VB Code To Move Rows Up Once Row Above Deleted

Jun 2, 2013

I have this code that removes a group of cells on any row that contains "Y" in Column L, but it does not move the remaining group of cells on a row up after the cells are deleted.

VB code so that when a range of cells are deleted, the row(s) below are moved up?

Sub RemoveReceived()
LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "H").End(xlUp).Row 'change "H" to the column that determines which is the last row
For x = LastRow To 4 Step -1 'assuming it starts from row 4
If Cells(x, "L") = "Y" Then
Range("H" & x & ":K" & x).ClearContents ' or use Delete

[Code] ........

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Copy All The Rows Until Row 37 And Move It One Row Up After The Selected Row Is Deleted

May 1, 2009

enables the user to select a row to delete. However, I need to do more than that. I need to be able to copy all the rows until row 37 and move it one row up after the selected row is deleted. Below is the code

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Macro Runs Fast When Rows Added / Deleted Slow When No Rows Added / Deleted

Jun 27, 2013

We have created a macro that basically looks for rows that contain an "H" and hides the row if it does.

Users can add new rows throughtout the year to this spreadsheet. and based on certain criteria, an H or U will be placed in a hidden column which the macro looks at and hides any row it finds an H.

The user has to click on the button that has the macro assigned to it once they have finished working on the spreadsheet.

The problem we're finding is that for users who insert/delete rows, once they click the button it takes up to 15 seconds to run through macro (which is ok). However, users who haven't added or deleted any rows and who click the button, they have to wait upto 5 minutes (which isn't ok) for the macro ro run.

We can't figure out why the macro takes longer to run when no changes have been made?

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VBA Code For Listing The Sheet Names Of Deleted Sheets

Oct 20, 2008

I have a workbook with 20+ sheets in it, I add sheets and delete sheets on a daily basis, except for one sheet that is like my summary sheet.

Is there a code, formula, or magic spell that will list the names of the sheets that I have deleted? For instance, if my workbook has 50 sheets and I delete 49 of them, I want to see cells A1 thru A49 (or where ever I wish to place them) filled with the names of the sheets I just deleted.

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Sheet Event Code Errors If Target Deleted

Mar 25, 2008

I have added this bit of code to change the apperance of entered time from 0835 to 08:35

UserInput = Target.Value
If UserInput > 1 Then
NewInput = Left(UserInput, Len(UserInput) - 2) & ":" & Right(UserInput, 2)
Application.EnableEvents = False
Target = NewInput
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

And it works like a charm. Except that if the content in one of the cells later is deleted a "Run time error 13" is the result. Debug leeds to the line "If Userinput >1 Then"

Can this error be avoided..?

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Event Code Errors When More Than One Cell Changed/Deleted

Apr 15, 2008

I used the code below for Conditional Formatting. This works fine but the VBA-code crashes when I delete more than one selected cell. Is there a simple modification possible to prevent this from happening?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim icolor As Integer
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1:C250")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case 1
icolor = 6
Case 2
icolor = 12
Case 3
icolor = 7
Case 4
icolor = 53
Case 5
icolor = 15
Case 6
icolor = 42
Case Else
End Select

Target.Interior.ColorIndex = icolor
End If
End Sub

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Workbook Code Errors When Orginal Sheet Hidden Or Deleted

Oct 14, 2007

I copied the sheet and redid the format. I renamed the original dashboard sheet from count to "keep" and named the copy after the original "count" Everything still works great - until i either hide or delete the original count which is now named "keep". I get an error at the red colored line below ".publish false".

I have attached an image of the error....

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Find Details Of Deleted Rows

Feb 3, 2009

In excel, is there anyway to find the details(history) of the previously deleted rows (using vba or anyother way)?

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Display Details Of Rows Deleted In Macro

Nov 25, 2006

I have a macro that deletes certain rows. I'd like the macro to tell me what it deleted specifically (if anything). Here's some of the macro:

For rownum = 1 To maxrownum

item = Cells(rownum, 1).Value
If item = "PUBS" Or item = "SWCDROM" Or item = "PC PACK" Then cells(rownum, 1).EntireRow.Delete

How do I get the macro to tell me if it deleted PUBS, SWCDROM, PC PACK, all three or nothing at all?

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Summary Sheet Calculate Results Change If Rows Added/deleted In Detail Spreadsheet

Feb 27, 2009

[Excel 2003] I have 2 spreadsheets: one to summarize data from a 2nd detail spreadsheet. I'm analyzing work order information for a service operation.

I'm using dynamic name ranges, as follows, for the detail:

WO_Num =OFFSET('WO Tracking Log'!$A6,0,0,COUNT('WO Tracking Log'!$A:$A),1)

Other detail data is defined as these examples show:

GM_X =OFFSET(WO_Num,0,8)
OpenDate =OFFSET(WO_Num,0,1)

All detail data begins in Row 6 in the detail spreadsheet.

In the Summary spreadsheet, it appears to make a difference where my calcs are located in order for my COUNTIF's to work correctly. As long as I keep my summary calc (to total the number of work orders in the detail) in Row 2 of the Summary, it works fine...but if EITHER I move my calc down a row OR if my detail drops down a row because a row was added above (where I have just header info), my summary totals change?!?! I don't understand.

Here are two examples of the calcs I'm using in the summary:


Can someone tell me what is going on? What I'm doing wrong?

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Delete Rows Matching Criteria & Move Rows

Aug 28, 2007

I have a worksheet in which I have sorted the data based in date and numbering (column I and E). I would like to create 2 macros for following actions:

1- all rows with the value "TOM" in column C will have to be deleted.

2- all rows with a value of 601 or 602 in column E, will have to be moved to the bottom of the sheet after the last row with data. The rows that have been moved will have to be sorted based in date (column I) and numbering (column E).

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Find Rows With Commas, Then Move Those Rows To Another Row

Jan 19, 2010

I've got an excel file with over 20,000 rows with Column A being having values of a "Vendor Number" while Column B has a "Vendor Name" Here is an example:

Vendor #Vendor Name
1001ABC Supply
1002Larry, Moe, Curly Inc
1003John Smith
1004Fred, Wilma, Barney LLC

I'd like it to find the rows where the Vendor Name has a comma present, and then put it in another sheet, or in another column like column C and D. If I can't get both the Vendor # and Vendor Name re-inserted someplace, that is OK. The Vendor Name is the big one.

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Add Numbers From 2 Rows,then Move To Next 2 Rows & Repeat

May 24, 2007

I have 3 columns and 200 rows. The first column is for Name of product. 2nd column for number and 3rd for $value of number of products. Have 200 rows. Have done a sort and checked. 2 sets of rows are for the same product name. I want to know if it is possible to add up values in 2nd and 3rd column, 2 rows at a time , then 4th and 5th column and so forth, by some formula rather than doing it manually?

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Move Row To Next Available Row VBA Code?

Mar 7, 2014

I could get a code to move a row from one area of a worksheet to another area on the same worksheet once a cell is tagged "Paid" via a refreshed macro. The updating data table starts on Row 3 for columns "B" - "R." The paid table starts on row 56 where column "B" always has a date in its cell.

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VBA Code To Move Row From One Worksheet To Another

Mar 28, 2014

I created a outstanding task worksheet in excel and I would like to move the completed jobs from this sheet to the second worksheet titled 'Completed Tasks'. The first worksheet is called 'Outstanding Tasks'.

I came up with a code to do this (see below). As you can see when I type "Y" into column G it moves the row into the second worksheet. It does this; however it puts it to the bottom of the table on the second worksheet where I would like it to be at the top. I also would like it to delete the row once it has moved it does this but then deletes the other row of information above it leaving blank rows on either side.

I simply want a code that moves the row of information to the second worksheet when I type Y into column G and then delete the row without messing with other information around it.

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Target.Parent.Range("G5:G1000")
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Select Case Target.Text
Case "Y"
Target.EntireRow.Cut Sheets("Completed Tasks").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1)
End Select
End Sub

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VB Code - Move Cursor Down 1

Jan 15, 2007

the code to get my cursor to move down 1 row or cell without it actually referencing the chosen cell.

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Cursor Move Code

Feb 15, 2007

Is there a code to make the Cursor Movement direction to be set to move Left ?

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VBA Code To Move Multiple Files

Sep 3, 2013

I have a list of file names in Excel and I need to move the files from one folder into another. Sometimes I'm having to find and move hundreds of files into different destination folders, hence why I would like a macro. My spreadsheet will be something like:

Column A
Column B
Column C
Row 1
File name


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Code To Move Active Sheet Tab All The Way To The End (right)?

Dec 10, 2008

I searched and found a couple of different active.sheet codes but could not get it to work. What I want to do is move the worksheet tab I create in the code below all the way to the end (right) of the worksheet tabs already in my workbook.

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VBA Code For Move To Next Visible Column?

Feb 26, 2014

Right now I am at Column D; From E to I columns are hidden in my worksheet and would like to move to Column J.

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Move To New Sheet Only When Code Finishes.

Feb 25, 2009

I have a small problem that is more annoying than anything else. I have a command button that opens a userform, and the user can select a value and 'OK'. On 'OK', the code runs, however I would like the sheet 'Information' to remain visible until the code finishes and then switch to 'Task Intervals'. There is also a lot of screen flicker, despite selecting it off/on. I have included an Example file so that you can see the problem.

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Code To Move Data From One Column To Another?

Oct 12, 2011

coding that will select whatever data is entered in say Coulmn D & then copy it to the botom of another list in Column F.

The amount of rows with data in any of the colums may vary.

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Code That Will Allow To Move Data From Worksheet?

Mar 17, 2012

I need a code that will allow me to move data from a worksheet to a worksheet from which I came from. e.g. worksheet "Sheet 6" opens "Sheet 10", then after filling data in "Sheet 10" I need to move this data back to "Sheet 6" in the cells in range "F12 to F56". Please note that the data in "Sheet 10" is in the same range as in "Sheet 6"

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VBA Code To Move Or Copy Data

May 8, 2009

I would like to copy or move data from one worksheet to another automatically. I have one sheet (Data) with multiple pieces of data for specific individuals. I have several other sheets titled their last name. Can data for example from John Doe be copied to the sheet Doe and data for John Smith be copied to sheet Smith. In essence I would like the sheet to paste everything below John Doe to Doe's sheet and recognize the next name and past that into the next sheet and so on. It may be several different codes, Im ok with that.

One other item all cells do not have data I do need the blank cells copied as well at to not lose the formatting. There is also a blank 2 rows between each person.

If you need a copy of what the data looks like I can send it.

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Code To Move Button Away From Cursor

Apr 28, 2007

I want play a trick on someone and make a button move out of the way when they try to click on it. I think that this code is from VB6.0:

Private Sub CommandButton1_MouseMove(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As Single)
CommandButton1.Move Rnd(100) * 4000, Rnd(100) * 4000, 1000, 1000
End Sub

In Excel, this code results in Run-time error '438': "Object doesn't support this property or method."

Is there a way to "move" a button in Excel VBA?

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Move/Set Pagebreaks With Macro Code

Jun 4, 2008

I need to be able to move pagebreaks in Excel by means of VBA.

I have found an example in Excel Help (see below), but it doesn't work.

Sheets("Sheet1").HPageBreaks(1).Location = Sheets("Sheet1"). Range("A24")

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VB Code Required To Move Macro To Next Row Down Cell

Apr 18, 2014

I have 'sheet 1' (data collection sheet) and 'sheet 2' (form filling sheet)

I've recorded a macro which sends data from 'sheet 2' to 'sheet 1' (linked to a submit button on 'sheet 2')

I want the macro to allow the next form filled information to be transferred onto the next line down on 'sheet 1'.

The current code is:

[Code] ......

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Code To Stop Macro And Move On If No Value Found

Jul 2, 2013

I have created a few macros and once I was happy that they worked independently I joined them to run as one macro in several steps. I have just discovered a bug ...

The macro filters on a column and copies and pastes that range into another sheet.

HOwever, sometimes (as I have just discovered) when it filters, there will be no data against the value it is looking for.

I need to say, if no value, move to next step.

I.e. here's my code. It's looking for ASIA and it will copy and paste all rows with Asia to another page. It then does the same for EMEA. Thing is, in my example just now, there was no EMEA data and some times there may be no ASIA data so I need to build in some rules that if it does not find either of these it continues to finish macro or pops up and says 'NO ASIA found, CLick to continue' or something?

ActiveSheet.Range("$A$12:AA" & lngLast).AutoFilter Field:=27, Criteria1:="ASIA"
Range("A13:Z" & lngLast).Select
Sheets("ASIA DETAIL ").Select


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Trying To Move My VBA Programming To The Next Level And Use More Efficient Code

Oct 18, 2007

I'm trying to move my VBA programming to the next level and use more efficient code.

I'm wondering if there is a faster way to run the loop below, perhaps removing the 'For c = 2 to LastRow' as it seems a little clunky to me.

For c = 2 to LastRow

If Cells(c, Range("Product_Type").Column) = "" Then _
Cells(c, Range("Product_Type").Column).Interior.ColorIndex = 41

Next c
I've seen a similar thing somewhere where it was all done in one statement without the loop.

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Code To Move To A Cell (stay In Top Corner)

May 11, 2009

I want code to move the cursor to A788

But keep A788 in the top left corner on screen.

Is there easy code to help me accomplish this?

Also, Is there code that will take you to the first cell it finds closest to today's date.

Dates are in Column B.g

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