Extract First Word From Textbox String

Jul 25, 2014

How can I extract the first word only from a Textbox string?

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Formula To Extract Word Out Of Text String In Cell?

May 7, 2014

I have a long list of process steps in a collumn e.g.


and then i have a list of tanks: Tank1, Tank2 etc. The i want a forumla to extract and return the tank in a adjacent cell:

_Tank1_CIP Tank1
_Tank1_CIP Tank1
_Tank2_CIP Tank2
_Tank4_CIP Tank4
_Tank_9_CIP Tank9

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Extract First Character Of Each Word In String To Create Code Letters

Nov 3, 2012

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Antique Cherry Red

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Antique Cherry Red

Softstyle T-Shirt
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Antique Heliconia

This is column a and b. Looking at b I am looking for a formula that will pull the first capital letter out of each word like ACR to create color codes.

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Find A Certain Word In A String Then Return The Number Associated With That Word

Jun 9, 2009

Have problems using find and the Dictionary
What Im trying to do is find a certain word in a string then return the number associated with that word

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String Extract - Separate First Two Or Three Letters In A String

Sep 4, 2012

I am working with flight numbers and want to split out the letters from the digits. Examples,


In column A I need the first two or three letters only,


In column B I need everything to the right of what appears in column A


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Extract String Between Characters After Specific String

Dec 22, 2013

I have the following type of info in A1,A2,A3...

citySan Jose

My goal is to get as close as possible to this,so it will be easier to sort and manage

nameHarryage50citySan Joseheight180

I can't use the "" sign as delimiter to separate them into different columns because the age,city,name and height fields are in random positions on different cells.The good thing is person's name will always come after "name" string, age is alwals followed by "age" string, so it cannot be like nameheight40Michigan180

I think the following would be the easiest method(not for me tho).If on B1 I had a formula that said "find the string "name" and write anything after it until you reach the next "" character".On C1 field I could have a formula "find the string "age" and write anything after it until you reach the next "" character.On D1 I would have the same for "height" string,then on E1 for city string.

My question is somewhat similar to this one
Extract A String Between Two Characters

Formula which outputs the data between 3rd and 4th instances of the "_" character.Can we substitute "3rd and 4th" with a specific strings like "age" or "height" ?

=TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID(A1,FIND("|",SUBSTITUTE(A1,"_","|",3))+1,LEN(A1)),"_",REPT(" ",LEN(A1))),LEN(A1)))

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Extract Alpha From A String And Compare With Another String

Aug 23, 2007

I have a problems here. The problems is attached in the file. I wanna extract alpha/char from a string. Example: I wanna extract the words "(M)" with the bracket from the string "Toothbrush (M)" in column A. After extracting the (M) out, I wanna do a validation to compare the (M) in column B with another data in column C, if the (M) is same as the data called "Medium" in column c, the validation will return "Match" in the column d!

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Extract 2nd To Last Word

Jul 18, 2008

How do I extract the second to last word from a string of text in one cell and put it another.

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Extract Nth From Last Word

Aug 21, 2007

I have a cell with a postal address.

eg -

cell a1 = 'offices, 89 high street, anstey, leicester, leicestershire, le7'
cell a2 - 'flat 41, first floor, 21 church lane, quorn, loughborough, leicestershire, le12 7zx'

i want to be able to extract the county name, which always appears between the penultimate and last comma.

I have tried
=LEFT (a1, FIND(",",a1)) which gives 'offices'
=RIGHT (a1,FIND(",",a1)) which gives 'le7'

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How To Extract First Letter Of Word

Apr 7, 2014

I have the company name in one column. I need a formula to extract first letter of each word and it had to be grouped.

Find the attachment : File1.xlsx‎

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Extract Word If It Contains Particular Character

Dec 28, 2013

My mission is to extract email addresses from cells. or I want any word that contains "@" in column A to be extracted in column B.

For example, if cell A1 contains: tracy jane@gmail.com , I want jane@gmail.com to be put in B1.

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How To Extract Word From Sentence

Dec 20, 2010

I have data till 1000 rows. Every cell contain 1 sentance. I wanted to extract a specific word from that sentance. That word lenth is always 10 character and that word gets start with W0. e.g W012202911

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Extract Word Paragraphs

Mar 16, 2005

From XL, I'm trying to search a summary document for a keyword, then copy the paragraph containing the keyword to another document.

I want to be able to do this for a variable amount of paragraphs. Currently, the following code finds the keyword in summary.doc (once) and then copies it to test.doc It's a start. I can't seem to find a way to select and copy the paragraph (even once).

The keyword is always on line1 and the paragraph is always 4 lines....

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Extract Word From Cell

Jan 6, 2007

How do I code VBA to extract the data (text) from a cell at a certain position? For ex., if the cell contains this text: "My Name Is MB" I want to extract the text starting from position 4 so that the result is "Name Is MB"

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Alter Certain Word In A Textbox

Jun 17, 2008

I have a userform called "DBQuery" and textbox in that called "Query".

What i need is a piece of code that will search the text in the box (after update of course) and Capitalise certain words (SQL ones like "SELECT, FROM, WHERE, AND, IN, LIKE, IS, NOT") and chenge the font colour blue?

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Extract The Word Between Last Backslash And Before The Period?

Mar 14, 2014

I have cells that contain the value :

c: estworking filesabc123.xls
c: estworking filesabc123xyz.xls and so on....

How to write the function to extract the string of text after the last backslash () and before the period (.) (i.e. "123 & xyz in the above example"). The length of the path is inconsistent in the column; still the function should extract it.

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Extract Data Right Of Certain Word In Text

Apr 11, 2013

I want to return the 7 letters of text that appears after the word Timer in cell A1. So cell A1 will be a sentence with the word Timer in it somewhere and I want to return the 7 characters after it appears.

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Extract All Occurences Of Specific Word

Aug 16, 2008

Cell in excel containing large amount of text. Contains the following text one or more times (including the speech marks): "Provide Dwd/Dwl Number: DWD*****"
What I need to do is extract all of the DWD values from this cell, load into an array and dump them into another cell. It's the extraction bit that I need to sort out. In my mind the way that the code should work is:

Find all instances of 'dwd'
For each instance of 'dwd'
check the next/proceding character.

if the character is a space, check the next one
if the character is not a number or space, break and go to the next instance of 'dwd'
if the character is a number add it and the next 5 characters to a temp variable (varTemp)
take the value of varTemp, prepend it with 'dwd' and add it to the running list/array
Output the full list of DWDs

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Extract Nth Word & Remove 1 Character

Jun 15, 2007

I have the function below from http://www.ozgrid.com/VBA/extract-words-function.htm
and have it working exactly as it's supposed to. Is it possible to adapt this to remove the last character of the text string, specifically the commas? My problem is that the raw data in one cell is like this (including commas) 0.333, 5.8874, 6.85423, 0.025. I separate each text string into separate cells but am left with the commas. I'm not using the "Data Text to Columns" option as I need the results in specific cells so they can then be used in calculations.

Function Get_Word(text_string As String, nth_word) As String
Dim lWordCount As Long
With Application.WorksheetFunction
lWordCount = Len(text_string) - Len(.Substitute(text_string, " ", "")) + 1
If IsNumeric(nth_word) Then
nth_word = nth_word - 1
Get_Word = Mid(Mid(Mid(.Substitute(text_string, " ", "^", nth_word), 1, 256), _
. Find("^", .Substitute(text_string, " ", "^", nth_word)), 256), 2, _
.Find(" ", Mid(Mid(.Substitute(text_string, " ", "^", nth_word), 1, 256), _ ............................

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Extract Each Word In Cell With Delimiter

May 23, 2008

I am trying to extract the first letter of each word in a string. The string can contain either a space or a "/" as a separator. e.g. blue green or blue/green. If there is no space or "/" in the string, I need to return the 1st 2 characters.

I'm using the following formula but it is returning #VALUE!

=IF(ISBLANK(T2),"",IF( FIND(CHAR(32),T2), LOWER(LEFT(T2,1)&MID(T2,FIND(CHAR(32),T2&" ")+1,1)),IF(FIND(CHAR(47),T2),LOWER(LEFT(T2,1)&MID(T2,FIND(CHAR(47),T2&" ")+1,1)),LEFT(T2,2))))

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Extract Number Then Precedes Given Word In A Cell?

Dec 8, 2012

The structure of my data (in each cell) is: Alpha Jan 13 35.00 Grams. So it is a record of an item (alpha in this cell), date (Jan 13), and number of grams. I need to find every cell that has this kind of record in a large data set, and after every occurrence of "Grams" I want to extract the number of grams. In this case 35.00. Note the place numbers are not equal. For example in another cell the record could be "Beta March 20 350.00 Grams".

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How To Extract Word In Dropdown Box And Translate To Another Cell

Mar 25, 2013

Lets suppose that in a drop down box I have the words : "I" "want" "to" "create" "a" " sentence".

Well what I would like to do is have each word as selected in the drop down box, placed in another cell creating a sentence.

If you picked the words in order the cell should read: I want to create a sentence or it could read any combination of these words depending in the order they were picked. So it could read: I sentence want to create a sentence if the words were selected in this order.

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Extract Last Word Of Sentence Regardless Number Of Spaces

Nov 22, 2013

I've a list of names with different numbers of spaces, i would like a formula to give me the last name regardless the number of spaces...

is that possible?

List example:
Amelia Alexandra Correia Almeida

Maria Albertina Alves Moreira Figueiredo

Mario Miguel de Oliveira Azevedo Feitor

Carla Maria Bastos Soares
Carlos Sousa Teixeira

extract Almeida, Figueiredo, Feitor, Soares and Teixira

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Extract Data From About 1000 Word Documents

Jun 5, 2014

How would I modify the below code to extract all of this data from multiple files? I have about a 1000 files that I need to extract all of the data from to manipulate in Excel.

Sub ImportWordTable()
Dim wdDoc As Object
Dim wdFileName As Variant
Dim TableNo As Integer 'table number in WordDim iRow As Long '

[Code] ...........

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How To Get Word Count And Extract N Words From A Cell

Mar 24, 2008

I have a column of address data that looks like

1924 ogden place blvd west unrulu
982 n aoto st apt #1234 easrlr

and I'd like to use a couple of formulas in the two columns to the right of this data
1st column:a formula to obtain the number of words in a cell
2nd column:a formula to extract the last n words from a cell (ex. the last 2 words)

so that the columns would have as their results
6 west unrulu
7 #1234 easrlr

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Extract Data From Word Document And Populate Ranges In Excel

Jul 5, 2013

I am looking to take information from a document emailed to me in word and then populate the specific ranges in my excel spreadsheet for invoices. What is the best method for doing this and how can i control where it comes from the position in the document and the range is going to.

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Remove First Word In A String

Sep 2, 2009

How can I remove everything to the left of the first space in a String? For exapmle - 'Mr Adam Bill' should become 'Adam Bill'

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Replace Second Word Of A String

Dec 9, 2007

I need to replace the second word in a cell with another,

eg in cell AI1 I have Black Box.

Which formula would retain the first word, before the space and replace it with another, eg

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VBA - Extract Value From A String

May 16, 2013

I have a string that follows this format: SAMSUNG CT797F-1

From this string I need to extract 797F only. Further complicating the problem is that its not always SAMSUNG it could be ABB CT797F-1 or KOMSATISU CT797F-1

I have implemented a function that can extract all the numbers, but can't think of how to extract 797F from the various different strings.

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Extract Last Name From A Name String

Nov 28, 2006

I have a list of names in a data set like the examle below. I would like to be able to isolate the last name so I can match the data in this data set with a data set with additional information. The only common set of data I have is the first and last names.

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