If Statements; List Any Date That Has Three Or More True Statements With The Coresponding Name

May 26, 2008

Sheet one will contain the following:


On sheet two I need to list any date that has three or more true statements with the coresponding name.

2/26/2008 Bill

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Using IF Statements To Get Value True Or False

Apr 2, 2014

In Column A I have the following values below.


Questions how do you created a formula, Example If Cell A2 = Y or Yes Cell B2 will be 1, if not then 0.

Currently I was successful in writing this formula =IF(BB2="Y","1","0") but this formula only returns the value for Y, not Yes

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Counting True Statements

May 6, 2009

I've collected some GPS data of an athlete running and want to quantify both the number and duration of individual sprints.

In the attached xls file, there is a column for time, speed and another that returns whether the speed column is >18 kph or not. False is <18, sprint if >18 kph.

Each entry with a "sprint" means they are sprinting (running above 18 kph) and each entry is 0.2-s. Thus 5 entries added together = 1-s.

I want to know, not the total number of sprint entries but the number of sprint groupings for example.

false, false, sprint, sprint, sprint, false, false,false,false, sprint, sprint, false = two seperate groups of "sprints". I would therefore conclude that the athlete sprinted twice.

I also want to know the duration of the sprint for each of the groupings. For example based upon each entry being 0.2-s, the first sprint grouping would total 0.6-s and the second grouping 0.4-s.

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Counting True And False Statements?

Dec 28, 2011

How do I get my excel spreadsheet to keep a count like 1 of 54 from column A (which is only going to put out values of True or False)?

These values are not always going to be in succession. Currently I want to track A2, A7, A11, A21, and A30 and I want the output to state 0 of 5 and count up from there when I change the values to True like 1 of 5, 2 of 5 and so on.

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Multiple IF Statements (skip The Next Two Statements Or The Result Will Be Changed Again)

Nov 22, 2008

I have three IF statements as below. the problem is if the first statement is true I want it to skip the next two statements or the result will be changed again.

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If Statements: Non-numerical Characters Returning False When True

Jun 24, 2009

I have a formula in column A of the following sheet. The problem is that when the entry in cell H contains a letter as well as a number then the formula in column a returns 0.

Also if the value for false in the forumula is changed from 0 i.e to 1 or 2, then a value is returned in column A (this is shown in the red highlighted cells).


Does anyone have any idea why this is?

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Nested IF Statements: Combine The Two Statements

Oct 14, 2009

How can I combine the two below statements like these to make one "Or Statement"? Sorry...I haven't done excel and/or's in forever?

=IF(('Proj Info'!L10="main")*AND('Proj Info'!L9="CT"),"BMSVC",'Proj Info'!L9)


=IF(('Proj Info'!L10="serv")*AND('Proj Info'!L9="CT"),"BMSVC",'Proj Info'!L9)

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Statements Produced From A List Of Invoices

Jul 1, 2012

I have a large list of invoices from different suppliers in a workbook. What I would like to do is to produce statements using this list so that I don't have to type the information into each statement.

I have the following fields:

Customer Name:
Customer Address 1:
Customer Address 2:
Customer Address 3:
Customer Address 4:
Invoice Number:
Invoice Amount:

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Multiple If Statements With Multiple True And One False

Aug 6, 2014

I am trying to get a function in a sheet where it has two possible truth outcomes and one false outcome. Both statements false statement goes back to

'Production Metrics 2'!E11/12

Here are the two If statements as they appear in the formula bar now. I need to combine them so they both work and don't cancel each out out.

=IF('Production Metrics 2'!E11/12>2500,2500,'Production Metrics 2'!E11/12) If c10+b10>=4500,0,'Production Metrics 2'!E11/12

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IF Statements And Date Logic

Dec 8, 2008

I am trying to calculate the number of forecasted hours worked per week for each contractor based on their allocation to the project and also based on a 37.5 hour standard week.

I am using a formula which was previously provided to me for another problem but theoretically should share the same logic. The formula works only when a contractor is forecasted to work for a full week. If there is a contract which finishes mid week the formula returns a weird value. Also another problem is that if a contract is starting on the 12th of January, it still forecasts a full week for the week commencing the 7th of January. I have attached a spreadsheet for everyone's reference.

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Nesting IF Statements To Use Data Validation List

Feb 27, 2014

In column G, users select one of three values. I want a list of additional options (my named ranges) to appear in column H based on the selection of column G. I can get this to work when just referring to one of the named ranges, but not all three. I also do not want any of the data to appear if there is no selection in column G.

My not quite right code:IF($G$5="Code of Conduct",COCList,IF($G$5="Integrity",INTList,IF($G$5="Behavior",BEHList,"")))

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IF Statements: Drop Down List, Naming Each Month

Oct 6, 2008

We have prepared a budget workbook for our community group. It contains 12 worksheets, one for each month, and an "alerts" worksheet which flags key expenditure issues.

On the "Alerts" worksheet we have a drop down list, naming each month. By selecting the month, key expenditure statements on the same sheet are populated. For example, "Your YTD Child Care Program is exceeding your Budget Allocation by:___"

The blank field is calculated on the respective monthly worksheet. I know that IF statements can have a maximum of seven nested functions. Will LOOKUP be a better solution or is there another option?

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Date Change Using Workload Increase With IF Statements

Jun 2, 2014

I have a tracker where each row has a predicted complete date, this date is already based on some IF statements. I have a second column where I would like a second date to be based on the overall team workload.

the workload factor should add on extra time to the first date.

This would by adding on.

0-40 = 3 weeks (standard time)
41-60 = 4 weeks
61-80 = 5 weeks
81- 100 = 6.5 weeks
101-120 = 7.5 weeks

I have two tabs.....I take the total workload from the Tracker Status and the progress tab is where the first date and the new date will appear.

I tried a formula using a % increase in time (I did this using e.g. 0.33 for 33% for increase between 3 and 4 weeks) (based on the increase in weeks), but it came out with date in 2052!!! This is my formula that doesn't work properly.

=IF('Tracker Status'!B5>=100,'In Progress'!AE2*(1+'Tracker Status'!C22),IF('Tracker Status'!B5>=80,'In Progress'!AE2*(1+'Tracker Status'!C21),IF('Tracker Status'!B5>=60,'In Progress'!AE2*(1+'Tracker Status'!C20),IF('Tracker Status'!B5>=40,'In Progress'!AE2*(1+'Tracker Status'!C19,IF('Tracker Status'!B5

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Excel 2010 :: If Statements For Date Ranges (Nested)

May 18, 2013

I have got a table with data from 2005 to date, (for example) For the purpose of what I am doing I need a column which shows date ranges between September 2005 - August 2006 to show as 2005/2006, then September 2006 - August 2007 to show as 2006/2007. I have done some research and seen that, Potentially, a nested 'IF' can be used but it can only be used 7 times which would cause a problem going forward....

Is this the only way or is there a better way (without using VB)?

I am using Excel 2010

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To Get Average Or Count Of Column With Conditional Statements For Date

Feb 12, 2009

The data:
There are a number of columns, but we'll use the first 2 first. Column A has the dates from 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009. Column B will has numbers, mainly 0-100. One cell will have a 'report date' which is just a date.

The formula needed:
I have a few cells labeled wk1, wk2, wk3. Week 1 will start with the 'report' date. wk1 I would like the Average of Column B IF the dates in Column A are within the 'wk'. wk1 = report date TO report date + 6. wk2 = report date + 7 TO report date + 13 and so on.

My goal is to have the formulas all set so that when we move to another report date and the raw data is added, I can just change the 'report date' and everything (the wk numbers) will automatically update with the new raw data.

The furthest I got was this, but it didn't work.

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Excel 2007 :: Viewing SQL Statements Without Being Connected External Date Source

Jun 3, 2012

I now have XL 2007 but no longer work at the same place so do not have access to the external data source. I would like to view the SQL statements that I wrote back then but keep getting error that I am not connected to external data source and so cannot see my sql statements. I have MS Query 2007.

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If Statements That Have 11 IF Statements

Aug 9, 2007

My formula is not working correctly; not sure what to do. I use this same formula with numbers and it seem to work, but only have 8 IF statements as well. This example below doesn't even work with only 8 IF statements.
What I am saying below is = If E3 = a swat team (i.e. EO-Deal Processing-Prescreen) then please enter "Chumbley" and so on. For anything else put an na or n/a for blanks or swat teams that I haven't lised in the criteria.

=IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Prescreen",Chumbley,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-DocGen",Chumbley,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Events",Chumbley,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Triage",Junk,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Processing",Queck,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Calcs",Doyle,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Closing",Terry,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-D11B",Blazier,IF(E3="EO-Deal Processing-Isolated UI",James,na)))))))))

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What Do These Statements Do

Aug 22, 2008

a = Range("d1").CurrentRegion.Resize(,2).Value

Range("G1").Resize(n,2).Value = b

what do the above two lines of code do?

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Three IF Statements

Oct 1, 2009

I have the following:


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If And Else Statements

Dec 23, 2009

if-and-else statement in vb.

I made a combo box where the user selects a part in a combo box and I want the part selected to be stored in a certain cell. The first selection would be stored in C15 and if thats not empty then in D15 and if thats not empty then in E15 and if thats not empty then in F15.

Dim m As Integer
m = cboPart.ListIndex

If m = 0 Then
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell.Range("C15")) = True Then
ActiveCell.Range("C15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
ActiveCell.Range("D15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
End If
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell.Range("D15")) = False Then
ActiveCell.Range("E15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
ActiveCell.Range("F15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
End If

End If

When I run this if-and-else statement it stops storing the selected data after the following:

If IsEmpty(ActiveCell.Range("C15")) = True Then
ActiveCell.Range("C15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
ActiveCell.Range("D15") = cboPart.Value & vbLf & "Name: " + txtName
End If

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Nesting For Each Statements

Nov 19, 2013

I got a 2 columns (A:B) with values in workbook1 (survey2.xlsm)

I want to open a sheet named according to values from column A wb1 in workbook2 (du_database2)

And I want to fill in the offset values (column B) in the aproppriate sheet

I wrote this sub for it. I am having troubles with the for each statements (how do I set them up properly?). The script itself hasn't been checked might also been wrong there.

Sub copytest()
'by J
Dim ws As Worksheet
Workbooks.Open "survey2.xlsm"

[Code] .....

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VLOOKUP Within IF Statements

May 12, 2014

I'm using vlookups within IF statements to look in a number of various speadsheets depending on what the lookup value is.

So for example,


This works well enough however I need some look up values to look in multiple spreadsheets as the data is split out between several spreadsheets. So for example, if B1=Hello I want to vlookup to 2 different spreadsheets.

I know I could do two instances of a vlookup within the formula, both for "hello" but looking to different spreadsheets. But doesn't this mean that if the first vlookup finds the value, the second one will overright it with an "#N/A" if it doesn't find it?

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2 IF Statements In 1 Formula?

Dec 6, 2013

I have 2 conditions that I need to apply.

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Four IF Statements To Combine

Jan 29, 2014

I need to write IF statement with 4 criteria, or at least I think IF will do the trick. It would be difficult and not very visual to describe my question here, therefore I have attached a dummy workbook with the comments. Basically I have got 2 values in 2 columns. Next 2 columns will hold letter "x". There are 4 possible variations how "x" will appear in those two columns: first, second, both or none. So depending where the "x" is, I need to return one of the 2 values.

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HLookup V If Statements

Feb 7, 2014

I have various 6 x 6 blocks which contain just numbers, in another part of the spread sheet I have a 1 x 6 block of numbers. What I need to do is to check whether any of the numbers in the 1 x 6 block appear in any of the 6 x 6 blocks.If that does occur then I want to make a specific cell increase by the times that the match happens.using HLookup but just got errors and the If Statement, although did work, went on and on and on.

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If Statements With Dates

Nov 17, 2008

I have a list of dates and I need to calculate how many of the dates are before or between certain dates. I can't quite get my parameters correct.

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Multiple IF Statements

Nov 23, 2008

I'm having trouble joining the followinf IF Statements. They work independently, however, I cannot get them to work in the same Cell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

=IF(A9="YES", SUM(A15+A21),"0")

=IF(B9="YES", SUM(B15+B21), "0")

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Vlookup Or IF Statements

Dec 8, 2008

I am new to this thread and hope you can find the time to help me. I am using excel to look up data manually entered in Widgets, Gidgets, Lidgets fields to find an exact match in an array and return the value in "field 1" with no luck. My lookup formula should return "9" from the Field 1 column.

Data Entry:

lidgets5 ........

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How To Exceed 8 Max If Statements

Mar 4, 2009

I need to write an IF statement that exceeds the 8 statement maximum. Basically, what I want to say is: IF(U2>K2,1,IF(U2+V2>K2,2.........all the way up to U2...AM2>K2,19)

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Long IF(AND Statements)...

Apr 8, 2009

I've attached the workbook to make this easier. If you look at the file master.xls you will see 2 tabs. On the Tool tab I've highlighted some blue cells and some rose cells. If you look at the blue cell G68 there is a long formula that reads up to 3 cells from the Specs tab and then plugs in the correct data from the blue cells on the right side of the Tools tab page. I need the rose cell F69 to do the same thing only with the data from the rose cells to the right. When I try and duplicate the fromula from G68 into F69 I get errors. I hope I made this clear enough. The formula in G68 is long, is there a way to shorten it? Also sometimes in this workbook when I try to type a formula in a cell I get the text I typed instead of the formula. For example I might enter in A1, =B2. Instead of getting the data from B2, it reads =B2. I've looked at how the cell is formatted but can't get it to work.

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