Find & Highlight Duplicate Data

Aug 2, 2009

see attached sheet. Column A has File Name. Need to highlight the duplicate data as you can see there is 2 duplicate data which i have manually highted ( C19 is duplicate of C12, C83 is duplicate of C84).

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Find And Highlight Duplicate Values In Multiple Sheets

Aug 22, 2013

SM extract 8.21.2013 Cust-sample.xlsx

I want to highlight the cells under System Name (col 1) in sheet 1 that are found in Host (col 1) in sheet 2 "OCPtabvHost"

The text isnt in the same format in the 2nd sheet (it is lower case and has additional text). I need to find the duplicate roots

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Duplicate Data Highlight

Dec 17, 2009

I need a code please that will look in Column C in every workbook (excluding the sheets “Blank”, “Orders”, “Summary” and “Archive”) and then it will highlight duplicates in Red and Bold.

I found the following code but I need it so it looks on every page excluding the ones mentioned above.

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Highlight Duplicate Data In A Column

Feb 16, 2009

I need some thing that will highligt duplicate entries in column a

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Special Highlight Duplicate Data Macro

May 14, 2008

I am looking for a macro to highlight duplicate data in Col A.

I have googled etc, and found quite a few, but some were slowish, some didn't work, some did.

The best I have found so far is this 1. I believe this was posted by Richard Schollar

Sub ColorDupes()
Dim v As Variant, r As Range, i As Long, j As Long
Set r = Selection
v = r.Value
For i = 1 To UBound(v, 1)
For j = 1 To UBound(v, 2)
If Not IsEmpty(v(i, j)) Then
If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(r, v(i, j)) > 1 Then r(i, j).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
Next j
Next i
End Sub

This seems to run fine and be quite quick providing I highlight the column first.
What I'm looking for is a pop up window to also show me some data relating to the duplicates. I usually work with large lists and would like the macro to say how many duplicates it found from how many rows of data.

It is a very handy macro, and is very short on the coding side I notice compared to all the others I found (Which is Good?), I'm no coder

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Find Last Duplicate In List Of Data?

Feb 7, 2012

I have a list of data that currently has a conditional format on it of =COUNTIF($F$2:$F2,$F1)>1 so that it will highlight the duplicate but keep the first entry blank. I wondered whether there is a way to identify the last duplicate in the list. i imagine this could be done in a column say with an "L".

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How To Find Duplicate Data And Delete Row

Mar 29, 2012

I found a lot of information on this but not what I need. I have 8 columns A - H. Column D has some duplicate numbers. I would like to find the duplicate numbers in column D (they are all one right after the other) and delete the entire row leaving only the first. I do not need to sum or anything, just delete the row with a duplicate number. If there are 2 or 3, I just end up with one.

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Find Duplicate Data And Delete Row

May 25, 2006

compare and find exact matches b/w the data in columns J and K in the attached csv file. I would simply like all rows with exact matches to be hidden. I can simply change any code to reflect something like


later if necessary.

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Find Large Value If List Is Having Duplicate Data?

Dec 30, 2011

I am facing problem in finding the second large value while my list is having duplicate data.

For Example

my numbers are:-

if I want to find out the top four value by using the formula:-


the result is coming like: - 90,87,87,65

instead of this I want the result as: - 90,87,65,45.

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Find Duplicate Data - Identify Which Entries Are In BOTH Columns

Apr 27, 2014

I have data (e.g. PPL0106AU) in columns A (Rows 2 to 104) & C (Rows 2 to 303) and need to identify which entries are in BOTH columns.

I've entered in column B: =IF(MATCH(A2,C$2:C$303),A2,"No")

This formula is resulting in a duplicate of column A in column B.

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Find And Identify Duplicate Data Across Multiple Workbooks?

Dec 23, 2013

Book 1 sheet1 A


Book 2 sheet1 A


I need get the result Book 3 Sheet 1 A

All duplicates items from book 1 and book 2

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VBA Code To Find Row Number Based On Data Via Input Box And Highlight Cell?

Jun 21, 2014

I want to enter a unique ID into an input box which will tell which row that id is available and then it will again ask me which column the cell needs to be highlighted. Once i enter the data, it will then ask me what is the change in data (again via input box). i can then enter the change data and then it stops.

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Name Range Of Worksheets And Find Duplicate Data In Column In Each Sheet

Jun 11, 2013

I have made up 7 worksheets that are completely identical with exception of course to the data they contain. I have a master sheet that contains some of the data from each of the other sheets that will be shared between them. Things were working very well until I discovered that some data was duplicated on a couple of the sheets; and I am in need of adding more worksheets.

The formula I am using for this will not allow me to have more than the 7 worksheets. It is an IF statement array. So now I am wondering how will I be able to add these extra sheets. I would like to use my worksheet names in a range but have evidently done something wrong and could not get that to work before, ending up with this very long 'IF'. !Can worksheet names be used to create a named range?

Also, I would like to know if there is a way to prevent duplicate data on these sheets. I am using conditional formatting on each sheet now, but that of course only works on the current sheet.

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Highlight The Duplicate Numbers

Aug 5, 2009

I have two columns with item code numbers in them

if any numbers from column 1 are duplicated in column 2, i want them to be highlighted automatically, maybe with a coloured cell or something?

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How To Highlight Cell With Duplicate Value

Jun 30, 2014

How can i highlight cell "TE001 in 6/19/14" to red color if it duplicate value within the same day, but will not highlight cell "TE001 in 6/20/14" if not in the same day...





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Highlight Duplicate Rows

Oct 15, 2008

i'm looking for a vba script, that will HIGHLIGHT duplicate cells, by the row.

etc.. lets say i have

a w
a s
e t
v t

If i click on Col / cell a and run the script, rows 1 & 2 will be selected.
I i click on Col / cell b and run the script, rows 3 & 4 will be selected.

i know there are heaps around that will change colour etc. but i just want to highlight?

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Highlight Duplicate Entries In Same Date?

Apr 24, 2014

highlighting the duplicate entries in the same date comparing C:C data.

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Using Different Colors To Highlight Duplicate Values?

Sep 17, 2013

I have rows that contain property identifiers and their owners. One property ID can have multiple owners. I would like to color the rows differently to show each unique property ID with their 1 or more property owners. I have attached a file showing what I would like (with fake data). In excel, I was able to figure out how to highlight the duplicate values, but it only does them in one color. I would like each property ID value to have it's own color - as I show in the attached file. In the file, I have value 1234 as one color, the 4546 values as another color and 2233 values as another.

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How To Highlight The Duplicate Values In Column

Oct 26, 2013

find the attached Sheet, where some values are entered in column A with repeated action. What I need that through an excel function the repeated values should get red colour like in the Column C.

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Highlight Duplicate Phrases In A Column?

Mar 13, 2014

I am unsure if I would even need VBA to do this. I am trying to find a way to highlight all cells in column AO that have duplicate phrases and transfer just the phrase over to column CF. Ex: A cell containing "She didn't listen" and a cell containing "They didn't listen" would highlight and "didn't listen" would move over to Column CF. Would it be possible to do this without specifying the exact phrase?

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Highlight Cells If Duplicate Found On The Same Row

Aug 12, 2009

how to even start this macro but i will like the macro to find duplicate with thin the same row and highlight it i have done with conditional formatting but the spreadsheet is about 3000 rows excel performance is super slow if anybody has a macro out there.

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Highlight Third Duplicate With Msgbox To Ask To Delete

Sep 16, 2009

I'm during a spreadsheet for the Local Government and the task is Hard Rubbish Collection. Residents only allow to have their hard rubbish collected twice a year but sometimes, some cheeky residents have their rubbish collected for the third time in a year without us knowing it

This is the code I've found in this forum (thanks to rylo) but it only works on active sheet ...

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VBA Code To Highlight Every Other Duplicate / Single

Sep 2, 2003

I would like to:
1 - Highlight the row for the first duplicate/single "Ana M."
2 - Then skip the next duplicate/single row "Jane S."
3 - Then Highlight the row for next duplicate/single "Sam"
4 - .... and so on.

Sample Data:
Ana M.12 A St333-3333
Ana M.23 Z St333-3333
Jane S.12 A St555-5555
Jane S.15 Z St555-5555
Sam A.55 A St222-2222
Tony J.45 A St444-4444
Tony J.11 B St444-4444
Tony J.66 Z St444-4444

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Macro To Highlight Duplicate Numbers In Col A?

May 9, 2013

I would like a macro to highlight duplicate numbers in Col A in Sheet1.

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Identify Or Highlight Duplicate Rows

Nov 3, 2006

i have a series of colums in which i have a formula for checking if each proceding row has the same value in the cells above ie duplication. i am using the following formula
= if(and (C4=C3),(D4=D3),(E4=E3)),"yes","") although this seems to work ok, some of the cells in colums D & E are empty.
what should i do to check for this.

what i am attempting to do is check for duplicate rows where the row is only a duplicate if the previous row is identical.

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Highlight Duplicate Cells Between 2 Columns

Feb 29, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with columns A to W populated with data and 2470 rows
Column A has email addresses in it (2470 rows)
Column B has email addresses that are bad and are duplicated of those found in Column A there are only 345 of them in column B.

I would like to compare columns A and B and highlight the email addresses in column A that are also found in column B.

OR: If column A has a duplicate found in column B I would like the word delete to be inserted into column C of that row so I can review and then delete later.

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Highlight Duplicate Values In A Single Column

Mar 6, 2013

I created a spreadsheet for use by the shipping department where I work. We are trying to prevent pulling and shipping the incorrect item to the customer. This is how it works. The employee downloads a CSV file containing items that have been purchased from our website and imports the file into the excel. Then the item is pulled and the employee scans the item's barcode into the spreadsheet named "SCAN." Formulas and code on the "reference" sheet look for the SKU number in the list from the CSV file while others create a consolidated list of SKUs that have been scanned, SKUs that have a problem and need to go to customer service, and SKUs from the CSV file that have yet to be scanned. Some of the formulas in this workbook have been borrowed from forums like this and altered to fit my needs - I'll admit I'm not even entirely sure how they work.

Occasionally a SKU is scanned in twice and not always sequentially which will effect the total item count. It can be very difficult to find the duplicates in the list.

I would like for any value that appears more than once in column B of the 'SCAN' sheet to be highlighted. I have tried to do this, but to no avail.

Scan Below
If FWD: CS, state reason below:



[Code] ......

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Highlight Only First Duplicate Number That Found In Column?

Aug 24, 2013

I have sheet 1 and in c3



this two column compare for duplicates and I manage to highlight (actually not bold) the number that is duplicate but I dont want to highlight the 2nd, 3rd & so on duplicate number in c3 (highlight 1 only from the 3 numbers most of the times got 2 only) . (row start from c3 to c2000 and d3 is up to d2000 also). I already use CF for highlighting the duplicate in C3 which my formula in CF is

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(c3:c3,$c$3:$c$780,0)),"",c3:c3) I just try to do this formula and it works, but I dont know how to command not to highlight the 2nd, 3rd & so on duplicate number in C3 (C3 only can have duplicate number within the column; D3 doesn't have any repeat number in the D column.

I need to do the same formula command for other 2 partner columns (compare for duplicates this two columns & the 1st column if have to many duplicates highlight the first number that have more than 1 duplicates only) cells need to do again is for E3 & F3; G3&H3; until AU3&AV3..

is it possible to count how many highlighted cell (not bold) there is in a column (I mean total highlighted cell) and put the answer in cell C1, E1, G1, I1 ... AS1 , AU1. Tq again..

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Highlight Duplicate Value In Two Different Sheets Using Conditional Formatting

Feb 1, 2014

How can we find or highlight the duplicate value in two different sheets using conditional formatting.

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Highlight Duplicate Reference Numbers In Column A

Jun 4, 2014

I managed to find this great bit of code some time ago and would now like to add to it. The code basically identifies any duplicates in column A and then lists the results in a message box,e.g.:

Duplicate Name: REF12345
Rows: 2,3

Works great for 1 or 2 duplicates but if there are many it becomes quite difficult to keep track. I'd like keep the code as is but add highlighting to the identified cells.

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