Histogram Analysis - Two Different Sets Of Frequencies

Mar 25, 2012

We were working on a set of stock returns using histogram option from the analysis tools. We have not been able to figure out why we have produced two different sets of frequencies over same set of data and one predefined bin range.

Only a few classes present different counts. Can this be due to two different versions of excel were used?

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Macro To Identify Top Ten Frequencies

Mar 31, 2012

I have a list of over 3000 numbers, many of them duplicates, and would like to write a Macro that lists down the top ten most occurring numbers, in the correct order, with their respective frequencies.

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Divide Cost Over A Number Of Years At Different Frequencies?

May 31, 2013

I have 4 columns labelled 1st Year, Frequency, Spread and cost. then I have columns spanning upto 30 they represent years but can be labelled as 1 to 30. My challenge is that I want a formula/function/macro that depending on what I type in the first 4 columns it will populate the remaining 30 columns with either cost or 0.

Example: if I had £9,000 at a frequency of 10, starting on the 5th year with a spread of 3.

The cost represents the cost of each frequent. so in the example I would get £3,000 on each of the 5th,6th and 7th years then another £3,000 on the 15th,16th,17th years and finally another £3,000 on the 25th, 26th and 27th years.

what I want to be able to do is have one function/formula that I can paste across all of the year cells. I currently have a formula that can copy the cost at different frequencies but I cant figure the spread out.


where K is frequency
8:8 is year
J is cost

what is the best way to approach this?

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Data Analysis: Place Called Data Analysis Under Tools

Nov 22, 2006

in excel, is there a place called data analysis under tools? im an exchange student in sweden andthe work that teacher gave me is half swedish and half english.. im looking for histogram there.

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To Insert Down Between Sets Then Border Sets

Apr 10, 2008

Below is a series of sets. Column A is the set number. I need a macro that will insert a row between sets and then put a border around each set. In my spreadsheet the sets are from A1:C500. Sometimes the sets are only 1 row, sometimes multiple rows. It looks like I will be doing one of these sheets every week. So far I have been doing it manually, but a macro sure would save some time.

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Non-numerical Histogram

May 9, 2009

I have been searching to see if it's possible to create a histogram with non-numerical data and it doesn't seem like it's possible. Is there something similar where I can. Count number of occurrences of a string and organize them from most frequent to less frequent? There are about 60 possible strings.


Then output the counts of each of the strings (letters in this case) present. I was thinking of just putting them in the same row or column and manually counting, but it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult have it automated.

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Creating Histogram From VBA

Apr 25, 2006

I am writing a macro that finds the prime numbers between to numbers chosen by the user. I want to create a histogram showing the distribution of the primes. I was going to use the Histogram tool in the Data Analysis add-in. My problem is in setting the input range. I do not know how many entries there will be in the input range. How can I write the argument so that it can be "dynamic" I can determine how many entries there are after I determine the prime numbers but I am not sure how to put that info into the Histogram argument.

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Histogram: Intervals Below Bar

Oct 5, 2006

I'm trying to make a histogram with the data analysis tool. The problem is that whenever I make a chart it doesnt show my intervals correctly. It puts them under the bars instead of between them.

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Histogram Intervals

Oct 6, 2006

I'm making use of a histogram to visualize my data. The only problem is that 90% of the data has a value which lies close to eachother but 10% is very different.

For example:


Now the histogram I will obtain won't look very good. Is there a way I can have an interval like 40 - ... which resembles everything above 40?

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Histogram From Weighted Data

Jan 12, 2010

I'm trying to use the 2007 histogram tool (or frequency) to show me the frequency of data, but my data is in a different form than required for either of these tools. Let me use the following simple case -- to show the frequency of student grades both tools assume I have a list of student's test grades. What if I instead have more than one column, e.g., "grade" and "number students with that grade"??

My application is actually different, but it's still 2 columns, a numeric property and a weighting factor (e.g., fraction of the total).

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Plot Bin Average On Histogram

Apr 19, 2012

On Histogram, is it possible to plot Bin averages?

In my data there are two columns, 1) File Size 2) Months and then I have created Bin(months) like 0,6,12,18,24

I want to plot average file size in those Bins. For example I would like to plot what was the average file size in past 6 months, past 6-12 months so on.

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Histogram From 1 Column Of Data

Jun 11, 2009

I've been trying to make this work with Chart Wizard and can't. I gave out 331 surveys and the data in each column is the answer selections for each question on the survey - A,B,C,D,E. I'd like to do a histogram for each column simply with the percentage of people that chose each answer selection.

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Histogram Data Collection

Oct 27, 2006

I have a large table (20,000 plus entries) and I need a way to pull out data that matches criteria in buckets.

For example:
April data (column B) that is from 0 to 30 (column C)
April data (column B) that is from 31 to 45 (column C)
... 46 to 60
... 61 to 75
... 75 to infiniti

Then do it again for May, June, July, etc. I have used DCOUNTs to pull this type of data, but it's a bit cumbersome. Any other ways to pull this type of data from the table?

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Histogram Bin Width Calculation

Jul 11, 2007

I am looking for an formula to calculate the bin width for a histogram chart.

I am thinking of creating 50 bins for the chart. The range (max - min) of the data can be from 10 to 5,000,000.

A straighforward formula will be (max - min)/ 50. But I don't want decimal point in the bin numbers.

I am thinking of using Floor/Ceiling function, to round the bin-width to whole numbers, but 10/50, 100/50, 1000/50,..., 1000000/50 all need to round up/down to different scales! for example, I want 100/50 round to 5, 1000/50 round to 50 etc.....I was wondering is there a formula I can use to calculate the bin-width based on the criteria above or similar?

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Count Unique Frequencies Column A For Pacific Values Column B

Dec 19, 2010

I would need to count unique frequencies in column A, but only for a specified value in column B.



I am using Excel 2007 and found this formula that counts all unique frequencies in column A: =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(A2:A10,A2:A10)>0,1))

In my example, result = 3 Now, I would need to add the possibility to count only for B=1; in my example, result should be = 2.

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Histogram Parameters To Be Filled In At The End Of All The Runs

Nov 30, 2009

Those "False, False, False, False" parameters to run a histogram, whatever do they mean? Application.Run "ATPVBAEN.XLAM!Histogram", Range("Inputs"), Hist.Offset(0, 3), Worksheets("OutputSheet").Range("Outputs"), False, False, False, False

Through recorded code, I've seen that to create a histogram, the third False is a "True"... but let's say I've already got the blank histogram created. I'm running a simulation (where the inputs range is being updated with every run), and I want the histogram to be filled in at the end of all the runs. What do these parameters have to do with it? Having them all as false, like I've been told, isn't working.

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Histogram Plot With Normal Curve Overlay

Aug 28, 2002

I would like to create a histogram from experimental data with the normal distribution curve overlaying the histogram.

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Dynamic Histogram That Adjusts Bin Size Based On User Input

Jul 2, 2014

I'm trying to come up with a histogram chart that adjusts Bin Size based on user input. I've come up with the formulas for Bins and Frequency, but am struggling when it comes to charting the data to dynamically update when the user changes Bin Size. How to make the x-axis dynamically adjust with the number of Bins.

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Histogram Function: Find Number Of Cells That Falls Within Each Of These Max Values

Nov 21, 2006

i m given 12 max value of my 292 cells. now im asked to find number of cells that falls within each of these max values?? im asked t use histogram. how will i do it?

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Statistical Analysis

Aug 7, 2009

I need to write a program that will take numbers from various sheets, do a function on them (specifically a statistical analysis), and print that number to a cell on one sheet. I've tried to have all of the numbers go to one cell and have the analysis done on them, but after so many sheets, I get a memory error. I don't necessarily need all of the numbers to be saved, just the result is what I need.

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Multidimensional MI Analysis

May 11, 2009

how to tackle a piece of work that I really don't want to do.

We have extracted some summary information on one of our products. The workbook has 10 sheets, one for each of our 10 main sales channels. Each sheet has the same layout of information on. There are 7 tables on each sheet, and each one cuts the data in a different way (eg one summarises by age of purchaser (in age bands), another by demographic group etc). Each table then has the same 14 columns of key data (eg number of sales, average order value).

I've been asked to analyse this information "for anything interesting". At the moment, the only way I can think to do this is to print out the 10 sheets, sit down with a highlighter, and try to visually identify trends and anomalies. The idea fills me with dread, and I suspect will be quite inefficient.

I've asked whether I can get the data in a pivot table or some other format that might be more conducive to analysis, and have been told no. (There will easily be more than 100,000 lines in the original data (we're using Excel 2003)). To be honest, I'm not sure that I'd really be that much better off, even if it were in a pivot table.

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Breakeven Analysis

Aug 20, 2009

to figure out a breakeven analysis.

Here is the situation. I bought 100 shares of stock at $40 each for total investment of $4000. The stock price is now $26 a share so the investment is down $1,400. I want to figure out the number of additional shares I need to buy at $26 so that when the price goes to $26.01 i turn a profit.

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Staff Holiday Analysis?

Dec 17, 2012

My boss wants me to take the holiday info from SAGE for 80 employees and create a record on excel. He wants to know what holidays each employee has taken and is due to take throughout the year. As each employee works a different amount of hours and a different shift pattern, SAGE records their holiday entitlement in hours rather than days. I have attached an example of one employees details and if come up with an excel document containing similar information for 80 individuals - all starting on different dates and all having a different amount of holiday entitlement. He wants to be able to look at each employees record for the year and see not only holiday data but sick days too. I don't know where to start with this - I've thought about creating a workbook with 80 pages and create a 12 month calendar for each individual with days off marked on it?

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Importing A Pdf File For Analysis

Aug 13, 2008

What's the technique for opening a .pdf file and copying its contents into Excel for subsequent analysis by VBA?

On my Mac version of Excel there doesn't seem a facility to import it or even copy and paste it. Is this something that's available in Windows versions of XL?

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Summary Analysis Without Using Pivots?

Feb 10, 2012

I need to summarise a batch of data in this format....

YearPeriodAccountCustomerPart NumberSalespersonChannelValue2011Jan1SteveA1KylieHome1502011Feb2BillA2KylieExport1802011

And need to put it in the following format...

Salesperson - KylieJanFebMarAprMaySteve150Bill180Fred200John100Andy85

I know I can use a series of pivot tables but would like to keep the size of the file to a minimum.

Is a DSum the way to go or can I use a Sum if and use an and function with the sum if?

formula if so to saveme a bucketload of trial and error attempts...

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How To Do Automatic Graph Analysis

Sep 25, 2012

I have a problem that I am finding impossible to find a solution to myself. I want to take the maximum value on a graph (in a column) that has the 2 values next to it (above and below) within 5% of that value. If they are not within 5% I want it to look for the second largest value with the same conditions and so on until the conditions are met.

If it makes it simpler, the final point can be ignored as there are only values above it in the column.

It is in column H, which goes from H3:H51

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Use VBA To Install Analysis ToolPak Add In

Feb 23, 2007

I found this code in the posts to automatically install the Analysis ToolPak at Open.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
AddIns("Analysis ToolPak").Installed = True
End Sub

I tried this in the workbook module but it doesn't seem to work. Is this code correct or have I done something incorrectly?

Also, are there any drawbacks to an automatic install of an add in like this and if it runs the code every time the workbook opens, is there any performance issues (maybe only opens a bit slower)?

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If Function & Golf Analysis

Jul 5, 2008

I have been putting together workbook for my golf analysis.

Against each hole (1-18) I enter in one row which club I used from the tee which could be any of the following: D,3w,5w,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,w,s.

I also have a row that says whether I have hit the fiarway or not. If hit fairway = 1 if missed = 0.

What I want to be able to do is show the % of times I hit the fairway with each club. This would seem ida for the if function but I'm not quite sure how it would work because the result row is going to need to look at every hole to see if the club used was d,5w,3 etc etc and 'if' so then it will need to look at the row which says 'hit fairway or not' i.e. 1 or 0. This is where I get lost and am not sure if I do need the 'if' function or something else? Perhaps I need additional rows?

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Using Weighted Average In A What If Analysis

Sep 4, 2009

If I wanted to calculate weighted average of a bunch of salespeople, is there a way to not include some values, such as ones below a certain value? I'm trying to so something like, what would my weighted average be if I didn't include my bottom 2 salespeople or my top 2 salespeople.

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Trend Analysis With Up/Down Arrows

Oct 5, 2006

I need to analyse trends between a range of cells. The idea is to display an image of a triangle pointing up if the percentage between the current month and the previous is bigger, a triangle pointing down if the percentage has decreased or a rectangle if both months are the same. I've tried to build a userform to ask the user to input the range and then analyze the data...with no luck at all.

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