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Enter Key Not Moving To Next Cell (stays In The Same Cell)

I am working in excel and for some reason when I hit the enter key it stays in the same cell. I never had this problem before, what did I do and how do I fix it?

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Enter Key Not Moving To Next Cell ...
My direction keys currently move the screen instead of move from one cell to another. For instance, I will have cell A1 highlighted and then press the down key. Instead of going to A2, it stays at A1 but the screen moves down one cell

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Enter Date When Gets Text But Stays That Date
Is it possible to use a date formula eg Today() to enter that days date when a blank cell say a1 gets data entered, then not change date the following day?

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Go Immediately To A Particular Cell After Inputting Data In Another Cell And Hitting Enter Options
I'm inputting data in E3 and after I hit enter I want B2 to be
selected. But only for E3 and only in one worksheet. And possibly a
further step... Sometimes the formula in B2 has picked up data from
another place depending on what value was entered in E3. If it's done
this then I won't need to go to B2, I'd want to go to A8 after E3
instead of B2.

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When A Date Entered On A Specific Cell, Automatically Enter A Text In Other Cell
I have 6 Headings in excel named...

"A" in cell A1, B in B1, "C" in C1, "D" in D1, "E" in E1 and "F" in F1.

There are two projects.

Project 1 has phase A, D & F and Project 2 has phase A, B, C, D & E.

My Specification follows...

1). Take Prject 1 - Which starts from cell A2 I will keyin "A". When the phase comes to an end I will key in the end date of the phase. As soon as I key in the end date in cell A2 Letter D should automatically appear in the cell D2 and when Phase D comes to an end I will key in the end date in Cell D2 which should automatically keyin F in the cell F2. and is the same case for Project 2.

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Automatically Copy Formula To Next Cell When I Enter Something In Perticular Cell
Automatically copy formula to next cell when i enter something in perticular cell ....

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Cell Date Formatting: Cell To Display Mm/dd/yyyy And Enter Mm/dd/yy
I have Excel 2000, recently when I format a cell to display mm/dd/yyyy and enter mm/dd/yy, it is displaying dd/mm/yyyy. Or it starts out correctly and during a future opening of file it displays incorrectly.

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Cell Border Not Moving With Cell When Sorted
how to filter rows of data, in ascending or descending order, whilst still retaining formatting (in my case cell borders) and conditional formatting?

At present, when I filter rows in ascending / descending order, the cell formatting & conditional formatting stays in it's original position, rather than moving with the cell. I can't find a way to resolve this.

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Moving Cell Value To First Empty Cell In Sheet
Inputting a value in a cell and need to use vba to transfer it to another sheet in the same workbook. Need it to go to the first empty cell in a column upon clicking a button.....then change the value in the original sheet and repeat (upon clicking button again).

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Copy Formula From Previous Cell To Next Cell When I Enter Something
I want to copy formula from previous row to next cell when i enter something in perticular cell.

--Colomn A --- Colomn B -- --------Colomn C
1 01-09-07 ----- John ----------=vlookup(b2,$s$1:$t$10,2,false)
2 01-09-07 ----- Smith -------- =vlookup(b3,$s$1:$t$10,2,false)

Now if i enter date in cell A3 then cell C3 should be automatically filled/copy formula as celll C2. and so on......
then if i enter data to A4 then cell C4 should be automatically filled/copy formula from cell C3.

I have also attached example file.

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Cell Referencing: Enter A Product Name In One Cell And Have The Price For That Product Automatically Appear In Another Cell
I'm trying to create a supply order form. Is it possible to enter a product name in one cell and have the price for that product automatically appear in another cell? Is there a formula that I can use to make this happen?

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Moving The Time From One Cell To A New Cell
I have a cell the has the date and time in this format
2/23/2009 8:11:00 AM; I need to get the time into another cell where I can then use another formula to see how often a persons name shows up within a particular time range, like

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How To Enter The Value Of The Cell Immediately Above If That Cell = 0
I am in the last stages of setting up a spreadsheet which will help calculate scores in a game we play and need help with the following:

If, within a column of random numbers (calculated elsewhere) there is a 0, what is the value of the number in the cell immediately above the 0, and if more than one 0 in the column, the greatest of these.

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Enter Selected Cell Value Into Another Cell
have one value selected from formulas in cell range F3:F7 and when I click on one of those cells, place that value in another cell "C4" named "Amount". The formulas in cells F3:F7 are: ...

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Replacing/Moving Within A Cell
XL=2003 SP3

I need to move data within a cell. Is there a formula that can accomplish this? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do..

Column A
/ TN14YP244f
/ TN15YP245j
/ TN16YP246h

What it would need to do is take the last character in each cell and move it to replace the P in that cell. It should also capitalize the letter. ie: / TN14YP244f would become / TN14YF244

The letters at the end of the cell are always different, however the letter they replace is always the same (P).

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Moving Data To A New Cell.
I have cut and pasted a large amount of data onto a spreadsheet. The problem is that I have two rows of data that is associated with one another, so lets say A1 has a name and A2 contains that person's age. This process repeats in the same way in A3 and A4 and so on.

I need to move the data from A2 to B1 without using a simple function like =A2 in B1. The reason is that I will need to sort just the Names in column A once I get the the data moved. I am not sure how to do this.

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Moving Cursor Along One Cell
I was able to input barcode reader data into A1, and automatically get the date inserted into B1. I wish the next activecell to be C1, instead of A2 as the above code is doing at the moment - so how do I alter the code above to make this happen?

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Moving Data To Another Cell
I have 3 columns Z, AA, AB. The heading for Z1 is A, AA1 is B and AB1 is C
In column Z2:Z2000, there is a mix of A, Bs and Cs. I want A to stay in Z1 column, Bs to goto AA1 and Cs to goto AB1, also I want this added to a macro that I previously created, so everything happens with one push of a button

Now for save, not sure if this is possible or not, if I can have this added to the macro as well that would be great. When I push my macro button, the file saves to Dec (todays date) DB (81).xls The number 81 is the total count of A, Bs Cs, this # will change depending on how may A, Bs and Cs there are. I really hope there is a way of doing all this




----- B.....

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Moving Down A Cell Within A Macro
What I need to do is have the macro move down a cell each time the data is pasted -

Sub saleschartnew()
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 3
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 2
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 1
Sheets("Monthly Sales Chart").Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Sheets("Entry form").Select
Application.CutCopyMode = False...............

I did search and found this: activesheet.cells(row,Col).offset(0,1).value = " Properties"

However, my knowledge of VBA is basically zero so I am not sure how this would be implemented into the macro.

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When Cell Clicked, Stays "clicked" Highlights All
What in the world did I do now? When I click on any cell, the cursor turns into a thick "+" . Then, when I move my mouse up and down the spreadsheet, all the cells the "+" touches become highlighted.

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Restricting Moving Onto Another Cell Until One Is Filled In
I'm an intermediate Excel user that can navigate around pretty well, but now my boss wants me manipulate Excel in such a way that I cannot figure out how to do.

He wants the worksheet to be "locked" so that I cannot select another or "the next" cell unless the active cell I'm in has something entered into it. The purpose of this is so that when a manager is buying off (proofing and approving) my work, he can't put his initials in a cell next to the purchased item unless the cell that decribes the purchaed item is filled in. I'm not exactly sure what terminology to use when describing this, so forgive me if I'm being vague.

Can I restrict a user from "moving on" to another cell unless the active cell is filled in? And if so, how do I do this?

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Moving Active Cell In Same Row To Column A
In my macro, I need to, from any column, move the active cell to column A, while remaining in the same row.

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Moving Defined Cell Data Down One Row
This is the last task in a project I inherited. I have included a sample sheet with 50 rows of data which represents a real sheet with 185,000 rows. This sheet has seven columns, but only two of which apply to this task, columns A and B. Column A is a list of parcel numbers which can, and in many times does, repeat multiple times. Column B is a list of the 'sellers' name for the respective parcel number. This sheet has been sorted by parcel number, then date.

As the current 'seller' was the previous 'buyer', I need to move the 'sellers' name down one row, if the parcel number (Column A) is repeated. If the parcel number is not repeated, the name (Column B) will need to be deleted. This will leave the 'top' line for each unique parcel number blank, which I can work with. As far as the bottom name for each unique parcel number, it will need to also be deleted as there is no where for it to be transferred to. Only the name will be deleted from the 'bottom' row, not the rest of the data. The end result should not change the amount of rows of data.

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Moving A Cell And Deleting The Blank Row
I have a large spreedsheet like below and want to move "the "anytown, US" to the right of "1 Main Street" and delete blank rows. [I know a few ways to do the latter]

John Smith1 Main StreetAnytown, USJohn Smith1 Main StreetAnytown, US

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Return Address Of Moving Cell
I want to be able to display the location of a specific cell no matter if I move it around by inserting cells above it. I've used =ADDRESS(41,2,1,TRUE,B41). Cell B41 contains the word "Tommy". So the result of this formula returns this: Tommy!$B$41. But now if I insert a row above cell B41, "Tommy" moves to cell B42 but the formula still returns: Tommy!$B$41. How can I get the formula to display the new cell address of "Tommy"?

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Cell = Then Enter
Is there a way of a message being displayed if a cell has a specific value.

e.g. if cell A1 = 2 then a message is displayed to say 1 more and action will be taken.

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Moving Data From One Column To Another But Only If Cell Is Blank.
I need to move data from columns B & C into A without losing current data in column A (see attachment). I'm sure I know how to do this but cannot for the life of me remember how.

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Sort Data Without It Moving Cell Colors
I have a sheet with alternating colors (gray,white) for the rows. This makes it easier to read each individual rows data, just like some printer papers. The problem i have is when i sort the data it takes the background color with it and i end up with a mess. does anyone know how to get around this.

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Auto Moving Cell Formula Every Month
I have a row C1 - AN1 that has percentages in, these are named per month, ie C1 = Jan, C2 = feb etc.

In another cell M88 I take the average of the next 9 months so that in feb I need from Feb - Oct, in Mar in need Mar - Nov etc, can I get this to change automatically on the 1st of ervery month?

At the moment I have to do this manually but I have a lot of sheets that this is for.

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Prevent #REF! When Moving Cell Referenced By Formula
I have an IF formula on one worksheet that refers to another worksheet (ex: =IF(Page1!$A13="";"";Page1!$A13). The problem is when I move data from one cell to another the formula becomes #REF. (ex: =IF(Page1!#REF="";"";Page1!#REF)).

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Using VBA To Enter Date When Other Cell Is = '0'
when the number in cell 'A1' reaches zero i want the VBA code to enter the date in cell 'A2' that it became '0'.

This is as far as i've got.

Dim keyRange3 As Range
Set keyRange3 = Range("L:L")
If Not Intersect(keyRange3, Target) Is "0"
Target.Offset(0, 2) = Time
End If

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Macro To F2 On A Cell And Enter
I am in need of an excel macro that will be able to let me F2 (edit cell) and then with whatever is in the cell (variable)-- press enter, repeat for a whole column of data.. I'm new to code-writing, so probably not complex..just not sure and any suggestions would be helpful. I will be receiving a data set and need to compare it to another data set, and they are not appearing identical because in one dataset the data has an enter afterwards, and not in the other.

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Automatically Add To Another Cell Upon Enter
I would like to place a value of like say 100 dollars if the cell next to it is populated with any text for example: customer then 100.00 so if I type anything the cell, the next cell populates a specified value

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Find And Replace :: Cell Moving Down In Linked Sheet?
I have a spreadsheet which is linked to other spreadsheets. When I use "find and replace" on this spreadsheet, it causes one of my linked cells to move down one row. Why does it do this? This particular cell has nothing to do with the "find and replace" option.

I have no idea how to stop this from moving this cell down.

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Loop Checking And Moving Data If Cell Is Not Empty
in writing a loop that will check a number of cells to see if it is emtpy, if it is not, then run the macro. If the cells are not empty it will copy the data in that row and paste it to another sheet and delete that line. If it hits a cell that is empty, i want it to skip that row and move on to the next row.

here is the macro that moves the data.
Sub movedata()

Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
End Sub

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Moving Text In A Cell Similar To News Flash
Can I have text moving in a cell similar to a news flash.

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Hitting Enter In An Unlocked Cell Without It Advancing To The Next Unlocked Cell
I have a locked spreadsheet with unlocked cells and checkboxes. The unlocked cells is for the user to enter text. The user navigation is top to botton in column a in sequential order by row.

For example: I have an unlocked cell in A1, then 20 checkboxes from A2:A21 and then another unlocked cell in A22. My problem is that when the user types text in A1 and hits ENTER - the cursor jumps to A22 (the next unlocked cell and scrolls the screen down accordingly. The user then has to scroll back up to select the checkbox in A2 and so on down to A22 before typing in A22.

I have created a command button that floats...that ultimately I would like the user to be able to select after typing in an unlocked cell(instead of hitting ENTER) and it removes the cursor from the unlocked cell - leaving the text entered - freeing the user to select checkboxes because excel didn't advance to the next unlocked cell.

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Enter Text In One Cell If Specific Text Is Present In Another Cell
is there a formula that will find a word in a sentence written in a cell and if present then enter specif text in another cell? for example, if the word "Hotel" appears in the sentence in cell A5 then put in the text "Hotel and subsistence" in cell B5...

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Enter Data In A Formula Cell
Is there a way to add data into a cell that already had a formula? Lets say in cell A1 we have a formula like "=A1*A2". Would I be able to some how enter a value into cell A1 without changing the formula?

Example: enter value "5" into A2 and value "10" into A1 which would result in A1 value being "50" after value is entered.

I know that this creates a circular error but is there any other way to accomplish this?

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Formula To Insert Alt Enter Into A Cell
How can a formula perform the equivalent of the keyboard alt enter in a cell?
ie Make =A1&A2 where A1 and A2 are cells containing text become
in the new cell.

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Commandbutton To Enter Cell Info
Usually you press the enter key or any of the arrow key to enter cell information. Is is possible to press a commandbutton to enter the cell information and perform some operations without pressing the enterbutton first?


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Enter InputBox Value, After Calculation, Into Cell
I have made a macro to nominate a % rate in an input box , then have a value multiplied by this rate. Now i need the macro to place the rate followed by a '%' symbol in the cell below.

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Enter Data In Cell, But Keep Formula As Well
Is it possible to have a formula in a cell which can be overwritten by manually entering in a number, but if the manually entered number is deleted, the formula remains in the cell.

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Allow To Users To Enter A Cell In The Worksheet
Function Dice(DiOne, DiTwo) As Double
Dim sum As Integer
Dim DiOne, DiTwo As Integer
Dim Odds As Double
DiSum = DiOne + DiTwo

Select Case sum
Case Is = 2
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 3
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 4
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 5
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 6
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 7
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 8
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 9
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 10
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 11
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Else
Odds = 1 / 36
End Select

Dice = Odds

End Function

I'm trying to allow users to enter a cell in the worksheet and type =dice(number, number) and it calculate the probability of that amount coming from two rolls of a dice...

I'd like people to be able to use this just as though it was the SUM or VLOOKUP functions....

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Can I Direct Cell Where Enter Jumps To
The spread sheet I have written reaches a point, where I want the "ENTER key depress" to jump to a cell to the right instead of the cells in the same column lower in the sheet, is there a way to do this?

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Jump To Specified Cell When Press Enter
On Sheet1 I always enter information into Cell X1 first, then hit Enter. Now I need to continue entering data into Cells B10 through B75. Is there a way to set Cell X1 to jump to Cell B10 after I hit Enter?

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Move One Cell To The Right And Then Enter The Next Number
In my excel spreadsheet I used to be able to enter a number then use my arrow key to move one cell to the right and then enter the next number. Now when I enter a number in a hightlighted cell and use the arrow key to move one cell to the right the cell does not move my page shifts to the right but the highlighted cell stays in the same spot. I must of hit some kind of key combination to cause this. how to fix this?

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To Enter The Current Date In A Cell
I know there is a way to enter the current date in a cell.


Is there a way to prevent the previous dates enters from updating to the current dates evey day?

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Enter Text Based On Cell Value
Not sure why this won't work. Just want to insert the text line "11 color" in column "I" if a user enters a number higher than 199 in column "G".

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Enter UserForm TextBox Into Cell
I am having trouble using User Forms.

I am trying to enter data using User Forms to apply to a specific cell.

For example the user enters text or a number value into a text box and clicks a command button to submit that information into a specific cell. In this case D43.

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Enter Sheet Name To Destination Cell
I would like a button in (Sheet2) to do this operation when clicked: jump to (Sheet1) and enter Sheet2's name into cell B4, where this button is used in many sheets similar to Sheet2(aka2,3,4,5,6...) that all do the same to jump to sheet 1.

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