Formula Bar & Headings

Feb 8, 2010

Is there a way to hide the formula bar and headings for a specific worksheet(s) with a workbook but not all the worksheets? In other words, I want to hide the formula bar and headings only for certain worksheets. When I select hide on the show/hide ribbon, it hides it for all the worksheets within a workbook.

Also, is there a VBA code that can be written to hide formula bar and headings for a selected worksheet?

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Formula To Expand Headings To Table Columns

Jan 25, 2014

The attached workbook has a fragment of a table . The column heads are letters representing job nos. The first row is of numbers which will always be multiples of 1000. Subsequent rows are the factors of each number by each number.

My problem is how to structure the columns of the second table so that if a number has a factor of 1 there is one copy of that column head. if the number has a factor of 2 then there are 2 copies of the head, and so on.

The table can vary in size but the first row of each column will always be an integral number of 1000's (e.g. never 1250).

I have not been able to attach the workbook as "ADDFILES" is not visible in the download screen, I hope the above description will be enough.

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Insert Headings

Oct 5, 2009

I need a vba code which inserts a text/heading into an excel chart.

Today I wrote the heading inside the code, in this way:

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Cannot See Row & Column Headings

Nov 23, 2006

I have a workbook. Numbers On The Left And Letters At The Top of all sheets cannot be seen. How can I make them visible?

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Exclude Headings

May 10, 2007

I use currentRegion to add the item to the combobox, but i don't know how to add without including the first cell in the range,as usually, it is the field name.

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Custom Sorting With Sub Headings

Aug 6, 2014

I've got a few worksheets that have staff names on Col A. And these names are under sub headings of what position they work in (Foremen, Operatives etc..).

Before I had access to them, the names were not in order, now I've change it to A-Z, for each staff under their position.
I know you can make your own custom order list, so the list goes top to bottom : Supervisor, Formen, Operative, Office.

What I sometimes need to do is sort Col B or C. But is am unable to sort it back to it's original state

Attached is an example of how I would like my spreadsheets to look. But is there a way to use Sort & Filter so it sorts the entire table by position, keeping the correct name under the correct position heading.

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (2).xlsx‎

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Months As Column Headings

May 24, 2007

I use a macro to format a debtors ledger. This report shows the amounts that customers owe broken down by the age of the debt, ie Current, 30, 60, 90, 120 days.

To make it easier to read I want macro code that will replace these mostly numeric headings with months ie April, March, February, January, December.

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Save As CSV Without Column Headings

Jun 16, 2009

I want to save a worksheet as a CSV but Excel saves the column headings as the first line of the saved csv file. I don't want the column headings in the saved file.

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Code For Locking A Row Of Headings

Nov 20, 2009

My questions is how to "freeze pane" a row of headings on the Results page and post the results onto row 2 and downward *without* deleted row 1.

If you look at the attached file, you will see a tab that I created called "My desired Results Page" that simply has a frozen row of cells. Instead of just displaying the rows from the Details page on the Results page, I'd like them there but with the headings at the top.

Is there code that can do this?

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Average Of Angles (headings)

Oct 11, 2007

I have data sent to me describing angles as integers from -180 to 180. I need to average these angles together. For example, the average of 10 and -2 should be 4. Great. However, the average of 175 and -175 should be 180.

Has anyone ever worked with this type of issue?

(I've thought about converting -175 to 185, but then I have trouble with 5 and -5, which becomes 355).

I should probably note that I have a list of angles, not just 2. The analysis I need to do is 1) average of all angles and 2) difference from the average for each angle.

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Lookup Intersection Of 2 Headings

Nov 14, 2006

I am trying to find out if i can reference to a table on Excel. For example; if i enter in one cell the word 'january' (a header on the left of the table) and 'week 1' (a header on the top of the table) in another cell, can i set it to produce the value in the table that coresponds to the two headers.

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Ommit Headings From CurrentRegion

Nov 22, 2006

Assuming I have a data martix which is X* Y. I want to store a range that is at Row Z. I have named a single cell at Row Z as "dataStart". How can I store that Row without the header?

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Headings, Worksheet Probs!

Feb 10, 2007

as you know at the top of the excel 2002 worksheet there are headings:

A B C D E etc etc

how do i change these (A,B,C,D,E) to my own personal heading?


A = Title B = Type C = Subs etc etc

or do i have to 'drop' all the info down by 1 level?
i really need to keep the 'numbers' for the colums so that the 1st entry doesn't start at A2

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Dual Headings Match

Jun 21, 2007

TAKING A BIT FURTHER THE POST Find Min Value In Multiple Columns And Match The Header

Here's my problem: I am trying to find the MIN value in a column with dual headings and match the corresponding product which makes my formula with three criteria.

see the attachment to see the structure of the tables and further explanation.

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Copy Data Less Headings

Jul 18, 2007

how do i go about coding a macro so that it can look at a column,lets say column F in this case, on a worksheet and figure out how many rows contain data, select all rows BUT the header row (row 1 in this case), select them for copy, and paste them to another spreadsheet in the xls file starting from row 2, pasting values only.

the way i would LIKE to do this function is to take column 1, determine its length, or how many rows contain data and where the first empty row kicks in, anchor that into a variable and use that variable to set the copy paste function for the remaining columns i run the function on. why do i need this done? i'm makign a macro that can automatically build reports for me from raw data dumpted from the system.... and later columns in the spreadsheet have empty cells, so i want the function to process at a fixed length with all cells using column one as a guide for the copy/paste function

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Delete Rows In Excel Between Two Row Headings?

Jun 19, 2014

I have an excel file with multiple sites and I need to delete empty rows base on two repeated words in column A. Empty Rows need to be deleted between the cells in column A called Litter and Community. There are other empty rows that need to stay in so only rows between "litter" followed by "community".

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Pivot Table Second Row (column Headings)?

Apr 2, 2014

See the attached excel workbook:


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Locking Row/column Headings In Place

Apr 5, 2009

The first five columns of my table contain row titles. I'd like to keep these columns stationary while I scroll horizontally through the remainder of the columns.

As it is now, only the row number remains stationary, but I really don't need the numbers, just the row titles.

Is there any way to do this? And would this also be possible with column headings (so I can scroll down without them moving up)?

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Put The Column Headings In Listbox Exactly As It Is In The Sheet?

Nov 10, 2013

I want to put in the column headings "listbox" exactly as it is in the sheet, but non-contiguous columns

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3 Worksheets Same Headings Consolidating Data?

Aug 5, 2014

Having trouble consolidating 3 worksheets into one worksheet, on these 3 worksheets they all have the same headings which go from A-R. I simply need to be able to run a formula or use some sort of method to incorporate all 3 lists into 1 master list. The only way i currently can do this is to create a vba script which simply copies say 500 rows from the first worksheet paste onto master spreadsheet then copy 500 rows in second worksheet and find next blank row and paste etc.

Is that the best way to do this or is there a better way?

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Copy Data From One File To Another With Different No Of Headings

Oct 31, 2008

My simple copy and paste macro copies data but while pasting it pastes data starting in cell A1 rather than A5. Code is as below. I thought of copying cell by cell but the problem is that this is only a very small part of code. Below code copies column C in source file and pastes into column A of destination file.

I would be doing about 50 of these columns transfers between two files and thought that copying cell by cell would take ages to run.

1) Can someone please help me resolving the above problem i.e pasting data in cell A5 rather than A1.

2) Secondly how can i add an OR to the autofilter criteria? for example below code filters based on criteria "CS"? what do i need to do to filter based on "CS" or "AS".

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List Box With Multiple Columns And Headings

Jan 19, 2009

I am trying to figure this out. I have a userform with one listbox with 7 columns that displays a range. It is working except i cannot get the column headings to work.

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Populate The Headings Of A Listbox Via Code

Oct 13, 2009

Is possible to populate the headings of a listbox via code

I have a list box with three columns and need the headings to be

"Number" "Rider" and "Bike"

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Copying Worksheet If First Row Headings Match

Dec 1, 2009

What it does is open a singlesheet Workbook and copy that sheet onto the sheet with the macro. It only copies this if the cell E1 matches in both sheets.

Now I'm trying to change this - I want to match a range - A1:V1 should match

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Count If And Return Of Column Headings

Nov 3, 2008

I have a sheet where a name could appear multiple times in a 22 column data range. I would like to list all the names on a second sheet in Column A and in column B (and further columns as necessary) return the heading name of column where the name is found in cells next to the name.

I think Count If will work for giving me the number of times the name appears in sheet one but is there a way to return the column headings along the same row as the name?

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Putting Column Headings In Formulas

Apr 9, 2012

I want to place this forumla "=IF(INT(B3/$U$1)=(B3/$U$1),1,0)" across my worksheet.

Now, I'm okay when dragging down as it works fine with the B3 changing to B4 and the U1 staying as U1.

However, I would like it so that when I drag it horizontally, the U1 becomes V1. I want it so that I can do this and it stays within the $. So when dragging sideways it becomes "=IF(INT(B3/$V$1)=(B3/$V$1),1,0)".

if this is possible and if so, how to do it?

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Trim Spaces On Excel Headings

Nov 8, 2013

I have n rows which has headings. I would like to remove spaces in between them.

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Hiding Some Not All Rows / Columns With Headings

May 18, 2014

How do I get the effect of hiding unused rows/column in the sheet, including headings, while the parts in use still display headings?

The pick below explains what I mean. [IMG][/IMG]

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Show The Headings Of The Four Highest Marks In Each Row

Nov 7, 2009

I have tried to construct a formula for columns M N O and P to extract the names of the four best marks for each student. I have used the 'Large' formula but it does work when there are equal marks in the list.

Has anyone used a formula to order the first four highest marks and show the headings?

Here is a sample of the Spreadsheet I am using.
(Using Excel 2003)

Column headings are:
(ignore the commas - they are just spacers for the data when posting)


Foot, Athl, Base, R.Cl., Rug, Crick, Tram, Bad, TT, Gym, Golf,,,,, 1st,,,2nd,,,3rd,,,4th

,20,,,,,25,,,,21,,,,,19,,,,22,,,,,20,,,,,24 ,,,25,,,,21,,,24,,,,19,,,,,, Athl Bad Tram Gym

,25,,,,,21,,,,19,,,,,22,,,,20,,,,,24,,,,,25,,,,21,,,,24,,,19,,,,25,,,,,, Foot Tram Golf Crick

,20,,,,,26,,,,25,,,,,21,,,,19,,,,,22,,,,,20,,,,24,,,,25,,,21,,,,24,,,,,, Athl Base TT Bad

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Column Headings Are Numbers Instead Of Letters

Aug 16, 2006

All my columns headings are now numbers instead of letters. how do i change them back to letters

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