Formula To Calculate Best Of Three Numbers

Jan 22, 2009

how to calculate the best of three numbers from 5 numbers in a row?

I want to know the exact formula for this.

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Formula To Calculate Same Numbers As One In Multiple Cells

Oct 1, 2006

I have a long list or work items that I track on a log on daily basis.Some work items are repeated twice or trice to input a certain comment.Therefore, when I try to calculate the total number of work items for the day using counta formula, if results in an inaccurate total since certain work items are repeated twice or trice. The work items consist of a 8 digit number.Example 8876098.

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Formula To Calculate The Absolute Total Of A Column Of Numbers

Jan 25, 2009

Need a formula to calculate a absolute total from a column of totals.

I thought this was simple, but the formula I made didn't work.

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How To Calculate Every Different Way To Sum 100 From Certain Set Of Numbers

Mar 8, 2013

How to create scenarios where excel will select all the possible ways to sum your data set to a specific number?

Data Set: (20, 25, 18, 40, 23, 22, 73, 7, 38, 28, 52, 96, 4, 99,2)
Way to create: 100

Answer 1: 25, 73, 2
Answer 2: 38, 2, 40
Answer 3: 96, 4

Is there a function or data structure in order to complete this?

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Calculate Different Numbers Appearing More Than Once?

Apr 16, 2012

I have a work sheet with multiple columns and rows. In one column there is unique number which is appearing in multiple rows but it is appearing in different rows more than once like this:


Now i want to calculate this e.g KA0012 appearing twice as one number similarly KA0013 appearing thrice as one number how can i do it?

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Calculate 17 Numbers Over 25 Cells

Sep 23, 2013

I am trying to generate a formula that will add the last 17 cells over 25 cells worth of data. If there is nothing entered in one of the cells then the formula should add the next cell.

i.e. column Z needs to add A1:Y1 but only add the last 17 cells that have a number in it so this should add I1:Y1 to give 17 cells worth of data. BUT if for example L1 and P1 are zero, then column Z needs to add G1:Y1, still giving 17 cells worth of data.

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Calculate Role Over Numbers?

Apr 10, 2014

I am calculating totals off a meter that roles over at 999999. Is there an easy way to have it auto calculate the total if my beginning reading is 994419 and my ending reading is 002146.

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Modify To Calculate Numbers Only

Aug 14, 2008

I'm using sum to calculate numbers can I modify it not to calculate numbers? like it'll return blank or something else. Because it calculates alphabets in a row and returns a 0.

tSumthing = "=SUM(RC4:RC[-1])"

then based on the 0's I got above, it'll delete the row. I got diffculty modifying the formula below.

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Calculate Written Numbers

Dec 30, 2006

Whilst I was searching through the channels on telly the other night I came across a 'Quiz Call' channel where you had to add ALL the number within a certain sum (see sample) Sixteen minus five times seven multiply by nine add twelve

You not only have to do the sum you also have to add in all the less obvious numbers like the Six within Sixteen, plus also all the Roman numbers in each word like the I, X, & IX within the sixteen. I've done a small example to show what I mean, but I don't have any idea how to create a formula that will add up all of all of the permitations of roman numerals within each word.

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Calculate Time From Whole Numbers

Apr 18, 2007

It is quicker and easier for me to enter times as whole numbers.

I tried to Catinate the number and enter the ":" in the middle. Example
I enter 815 and then =":" &RIGHT(a1,2) and get :15 but how do I add the 8 and convert the new number to time?

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Whole Numbers To Decimals & Calculate

Jul 2, 2007

I want to convert the number in a cell, G7, from a whole number into a decimal and then divide that decimal into a whole number in cell E7 and give me the quotient in cell E8.

ie:312 = 6.0
286 = 5.5
260 = 5.0
234 = 4.5
208 = 4.0
182 = 3.5
156 = 3.0
130 = 2.5
104 = 2.0
78 = 1.5
52 = 1.0

Could this also be done with the entire range of numbers from 312 to 52 and giving decimals of 6.0, 5.9, 5.8 etc.

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Cannot Calculate Cells With Numbers

Apr 15, 2008

I really didn't want to create this thread, but this is really bugging me and I have had asked for assistance with this. I have tried to bump this in March and again last week, I have given more than 48 hours for a response, but I am seeing that the view counter is increasing so slowly, it was at 84 when I 'bumped' and I am not sure if someone is able to help me as the thread is moving further down the line.

I have not had any trouble with what I have used in over a year, I have had used Vlookup religously for 2 years, and for the last 3 months, I have encountered this problem. Didn't think anything of it the first time it happened. It was explained that there was a space in the cell, which is why the formula did not find it. What's strange is that it only happens on one cell. I haven't determined if it is the exact same cell reference, but I am researching that.

The formatting is the same, in both sheets. Is there some way to vlookup look up the value of the contents as seen?

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Get Cell Address And Calculate Row Numbers?

Nov 30, 2012

Today I have a project as follows:

I have value1, search value1 in a row, if found get cell address and store in cell10. Then value2, search in the same row, if found get cell address and store in cell11. Then calculate number of rows between cells with addresses in stored in cell10 and cell11.

How do store the addresses and how to calculate this number of cells?

I need that number to use in next FOR loop.

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Maths / Calculate Scale Of A Set Of Numbers?

Dec 11, 2012

I have a need to work out a scaled trend 1 - 10

for example if I have the following data set:


Product A


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Calculate Percentage Of Positive Numbers Only

Jun 28, 2007

I am trying to find a formula to calculate the percentage of the positive numbers in a column. For example, if I have a column that has positive(green) numbers and negative(red) numbers in the cells to show over daily goal or under daily goal, and I want to at know what percentage of all the numbers are the positive ones.

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Calculate Numbers Required For X Percentage

Aug 14, 2007

what I'm trying to do.

I play a game that requires 5 members to play, however you can have more then 5 members on the team. In order for a player to receive points for playing they must have played at least 30% of the total games played. The problem for me is when trying to figure out how many games someone needs to play to get to 30%, the total goes up as they play those games.

What I would like to accomplish:
I'm looking for help on a formula that would figure out how many games a player would need to play to get to 30%. I have a column that is total games played, %of games played by player, games played by player, and games needed to play to get to 30%. Basically the user would enter the # of games played by each player, and the total games played overall for the team for that week, the spreadsheet would then show the # of games each player that isn't above 30% would need to play.

I tried to make the question as clear as possible, if anyone needs clarification,

Originally Posted by shg
Welcome to Oz, Basca

spreadsheet with a representative sample of your data?

Games Played
Player 1 20
Player 2 7
Player 3 13
Player 4 20
Player 5 13
Player 6 13
Player 7 7
Player 8 7

Total Games Played20

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Calculate Whole Numbers To Percentages With Conditions

Sep 8, 2007

I wish to write an "IF" formular to express a row of numbers in the way I wish to display them in accumulative fashion. 1 upto and including 9 = 1% ...

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Calculate Average Where All Numbers Equal X

Dec 7, 2007

I have done is created an Officer Evaluation Form in Word for my Police Chief and the Scores for the different observations are: N/A, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. If for example there are 4 observations and one of the observations is "N/A" for not applicable or not observed and the rest are all 5's I want the formula to ignore the field(s) with the N/A and still come up with an average of 5. The way I have it set up now which is: =AVERAGE(KOW1,KOW2,KOW3,KOW4) it comes up with an average of 3 when I put a N/A in field KOW1 and all 5's in KOW2-KOW4.

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Standard Deviation - Calculate Values With Only Two Numbers?

May 30, 2014

An age-old controversy has resurfaced in our lab regarding the calculation of a mean and standard deviation of a set of two numbers. There have always been those who say that you can't have a standard deviation of two numbers, but now someone has said that a mean of two numbers is meaningless (no pun intended). What is the current thinking on this? Of course, mathematically speaking, you can certainly calculate these values with only two numbers, but is a mean of two numbers not considered a valid measurement? How about a standard deviation?

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How To Calculate Lowest 6 Numbers In A Series Of About 30 Scores

Mar 28, 2012

I am doing a Golf scorecard but I have been having trouble figuring out how to calculate the last 6 lowest scores in a series of about 30 scores. What formula to use? Series looks like this

43 52 52 51 44 44 60 54 40 50 53 = 272

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Calculate Highest Common Divisor Of 2 Numbers

Sep 6, 2007

Assume Cell A2 + A3 as the fraction: 60/100. How can I get the smallest fraction (3/5 in cells B2+B3). I do not want to use the build in cell format for fractions)
There are a few samples of want I would like to get a s the result (Red Digits). I will appreciate 2 ways: via VBA Code and via Sheet Build-In Functions.

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Conditional Formatting - Calculate The Numbers Of Month And The Revenue?

May 5, 2014

i wish to do some conditional formatting. my target for the first 6 months from date activated is 50,000 after 6 months is 100,000. and for those below target, i will need it to be highlighted in red. thus i have 2 sets of conditions.(calculate the no. of months and the revenue).

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Calculate Average Of 4 Lowest Numbers Out Of Last 7 Entries In Column

Jun 4, 2014

Daily Result

I have the formula working for the average of the 4 lowest of all, using "AVERAGE" and "SMALL"; need for average of 4 lowest in most recent 7

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Excel 2010 :: How To Calculate Different Factors Values Which Are Numbers

Apr 21, 2014

I am using Excel 2010 and I am trying to calculate 4 different factors' (columns) values which are numbers. Based on my analysis I will assign the value from 1-5 for each factor and at the end I have to decide the priority (a new column) adding all 4 columns' numbers. My Priority column has three criteria (High, Medium, and Low) but I don't know what formula/function to use and how. I have tried IF function but did not work.

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Calculate Numbers Of Days Elapsed A Week / Month Or 6 Months From Now

Dec 31, 2013

In one column I'll have a list incrementing in 1w,2w,3w,1month and I want to be able to count the number of days that have elapsed till the latest cell. Right now I'm just winging it by saying there's always 31 days in one month using a COUNTA function, but I need it to be accurate.

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Excel 2010 :: Algebra Equations - Calculate By Grouping Like Numbers

Dec 31, 2013

I had a question about adding numbers, sort of like algebra equations (best description I can think of) into a spread sheet. Example:

Cell A1: 8
Cell A2: 8l
Cell A3: 8ls
Cell A4: 8l
Cell A5: 8
Cell A6: -where I want the total to be displayed in the following way: 16+16l+8l

Is this even possible to calculate by grouping like numbers?

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Excel 2007 :: Copying Word Pages To Workbook To Calculate Numbers By Using Formulas

Apr 10, 2013

I am working on word documents that has financial numbers on them. I am copying word pages to excel to calculate the numbers by using formulas and etc. I will cut to the chase; is there a way or a macro to insert into an excel template workbook(.xltx) when we open the template there will be a command button to select the word document (which we want to copy its pages) to excel sheets. When a new page begins a new sheet will be created and the page will be pasted on the new sheet.

It is not important if it has to have a command button to select the word document it is ok to run the macro and select the word document and it does not has to populate sheets according to length of word document (I can create lost of free sheets on the template)

The main idea is to gain the time I spend on copying the word document to excel sheets. Some documents can be very long (100 pages). I am using MS Office 2007.

I triend to export data but excel does not allow me to select word documents.

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A Formula Which Is Calculate 4-5 Dates Formula In One Cell

Oct 7, 2009

i need a formula for which calculate all cell (calculating years months and days formula). FIND ATTACHED .xls file i need a answer in cell highlited in yellow color.

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Formula To Calculate GST

May 6, 2013

Formula to calculate GST? I have a Non-capital and a Capital column, then a Claimable GST column.

I currently have '=SUM(E5/11)' in the Claimable GST column (G5).

If E5 is a zero value I need the sum of F5/11 in G5.

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Formula To Calculate TAT?

Feb 22, 2014

I need to calculate a TAT formula for the below case

P1 -- 1 Hour
P2 -- 2 Hour
P3 -- 4 Hour
P4 -- 8 Hour

Shift Start time : 6:30pm
Shift End Time : 3:30am

Suppose a request comes at 9:30pm and it is Priority 1 (P1) then it should be completed at 9:30pm + 1 hour = 10:30pm. I have given the below formula to execute this



The problem here is if the request is P4 then its 8 hr TAT and the formula will calculate the time as 5:30am. Since the shift time end at 3:30am itself the actual TAT should be the next day 8:30pm.

formula to calculate the TAT which includes the start time and end time and also excludes the weekends and holidays.

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