Extracting Word Coming After Number

May 14, 2014

I have a column with codes coming after a # symbol and want to extract just the code from the cell. The code could be 2 or 4 characters in length. Some examples:

#AA abcdef

From this I would want the formula to return #AA.

#ABCD qwerty

From this, I would want the formula to return #ABCD.

The #Code should but may not always be the first word in the cell, so it needs to find the # symbol and then take the next x characters until a space is found. Note that the reason code may be the only text in the field, so a space may not be there at all. For instance,


Should just return the #RR.

Edit: This actually has become more complex now. The cell could be


And for that, I would just want the #AA.

The formula would need to begin at the # and return just the next x capital letters.

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Extracting The First Word

Aug 8, 2007

How do I extract the first word of a cell contents?

For example, cell A1 has "John Smith"
I want cell B1 just to show "John"

Obviously, the first word would be of varying lengths, so I'm guessing the formula would need to find the space.

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Extracting Word From Sentence

Dec 16, 2011

I have a huge collection of data where i need to extract out the lines that contain "hsbc" or "hbio"

1) N0253 HBIO Corporate
2) N0082 HSBC Bank USA National Association

Basically, this data is in range C1:C500 and i need to place it into buckets so i.e. if the word contains HSBC then find out how many days it took to service, where "days to service" is in column AG

I can run the sumproduct....

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Extracting Word From Text String

Sep 11, 2013

I have random text strings which I need to extract the last part from in Excel.

The text string will be made up of code, but the word I need is always to the right of a prefix />

So for instance in A1 I have 76ruihfo:;.>6">/apple

I would want to extract "apple" from the string above into B1.

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Extracting Words From Word String

Oct 13, 2013

Let's say i do have words : cow, dog, giraffe, elephant, parrot.

The rest will try to explain in the excel file.

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Extracting Numbers With The Same Word In Diferrent Position

Aug 16, 2009

my new payoff worksheet and then this small bug appears and my excitement like "poof"(gone)!.

with this code --> =if(search("ins",i27,),LOOKUP(99^99,--("0"&MID(I27,MIN(SEARCH({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},I27&"0123456789")),ROW($1:$10000))))+0

i can get the value if the word contains "ins" like this --> "Ins 723.00" return 723.00 which is correct, and then i've encountered a word which is like"723.00 Ins", and martin gave me the code to get from both sides which is this one --> =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Ins",A1)),LOOKUP(99^99,--("0"&MID(A1,MIN(SEARCH({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},A1&"0123456789")),ROW($1:$10000))))+0,"") . Work perfectly. and my big problem is that the word Ins 723.00 means Insurance and the 723.00 means Inspection, so it means they're different. and it means I cant use martin's code with this.

So is there any way i can get only the value if the word Ins is in the right side of the amount and also the code if the value is in the left side of the amount. I need two formula for this.

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Extracting Text From Cell Without Word Summary

Feb 24, 2014

I have a long list of client names in individual cells eg: A2 = Garden Homes Summary, A3 = Lakeland AG Summary etc etc. However I need to extract the client name without the word summary in it.

I know how to do this on an individual basis, but as there is a long list and different number of letters in each one.

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Extracting / Importing Tables From Several Word Files To Excel File

Jul 17, 2013

I have several word Files which has standard letter format and contains some tables which needs to be extracted / imported to Excel sheet

The File name is "employee name" which also needs to be extracted , if possible in same excel file.

Attached is the sample of word file. There are 3 tables which needs to be extracted

I have several files and I want to avoid doing it manually.

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Find A Certain Word In A String Then Return The Number Associated With That Word

Jun 9, 2009

Have problems using find and the Dictionary
What Im trying to do is find a certain word in a string then return the number associated with that word

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Creating PDF File From Word Document Inside Folder With ID Number And Reference Number?

Jul 31, 2014

I have an excel database where I register cases. I have in it a button that creates a folder with and ID nr that is in column A (I create new ID nr in the next row, when I press the button it will create a folder with that ID nr and inserts a blank word document in it). We have a template that we copy to the folder (depending what type of case). The idea would be that once the template is filled in and ready to print, It would take the values from the ID nr and a reference number a few cells to the right. Is it possible to tell excel to open the word document in the folder and create a PDF version with the ID nr and reference number. (there are only 2 templates, so the macro would have to look for one of the two in the folder) The names of the templates are: "Standard" and "Other". I guess the best way to start maybe this would be that I select the cell with the ID nr and then press a macro button to have this done. One thing that needs to be done, is to put a copy in the same folder and another in a second folder called "Binder" in my documents folder.

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If Fill In A Number Open Word And PDF Doc That Is Attached To That Number

Jun 3, 2014

I have on the first tab a screen where you can fill in the name of the .doc or .pdf file.

That works fine, but now I would like that when I fill in a number and click on test, it opens te .doc and .pdf file that is attached for that number.

If you take a look at the pdf file you will see a second and a third tab.

First column is the number they need to fill in and the second column is the name of the .doc or .pdf that needs to be opened with that specific number.

How to link it and open both files for that specific number.

But not every number has a .doc as well as a .pdf.

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Extracting A Number Out Of A Sentence

Aug 11, 2009

looking for an equation or macro that can extract numbers out of a sentence.

Eg, 'There were 300 children in a school, and 10 classes of children' I need to extrcat the 300 and the 10 into 2 cells.

There may be more than 2 numbers in longer sentences. Is there anyway to do this?

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Extracting A Number From A Cell

Mar 4, 2014

Cell A3 has the formula: "=MOD(H16-H15,1)"

Cells H16 and H15 are time entries

If H15 = 12:00pm and H16 = 2:00pm, the result in A3 = 2:00

Cell A5 has the formula: "=A4*A3"

In cell A4, I enter a number, say "4", which produces the result "8" in cell A5

Now...I want to add to the formula in cell A5 to make it "=(A4*A3)+A4". The result I WANT in this example should be 12 but no matter what, the answer always ignores the "+A4" part and always just gives me A4*A3.

So the question is, how do I extract the result "8" from cell A5 as a number to which I can add (or subtract...or ANYTHING) other numbers accurately?

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Extracting Number From My Data

Oct 16, 2007

how to get the function in excel 2007 for the following problem please . Col R i am cutting and pasteing from a web page info like this 1/1 or 13/14 or 9/10 . when i paste to my worksheet it comes out as 3-Mar or 10-Sep or 12-Dec , but everything 13 and above is coming out as per the web page eg , 13/14 or 15/15 . I am actually only wanting the first number or numbers to the left of the slash / mark , so col R2 might be 1/1 i want only the 1 to appear , 13/14 i want just the 13 and so on , they are only ever 1 or 2 digits ,

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Extracting First Number From Numbers And Texts In Cell

Jun 25, 2014

We are changing management systems here and in order to do so we need to provide the names and addresses of over 400 different people. Our current management system stores people's addresses as a whole for example; 32, Example Street, Town, County, Postcode.

I cant extract just the numbers because I only need the house number and not the postcode.

After searching several forums I thought I had solved it with this.

Cell A1 is the extracted address from current management system reading 32, Example Street, Town, County, IU13 8TY

Cell B1 is =LEFT(A1, SEARCH(" ",O15,1))

Cell C1 is =SUM(MID(0&B1,LARGE(ISNUMBER(--MID(B1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(B1))),1))*ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(B1))),ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(B1))))+1,1)*10^ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(B1)))/10)

That only gives me the number "3" though and I need 32.

Basically A1:A400 will be addresses as above and in cell B1:B400 I need just there house number at the start.

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Extracting Digits From A Number With Leading Zeroes

Jun 1, 2009

I need Excel to create Date's of Birth from following data in column A. If the data are 7 numbers long, I need to add a '0' to the start and have used the custom format of 0#######. This works fine but I need the data in column B to just display the first 4 digits. I have used =LEFT(A1,4) to do this, but it's not picking up the 0's which I've added.

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Extracting Data Via Locating Row And Column Number

Apr 27, 2012

Data Range: A1:E6

Data Range: A1:E6

What I need is a formula (Not a VBA), is to reconcile both sheet2 and sheet1 ensure that the codes appearing for each position number in sheet1 gets updated based on the codes for each position number appearing in sheet2. So, for instance, the code for pos #34501A should be changed from 3200 to 9100 in sheet1.

The only issue with sheet2, though, is that the column number for position number could be different each time new data gets copied into sheet2 (thought the header information stays the same). I know that it can be done via Vlookup if the place of the column doesn't change each time, but I just

How to locate the correct column and row in a range of cells to search and then extract information based on certain conditions.

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Extracting Phone Number Out Of String Of Text?

Apr 30, 2013

Is there a way to extract a phone number out of a string of text. The phone number will always be expressed the same way (eight digits seperated by a space half way through) - 9999 9999. But the text before and after the number is random. Is there a macro to do this on a large scale? The method needs to be applied to hundreds of these strings, each on a new line.

An example of the string of text with the phone number underlined:

Alesdro 0 63PnantCey4281 5919 Aledio daSisaon' Brglry

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Extracting Number From Inconsistent Text String

Jul 4, 2014

I have an excel stock price template, where I need the current price to calculate the mid point if the chart.

This is the text I get from the webquery

Underlying stock: SBIN 2699.00 as on Jul 04, 2014 15:30:36 IST

I need a formula to extract the stock price '2699.00' only from this text.

The problems are sometimes its may change to underlying "stock" to "index", SBIN to RELIANCE or TATASTEEL, and the price some times two digit say 16, some times 6 letters say 150.05, or 8 digits say 15160.00

Formula, the text in B1 and need the price at A100.

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Extracting Specific Number From Text Containing Other Numbers

Apr 27, 2007

I have a text field which contains multiple numbers ( reference #s and phone #s). I need to extract the reference # which will be either a 7 or 8 digit number. That number will not fall in any particular place in the string.

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Truncating/extracting Number From A Text Cell

May 17, 2007

I am trying to plot data that I have read out of a PLC (via csv file) . The date/time data shows up as follows: 2007-05-14T02:15:00.020-07:00

In this example, the suffix .020-07:00 is extra information and causes problems with graphing the info. Also, the cell is a not a number value, and I can not force it to be a general, number format.

I would like to truncate the cell or extract the time out of it such that I can plot the PLC data in a meaningful "parameter vs time" graph.

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1/2 As In A Half But Its Coming Up With The Date

Apr 10, 2009

When I enter 1/2 I want it to stay as a half but when I press enter it automatically changes to the date. How can I stop this?

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Totals Not Coming Out Correct

Dec 17, 2008

I have been working on a Spreadsheet for GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings). I'm having a problem with the Formulas in Excel, I thought you may know what's going on and why it's not giving me the right data. I'm pretty good with Excel, I've been using it for about 17 years for calculating Tank formulas, etc, but have never run in to this before.

I have three columns to the right of the sheet. One is Stock Vehicle weight of an item____(E) The next column is the Aftermarket weight of the item______ (F) Then the third column (G) is the total weight minus the stock weight using a very simple formula =SUM(E6-F6) gives the correct weight in the third column, but at the end of each area (Topic) i have a Total Weight area in the third column (G), using the formula of =SUM(G6:G26) which should just add up everything in column G, but it doesn’t. I have re-made the spreadsheet three times,

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Type Mismatch Error - Extracting Number Macro

Jul 14, 2014

"Type Mismatch error" in the macro below. I am trying to implement logic, where if value in column F, equals "1ma+89", then extract 89 only in column G. I also have other values in column F, where I have set specific rules for them, to extract numbers.

I have attached a worksheet with example data and highlighted red cells, represent incorrect output from the macro.


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Extracting Number Of Seconds From Variable Text String?

Oct 2, 2011

I have a column of cells, each with a with text string that has three possible formats where I want to extract the total number of seconds.

The three formats are:

nnn hrs nn min nn sec (example: 1 hrs 42 min 58 sec)
nn min nn sec (example: 55 min 1 sec)
nn sec (example: 10 sec)

The result I want is a numeric value of the total number of seconds in the text string.

For example a text string of: 1 hrs 42 min 58 sec

Should give the result: (1 x 3600) + (42 x 60) + 58 = 6,178

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Formatting Alerts For Tests Coming Due

Jun 16, 2014

I'm trying to format a worksheet to show a one year due date with an alert 30 days out so that I can complete the task before the date due. I am using this for a preventative maintenance sheet for respiratory protection equipment that needs to be serviced annually. For instance; if I service a mask today the next service will be in one year. I'd like it to alert me 30 days out. If I could get that alert through outlook that would be fantastic.

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Using Multiple IF Statements Then Coming Up With Average

Jun 22, 2014

Here is the first required formula, which will go in cell P7:

If N7>=75 a value of "Y" should be returned. If not, a value of "N" should be returned. BUT if N7 is blank, a blank should be returned.

Here is the second required formula, which is more complicated, and will go in cell Q7:

(1) If Cell P7="Y", then a "Y" needs to be returned in the cell.
(2) If Cell O7>=2, then a "Y" needs to be returned in the cell. If not, then a "N" needs to be returned.
(3) If Cell P7 is blank, then the cell needs to remain blank.

Here is the final formula, which will go at the bottom of the page.

I need the Q column to return an average of the number of "Y" values, not counting the blanks as numbers. (For instance, if there were 18 "Y"s, 2 "N"s, and one blank, the value returned would be 0.90.).

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Coming Up With Inventory Allocation Formula

Aug 4, 2014

I've been assigned a project where I'm suppose to report inventory allocation to projects at end of day every Thursday. The past 2 Thursdays, I've just literally been manually plugging in the numbers into the allocated stock column.

The spreadsheet I came up with is attached. The 1st tab is the demand showing the needed quantities per item and respective due/on-site dates. The on-hand inventory (stock) is on the 2nd tab. My current process is:

1. once items have been shipped, I delete those entries/rows from the first tab. This way, only all the outstanding/open orders remain.
2. after completing #1, I then copy and paste on-hand inventory from our database (Navision) onto the 2nd tab.
3. I manually plug in the the qty for each item depending on stock available. This is the part that I would like to streamline.

Inventory Allocation.xlsx

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Late Coming And Early Going Calculation?

Feb 7, 2014

I want to late coming and early going of employees. eg. office incoming time is 9 am and 5 mints late coming is allowed 9.05am . and outgoing time is 6pm i am not able to calculate late coming if outgoing is 5.30pm and if put formula =IF(E3>=6,0,6-E3) not working properly.

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Macro Keeps Looping Without Coming To The End Of The Last Worksheet

Jan 19, 2007

This macro works when there are only a small number of worksheets in a workbook. But as soon as it increases to say 20 or above worksheets, the macro keeps looping without coming to the end of the last worksheet.

Sub LDK_Print_Orientation_New()

Dim intOr As Integer
Dim wkscount As Integer

wkscount = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count
For x = 1 To wkscount

Application. ScreenUpdating = False 'Switches off screen updating and calculations

x = MsgBox("Print in Portrait", vbYesNo, "Printing Choice")............

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