
5 Mindy
6 Paul
7 Chris

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Exclusion Of Values In SUM/Percentage
I am trying to exclude a certain value from an array of numbers to get a percentage. I have data that populates on its own and in the same columns regularly. The data contains a country name in column A, a year in columnB and a value in column C. I am trying to exclude the value for the U.S. in the totals so that I can get a percentage of values outside of the U.S.

So that the sum of all of the rows less the value corresponding to the U.S., divided by the sum of all of the values.
The problem is that the location of the U.S. value and U.S. designation varies with different inputs (this cannot be helped), so the formula must be able to follow it.

I have been able to do this but not without a lot of extra cells and rows, and I would like to have a single formula.

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Increase Values By X Percentage
How do I change numerous numbers in several different columns by a constant amount? example reduce each number in each of these columns by 50%.

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Percentage Difference Between Two Values
I am trying to create a formula that can work out the % difference between two values. The formula I am using is:


So, where

A1=1, B1=2, = 100%
A1=-1, B1=2, = 300%

This seems to work perfectly, apart from where there are zero numbers involved. The answers I want to have are as follows:

A1=0, B1=0, = 0%
A1=0, B1=-1, = -100%
A1=0, B1=1, = 100%
A1=-1, B1=0, = 100%
A1=1, B1=0, = -100%

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Coloring Percentage Values
I need to coloring percentage values in excel 2000. What I would like to do is have percentages greater than zero shown in green, while negative values are red, and zero values are black. I currently have the custom formatting so negative values are red and all others are black, but I cant' seem to find a way to change it so greater than zero numbers are green and zeros are black. All I can do is chang positive and zero at the same time. Here is what I currently have:

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Displaying Multiple Values Without Using Macros Or ROWS Function
is to display a set of data based on filtered information.

My Data base:
Company Department Name
A X John
A Y Joe
A X Jane
B Y Bob
C Z Kate
A X Kerri

Based on user selection of Company and Department, I want to be able to display the relavent names.

If user chose Company A, and Department X, I want to be able to display

I've used the ROWS, Index, Small combination that works perfectly (Please see sample below). However, since the this software doesn't support the ROWS function, and doesn't support Macros.

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Displaying Cell Values With Worksheet_Change By Value If Target Is In Certain Range
I have a spreadhseet where columns I and J (range from I6 to J300) serve as input cells, off to the right, 23 columns over in AF and AG respectively I have a hidden array formula (Index, match) calculating values based on input in either column I or J and several factors embedded in reference table in the same sheet. That works fine. I want cells in columns I and J to be interdependent, in other words, input in column I drives calculations in a hidden formula and I want the value of that calculaton to display in column J (in a adjacent cell input in I6 results in display in J6), but if I input value in J then this value will drive calculation in a hidden formula and display in I (let's say I is centimeters and J is inches). I have a code that works (I set it up as a try just for few rows) but only one code section at a time, not together. If I choose column I (#9) to go first in code, values update in J, but not the other way around, if I choose column J (#10) to go first in code, values update in I, but not the other way around. What am I doing wrong, I tried Target.address case, I tried Intersect ... is nothing then etc. They all work one at a time but not together. Here is the code as it stands now

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Deleting Rows With Non-percentage Values
What I would like to do is to delete the rows in the attached Excel file highlighted in yellow (whole numbers) and to keep the rows with percentage values. Ideally I would like to have only the rows with the string "Group:" remaining along with the rows that have percentage values in them.

What I'm going to be doing is then transferring these groupings of data to another excel sheet in order to create a time series of performance by "team leads". If anybody would be willing to help me out with the first part of this I would really appreciate it. I have some idea of how to go about it using conditional logic, but I'm just not comfortable enough in VBA to do this efficiently. It would probably take me hours just to get a simple version working....

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Finding Percentage Of A Range Of Values
I have a little table:
Columns A:B (separated by commas)
Row 1- Year One, 20
Row 2- Year One, 20
Row 3- Year One, 10
Row 4- Year One, 30
Row 5- Year One, 20
Row 6- Year One, 20
Row 7- Year Two, 10
Row 8- Year Two, 20
Row 9- Year Two, 20
Row 10- Year Two, 10
Row 11- Year Two, 20
Row 12- Year Two, 40

In the adjacent cells in columns C (C1:C12) I need a formula that would turn the value into a percentage of the total of the values for that year (e.g. in C1: 20 is 16.7% of 120, so the value displayed would be 16.7% (or 0.167)).

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Adjusting Percentage Values On Cell Change
Good afternoon Gentlemen, I have a column of data, with a varying number of percentage values that add up to 100%, separated by "NA", i.e.


Now... when I change one of the values I would like the others to even up, i.e. in the last example if I change a 20% to 50% I would like the others to change to 10%... any ideas?

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Take Cell Values From Six Worksheets And Adds Them Up As A Percentage
How would I write a formula that takes cell values from six worksheets and adds them up as a percentage (quarterly updates)? I realize this is wrong, but here's what I'd tried (for three sheets).


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Return Range Of Numerical Values In Single Column Based On Frequency Percentage
I have a single column of numerical values that may repeat many times within
the column.

I require a flexible Formula:
Use an Input Cell for the specified and changeable Percentage(s) %.
Column may be filtered so only take into account Visible Filtered Cells.

The Formula will calculate and Return the numerical range of values that fall
between the specified percentage % (using the Input Cell) e.g.; 70%.

The Formula should Return two numeric values: a Start Value and an End Value
NOT necessarily the minimum and maximum per se BUT the MIN and MAX of the
values that appear 70% of the time in the column; therefore, taking into
account Repeat / Duplicate values.

The calculated Results: the two numeric values will be returned to separate
cells on a new Sheet.

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Displaying And Un-Displaying Objects Using VBA..
Is It Possible to use VBA Coding to Display An Image (Object),
And Un-Display or Remove that Same Image (Object) using a VBA Code?


I have a Mailbox Picture that I would Like to Show, but only when a cell's
value = 5. If the Cell's Value is not 5, then don't display the mailbox.

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Displaying Zero
I have tried different formula involving with decimal places.

If A1 has a whole number like 5141234 then the result would come out as a whole number =(A1-5148000)*1.000440935+48000

If A1 has three decimal places like 5142356.654 then the result would out as three decimal places

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XML Chart Not Displaying
I have an XML file which I can open in Excel as an XML table. When I try to insert a chart from any of the data, a chart appears but the data appears as the legend but not as any lines on the chart. The column headings, which would normally appear as the legend, do not appear. The chart itself is blank. Does anyone have any ideas of a way to solve this?

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Text Keeps On Displaying ##############
1. What is the maximum characters an Excel cell can take?

I try to import a very large text string into an Excel cell. I notice that
it's truncated to a certain maximum length.

When I set the cell type to be TEXT it displays #########################
But when I set cell type to GENERAL then it displays ok.

I just did a Len() on my text cell and it appears the maximum characters
allowed is 330. Is it possible to extend this?

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Cells Are Displaying ##########
I have a bunch of cells that are only displaying ########## (they contain strings of text, and the actual text can be seen in the formula bar).

I know for a fact that the cells do not exceed the character limit for a cell and other cells in the same column are being displayed just fine. I've also tried adjusting the row height and column width but it doesn't seem to be working.

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Displaying An Array
I'm looking for a better/faster way to display the entirety of an array (dimensions like 10 by 10, mixes of strings and integers), besides assigning all of the values to cells in a worksheet. A pop-up window or form would be stellar, but I don't know how to work with forms so well.

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Displaying Day As A Formula
I'm working with a worksheet with one sheet per day of the month (we use a master, copy/paste, change the copy to the current month, and go from there). I've already got it to figure the dates based off (really difficult).

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Displaying A Value When There Is A Value In Another Cell
Refer to the attached worksheet. On entering a value into cell C7, I'd like the value of the adjacent column D7 to be displayed in F6. Then when a value is entered in manually into C8, it will then update and put the value of D8 into F6. The idea is an individual will enter a value each week, updating that value. I intend to hide column D.

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Displaying A Certain Date
Is there anyway I would be able to display the current age of majority (19 here at home) in a cell or userform? This would have to be current each day the form or sheet was opened.

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Displaying Next Cell
I want to have a function that finds the largest number in a selection range. However, i want it to display what's in the cell beside it! Example:
Say the largest value is in B6 well I was wondering how you would go about displaying the value in C6.

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UserForm Not Displaying Correctly
I have built a UserForm (Excel 2003) that looks up a Row dependant on Criteria and displays the values on the User Form.

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Alternate Way Of Displaying Data
I have been using a lot of sumproducting lately with multiple conditions to extract data. Lately I have noticed that though it is a good way to extract data there is a lot of calculation time involved in it. The Excel workbooks that i make are in a database like format where there is 1 sheet usually a data dump which has data from one column to the 200th column and rows being filled with data points till the 10000th row. Data headers in the columns are usually like Date(ColumnA), Tenure(ColumnB), Person, Type, etc and then from Column Z onwards there are columns which contain Data in the form of numbers like Number of cases, Number of this and number of that.

Now usually when creating a dashboard of this data for performance management I use the sumpoduct formula to retrieve data. It normally has conditions in it like for some given date ranges, Tenure ranges, People ranges extract x data for me. For Example something like this


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Displaying Text In Textbox ...
I think I'm getting a grasp of the userform thingie, however, thins one will not work:

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Displaying A Filename In TextBox
I want to use this code to display only the filename + extension in the TextBox1. It currently shows the full path

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Displaying Nothing If Another Cell Has A Text Value
I am using the following math formula in cell C12:


What I want to do is if cell B3 equals a text value of the word "All" then cell B12 would display nothing. If B3 equals any other value then the math formula above be used.

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Displaying Significant Figures
I have an excel database with about 5 columns and 150 rows whose cell data I want to display to 2 significant figures. Almost all the data is numeric, but there are one or two cells with text in them, and the numeric data varies between 1 and 4 significant figures at the moment, some >1, some

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Cell Displaying Date
Each time my spreadsheet is modified and saved, I would like the date of this action to appear in a cell. I think this may involve VBA but I'm not sure.

Let's just say, the cell is L54. I am using Excel 2007.

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Displaying Numbers Starting With Zero
I'm trying to display payroll numbers (eg 0001234), but the zeros are not displayed. How do I get this to happen?

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Displaying A Date Of 00/01/1900 If The Value Is Zero
I currently have to display a large amount of data on a separate report. I have a master sheet which has columns and cells linked to another sheet, then a further sheet which has cells linked to the master sheet. The problem I am getting is when I link some of the date columns using a formula in the 3rd sheet, as this is looking at a cell that has another formula in on the other sheet it is displaying a date of 00/01/1900 if the value is zero, is there any easier way of getting the data to just display a blank as this is messing up the database it is being exported

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Displaying Sheet Name In A Cell
Is there a command or macro to display the name of a sheet in a cell?

I know how to do it in a header or footer, but not in a cell.

I need to copy the name that appears at the bottom of a spreadsheet in a cell at the top -- no need to reference the name of a different sheet, just the same one the cell is on.

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Displaying Certain Coloured Cell
I have a spreadsheet and certain cells are coloured to represent certain
criterier, I would like to display all of one coloured cells to show status
of that colour, say I want all the red cells locations to be displayed so
that i can check the status.

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Displaying Different Worksheet Using The Timer
I have three charts on different worksheets - what I want to do is to use a macro to display each chart for 30 seconds and switch to another worksheet and display the chart on that worksheet.

something like below:

Application.OnTime Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 30), "Procedure_name"

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Prevent Cell From Displaying - #VALUE
Am trying to create a simple spreadsheet with some multiplication functions on it. Using this example:
Cell A1 = 5 (multiplicand) x
Cell A2 = 10 (multiplier) =
Cell A3 = 50 (product)

All is well providing I have a number value in cells A1 and A2. When I don't, I would like them to remain blank, as well as A3, the product. The problem I face is when I remove the values in either A1 or A2, what's displayed in A3 turns to the word - #VALUE!. Which also shows up on the printed page.

My question is, like removing the checkmark for "zero values" under tools and options to prevent the "0"'s from being displayed, is there a way of preventing the word "#VALUE!" from being displayed when the values for the multiplicand and/or multiplier have been removed?

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Displaying A Number Value In Words
I'm trying to display a value both numerical and also in english (e.g display both 200 and two hundred, 259 and two hundred and fifty-nine and so on.)

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IF Statement Is Displaying 0 Instead Of Correct Value
I have an attached spreadsheet, where I have an IF statement within "O8". Bascially, the result in that cell should equal "50", however displays as "0".

I think this might be an excel glitch - as the same formula worked for "M8".

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Vlookup (first Item Is Displaying)
I have the attached workbook. I have one sheet (materials) using Vlookup onto a second sheet (price list). If I put in a qty against 2 or more items with the same part code on the price list only the first item is displayed. It does get shown multiple times.

I need to try and get all items displayed, even if the part code is the same.

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If Formula Displaying False
The first being that when the first if condition is not met, it is displaying false. The formula should be set up with multiple if statements and then display 0 if all conditions are false. What am I missing? Why won't it work for all the conditions or display a 0?

Second problem is that when I try to add the last if formula to accommodate the drop down option of 60 months (5) excel is giving me an error in the formula. It doesn't matter if I type in the if statement or cut and paste. Why won't it work for this option. A sample spreadsheet is attached. The formula is cell F6 highlighted in yellow.

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IF,AND, Function Displaying Last Date
I have been trying to get this formula to work, and it appears it only works when it wants to and I cannot figure out why. What I'm trying to do: I have a spreadsheet with several columns of data, but I want the formula to read only two entire columns for a specific criteria for each column, then display the most recent date based off the criteria. I do not need to total up the criteria, just display the last date. This is what I have so far: =IF((AND(Sheet2!A:A=B2,Sheet2!B:B="Game: Counter Strike - Source")),MAX(Sheet2!C:C)).

I have this in a table, header as "last date" which is (C2), the B2 in my table would be where criteria would be typed in. So basically, my table should pull the last date from based off the criteria from raw data in sheet2, that is entered in to B2 on sheet1 and is "Game: Counter Strike - Source".

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Displaying Multiple Charts
I created a pivot chart and am utulising the report filter. Is there a way to display multiple charts on the same worksheet (or even another worksheet) for the purpose of comparison?

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Displaying Bulletin In Textbox
I don't know if this is possible, but can i display a message in a textbox in this format (Below). I know about how to insert lines between the sentences with vbnewline.

But i can't seem to find how to insert bulletins into a textbox.

Message to be shown in TextBox

The following services will be provided:
Service AService B Service C

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Displaying The Maximum Value For Each Row Of Data
I have some code and it's not quite working.

For each row of data in my table (each row of data is contained in columns D:F) I want to display the maximum value in column H, of the same row. For some reason though it is putting it in 21 additional rows down.

Sub Winner()
Dim lngMax As Long
Dim lngRowLast As Long
Dim rng As Range
Dim rngAll As Range
Dim rngRow As Range
lngRowLast = Range("D65536").End(xlUp).Row
Set rngAll = Range("D2" & lngRowLast)
For Each rng In rngAll
Set rngRow = Range(rng, rng.Offset(0, 2))
lngMax = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(rngRow)
rng.Offset(0, 4).Value = lngMax
Next rng
End Sub

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Displaying A Certain Day Of The Week Formula
Is there a way to create a date formula that will only display the Friday date with in any given week?

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Displaying Cell Value But Don't Use In Calculations
I have a row of raw quality control data, but some are not in control and should not be used in the calculation of statistical data. There are not a lot of them, so I can manually select these (I use a red fill color for the cell to signify bad data), but I would like to be able to keep these data displayed but not have them included in the calculations.

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Retrieving And Displaying Result
how to retrive and display Data. I've attached an excel file with the macros. That what I need is to be coded in Module1.

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Displaying Which Sheet A MIN Value Is Found On
I have several worksheets of data, and one sheet that I wish to serve as a summary. I have the following function on this summary sheet: =MIN(Sheet2:Sheet4!C1)

This displays the minimum value for the given range, however I don't want the value, I want to know which sheet is was found instead of 3 it might say Sheet2 if Sheet2 containded 3. I've spent quite a while trying other solutions to other similar problems but I just can't figure this out; and I don't have the experience to code a solution myself.

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List Boxes Not Displaying Choices
I'm very new to the VB experience and am having trouble getting the choices in my list boxes to show up.

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Displaying More Than One Column In A Userform Combobox
I have a combobox on a userform that I have set the columncount to 3, so it displays data from columns A, B, and C when the combobox dropdown is used. However, once someone makes a selection from the dropdown, only the item from the first column is displayed in the combobox. Is there a way for me to show the info from all 3 columns once a selection is made?

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