Export TextBox Data To Seperate Workbook

Mar 3, 2008

I have built a simple little logger forlogging insurance policies set up without permission, at the moment it logs all data in sheet2 of the active workbook. What I want it to do is when submit is clicked is to export and save the data to a seperate (central) workbook to collate all entries and not to save it in the active workbook. I've inlcluded the file and the code is as follows;

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet, lRow As Long, Str As String
Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2")
lRow = ws. Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row
'____error handling______
If TextBox1.Value = "" Or NullString Then
MsgBox "Ooops, it seems you haven't entered a policy number!", vbCritical, "Error..."....................

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Text To Columns: Split Data In Seperate Seperate Coloumn

Jul 23, 2009

Attached file where i m not able to split data in seperate seperate coloumn

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Export Data From UserForm Into Another Excel Workbook

Oct 9, 2013

I've been investigating how to use a UserForm in Excel. While I've learned some, I can't quite figure out how to export the data from the UserForm. I want the form in one workbook and have it record a new row in a different, but constant workbook each time the action button is clicked. I have been able to create the form and included the action button, but I don't know what code to assign to the button.

I think I know the important pieces to the puzzle, but I don't know the syntax or how to put them together.

Form Details:
2 Text Boxes (TextBox1 & TextBox2) - TextBox1 is the Employee Name. TextBox2 is the Employee Number
10 List Boxes (ListBox1:ListBox10) - All ListBoxes will return a value of either "Yes" or "No".
1 Action Button (RecordCommand)

Export Details:
File Path Where the new workbook will be stored: E:HR Team Audit
File Name of Workbook where form data will be stored: "HR Audit Record Workbook.xlsx"
Column Headers will be in Cells A1:L1 of that workbook

Below is the code for the Text and List Boxes:


Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With TextBox1
End With

With TextBox2
End With

With ListBox1
.AddItem "Yes"
.AddItem "No"
End With

[Code] ........

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Export Template Data To Single Workbook

Oct 11, 2007

I am trying to create a template which when filled out will automatically transfer multiple cell information to an excel database, and everytime the template is filled out - transfer the new information to a new row (sequentially) - I do not want the info to remain on the core template - it needs to be blank after every use.

I tried the template wizard - which worked to a degree but I was unable to move the database file to an alternate location and still have it work - I was also unable to alter the code created by the wizard due to password protection.

to sum up I need a template that updates numerous cells on a database in sequential rows that can be transfered to another computer / location.

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VBA Export Data To Path Depends Upon 1 Combobox Values Sheets And 2 Textbox Date Values

Jun 5, 2014

I have set of user-form contains with Combox & 2 textbox and to generate report one cmd button

I have 3 different sheet contains report of daily activities ( Dispatch,Closed,Cancel)

If Dispatchcalls Select In Combobox1 ,Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from dispatchcalls Then Save Data Into Excel File As "Dispatchcalls".

If Closedcalls Select In Combobox1 Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from Closedcalls Save Data Into Excel File As "Closedcalls".

If Cancelcalls Select In Combobox1 Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from Cancelcalls Save Data Into Excel File As "Cancelcalls".

"C:UsersmaniDesktopNew folderLenvo_ReportsONSITE CasesVlokupuf" This is path i stored existing 3 file dispath,closed,cancel

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Export Contents Of Textbox

Sep 24, 2008

I have a textbox which displays a lot of text and I would like a VBA procedure which exports this text to a text file (.txt).

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Dynamic Workbook Within A Formula.: Look Up A Value Within A Seperate Workbook

Mar 27, 2009

I am creating a formula - that will look up a value within a seperate workbook. I want the workbook reference to change based on a cell which contains the date.

So workbook name is "Report 120309.xls"
Cell: A1 contains the date "120309"

Current formula ='[Report 120309.xls]Sheet 1'!$F$50. Can I replace the data within the formula with the date in the cell.

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Run A Sub Or Function In A Seperate Workbook Using Vba

Jan 28, 2009

I've seen that you can set up a reference and that may be the only way, but my guess would be that it is not the only way.

I'd like to open and run a sub from a different workbook (in the same folder) using vba. For example, test1.xls would have a sub that would open test2.xls and run a sub from test2.xls before closing and returning to test1.xls.

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Get UserForm Names From A Seperate Workbook

Mar 6, 2006

I'm working to develop a method to programmatically identify the type of object contained in a UserForm, it's relevant property(s) & their current values.

Currently, I'm importing the relevant form into a new form module within the VBA Project. I'd like to be able to set the Workbook & Userform as variables within the code & do away with the import step. It appears the target workbook can be addressed by using the statement,

Set my_Workbook = CreateObject(Application. GetOpenFilename)

However I'm coming unstuck with the correct syntax to address UserForms in another workbook.

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Open Workbook In Seperate Program

Jun 22, 2007

I want to know if when you open an excel file from the desktop is it possible to have that paticular file open in a new Excel program instead of one that is already opened. A more specific senerio is that I have Excel running a program and if i open from the desktop it opens it in that paticular excel program. I can open excel a second time and have to seperate excel programs running. Is it possible that when I open a paticular excel sheet from the desktop that it opens in a new excel program besides the one that is already running.

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How Can I Activate An Open Workbook By Macro In Seperate Instances

Feb 24, 2009

I have a program that has all Excel Workbooks in seperate instances of Excel. There is a very sound reason for doing this.

The user has maybe 3 to 10 workbooks open. There are times when a workbook is active and has a Macro Link to open one of the already open workbooks.

When the user clicks the link, they naturally get an error message stating that the workbook is already open. Then they have to close the error msg and click on the Macrosoft Tab and look thru the list of open workbooks and then click the one they are looking for. Additionally, in this Menu Program the user really doesn't even have to know the name of the various workbooks.

I hope everyone will believe me when I state that this program works berautifully.

Right now I am simply cleaning up and making a few little things work better.

QUESTION When the user clicks on a macro link that is to open a workbook that is already open, how - On error - can I have the macro continue on and activate the requested workbook - - - Please remember they are all in separate instances of Excel.

Since the code I'm using can determine if the requested workbook is already open, I think there has to be a way to activate that workbook.

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Export Sheets To A New Workbook

Apr 28, 2009

I use this code to export sheets to a new workbook.

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Export Table To CSV (workbook)

Dec 30, 2012

I'm trying to export a table to a csv file

Check out this screenshot:


So I'm just trying to export B2 through the last Row in D (B2:Dlastrow)

Perhaps it's having a problem because the data is being populated with a vlookup from a different sheet?

Here is the workbook(pardon the size, I just wanted to include it in its entirety)


Take a look at sheet ""Deactivate"

Here is the code I'm using


Sub Images1()
Dim LR As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
With Sheets("Deactivate")



Export Table to CSV (with code & workbook)

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CSV Export Of All Sheets In Workbook

Feb 10, 2010

I've found several posts that talk about this but none are quite what I'm looking for and I don't understand them well enough to modify to my needs.

I have a workbook with several sheets. I wish to

1) save the workbook as is (you'll see why)
2) export each sheet as "worksheetname.csv: to the same folder as the original workbook
3) Close the workbook without saving it becasue I've discovered that if you then save it it overwrites the last CSV file I just created with the info reformatted in a goofy, unusable way (hence the save in the first step

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Export & Import From 1 Workbook To Another

Dec 8, 2006

I have a rather large workbook with around 10 sheets. i want to setup a 'export' button on this workbook that will allow a user to save raw data from this workbook into another excel workbook and an ' import' button that will allow user to import raw data and use the existing formulas/links from this large workbook.

As in sample file, i want to be able to export/import all the cells that are orange in colour (in my actual file, all raw data cells are not actually orange, thought colour coding it would make my problem easier to understand)

I was thinking around these options:

1) Copy and then PasteValues from the large worksheet into another workbook for exporting and same idea for importing

2) For all raw data, copy out all the values and put their corresponding addresses in another excel sheet. e.g. column1: Sheet1!$A$1, column2: value
and import it in by reading the address n value.

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Export Workbook.cvs Then Import

Apr 21, 2007

I have found code by John Walkenback

I need to adapt it to allow several worksheets to be exported to a workbook .cvs .Then imported back into the original workbook including all blanks.

I have included the Walkenback workbook and a test workbook that I have been playing with.

Just about reached the brick wall with my abilities on this problem

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Export To New Workbook And Save Print As PDF

Jan 2, 2012

I have a spread sheet called "Quote" I have 3 command buttons in this worksheet.

"CommandButton1_Click()" is "Create Quote"
"CommandButton2_Click()" is "Home"
"CommandButton3_Click()" is "Create Client Quotation

I would like to be able to add another command button to export the worksheet "Quote" to a new work book and then automatically print it to a PDF naming the file from the next available quotation number in directory I:Quote register.xls. is it possible to find the next available number by finding the next blank cell in column B in the above directory I:Quote register.xls?

I would like it to copy the Create Client Quotation Macro to the new workbook if possible. The other 2 command buttons are not relevant after the export.

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Export Complete VBA Code To Another WorkBooK

Aug 18, 2008

Export ALL modules, forms, objects etc in one workbook to another and if that can't be done than at least all modules and/or objects. This is so I can change code but leave the formulas/values etc in the main excel sheets. Basically it would need to delete all VBA code and copy, I guess from a text file to insert the new code, at least for modules and objects. Forms, I don't know how that can be done?

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Export Named Ranges Into New Workbook

Jun 7, 2008

I would like to know if their is a way to export about 100 Named Ranges from 1 workbook to another. I work with about 20 pricing templates and have just been tasked to start tracking about 100 of the fields out of each template. I named about 100 ranges on one of the templates and want to name those same fields on the other templates with the same names so I can build a macro to just pull all of those ranges from the different templates into a metric tracking workbook. My question is if there is a way to name those same ranges on the other workbooks w/o doing it manually. If I copy and paste or copy the worksheets from one book to another I will spend just as much time deleting links from the other workbook as well as updating the contract information.

All of the Ranges are Sheets that are named exactly the same and in the same exact cells on each sheet.

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Fill Range Based On Value & Export To New Workbook

Jan 5, 2008

(The attached workbook will provide a more obvious explanation.)

I am building a 'reporting' workbook. It has 3 tabs.

i. the first I will use for buttons to call macros (no help needed)
ii. the second tab is 'REPORT' - where data from the third tab ('DATA') will be collected/organized -based on a textual value in column D - before being exported into a seperate workbook (finalized report).
iii. third tab is 'DATA' - this sheet will contain all the data that will provide info for reports

Presently, the 'REPORT' tab has been manually filled in with data from 'DATA' tab - I did this thinking it would provide better explanation here; take note that values in column D will be gathered via vlookup to other worksheets not included her.

Here is what I want to do:

1. goto 'DATA' tab, find the first PLATFORM (column D) text value

2. goto 'REPORT' tab, put that text value in B2

3. go back to 'DATA' and in each row that the same PLATFORM is present, copy over the corresponding info to the appropriate cell in 'REPORT' tab

4. once I've collected all the rows for one PLATFORM - export and save the 'REPORT' worksheet to a seperate workbook in 'C:REPORTS' and close

5. clear the range where data is being written in 'REPORT' tab ("A5:H60000"), then go back to 'DATA' and get the next PLATFORM (column D) text value - enter it into B2.

6. fill the range ("A5:H60000") with the corresponding values from 'DATA' based on the new PLATFORM name...

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Export (Copy) Sheet From Password Protected Workbook

Aug 18, 2006

I was handed a workbook that is password protected. The worksheets are not password protected. Because the workbook is protected, I cannot add or delete worksheets.

I figured that I could get around this by copying the worksheets to another workbook, but I can't even do that. Naturally, no one remembers what the password is.

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Filtering Data In 2 Seperate Columns

Feb 25, 2007

I'm trying to put together a sheet to track football results. For simplicity sake, the sheet looks like this...

Home ; Away ; For ; Against ;
a ; b ; 2 ; 0
c ; d ; 1 ; 1
b ; c ; 1 ; 3
d ; a ; 2 ; 4
a ; c ; 1 ; 2

By using Autofilter on the home or away columns, i can obviously filter it in order that I can see all A's home results or all of A's away results, but by doing this you can't just filter the sheet in order to see the results of every game A plays in. I have a feeling that I need to do something with Advanced filter but have been playing around with this and not getting any joy. Can anyone advise on what I need to do?

Ultimately, my end goal would be to be able to create a drop down list where i would select the team from a list of all teams and this would automatically filter the sheet to their results only (and then I could use an autofilter to look at just homes or aways).

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Merging Data From Two Seperate Worksheets

Feb 13, 2008

I have two seperate worksheets and I want to merge the data into one new worksheet.

Book1 contains;
stock code

Book2 contains;
stock code
item name

I need to make one new worksheet which contains;
stock code
item name

I can not copy and paste because they are not in the same order and I can not sort to put them in the same order.

So I need to merge data using the stock codes into one new worksheet.

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Parse Data In Column A To Seperate Columns

Nov 30, 2008

See attached spreadsheet. I need to have all the data which is held in 1 row in column A seperated into its own column automatically. The order i need the data to be in is as follows

Date(pink), Time(red), Racecourse(green), Race Type(black), Class Of Race(purple), Going(blue), Prize Money(yellow), Distance(grey), Number Of Runners(brown). the text in bracket is a key for the info for your ease of use.

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How To Seperate Data In A Cell And Create New Rows

Jun 23, 2013

I am somewhat new to excel and have a task I have a catalogue that I need to separate multiple printer models that all have the same part # into individual line items. This will save me weeks of work.

I have this:


And want to end up with this:



Or even this:




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Several Sets Of Data All Which Link To Seperate Charts

Feb 9, 2009

I've got several sets of data all which link to seperate charts, the problem i'm having is that i dont want the chart to display the fields with zero values and with the amount of charts and data it is taking ages to re-source the data is there a way of getting the chart to ignore zero fields or of somehow sorting the data in a way only fields with values are shown

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Separate Data Groups To Seperate Worksheets

Oct 10, 2007

I have a data sheet of 190,000 lines. It is a telecommunications bill with has approx 15 columns.

I need to separate the spreed sheet into the respective "call types" and put this data onto separate tabs, at the moment I do it all manually with Excel 2007.

Is there a way of automating this separation of data

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List The Data Relevant To Each Name In A Seperate Place Using A VLOOKUP

Mar 5, 2009

I have a list of names that I'm looking up, and I want to list the data relevant to each name in a seperate place using a VLOOKUP ,(maybe theres a better way to do it) but some of the names appear more than once, resulting in an error.

I have on the first sheet, Name, Customer, Amount and Variance.

On the seperate sheet (in the same workbook) I have then name with 4 VLOOKUPS underneath, trying to extract the data Customer, Amount and Variance. But, I get errors in all of them.

Is there anyway I can List all the data relevant to each name using a Lookup function or is there another formula I should be using?

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Delete Rows Based On Seperate Column Data

Nov 29, 2006

How can I delete an entire row based on seperate column data? Example: I want Excel to look at cell A2 and cell E2. If the values are the same I want Excel to delete row 2.

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Export CSV Data To Excel Userform Using Reference Number To Specify Relevant Data

Jun 16, 2014

What I would like to do is create a userform where I can input a case reference number and click a command button which searches the CSV/TXT file for any notes for the specific reference number and then returns all notes (seperated by a blank line) in the textbox within the userform in the posted/saved format.

I can find lots about importing to excel but nothing about importing data to userforms.

CSV file added for format. The userform contains two text boxes, one blank for import and one for completing the case reference number (format on CSV file. Line item 1).

i.e. if I searched by SL-001-0155648 I would get the below (It's not code but I thought the best way of showing what I mean):

[Code] .....

Attached File : Notes Test CSV.txt‎

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