Find Details Of Deleted Rows

Feb 3, 2009

In excel, is there anyway to find the details(history) of the previously deleted rows (using vba or anyother way)?

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Display Details Of Rows Deleted In Macro

Nov 25, 2006

I have a macro that deletes certain rows. I'd like the macro to tell me what it deleted specifically (if anything). Here's some of the macro:

For rownum = 1 To maxrownum

item = Cells(rownum, 1).Value
If item = "PUBS" Or item = "SWCDROM" Or item = "PC PACK" Then cells(rownum, 1).EntireRow.Delete

How do I get the macro to tell me if it deleted PUBS, SWCDROM, PC PACK, all three or nothing at all?

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Macro Runs Fast When Rows Added / Deleted Slow When No Rows Added / Deleted

Jun 27, 2013

We have created a macro that basically looks for rows that contain an "H" and hides the row if it does.

Users can add new rows throughtout the year to this spreadsheet. and based on certain criteria, an H or U will be placed in a hidden column which the macro looks at and hides any row it finds an H.

The user has to click on the button that has the macro assigned to it once they have finished working on the spreadsheet.

The problem we're finding is that for users who insert/delete rows, once they click the button it takes up to 15 seconds to run through macro (which is ok). However, users who haven't added or deleted any rows and who click the button, they have to wait upto 5 minutes (which isn't ok) for the macro ro run.

We can't figure out why the macro takes longer to run when no changes have been made?

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Find Cells Matching Value & Return Adjacent Details

Feb 21, 2008

On Pipe worksheet, pipe numbers 1-203 are listed in column A. Each pipe number has a flow rate that is listed in column E. I need it to look up the pipe number in column A on the Job worksheet and report the flow rate (from the Pipe worksheet) in column D for each pipe.

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VB Code To Move Rows Up Once Row Above Deleted

Jun 2, 2013

I have this code that removes a group of cells on any row that contains "Y" in Column L, but it does not move the remaining group of cells on a row up after the cells are deleted.

VB code so that when a range of cells are deleted, the row(s) below are moved up?

Sub RemoveReceived()
LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "H").End(xlUp).Row 'change "H" to the column that determines which is the last row
For x = LastRow To 4 Step -1 'assuming it starts from row 4
If Cells(x, "L") = "Y" Then
Range("H" & x & ":K" & x).ClearContents ' or use Delete

[Code] ........

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Create A Macro That Find And Calculate Based On Details Of 4 Columns On Same Spreadsheet

Jul 21, 2012

create a macro that will find and calculate based on the details of 4 columns on the same spreadsheet.

Basically, here is what I need to do:

1. Need to calculate how many QTY IN (Column F) and PALLETS IN (Column I) of a specific PART# (Column A) and LOT CODE (Column B) For example if enter a PART # and LOT CODE, it will calculate how many QTY IN and PALLET IN of that PART # and LOT CODE.

2. Need to do the same for QTY OUT (Column G) and PALLETS OUT (Column J) also.

3. Output should contain the PALLET # , QTY IN and PALLETS IN based on the PART # and LOT CODE search. I just want to simplify the search function in this spreadsheet because it is very cumbersome if you need to find how many items left for that PART # and LOT CODE.

Attached is the spreadsheet..

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Copy All The Rows Until Row 37 And Move It One Row Up After The Selected Row Is Deleted

May 1, 2009

enables the user to select a row to delete. However, I need to do more than that. I need to be able to copy all the rows until row 37 and move it one row up after the selected row is deleted. Below is the code

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Details Of A Person Say Age And Put The Details In Another Table

Dec 9, 2009

I was interested in getting Excel to look up details of a person say age and put the details in another table under the correct heading.

E.g. Fred Bloggs age 25

Would look like this

First Name Surname 16-24 25 - 49

Fred Bloggs 0 Tick or something

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Summary Sheet Calculate Results Change If Rows Added/deleted In Detail Spreadsheet

Feb 27, 2009

[Excel 2003] I have 2 spreadsheets: one to summarize data from a 2nd detail spreadsheet. I'm analyzing work order information for a service operation.

I'm using dynamic name ranges, as follows, for the detail:

WO_Num =OFFSET('WO Tracking Log'!$A6,0,0,COUNT('WO Tracking Log'!$A:$A),1)

Other detail data is defined as these examples show:

GM_X =OFFSET(WO_Num,0,8)
OpenDate =OFFSET(WO_Num,0,1)

All detail data begins in Row 6 in the detail spreadsheet.

In the Summary spreadsheet, it appears to make a difference where my calcs are located in order for my COUNTIF's to work correctly. As long as I keep my summary calc (to total the number of work orders in the detail) in Row 2 of the Summary, it works fine...but if EITHER I move my calc down a row OR if my detail drops down a row because a row was added above (where I have just header info), my summary totals change?!?! I don't understand.

Here are two examples of the calcs I'm using in the summary:


Can someone tell me what is going on? What I'm doing wrong?

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Find Wont Find Existing Text When Columns/Rows Hidden

Oct 8, 2006

Attempting to hide columns (of cities) via VBA generates an error when that same city is reselected (either individually, or as part of the group) in the list box, upon clicking the 'Hide' button.

The error happens at this point: ...

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Find Duplicates In 1 Col Then Copy Entire Rows Of These Duplicate Rows?

Feb 2, 2014

The below code compares the Data in a Field that must be set and collect the duplicate Values in a second Worksheet.

The thing I want it to copy the rows, when a duplicate is found in Col A. editing the code below:

Original Sheet:
"A" "B" "C" "D"


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Find Rows With Commas, Then Move Those Rows To Another Row

Jan 19, 2010

I've got an excel file with over 20,000 rows with Column A being having values of a "Vendor Number" while Column B has a "Vendor Name" Here is an example:

Vendor #Vendor Name
1001ABC Supply
1002Larry, Moe, Curly Inc
1003John Smith
1004Fred, Wilma, Barney LLC

I'd like it to find the rows where the Vendor Name has a comma present, and then put it in another sheet, or in another column like column C and D. If I can't get both the Vendor # and Vendor Name re-inserted someplace, that is OK. The Vendor Name is the big one.

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Find The Rows In Sheet And Pop Up Listbox With Those Rows

Feb 5, 2010

I want to design a search form in excel that will lokk for the values in excelsheet and when match occurs then pop up those rows in listbox in the form. There are different criterias: one is Client_no or Policy_no ,If the person knows this no then he can simply type it in the textnox and press search and then the matching row will be displayed in listbox. If the user doesn't know the policy_no then he can try other things in the frame e.g First name,Last name,any part of address(so hopefully we'll use like operator here),Postcode.

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Add Properties Details

Dec 20, 2008

I would like to programatically add information to an Excel file's Properties, the Details tab. I have alot of files in the applicable group. Files are .xls but I'm using Excel 2007.

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Ask If Details Are Correct?

Apr 12, 2009

I want to add some to a macro have which asks before performing the rest of the macro... "Are all details correct?" with a yes and no button. yes, carries on with the macro and no ends the macro.

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Using VBA To Get Details For A Website?

Apr 23, 2013

I have as list of company registration numbers and would like you use code to input them into the companies house website - Failure Page

Comany Reg No example - 03292899

In order to get the date of the last accounts.

The problem is then when you submit on the site i cant see how it passes the company reg number through to load the next page. If I can get to the page then i have code to get what i need from the page but i cant find a whay to get the to page that i want.

how to use the example reg number to access the companies house page for this company.

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Catch Deleted Row

May 19, 2008

I want to catch if the user has deleted a row. There is a need to know when a row is deleted and what the data was in that row. So, what I'm trying to do if a row is deleted is to undo the action and then change the font of all data in that row to have the strikethrough effect. This will enable others looking at the workbook to know that the information in the row existed but is no longer relevent.

So, the code is something like this:If row deleted Then
Target.Font.Strikethrough = True
End If

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Exporting Details From Another Workbook

Sep 27, 2012

I have 2 workbook named jhay and the other one is peng. In a jhay workbook in cell a1 there is a formula of sum(a2:a10).

In a workbook peng in cell a1. I want to copy the value (not a formula) of cell a1 in workbook jhay using command button.

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Transfer Details From One Sheet To Another?

Jun 18, 2014

I am trying to transfer information for the 'Master CCO CCB Document List' tab into one of the other tabs ('In Progress' and 'Complete') based off of the status. If the status is Complete, Approved, Declined will transfer to the 'Complete (Approved or Declined)' Tab. If the status says 'On Hold, Pending, 1st & 2nd Session Review needed will transfer to the 'In Progress (On Hold-Pending)' Tab.

I want the master list to house all of the entries, so when the status changes it is just copied to the other sheet and not cut and pasted.

On the 'In Progress' tab, once the status changes to Complete, Approved or Declined I would like for the item to be cut and pasted into the 'Complete' tab,

I'm stumped and really not sure if this will work properly. I've tried everything and now I can''t figure out how to add the contents from the form to the master list tab.

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Pivot Table - Details To Appear On Same Tab

Feb 15, 2012

I have 2 pivot tables on the one tab, called "Other VAT".

When I double-click a cell within the first pivot, instead of opening a new tab with the data, I want the data to appear on the same tab in cell A40, which is a free cell underneath both the pivot tables.

If I then doubleclick a cell within the second pivot table, I want it to appear underneath the data from the drill down of the first pivot.

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Obtain Details From Table

May 25, 2006

I am currently running XC running races and am wanting to know how i can have a quicker way of sorting out the best of sex, best of age group and best overall. The age groups are Under 18, under 30 and over 30. What can i do with v- lookup and other formulas to make it easier to record when they come in with out a long wait, i just want to be able to type in thier number and get all thier details so i can add the time straight in, then from there work out the winners instantly

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Show Grouping Details

Jan 8, 2007

I've been trying to create a macro that shows the detail of some outlimg grouped rows. I wasn't entirely sure of the syntax, so I used the macro recorder and adapted. I came up with the code below, which creates an error on the final line of: "You've entered too many arguments for this function"....

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View Details By Person

Dec 27, 2007

I am creating a personal expense tracking sheet for the upcoming year. I have each day of the year going down as my rows. My column headers are various expenses I expect to have, such as a phone bill and internet bill. I want a way to pick which expenses (columns) are visible. I expect this to aid in the inputting of expenses and the reviewing of expense types. I know of course, I could just click all the columns I don't want and hide them, but I'm looking for a quicker way if possible.

So, if I want to record the phone bill, or just look at the phone bill expenses alone, I could use a drop down which listed all my column headers and check which one(s) I wanted to view. I thought of like the way a pivot table option looks to pick what you want to view /shrug.

Maybe a drop down is not the way to accomplish this, and maybe my spreadsheet should be laid out differently.

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Return Details Corresponding To Date

Mar 7, 2008

I'm trying to create a dynamic data table which has dates (in reverse chronological order) going down column A.

I want to find the value for a commodity (say bananas) which is housed in a master data table, based on the date that's in column A.

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A Moveable Text Box That Can't Be Deleted

Apr 8, 2009

I'm not sure what it's called, but in a workbook that was sent to me, when a cell is selected a text box appears with instructions in them. This is not a normal comment and I found that I cannot select it, right click it, or anything to delete them. They can be annoying as they cover up other data when the cell is selected.

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Keep Command Button After Row Is Deleted?

Jun 12, 2014

how to keep a command button in a certain location even if the a row or Column is Deleted or Inserted into the worksheet?

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Keep Row Height Of Deleted Row That Shifted?

Jul 16, 2014

I'm using the macro below to delete a row, which works but is there a way to keep the row heights for the row that is shifting up?

[Code] .....

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File Getting Too Big Because Of Arrows Not Being Deleted

Oct 3, 2013

I do a weekly report for my employer. We have our tabs conditionally formatted. We then insert the corresponding arrows to show a trend to the weekly variance. After the week is up I will delete a column and add a column to the end (making it a trended view) and move the arrows by selecting and dragging all of them into its respected week. I then go on to delete several arrows throughout the worksheet. For some reason my file continues to grow in size however I am only keeping a 12 week trend. The arrows are not deleting properly and are sitting in the background, where I cannot see them. I know this bc I did "find & Select" and chose selection pane. I was wondering how I can resolve this problem or maybe delete just certain columns of arrows (objects)? I had 61,000 arrows and shouldn't have more than a couple 1,000.

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Button Don't Get Deleted Completely

Dec 30, 2008

I have a problem regarding buttons.I have placed buttons on my excel sheet with a regular spacing between them.These buttons are placed dynamically on the sheet and I don't know what will be their names as user can add as many as they like.Now the problem is suppose there are two buttons in the range "A1:d8" and say now i delete the this range (using range("A1:d8").entirerow.delete) then buttons do not get completely deleted .A very thin line size button still remains on the sheet.

How to remove the buttons completely......

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Run Macro When Worksheet Is Deleted

Feb 26, 2009

I have a macro i would like to run whenever a user deletes a worksheet...

I would like the user to be able click as normal to delete,(ie. right clicking the tab and selecting delete worksheet, or selecting delete worksheet from the menu) but would like to run my macro when they select delete.

I am using excel 07 if that helps, or i could use another version...

My macro will save a copy of the deleted worksheet as xlveryhidden as a backup..

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