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Find Cells That Sum Up To Given Values

I have a coloumn (i.e. A) with hundreds of numbers. I'd like to be able to write a number in a cell (i.e. B4), and have Excel find and tell the coordinates of those cells in coloumn A that sum up to the result I wrote in B4. I also would like to be able to "hit a key" and see the next possible set of result-cells.

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Forcing Cells To ALWAYS Find MIN And MAXIMUM Values From A Specific Range Of Cells
I'm working on a project for my company. We make plastic tanks and for quality control we want to start recording the thickness of the tanks in different areas/zones of each tank.

Attached to this message is an Excel sheet that I've been working on. From "Sheet 1", it records inputted thicknesses into WorkSheet "1098". On the top of "1098", it shows all of the recordings, and just below that are the "10 Most Recent Entries".

Right below the "10 Most Recent Entries", there are formulas to calculate the Min and Max Values. Whenever a new entry is recorded, the selected cells for the Min and Max formulas change. Is there a way to force the cells to always stay the same?

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Find And Replace Different Values In A Range Of Cells
I would like to be able to replace all cell values in a range of 20c by 20r (i.e. 400 cells). In all cases the condition would be the same (find all cells with a value greater than than zero), but then replace with different values.

e.g. Cells with value >0 in range CX119:DQ138 replace with "NT", then cells with value of >0 in range DR119:EK138 replace with "NU"

I thought you could do it with find and replace by just selecting that range of cells but can't see how to set the conditional >0 bit.

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Histogram Function: Find Number Of Cells That Falls Within Each Of These Max Values
i m given 12 max value of my 292 cells. now im asked to find number of cells that falls within each of these max values?? im asked t use histogram. how will i do it?

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Find If Duplicate Values Exist In A Column, Concatenate Cells And Then Delete
I want to do, is search column A for claim numbers that match. When I do have a matching claim number, I want to concatenate the original cells ownership field with the said matching cells ownership field (or move into a column in the same row, I can always concatenate later). Once that is complete, I want to delete the row I took the information out of.

I want to join this data in ArcGIS, but as of right now, it's not a 1-to-1 relationship, so only a relate works. That doesn't help me as I want to display claims by ownership, and this can vary per claim. Company A may have 100% on one claim, and then split another claim 50% with Company B.

This causes a double entry on the claim field in this current spreadsheet I have, which requires me to clean it up by making multiple columns of ownership vs. an additional row for shared ownership.

My problem:

Column A Column B
1235555 Company A (50%)
1235555 Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%)
1235557 Company B (33%)
1235557 Company C (33%)

What I would like to see

Column A Column B Column C Column D
1235555 Company A (50%) Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%) Company B (33%) Company C (33%)

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Find Current Date On Several Sheets & Convert Surrounding Cells To Values
I keep track of values in a workbook. I accumulate them on a daily basis (business days) and keep track of the older values.

On the first sheet I have all current values automatically displayed.

All subsequent sheets contain the values for the different locations (>60) by one location per one sheet with multiple entries per location.

Most of the values do not change daily. So I copy the values from the previous day and paste them to the current day’s fields (the row below yesterday's values).

Today’s date (and prior dates as well as subsequent dates) are in column A, the values to be copied are in column B through AZ. With over 60 sheets this job becomes very tedious very quickly...

What I would like to be able to do, with a click of a button, is to go into each sheet (except the first one), go to the current date (in column A), select the field to the right of that date (in column B), go up one field, select both fields (today and last business day) and go from B to AZ (or A to AY in relative terms) copy all those entries, go down one field (to the same row as today’s date) and paste the content. Then repeat that for every following sheet…

As the date field that I am looking for goes down one field with each day I cannot use fixed points to copy and paste from, but have to use the date field as an anchor from whence to find the proper cells.

I do have some values in the following day's fields, that is why I need to copy two rows and not just the values from the previous day...

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Find Same Values In Different And Unequal Cell Ranges And Refer To Values
I have data similar as shown in the following:


The idea is to add compare the cells of the first column with the third column. Where same letters/words exist, the corresponding value of the first column should be added to the second column (where no letter exists equally, the space remains empty), so it will look like this


the third column always will have at least the same letters as the first column, but new letters/entries can occur.

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Formula To Find The Sum Of Values That Were NOT Equal To My Quoted Values
Trying to find the sum of all cells in the array described in the formula that are equal to the values inside the quotations. I used this exact (as far as I can tell) formula to find the sum of values that were NOT equal to my quoted values and it worked just fine. Any ideas why formula 'A' will not work but formula 'B' does work? I have a feeling I'm missing something simple here!

Formula A - Does not work:
=SUMPRODUCT(--('Master Lead Sheet'!$J$2:$J$10000=$B2),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="REJECTED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="CONDITIONED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="APPROVED"))

Formla B - Works:
=SUMPRODUCT(--('Master Lead Sheet'!$J$2:$J$10000=$B2),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"No Answer"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Disconnected"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Wrong Number"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"EMAILED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"needs to be emailed"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Refund"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"REFUNDED"))

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Macro: Find Duplicate Values & Sum Values. Per Day Basis
I have data that looks like this:

day# id amount
1 56575 0
1 56675 0
1 56680 0
1 56683 0
1 56681 0
1 51810 0..............

How do you write an excel macro that looks at the number in the first column (day #) and finds all the duplicate id#s in the second column that are in day 1and adds the amounts together in the 3rd column then writes the first column number (day#), second column number(id#) and the third column (sum of the amounts of duplicate Id#) to an new worksheet. Then the macro would loop through day #2 and do the same thing. Notice that the values in the id column are unique in this data set below this is how I would like the data to look. I have accomplished this in a pivot table but my problem is I need a cvs file to export the final data into an external database which is why I need a macro.....

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Determine Values In Cells: Get The Lower Values Between To Cells And Have The Lower Valued Cell Highlighted
I M trying to get the lower values between to cells and have the lower valued cell highlighted,,,i have over 43 thousand lines of data to go throughand i was wondering if there was a quicker way to do this,,,for example cellA1 is $4.25 and cellA2 is $5.25 i want cell A1 to be highlighted,,is there a way?

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Values In Each Cells(A) Represented Back At Cells(B) But No Repetition If Some Cells(A) Contains Same Value
I did my search, but cant find and knows what key search to look/type for...

If i have data A1 through A10, such as 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3

How can i get column B1 through B3 as 1 2 3 ?

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Sorting Values: Find Points With Similar "y" Values
I have x coordinates in column 1 with coresponding y coordinates in column 2. From my data of x,y coordinates I want to find points with similar y values. In my data I have defined groups of numbers, i.e. I have a set of numbers with y values around 30 (+-10), then a new group with y values around 60 (+-10), and so on... Sometimes the groups are not totaly separeted, there could be a few points with y values between 30 and 60. These points can be grouped with the closest group of coordinates (30 or 60). Each group of x,y coordinates could be copypasted in the columns to the right (columns 3 and up).

So what I want to do is find a group of coordinates. This group will have at least 40 individual points +-10 from a group mean. The coordinates need to be sorted out from the data and put in seperate columns.

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Sum The Values In Cells Based On The Values Other Column
I want to sum the values in cells E2:P110 based on the values column D. The
values in D are formulas resulting in something that appears to match D112 in
some cases. I'm using the following equation:


My problem is that D2 :D10 have a formula in it and it's not matching. If
I enter the result of the formula, all is good. How should I deal with this?

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Find Value In Cells, Merge Found Cells To One Column
I need to mine a huge spreadsheet of about 30,000 cells and make columns from specific words. As in.

I need to search for all words "table" even if the word is "My_table" or "aTable" and suck them into one column. I have to do this one several words.

Let me know if you have the solution. I am trying to write something but I am unsure of the syntax at this level.

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Find Containing Values
In Excel 2007 can you do a find that contains multiple valued cells? I know you can find one at a time but it takes to long.


column A


That is my list to search in.

Here is the list to find that may contain these values.


If either match I need them to Highlight a different color.

This will not work under the duplicate format because it will not pick out what may contain it will on pick exact.

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Find Values For Key
I have table values like below in sheet

Key values

If i enter Value B in one of cell, it should pick values of FGH, GHI. Can this be done using formula or other methods??

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Count Unique Cells Based On Ajacent Cells Having Values
I have the following data in 1 of the tabs.


I want a unique count of sequences in a different for that class only if that particular row in 'A' or 'B' is populated. The result set should be as follows:

Can this be achieved through a formula?

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Find Part And Add Values
I don't know if this is even possible via VBA, but thought I'd throw it out there and see what you guys think.

In the attached workbook column D contains fields for the UsagePN. If a part is "rolled-up" in our order system to a new part number, then the OLD part number, (in colmn B), is associated with a UsagePN. What I need to do is, for every part that has a UsagePN in Column D, I need to find that part number in column B and add the inventory values from the old part number to the new one.

For Example:
Row 74 in the attachment has a UsagePN of AC1230105V. I need to take the values from cells G74 thru K74 andd ADD them to the existing values in G77 thru K77, which are the inventory values for AC1230105V.

In other words, since part number AC1230105 has rolled-up to the new part number AC1230105V, I need to add all of the inventory to the new part number, AC1230105V.

After this is done for ALL parts with a usage part number, I will delete all the rows containing UsagePN's.

Here's the catch, as you can see in the example, there is no consistency, so a simple formula like adding the values to the same part number with a "V" at the end won't work. I guess you would have to do something like for each row with a value in column D, dim that row so you can refer back to it, then search for a match in column B, insert a "helper" row below where the part number is found to add the quantities, then replace the original with the helper row, and then delete the helper. One of you guys probably knows a better way.

Keep in mind that you won't always find a match, so the macro needs to continue to the next part if no match is found.

I hope I was clear. This one looks like it will be a nightmare, but I hope somebody on here has some ideas.

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V-lookup To Find Several Different Values And Then Sum Them
Can you use a V-lookup to find several different values and then sum them?

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Find The Duplicates Values
I have a long list of checks and I need to find the duplicates, determine how many dupicates there are for a given check (the criteria is if the ENTIRE ROW is dupicated), and highlight HALF of the duplicated rows.

I am able to sort the table however needed.

Here is the logic I was thinking of following..

If Row is Duplicated
Select Case Boolean
Case True
Count how many are duplicated
If count is even then
NumberToDelete = Count*0.5
For i = 1 to NumberToDelete
Highlight one of the duplicated rows in red background
Next i
Next Record (do not highlight anything)
End If
Case False
End Select
End If

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Formula- Find Values
I have a series of worksheets that have materials displayed as shown below:

Column A Column B Column C
Material A

material B
Material V
Material F
Total Price 123456

Material C

material B
Material V
Material G
Promo Price 123456

I would like to know if there is a formula can perform a lookup based upon the material in column A and then return the Total price in column C. For each material in column A there is a price but only 1 total price for each grouping.

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Find The Lowest Values ...
i have in the range (Ag1:an1)the names of the months from january- august)in the range (Ag2:An55) ihave numbers in every cell now in every row for example Ag2:An2 i want to find the values less than 50 then i want to write thier month's names in the cells from Ap2:Aw2 i want to do this with every row from row 2 to 55

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Find The Average Values
Column B: The day of the week that the date is, Sunday, Monday, etc.
Column C: Every date in 2008
Column D: my data (the number to be averaged)

What I need the formula to do:
Look in Column B for every instance of "Sunday", and count them up (they count only if the data in column D is not 0) and use that number to average the number in column D

So if I have 52 Sundays and we are only 4 weeks into the year and the 4 data points are 50, 100, 75, 25. The average will be 62.5 instead of 4.8 (divided by 52).

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Find Values In List
I Want To Add A Function To A Worksheet That Allows A User To Type A Word And It To Return Matches And Their Corresponding Number In A Different Column. For Example If A User Types In "new" In Cell A1 I Would Like For The Sheet To Return "new Deal" "1"; "new Order" "2"; "new Meal" "3"; And So One Until All Values Of "new" Are Returned. I Would Like These To Be Reutrned In A Pop Up Window If Possible.

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Find First And Last Values Based On One Value
I need to find the First value and the last value of a range. A value is put into cell C12: number 1 for example and what happens is that excel will go down range H2:H9 and find the First Depth - "0" in this case and the last Depth 100 ......

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Find/Replace Values With X
I've got a piece of code I'm stuck on. Basically, I have a range of data and most cells are empty. However, I want to replace all the nonblank cells with an X. I can't quite figure out how to have the code replace something non-specific...

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Find String, Add Values
1) Find strings "CA", "Ca", "ca", "California", "california", "cali", "Cali" in Column F

2) If the string is found, then record the Real value at Column D of that row in Column I

3) Continue this until there are no more strings in Column F

4) Add the values recorded in Column I and display the final value at the bottom of the list.

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Find Values In Range
I have a piece of code which, amongst other things, searches column A of one sheet for certain values and then pastes relevant data to a different sheet.

A lot of the data is fixed in relation to the entry in column A e.g. the 'Open Date' is always 8 rows down and 1 row across from the value I search for. These pieces of data easy to transfer to the other sheet.

However, one piece of data could be anywhere within a 10 row, 4 column region offset from the value in column A i.e. if column A is on row 12, then the data I am looking for could be anywhere in the range B20:E30.

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Find And Update Row Values
I am writing a program that uses EXCEL forms to document all pending/back orders and saves the data to an EXCEL Sheet.When some items from a P.O have been fulfilled,I need to find the row where this order is located & replace it with the remaining quantity that needs to be delivered to the customers. EG.

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Status P.O. Description Quantity
Pending 1234 Table 10
Pending 2345 Chairs 20

Referring to the table above, when 8 chairs from P.O 2345 (order of 20 chairs) are being delivered to the customer, I need to find the row that contains this data & replace the quantity to 12 (User will input this value in a control form). I am using the MATCH function to find the row that contains the data but having problem in writing a code to replace the row values. Here is what I have written so far:

'to find the row that has an exact data match

i = Selection.FormulaArray = _


'replace the quantity to the remaining quantity(this is where the problem is)

lrow = ws.Rows("B" & (i + 6)).Select

'copy data to excel file

Cells(lrow, 5).Value = Me.txtPO.Value

Cells(lrow, 7).Value = Me.cboDescription.

Cells(lrow, 9).Value = Me.txtQuantity.Value

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Find 2 Cell Values On Same Row
I have attached an example worksheet which I think will explain better than I can but here goes.

There is a user form which forces the user to select from all the three comboboxes boxes.
The comboboxes are NOT populated from the worksheet.
The Date of Shift get today’s system date and the previous days date.
The shift pattern and shift duration are set entries.
When the update button is hit the object is to look in column "A&B" to see if a row has an existing entry which matches the user’s entry.
If an existing entry is found then it will update the cell in column "C" in that row for the matching DATE and PATTERN
If no matching entry exists it will append a new row with the user entry.

I have been trying to do this for a while trying what I know and then I found the Find matching X sample written by ozgrid.
Tried it out and found that it used the columns to populate the comboboxes and did not like using a date also I do not need a list box

So I decided to try and modify ( 2 whole days over the weekend, so I am no programmer just try as best I can) it to suit the needs outlined above.
I have reached the limits of my skill and now get "Object Variable or with block variable not set"

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Use The Same Vlookup To Find Two Different Values
can I use the same vlookup to find two different values? I need to find two different values and return the correspondent value or values.

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Find X Values In Column
I'm trying to do is scan down Column A (1:100 would be more than enough) and looking for 3 values, "INCOMING:", "OUTGOING:" and "WEBALERT". These will always be under Column A but the lines of text between them are different everytime. I'd like to capture the Row values of each of these values and store it in a variable which I will use in a range later. I think the way is to use a loop, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get it to scan.

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Shading Cells If Values Exist In Same Cells On Another Sheet
We have a simple holidays workbook, with seperate sheet tabs for each member of staff in the department to note down there holidays in a calendar.

The 1st row (from B1 and onwards) contains the day numbers of the month, ie. 1 - 31
The 1st column (A2 downwards) shows the 12 months of the year.
The holidays are then marked in the relevant cell matching the dates required. The codes we use are F (full day), A (morning), and P (afternoon). A countif adds up all the occurences of the various codes and totals the ammount of used/remaining days.
Hopefully that drew a picture.

The problem is, each sheet only shows the holidays marked down for that person. There is no way of checking for a "clash" (ie. 1 member of staff off on the same day as another) without flicking to the other sheets and checking yourself.

how can I get a cell shading to automatically show up on the sheets, if there is a holiday noted down (ie a value, A, P or F) in one of the other sheets?

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Find Text Delete Values
I need to change the value of cells if column I contains the word error ....

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Vlookups When 2 Values Not Find The Result
I need help using the vlookup formula when there is 2 values that needs to be looked up to find the result.

for ex:
I need the result from Column "C1" which is the price from sheet2 by looking up the color, navy which is in Column B1 on sheet2 & looking up shirts which is in Column A1 on sheet2.

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Find Two Closest Values That Are Higher
Got an equation nightmare on my hands.
So i have 3 columns of data
A: State Abbreviate
B: Benchmark Number
C: New Number

I am trying to get an equation that in column D will return the 2 .....

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Find And Insert Intersecting Values
I have a spreadsheet named: PartNumVsJobNum

The rows, from row 3 down in column A contain part numbers.

The Columns, in row1, from B to (last column with data) contains job numbers.

On another sheet, named: Non_Completed. I have the part numbers in column A (as in the PartNumVsJobNum worksheet). In column E down are
Job Numbers (IE: 4PZ). In column G are quantity values.

So for instance if Cell (A3) = 360010 (first part number listed)
and Cell (B1) = 4PZ I need a macro the will find the rows with 360010
in Column A on sheets( Non_Completed) and try to find the job number (4PZ)
in (columnE) for one of the rows. If the job number is found, then the value
in G of the (Non_Completed) sheets should be copied to the corresponding XY
cell in the PartNumVsJobNum spreadsheet.

I will need to do this for each job number on PartNumVsJobNum Sheet.

I'm attaching a sample worksheet below.

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Find Values Above And Below Specific Cell
i'd like formula to find value above and below specific cell

for ex

i have value in cell c5
i want formula helps me to find
values above c5 in cell c4,c3,c2,c1
values below c5 in cell c6,c7,c8,c9

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Find Min 2 And Max 2 Cell Values Then Highlight
I want to identify the 2 minimum valued greater than 0.00% in rows with percentages only. Then identify the 2 maximum values greater than 0.00% in rows with percentages only. The sheet changes in size (rows and columns) each day. C4 Row 4 is a constant starting place if that is necessary. I have been tweaking this code all night, but no luck. I keep getting a highlighted yellow error in editor @ oRg.Find(What:=iMin, _
I also don't know what an oRg is, I am using 2001, that may be the problem.

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Find Minimums For Sets Of Values
2 columns from a table are:
Bill# Rates
1715 500
1715 600
1715 625
1716 750
1717 760
1717 780
1718 400
1719 650
1719 800

So there is a bill number with multiple rates. I want to find out the minimum rate for each bill number (for 1715 it is 500 and so on). Whats the easiest way to give a formula for each bill so it does it automatically? I know of SUMIF and COUNTIF but how to "MINIF"?!

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Find Top/bottom 3 Values From A Range
I now have everything set up to do exactly what I want except this last bit.

All I want is for the overview page to show the top three referrers for each month. At the moment, it's finding the top and bottom 'scorer' but if more than one has the same score I can only see the first alphabetically.

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Find Common Values In Two Lists
I have two lists, one is 15,000 records, the other 100 records. I want to find the common records between the two.
I am using this formula currently, but is returning an incorrect result--

this is the record number in M2

it is returning
as the common record. This formula is from Joseph Rubin's book F1 Excel Formulas and Functions

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Find And Count Unique Values
I have a spreadsheet that holds customer information. What I want to do is find how many customers there were last month. I have a cell (C1) which has last month displayed as 2009/05. A1 holds the customer ID and B1 holds the date they used us. Each customer may has used us many times and I'm having a nightmare trying to solve this.

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Find Two Values In Worksheet To Return One Value
Attempting to find identical values in cells B3 & B4 located in another
worksheet titled "Density Chart" and to return the value in cell/column D.

The Density Chart values are located in column A & B and the value I want
returned, depending on the criteria entered would be found on the same row
but in column D.


Changeable Value in B3 = A123 (can also be completely alpha value and will
be different values each time the formula is used.
Changeable Value in B4 = 2.00 (always numeric value)

Density Chart information
ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD
A123 2.00 55.555 65.555
A123 2.40 55.555 75.555
A123 2.70 55.555 70.555
B123 2.00 45.000 85.000

I have tried =if, I have tried =sum product ... at a loss

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Find And Change Certain Values In A List
I would like to find and change certain values in a list. For example I would like to change TG1050 to 1 from a list that contains the following values

TG1050,TG10500, TG420, TG350.

When I run my VBA the 2nd Item in the list changes to 1. I also need to keep the commas seperating the value.

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Find Value And Copy Related Values
I am building a Macro which can be found underneath. The red code is not working right now and I am looking for alternatives to solve this error but until now I haven't found none.

Basically, I am looking for a correct code to copy files from a sheet to another sheet with a find macro.

Sub vinden()
Dim FindString As String
Dim Rng As Range
FindString = Range("A21")
If Trim(FindString) <> "" Then
With Sheets("Voorraadverloop").Range("A1:IV65536")

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Find Unique Values Under A Column
In an excel sheet i have around 10 columns.

I filtered the data based on the column1 using vba. Then after that, the filtered data in column2 have repeat finance accounts. What i need to find the unique finance accounts under the column2.

Is there any methods to find the unique value under the column2?

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Find And Matche The Values In Cell
In cell C8, I need a formula that finds and matches the values in C5:BF5 on this worksheet with the values in Col's D:I on worksheet 1, if a match is found return the draw number,if no match, return a blank. In Cell C9, I need a formula that counts the number of draws since the number in C5 has appeared.

2. In Cell C10 find the draw number for the second appearance. In C11 the number of draws between first and second appearance.

I realize, I'm asking for alot, but if this can be done, I would greatly appreciate it. The values in the cells are the expected returns.

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - MM_Example_File CONVERTED.xlsx___Running: 12.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA5=ABCD5White Ball Number 126Current Draw # 7Picked in this draw? 8Drawn #'s 1st Appearance? 3844089GAP Between Appearances 381410Drawn #'s 2nd Appearance? 382396GAP Figures [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

First Worksheet
******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - MM_Example_File CONVERTED.xlsx___Running: 12.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA5=ABCD5White Ball Number 126Current Draw # 7Picked in this draw? 8Drawn #'s 1st Appearance? 3844089GAP Between Appearances 381410Drawn #'s 2nd Appearance? 382396GAP Figures [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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Find All Values Under Column And Paste
whats the most effiecient way to find all values under column B2 and all values in column O2 and paste them in column U2?

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Find Two Min Values And Asociate Them With There Type
i would like to be able to find the first positive value and the last positive value in an array that goes from negative to positive and then back to negative

i would then like to asociate these values with the value they came from i.e find x of f(x) but the equation is to complicated to rearange for x

in my example
i would like to be able to find for h1 the first positive value "2" and the last positive value "2" and then match thrm up with there values of v "5,8"

the same for h2 but with values h"2,1" v"4,7"

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Find Highest Value Out Of Multiple Values
I have 2 columns, A (has the names of employees) and B (has the month in which the employee has a project scheduled). What I’m looking to do is find the latest month an employee has a project scheduled. Note: Employees can have a multiple number of projects so they may be listed multiple times with corresponding months.

I have each employee listed in column F and am looking to find their latest project month in column G. (I have the number that the formula should return in column H).

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