Formula In Target

Apr 30, 2007

in selection change event how to identify formula in target?

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Command For Target: Send A Target Link To A File

Sep 1, 2007

i am needing to issue a dos command in excel? basically i need to send a target link to a file. i cant use a hyper link for several reasons, and this is the only way i know how to go about this.

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SUM Formula Target Is In Sheet With Variable Name

Jun 5, 2014

In the first sheet "Sheet1", I am trying to SUM the values of column C from another sheet 'XXX'. The trick is that the name of this other sheet is a variable, like Sheets(1+i).name , "i" being an integer. I can't find the proper syntax for the formula below.

PHP Code: 

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUM(XXX!C[1])" 

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Formula To Show Target For Today?

Jan 18, 2012

What i have in cell D3 is the formula 'Today ()' to show the date formatted like so. January 2012.

In cells B1,B4,B7,B10,B13,B16,B19,B22,B25,B28,B31,B34 are results showing targets for set each month of the year (B1=January, B2=February etc). What i want to do in cell D4 is show the target for the month that we are in, in other words the target for the month showing in cell D3.

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Formula To Adjust Based On Target Cell

Mar 11, 2007

I have a spreadsheet at work . I am tracking the quality target for the department and I need to create a formula that adjust accordingly to the target set for month end which is 90%.

I have build in the foreacasted numbers for the whole month but I need the formula to indicate the minimum error points needed to achieve the target of 90% for month end when I replace the forecasted numbers on a daily basis with actual numbers.

I have attached the spreadsheet which will be clearer.

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SUMIFS Formula To Work Out If A Rep Is Below Target On Selling Brands

Aug 10, 2009

i am trying to us the SUMIFS formula to work out if a rep is below target on selling brands.

I have two worksheets summary and data, Summary worksheet is where i am trying to do the sumif formula against a sales average taking the information from the data worksheet
I have account manager name, brand, sales, DSI
I tryed the below sumifs formula but its coming back as 0

Please could someone have a look and point out the error in my ways
The first count if should count how many times the account manager appears in the brand and the second count is if his DSI on the data worksheet is higher that the target dsi on the summary sheet

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Worksheet Change Event Where Target Cell Contains Formula

May 23, 2007

I need to hide/unhide a couple of rows based on the result of a formula in the Target Range. Basically, Cell D2 contains the results of a sum (a+ B), if this is greater than 10,000, unhide the next row.

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Formula For Number Of Perfect Ordered Needed To Achieve Certain Target

Jun 11, 2014

I was working on a chart to calculate my Amazon seller rating to see how many more perfect order I need to hit my next target grade. Here is how the calculation works.

Order with no problem gets 100 points per order
Minor problem gets 0 point
Moderate problem minus 100 points
Severe problem minus 500 points

Grade are evaluate by:
<84.5 Fair
<96.5 Good
<98.5 Very good
Above is Excellent

Total points / total orders = final grade (or percentage)

As of now i got : 53800 (points) / 624 (orders) = 86.22(%)

Now that I know what grade I've got so far and I also want to know how many more perfect orders I need to achieve my next targets or in case some bad orders come by and how far they pull me down.

Attached is my work sheet so far and I'm just missing the calculation for the orange shaded part.

Amazon seller rating calculator.xlsx‎

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Formula To Return Multiple Criteria Including Stretch Target

Jul 8, 2014

I'm struggling to come up with a formula that ill give me the following:

I have will have a row of data (cells A4:H4 on the attached example), in the respective cells below each value in row 4 I want formula that will give me a value of 10 if it sees 90% in the cell above reducing to a value of 0 if it sees 80% in the cell above. I think that there should be a relatively straightforward formulae for that, my problem is that I want to add a further criteria that says; if the value in row 4 increases above 90% and reaches 95% then I must return a value that is 10 for 90% but "stretches" to 12 for 95%. Anything below 80% should return a value of 0, and anything over 95% should return a value of 12.

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Formula To Determine Required Values To Achieve Target Percentage?

Aug 24, 2014

Data is;

83300 - hypothetical number of times I have fired my gun at target.
43209 - hypothetical number of times I have scored bullseye.

So, my bullseye percentage = 43209/83300, or ~51.87%.

Need formula to determine how many more consecutive bullseyes I need to shoot, in order to achieve 70% ratio.

Since each shot from now on will be a bullseye, both values (hits & shots) will increment together.

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Using Formula To Target Multiple Keywords In Order To Categorize Cells

Jan 15, 2014

I have a big file here : [URL] .....

As you can see, the second column contains abstracts which I want to use to determine categories for each document (each line).

Categories are as followed :
Diabetes prevention -> keywords : sugar, diabet*, insulin*
Obesity prevention -> keywords : weight-loss, fat*, LDL
etc. (5-8 categories)

To target one keyword, I found this formula :
=IF(IFERROR(SEARCH("*diabet*"; $B3); 0); "Diabetes prevention"; " ")

What I would like to know is how to add more than one keywords in this formula.

I would also like to know, if it is even possible, how to put every categories in this column, so that i don't have a category per column ... It's hard to explain.

I want to have in front of each line the corresponding column. It means that the formula has to search for every keywords and select one or more appropriate categories.

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Automatically Populate Data From Target B Worksheet Into Target A Worksheet

Dec 3, 2012

I have main worksheet (target a) that I am trying to populate data from target(worksheet) b. The data I am trying to get from target b changes every month,(declining balance) based on a new month. So how can I get financial data from different cell each month from "b" into same cell in "a"? (so "A" # would be overwritten in same cell based on new # from "B". I have tried VLookup but can't be doing something correct.

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Find Value Of Target On Same Row As Target

Jun 4, 2008

I am using a piece of track changes VBA code mentioned on this site, which among other things creates a new column that reports the number of any cell that has been changed (e.g., $K$32). What I would like to do is, next to that cell, report the title of the row in which that cell appears. In other words, if someone changes cell $K$32, for easier reference I'd like others to be able to see that this cell appears in a row titled "New Sales". I'll be happy to clarify with more specifics if need be.

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Formula To Target Another Cell: Formula/Data In Same Cell

Oct 1, 2006

Note: I know the syntax below is not how you would enter forumlas into Excel but I am using it to quickly illustrate what I'm trying to do and need help with. A cell not in column D, E, or F contains a formula of the form: F=IF(D>0, D/E, "blank") .
Note: If a cell in column D>0 (eg. D5>0) then the cell to the right of the selected D cell (eg. E5) will also be >0 ; otherwise, both cells will be empty.

This is what I want to do: If cell D?>0 , then F?=D?/E? ; otherwise, F?=empty .

Example 1: If D5>0, then F5=D5/E5 ; otherwise F5=empty .
Example 2: If D7>0, then F7=D7/E7 ; otherwise F7=empty .
Etc. I want this to apply to all rows.

I cannot enter the formula directly into the F? cell because sometimes I will need to enter data into cell F? manually. When I need to enter data manually into F? this results in the formula being overwritten by the new data and this means that if I ever needed to have data calulated based on the formula F=IF(D>0, D/E, "blank") I would have to re-enter the formula from scratch over again; obviously this is a nusance.

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IF(VLOOKUP) Formula That Also Copies Cell Background Color To Target Cell

Jul 4, 2014

I am currently using this Formula to Search a table on sheet 2 (Tabelle2) and copy the date in the relevent cell (Cells) into the correct cell on Sheet 1 (Master Sheet).

[Code] ..........

Used in cells E10:AZ30 and E33:AZ46

This works perfectly and is the formula behind all relevent cells in Sheet 1.

I would like to keep this but to add that it also copies the background color of the cell in Sheet 2 to the cell in sheet 1.

If i can Bring this Formula into VBA and add the color changing part, It must only work on the cells listed above..

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Gap To Target Column

Aug 22, 2014

I want to create a chart that shows "Gap to Target. See attached Sample spreadsheet for more info.

Note how the yellow part of the chart is actually the chart...and the green bar over it is manually pasted. That green bar is supposed to be "result" and that yellow gap is supposed to represent the difference between Targeted sales and the actual Result.

How to actually build the green part into the chart? Every time I try, it just adds them together and doesn't show the gap.


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Add Value To Target Cell

Jan 30, 2014

Is it possible to add a value to a target cell without VBA Ie I have 3 worksheets and I would like to pull a varying cell value from each sheet to give me cumulative total on another sheet in a single cell.

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Target Cell Changes Value But Sub Does Not Run?

Mar 25, 2014

I have a simple sub below (CopyData) to copy a cell value (I2) to next unused row in column O. If I run the sub from the VB editor, it runs fine doing exactly what I intend to do.

I've tried several macros to cause this sub to run when the value of cell I2 changes but they all behave the same way. I am initiating worksheet changes using the F9 function key. I2 changes every time I press F9 but the CopyData sub doesn't run.

Below is the latest attempt:

Sub CopyData()
Sheets("Calculations").Range("O" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
End Sub

Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$I$2" Then
Call CopyStuff
End If
End Sub

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VBA Intersect And Target

Jan 29, 2008

Im tring to run the procedure called KeyEventsOn ONLY when a single cell in range E29:E30 changes.

The Intersect and Target are borrowed from a book , I dont fully understand how these work. I am assuming that 'Target' should simply reflect the currently selected range, and the 'intersect' function runs a check as to whether the target is in the range to be checked.

The problem Im having is the variable 'Target'. If the above is true, why for example when I type 'ABC' into the current selected cell does the variable 'Target' show as "ABC" and not "$E$29" (or whatever cell is selected)...

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VBA Target.Address

Mar 21, 2008

what the Taget.Address relates to in VBA. I cant figure it out, how can this be used?

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Daily Target With % Growth?

Feb 3, 2014

what i need to do to track daily sales with 10% growth from previous year total sales.

I have 12 separate sheets for each month.

On each sheet i have separate columns"date" "goal" "actual" "% from goal".

What function/formula is needed to calculate the daily target goal taking into account that weekends are busier

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Value Exceeding Target To Be Negative?

Dec 24, 2012

I'm working on a spreadsheet to measure performance.

Target is 10% and below

If actual is below or equal to 10%, then 100% achievement

If actual is above 10%, From 11% to 20%, then achievement is 90% and so on down until 0%

If actual is beyond 20%, then achievement should not exceed 0%

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How To Use Target Bval In A Sheet

Apr 14, 2014

I am trying use target Bval in a sheet. Can I give conditions like if only the value is number then trigger the code else no. Is there a possibility???

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Target With Range Shorthand

Dec 17, 2007

Basically, I'm trying to do this:

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CASE Depending On Target Value

Jan 20, 2009

How would I set up a series of CASES depending on the Target.Value (a doubleclick code within spreadsheet) such that IF target value isblank, then change to . If target value is , then change to "NA". If target value is "NA" then clear contents
Would CASE be the best way to go or a series of IF's?

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Automatic Target Adjustment

Nov 3, 2008

I am building a sheet of sales targets for 2009. With each month allocated a certain percentage of the annual target.

I wish to be able to take into account a change of target at some point in the year.

If i were to change the annual target in June, i need the spreadsheet to only change the monthly targets from June onwards, January - May are finished.

In the example attached there is a change in annual target in June. How do i calculate what the remaining month's targets need to be in order to meet the annual target while taking into account what has already been achieved and the shape of the budget as indicated by the percentages??

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Stop Count When Sum Target Met

Apr 20, 2010

I have a row of data that holds dispatch values by week. I have a second row of data that holds stock levels by week. I simply want to create a third row that tells me how many weeks of demand a stock level will cover.

The data looks like this (comma deliminated):

Week, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Stock, 26490, 24490, 22490, 20490, 18490, 14239, 17898, 13646, 9393
Dispatch, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000, 4251, 4251, 4252, 4253, 2350

In this example week 1 would have 9 weeks of stock cover, week 2 - 8 weeks and week 3 - 7 weeks of cover.

This is calculated by summing along the dispatch row until the cumulative sum of dispatch exceeds the current week stock level; then counting the number of weeks in the sum that cumulatively are less than (but closest to without being over) the total stock of that week.

Currently we manually create a massive array that sums along up to 26 weeks in advance and then have a manual formula that finds the maximum value below the target. This then outputs the column reference and then calculates the number of weeks based on the difference between the week column and the column highlighted.

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Target Just Date In Any Format?

Oct 21, 2011

How can I target just a "date" in any format?

=IF(A2>"any date",A2,B2)

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How To Use Target In Worksheet Change

Nov 18, 2011

I've been trying to configure my formula in Worksheet_Change to only run when targeted cells are being changed (by using Target). I don't get it to work properly.

A cell value is supposed to change in column AK when the equivalent cell in column H is changed. se my formula below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = "H" Then
Dim LastRow As Long


Anyone used to work with Worksheet_Change Target who can see how I use Target wrong?

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Get Color Of Target Cell?

Dec 10, 2011

I need to be able to get the color of my target cell (the target could be in red green or blue - background or foreground color could be used) - I realize this requires the use VBA, which I know nothing about - I want to find the color NOT change it or manipulate it in any way

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