Export Complete VBA Code To Another WorkBooK

Aug 18, 2008

Export ALL modules, forms, objects etc in one workbook to another and if that can't be done than at least all modules and/or objects. This is so I can change code but leave the formulas/values etc in the main excel sheets. Basically it would need to delete all VBA code and copy, I guess from a text file to insert the new code, at least for modules and objects. Forms, I don't know how that can be done?

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Code To List Out Complete Sheet Names In Workbook

Feb 20, 2013

I'm about get code for list out the sheet names in current workbook, list would be displayed in a new sheet at the end.

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Alert That Module Code Is Complete?

Feb 20, 2009

I have a vba process that develops statistics/graphical output via SQL queries of pretty large datasets. This usually takes about 2min, so I run it via a form I've build, and then go do other work or play on the net, checking and rechecking if it has completed. I do have a msgbox once the process is complete, but if i am not actively in an Excel window, I will not see it. Is there a way to force the windows taskbar to flash or something so i can see that my process is complete if i am not in an Excel window?

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Export Sheets To A New Workbook

Apr 28, 2009

I use this code to export sheets to a new workbook.

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Export Table To CSV (workbook)

Dec 30, 2012

I'm trying to export a table to a csv file

Check out this screenshot:


So I'm just trying to export B2 through the last Row in D (B2:Dlastrow)

Perhaps it's having a problem because the data is being populated with a vlookup from a different sheet?

Here is the workbook(pardon the size, I just wanted to include it in its entirety)


Take a look at sheet ""Deactivate"

Here is the code I'm using


Sub Images1()
Dim LR As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
With Sheets("Deactivate")



Export Table to CSV (with code & workbook)

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CSV Export Of All Sheets In Workbook

Feb 10, 2010

I've found several posts that talk about this but none are quite what I'm looking for and I don't understand them well enough to modify to my needs.

I have a workbook with several sheets. I wish to

1) save the workbook as is (you'll see why)
2) export each sheet as "worksheetname.csv: to the same folder as the original workbook
3) Close the workbook without saving it becasue I've discovered that if you then save it it overwrites the last CSV file I just created with the info reformatted in a goofy, unusable way (hence the save in the first step

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Export & Import From 1 Workbook To Another

Dec 8, 2006

I have a rather large workbook with around 10 sheets. i want to setup a 'export' button on this workbook that will allow a user to save raw data from this workbook into another excel workbook and an ' import' button that will allow user to import raw data and use the existing formulas/links from this large workbook.

As in sample file, i want to be able to export/import all the cells that are orange in colour (in my actual file, all raw data cells are not actually orange, thought colour coding it would make my problem easier to understand)

I was thinking around these options:

1) Copy and then PasteValues from the large worksheet into another workbook for exporting and same idea for importing

2) For all raw data, copy out all the values and put their corresponding addresses in another excel sheet. e.g. column1: Sheet1!$A$1, column2: value
and import it in by reading the address n value.

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Export Workbook.cvs Then Import

Apr 21, 2007

I have found code by John Walkenback

I need to adapt it to allow several worksheets to be exported to a workbook .cvs .Then imported back into the original workbook including all blanks.

I have included the Walkenback workbook and a test workbook that I have been playing with.

Just about reached the brick wall with my abilities on this problem

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Add SaveAs To PDF Export And Email Code?

Feb 3, 2014

I have the following code working well. I'd like the pdf to be saved to the users local machine before it emails it. The user must be able to choose the path. How can I do this?


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Vba Code To Export Image File

Nov 10, 2006

I would like vba code that will export a given group of cells, or a defined print page area to a jpg file (preferable, but other image format would work). I'm planning to create a program that will change some cell data and create a jpg file for various sets of data.

I suppose if that's not possible that another alternative would be ok, so i'm open to suggestions, but the export to jpg format would be great. I found a little program that will do it, but i wanted to include the code in my program to make it all automated.

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Export To New Workbook And Save Print As PDF

Jan 2, 2012

I have a spread sheet called "Quote" I have 3 command buttons in this worksheet.

"CommandButton1_Click()" is "Create Quote"
"CommandButton2_Click()" is "Home"
"CommandButton3_Click()" is "Create Client Quotation

I would like to be able to add another command button to export the worksheet "Quote" to a new work book and then automatically print it to a PDF naming the file from the next available quotation number in directory I:Quote register.xls. is it possible to find the next available number by finding the next blank cell in column B in the above directory I:Quote register.xls?

I would like it to copy the Create Client Quotation Macro to the new workbook if possible. The other 2 command buttons are not relevant after the export.

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Export Named Ranges Into New Workbook

Jun 7, 2008

I would like to know if their is a way to export about 100 Named Ranges from 1 workbook to another. I work with about 20 pricing templates and have just been tasked to start tracking about 100 of the fields out of each template. I named about 100 ranges on one of the templates and want to name those same fields on the other templates with the same names so I can build a macro to just pull all of those ranges from the different templates into a metric tracking workbook. My question is if there is a way to name those same ranges on the other workbooks w/o doing it manually. If I copy and paste or copy the worksheets from one book to another I will spend just as much time deleting links from the other workbook as well as updating the contract information.

All of the Ranges are Sheets that are named exactly the same and in the same exact cells on each sheet.

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Export Data From UserForm Into Another Excel Workbook

Oct 9, 2013

I've been investigating how to use a UserForm in Excel. While I've learned some, I can't quite figure out how to export the data from the UserForm. I want the form in one workbook and have it record a new row in a different, but constant workbook each time the action button is clicked. I have been able to create the form and included the action button, but I don't know what code to assign to the button.

I think I know the important pieces to the puzzle, but I don't know the syntax or how to put them together.

Form Details:
2 Text Boxes (TextBox1 & TextBox2) - TextBox1 is the Employee Name. TextBox2 is the Employee Number
10 List Boxes (ListBox1:ListBox10) - All ListBoxes will return a value of either "Yes" or "No".
1 Action Button (RecordCommand)

Export Details:
File Path Where the new workbook will be stored: E:HR Team Audit
File Name of Workbook where form data will be stored: "HR Audit Record Workbook.xlsx"
Column Headers will be in Cells A1:L1 of that workbook

Below is the code for the Text and List Boxes:


Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With TextBox1
End With

With TextBox2
End With

With ListBox1
.AddItem "Yes"
.AddItem "No"
End With

[Code] ........

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Export Template Data To Single Workbook

Oct 11, 2007

I am trying to create a template which when filled out will automatically transfer multiple cell information to an excel database, and everytime the template is filled out - transfer the new information to a new row (sequentially) - I do not want the info to remain on the core template - it needs to be blank after every use.

I tried the template wizard - which worked to a degree but I was unable to move the database file to an alternate location and still have it work - I was also unable to alter the code created by the wizard due to password protection.

to sum up I need a template that updates numerous cells on a database in sequential rows that can be transfered to another computer / location.

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Fill Range Based On Value & Export To New Workbook

Jan 5, 2008

(The attached workbook will provide a more obvious explanation.)

I am building a 'reporting' workbook. It has 3 tabs.

i. the first I will use for buttons to call macros (no help needed)
ii. the second tab is 'REPORT' - where data from the third tab ('DATA') will be collected/organized -based on a textual value in column D - before being exported into a seperate workbook (finalized report).
iii. third tab is 'DATA' - this sheet will contain all the data that will provide info for reports

Presently, the 'REPORT' tab has been manually filled in with data from 'DATA' tab - I did this thinking it would provide better explanation here; take note that values in column D will be gathered via vlookup to other worksheets not included her.

Here is what I want to do:

1. goto 'DATA' tab, find the first PLATFORM (column D) text value

2. goto 'REPORT' tab, put that text value in B2

3. go back to 'DATA' and in each row that the same PLATFORM is present, copy over the corresponding info to the appropriate cell in 'REPORT' tab

4. once I've collected all the rows for one PLATFORM - export and save the 'REPORT' worksheet to a seperate workbook in 'C:REPORTS' and close

5. clear the range where data is being written in 'REPORT' tab ("A5:H60000"), then go back to 'DATA' and get the next PLATFORM (column D) text value - enter it into B2.

6. fill the range ("A5:H60000") with the corresponding values from 'DATA' based on the new PLATFORM name...

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Export TextBox Data To Seperate Workbook

Mar 3, 2008

I have built a simple little logger forlogging insurance policies set up without permission, at the moment it logs all data in sheet2 of the active workbook. What I want it to do is when submit is clicked is to export and save the data to a seperate (central) workbook to collate all entries and not to save it in the active workbook. I've inlcluded the file and the code is as follows;

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet, lRow As Long, Str As String
Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2")
lRow = ws. Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row
'____error handling______
If TextBox1.Value = "" Or NullString Then
MsgBox "Ooops, it seems you haven't entered a policy number!", vbCritical, "Error..."....................

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VBA Code To Export Any Selected Item From Excel To PowerPoint

Nov 20, 2013

I am new to VBA and i need to write a VBA code that should transfer or export any selected thing (whether it may be table, cell or chart ) in Excel Sheet to Powerpoint presentation. My excel Sheet consist of a table and a chart generated from this table.

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Export (Copy) Sheet From Password Protected Workbook

Aug 18, 2006

I was handed a workbook that is password protected. The worksheets are not password protected. Because the workbook is protected, I cannot add or delete worksheets.

I figured that I could get around this by copying the worksheets to another workbook, but I can't even do that. Naturally, no one remembers what the password is.

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Code For Data Directly To Peachtree Using VBA Rather Than The Export/ Import Process

Sep 8, 2006

write code to post Excel data directly to Peachtree using VBA rather than the export/ import process?

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others

Jan 27, 2009

I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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Have Code To Block Save But How To Keep Code In Workbook Without Saving The File

Aug 1, 2013

My company has files that are already in use. I don't know too many details about how they work, but somehow saving the file will screw it up and my boss has to go back and reset something or other to correct it. Obviously it's connected to some other software somewhere. The code below will block Save and Save-As. BUT how do I get the file to hold onto the code without actually saving the file after the code is added (since the file shouldn't be saved)?

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
If SaveAsUI = False Then
Cancel = True


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Save Single Sheet To New Workbook And Delete VBA Code From New Workbook

Jun 25, 2014

I'm trying to find a way to save a single sheet of an excel workbook and in the same process delete all vba code and shapes from the new single sheet workbook. I was looking around and found this code which does save only the single sheet to a new one sheet workbook but doesn't delete the vba and shape that I have used to assign macros to in the original.

Sub SaveSheetAsNewBook()
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim InitFileName As String
Dim fileSaveName As String
Dim wshape As Shape
InitFileName = ThisWorkbook.Path & Format(Date, "mm.dd.yy")


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Insert Existing Working Code From Another Workbook Into Own Workbook

Jan 14, 2014

The amazing code I saw was from this thread Auto lock cells after data entry when file saved... where the code was made by Jafaar Tribak.

It basically locks cells that have had data inputted into them when the file is saved (with a nice prompt warning of the used cells being locked.

This is Jafaar's file [URL]

And this is my file where I'm trying to make it work in the "Employee data entry" Sheet:


And finally this is the file after I tried to copy the code over : [URL]

Trying to make it so that in the employee data entry sheet locks cells after an employee inputs some data into said cells.

I thought that by setting an "inputrange" on the employee data entry sheet the code would track it down automatically but maybe I'm completely wrong. I cant see anything wrong with it (probably because I"m not that good at vba) but I fear I may have left out something really simple!

I seem to disable my other macros when i try to insert this code in (I have a macro that when you click on a cell a calendar pops up so you can click on a day from the calendar rather than typing out the date)

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Make Workbook Code/Macros Unique To Workbook

Sep 12, 2006

How is code or functions kept unique to a workbook? for instance i create a few toolbars that are relevant to "work book 1", however when i open another workbook "2" the toolbars do not function properly or are removed by the opening/closing of the work book, similarly other macros seem to struggle with more than one workbbok open at a time.

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Percentage Complete

Jul 15, 2009

I have an issue new client is asking for me to present my reports with a percent complete. We do survey work and all our date is in Ft. The way my file is set up right now i have H5-H100 as incomplete footage, Column I5-I100 has my completed footage and to keep it simple Row 13 A-k show total amount of footage. He wants to see everyday when i submit the % complete based of footage incomplete and footage completed.

Anyone able to help me out with a formula for this? I tried messing with it a little, wasn't really able to get it down and my Excel skills definitely aren't past beginner level.

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Why Creating Another Workbook When I Run This Code

Jan 29, 2008

I have a workbook with four worksheets named

The two sheets named FilteredDataFormat and arrayFormat exist strictly to preserve headers , and column widths.

So that for convenience sake I can clear my data without specifying a range that excludes the headers.
I simple clear the contents of the 'FilteredData' and 'array' then copy and paste 'arrayFormat' and 'FilteredDataFormat'.

Sort of an unconventional and lazy approach but I see no reason why this will not work.

Here is my original code and what happens is that excel creates another workbook for some reason unknown to me

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Code Works In One Workbook But Not Another

Feb 19, 2009

This code, supplied through this forum, works perfectly in one workbook but not another. I have created a range called ColourRange, one called ColourIndex but I am getting a '400' error message when I attempt to run it. Can anone explain to me (in very simple terms) why it won't work?

Sub CopyFormatMMT()
'Colour code Owners
Dim r As Range
Dim f As Range
Dim c As Range
Dim j As Range
Set r = Range("ColourRangeMMT")
Set f = Range("ColourIndex")
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
For Each c In r.Cells
For Each j In f.Cells
If c = j Then
c.Interior.ColorIndex = j.Interior.ColorIndex
End If
Next j
Next c
End Sub

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Insert Code Into This Workbook Mod

Apr 7, 2009

I want to put the vba code into each "ThisWorkbook" in each workbook that is in a folder. I want the code that is placed in each "ThisWorkbook" to run whenever that workbook is opened.

How would I go about doing that? I have this code so far to open the workbooks that are in the folder.

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Code To See If A Workbook Is Open

Apr 28, 2009

I need to error check to see if a worbook is open or not. if it is not open i need it to open it. i supplied the code i am trying but it is not working. I keep all my workbooks in XLSTART.

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Merging Workbook Code

Jul 7, 2009

I currently have the following code that allows grouping when protected and also puts the user into design mode:

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