How To Exclude Certain Data Points

Jan 22, 2007

I'm running a query of 30 and 60 days worth of data but I don't want certain dates to be included in the queries. How do I exclude certain dates and at the same time pull in day 31 to include this in my 30 day high or average etc.?

For example:

1/19/2007 4.7
1/18/2007 4.5
1/17/2007 3.8
1/16/2007 4.9
1/15/2007 3.75
1/12/2007 3.75

I want to exclude 1/15 because it is a holiday and it just repeats the data from 1/12. So I want it to pull in the data for 1/12 if I were doing a 5 day query. As I said before I need to do a MAX, MIN, AVERAGE and STDEV of 30 and 60 days but my formulas are skewed because of the holidays.


Points Property Select Multiple Points

May 2, 2007

Is there a way of amending the following line of code so that it selects multiple data points in a data series in a chart (e.g points 14,15,16)?


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Formula To Exclude #div/0! From A Max Value

Aug 16, 2009

is there a formula to exclude #div/0! from a max value. say you have a column with a few #div/0! is there any way for the max not to be #div/0!

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Exclude Certain Rows

Jul 29, 2009

I would like to exclude certain rows from

For r = 1 to 1000

does anyone know how i might go about this?

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Exclude Headings

May 10, 2007

I use currentRegion to add the item to the combobox, but i don't know how to add without including the first cell in the range,as usually, it is the field name.

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How To Exclude Row From Array Which Has Formula In It

Jul 30, 2014

For example the formula below is in cell AU6. I want to exclude A6 from the array. Row AU7 would need to exclude A7 when I drag it down.


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Exclude Empty Cells

May 3, 2009

I have this calculation which works fine if all cells have a value. But it will happen that cells in the range are empty.

=SUMPRODUCT(--(1*LEFT('Courses input'!C4:D6,1)-C3<=0), --(1*MID('Courses input'!C4:D6,3,1)>=2))/E3

What can i do to exclude empty cells in the range from calculation?

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Conditional Formatting Exclude 0?

Oct 8, 2009

I want to conditionally format the highest and lowest number in a range of numbers in a single column (Column C). The numbers in Column C are created by a formula that simply adds the data in the two cells in the same row of Columns A & B.

Numbers are entered into columns A & B daily. The column C formula has been filled into enough rows to complete the entire year. Since future days do not have numbers filled in for Columns A & B, Column C for those days results in a sum of 0.

I have set up conditional formatting for Column C so the cell of the highest number in filled in green. I want to conditionally format Column C so the cell with the lowest number is filled red, but it automatically fills all the cells for future days in Column C in red because the sum displayed there is 0.

Is there a way to exclude the 0 sum cells? The date is filled in as simple text, rather than formatted as a day. Is that the answer?

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Exclude Non Mature Data

Nov 15, 2009

I have data that I calculate by month and at the bottom I calculate a weighted average. However, I want to exclude the last two months (data points) because they are not mature.

So every month when I update the spreadsheet, it would be the two newest data points to exclude.

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Exclude Records Of Another Sheet

May 22, 2013

I have 2 excel sheets with records of email addresses. Excel Sheet A , Excel Sheet B.

I want to exclude the email addresses of Excel Sheet B from Excel Sheet A (if there are similar records I want to remove them from excel sheet A)how to do this?

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Exclude 0 Value From Result List

Feb 1, 2014

Regarding the 0 value excluding. I use the below mentioned code to sum and paste that data which are meet the date criteria:

[Code] ..........

So my question is that how should I change the code the 0 value will be excluded from the result list.

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Macro To Exclude 1 Sheet In WKB

Jun 17, 2008

I have a macro code (attached below) which i am using to do some conditional formatting for all my worksheets in a workbook. I would like this macro to skip 1st 2 sheets in this workbook.

Can some1 kindly edit my following code so that macro does not runs on 1st 2 sheets namely "Sheet1" & "Sheet2" and continue running for all remaining.

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Ask Macro To Exclude Sheet By Name?

Jan 13, 2009

I have a workbook event where the macro inserts the username and date into the comments of the cell that has been edited.. However I would like it to exclude the 'Index' worksheet that has its own macro for indexing all the sheets in the workbook. As every time the sheet is clicked and the macro updates the sheet names all the cells comment.

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BeforeDoubleClick Exclude Range

Aug 22, 2009

I have the following code which toggles the value of cells by double clicking on them. I need to exclude certain ranges of cells though. I tried password protecting the sheet, but that haults the code. Is there a way to exclude the cells or exit sub if the targeted cell was in the range of Rows("10:10") or Columns("A:B") for example?

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Sum Column Exclude Duplicates

Nov 13, 2009

I've got data for different regions of our company. For this example, what I need to do is count the number of jobs in the "South Atlantic" region (Column T) that are NOT "Wal-Mart Stores, Inc" jobs. In order to do this, I put a "1" in Column F so that the formula would have something to sum:

=SUMPRODUCT(--(T2:T1079="SOUTH ATLANTIC"),--(H2:H1079<>"WAL-MART STORES, INC"),(F2:F1079))

The problem is that some job numbers, which are located in Column G, are duplicated. As a result, this number is higher than it should be.

So what I need to do is only count each job number once. How do I do that? Is there a way to modify the existing formula? Or do I need something completely different?

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Sort Table And Exclude First Row?

Apr 4, 2012

can i sort a table and exclude the first row from sorting

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Exclude Cells That Have 0 In Them From Average?

Jan 13, 2004

I have a list of weeks 1-4 for the fiscal month of January. I have a total column. Each week the appropriate week is updated and the total is updated via formula. The total column is just formulas adding Weeks 1-4 up. I also have an average column with the AVERAGE formula beside the total it that should give me the weekly average for January. However, it's trying to average all the weeks instead of just the weeks that I am on.

For example, Week 1 is 1,000,000. Week 2 is 500,000. Week 3 & 4 are 0 because there is no data in there yet. The AVERAGE formula keeps showing 375,000 instead of 750,000. It's averaging all the weeks and I just want it to average Weeks 1 & 2 right now, but automatically average Weeks 3 & 4 when they are populated.

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Countif Exclude Duplicated Value

Sep 18, 2013

I would like to know how to set the formula to exclude duplicated value under "Countif" function.

My case is:
Section Supplier No.

My expected result:
D1 = 2
D2 = 3

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Inputbox To Exclude Data

May 16, 2008

I need to have an inputbox for users to enter multiple store numbers. What I need to do is actually filter out the store numbers that was entered into the inputbox
my code so far is:

'Inputbox to filter out new stores
Newstore = InputBox("Enter New Store Numbers seperated by a space", "Enter New Stores", "119 120")
x = Split(Newstore, " ")
For i = 0 To UBound(x)

Range("A1").CurrentRegion.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:=Array(x) _
, Operator:=xlFilterValues
Next i

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Exclude The ' # From And Advanced Calculation

Oct 27, 2008

=IF($M272="DUPLICATES";SUMIF($D:$D;$D272;F:F);"") and


it looks up duplicate values in D:D

well It considers #s to be duplicate too and then makes the summation

How can I exclude symbols like that # from the sum???

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Exclude Zero Values From Copy And Paste VBA

Aug 23, 2013

How do I adjust this formula so it copies & paste special values rather than copying formatting etc? I am very new to this and I have looked at other examples but have found it hard to adjust my code using those examples.

Sub PrepayjournalKW()
' PrepayjournalKW Macro
Range("A6", Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Journal").Range("A1")
Range("B6", Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Journal").Range("C1")
Range("AB6", Range("AB" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Journal").Range("D1")
Range("AF6", Range("AB" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Journal").Range("E1")
End Sub

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How To Exclude Hidden Row From Pivot Table

Dec 2, 2013

how to exclude hidden row from pivot table.

E.g After i filter my data, i have 50 data which will not include into my data analysis. However, after set up pivot table, these 50 data still include into my counting from my pivot table. How to exclude?

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Exclude Weekends From Date Formulas?

Apr 7, 2014

I am trying to create a schedule that includes weekdays only. Is there a formula or set-up step to do that?

Currently I have 3 columns:
Start date Action date Finish date

The Action date column has the formula: that cell (say C4) minus number of days that action requires (say 10), but when 10 days fall on a weekend, I need to change to the next work day instead.

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Count Using Sumproduct (but Need To Exclude Certain Data)

Dec 4, 2013

I am trying to exclude unusable data from my analysis. I have flagged data in the flag column on sheet 1 by a "1". A "0" is good data. On sheet 2, I have counts for the amounts of a certain code per partner. I used a sumproduct formula for the counts, but now I want to exclude all data with a flag "1".

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Formula SUM - Exclude Cells With Text / Value?

Feb 3, 2014

Is there a way to do a Formula (SUM) but exclude cells with invalid values? I would like to add up all values in attached spreadsheet for cells A14 to A28 and again for A49 to A63, as well as get an average C-14 to 28 and again for C49-63.

As some of the cells contain text rather than numbers, the formula doesn't work. how to exclude these cells?

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Sumproduct Formula - How Do I Exclude Values

Apr 14, 2009

I've used the sumproduct formula very sucessfully in a workbook. The workbook is used to monitor discrepancies routed to other departments. Column U has the status of the discrepancy (Open, Closed, Cancelled etc). The below formula returns the number of discrepancies raised to a particular department. Now I need to tweak the formula to exclude values "Cancelled" found in range $U$119:$U:417.


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Exclude Weekends And Holidays From A Formula.

Aug 27, 2009

I have been asked to create a worksheet to calculate the percentage of the utilisation of a number of loan cars per month. Each of the cars may be used on each and every day of the week but the percentage utilisation is to be calculated on working days only. However it is essential to record the name of the driver of the car at weekends and holidays. Column A is populated with the dates of the month. Colum B is populated with the relative days of the week. In column C and subsequent columns I record the name of the driver of a particular car registration. Is there any way that I can count the number of drivers of each car on working days only and not weekends or bank holidays?

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Exclude Outliers In Average Calculation

Oct 14, 2009

Is there a good way of excluding an outlier in an average calculation. In the example below will I exclude 1000 from the average-calculation.

The way to decide excluding-values can either be a percent based on the range or everything that is a higher than a user defined value. It can also be more than one outlier.
A user defined function is OK with me, if it is impossible to use the built-in functions.

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How To Exclude Dates From Metrics Tracker

Mar 26, 2013

I have a Formula that someone else had built that is very simple, the start date is entered manually and then it calculates when each step of the process should be complete based on another cell that has time each process takes.

So for example

A1 = 3/4/2013 (manually entered) B1 = A1+B2 (B2 would have the amount of time for a process) and this goes on for 12 cells. The problem is that it does not exclude weekends/holidays. Is there a way to do this? I already have a table of off-days (weekends, off fridays, and Holidays.)

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Conditional Formatting To Exclude Weekends?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a worksheet of each month, column for each day. If today is Monday, we want to enter data for the previous business day. In this case, it will be Friday. I would like to have Friday's date (entire column if possible) to be highlighted in white bold font with maroon fill-in. So, whoever needs to enter Friday's data would know right away when he/she opens up document which column to work on. It works Monday - Thursday but not for Friday.

Total English-Speaking Staff646464
Vacation Scheduled (hours)45.5080.0056.00
Vacation Unscheduled (hours)24.500.000.00
Sick Leave Scheduled (hours)37.5035.0025.00
Sick Leave Unscheduled (hours)73.0069.2533.75
Training Scheduled (hours)
Training Unscheduled (hours)
Meeting Scheduled (hours)
Meeting Unscheduled (hours)
Other Scheduled (hours)45.0044.0044.00
Other Unscheduled (hours)
Total Leave Hours English270.50228.25158.75
Staff Leave Equivalent33.8128.5319.84
Total English-Speaking Staff Available30.1935.4744.16

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Get All Names In A Column And Exclude Duplicates?

Sep 11, 2013

I am trying to get a list of all names found in a column but exclude duplicates... I know this can be done in a pivot table but I need the names in a drop down box... if I use the pivot table as the source it will pick up "Grand Total" as a name.

The number of people can increase from week to week...

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VBA Code To Exclude Cells That Are Blank

Jun 20, 2014

I currently have a code that for combines cells within a range together and places them into another cell.

I want the code to only include cell that have a value in and exclude those within the range that are blank.

I have included the code below:

[Code] .....

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Exclude Weekends In Date Counting

Dec 9, 2009

I have been trying to count dates in my spreadsheet. The dates are supposed to go back in time (what they do). But I want them to jump over the weekends' dates instead of landing on them.

What I have is Start Date, Req'd Qty, Days it takes to make, Date it is required to start production (which I have a problem with).

1 26-Nov [Thursday]
2 1500
3 5
4 'Problem' I used for this cell that formula: =if(A2>0,A1-A3,"") , as I don't want it to show anything if there is no requirements.

It comes back with 21-Nov which is Saturday when I want it to come back with 19-Nov (Thursday) as we only have 5 working days in a week.

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Max Number Of A Spreadsheet But Exclude 3 Numbers

Jan 4, 2010

i have a worksheet filled with numbers in each cell (the worksheet might have a total of 150 rows and 150 columns of numbers).

the numbers typically range from 1-3 or 1-9 or 1-150.

however, there are also multiple 997, 998, and 999 numbers in the cells.

i need to identify the highest number in the worksheet that is not 997, 998, or 999.

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Exclude Cells That Exactly Match In Search

Mar 8, 2012

Say I have the following:
Cell A1: male
Cell A2: male
Cell A3: female
Cell A4: male

I want to conduct a search using the value in cell B1, and return the row numbers for which the value in B1 exists.

So my formula in C1 is:
=small(if(isnumber(search($B$1, $A$1:$A$A4)), row($A$1:$A$A4)), row(1:1))

and I make it an array by CTRL+SHIFT+enter

So in B1 I type "male" (without the quotes). From C1 to C4 the values populate as 1,2,3,4

However, I only want the rows where "male" exists, in other words, i want an exact match and I want to exclude those cells that have "female"

I'm wanting:
C1 = 1
C2 = 2
C3 = 4
C4 = blank

Is there a way to do this?

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COUNTIF Formula To Exclude Zeros

Aug 22, 2012

Record exc 0s


[Code] ........

In my table above, I would like to use the countif formula to count records based on the person, but I don't want the count to include values if the sum of quarters, nickels, dimes, AND pennies equal 0.

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Exclude Rows Containing ZEROS In Column L

Feb 4, 2010

I analyze logged data that often contain ZEROS in column L, always starting on row 35. That's bad data. The first row with good data contains the number 700 in column L, but this row number is unpredictable.

How to make a VBA code to exclude the rows that contain the number 0 in column L, searching between cell L35 (including) all the way to the first row containing the number 700?

I need to limit the range to be scanned for ZEROS because sometimes there are valid ZEROS in column L, but those would be in rows below the rows contain 700 in column L.

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Exclude Zeros From Array Formula

Aug 23, 2008

I have 16 columns in a single row that I am trying to apply to an array formula. That works, but I need to exclude all cells with the number "0" from the array range. I think I can do this myself in VBA but I don't want to run a macro every time something changes. Is it possible to do this in excel?


It is possible that A1:A4 is a non-zero range and A12:16 may be a non-zero range. (Zeros will always be grouped in 4s)

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Time Calculation That Exclude Blanks

Aug 16, 2006

All I would like is to put the result of this Excel formula in the D column:


starting from row 10, provided that both B and C for the row exist (are nonblanks).

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Exclude Files In List From Filesearch

Oct 11, 2006

I am using the following to compile data into a master workbook

With Application.FileSearch
.LookIn = SrchDir
.SearchSubFolders = False
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
.LastModified = msoLastModifiedAnyTime
.Filename = "*.xls"
If .Execute > 0 Then
For Each vaFileName In .FoundFiles
' If vaFileName = Exclude Then GoTo n ' maybe something like this ?
ProcessData vaFileName
n: Next

and then processing each file, and adding it to the master. This is run every time a user opens the workbook. The number of workbooks in this folder is fairly large and more are added every day. What I would like to do is, compile a list of file names that have already been processed (I can handle that part) and then exclude them the next time the master book compiles from that folder. so if the master was run September 16th, all the data up to that point is already in the master and a list of those files is on a sheet in the book, now if the book is opened again on October 1st, it will look at the list first and only add the data from Sept. 17th through Oct 1st.

The file names I'm dealing with are named by date ie: 9-16-06.xls. The folder they're in is on a server so I can't just kill the directory after processing so that only new files are there, other people may need access to them. I think this may be handled at the "If Execute > 0" part of the code but am not adept enough to know how to do it. Possibly set "Execute" as a variant and have it cycle through the list

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Exclude Minimum Two Values In Average

Dec 8, 2006

I have looked on here and I can find the minimum value in my range but what I am trying to do is find the minumum two values. Or rather, i want to find the average of the remaining values.

If the lowest value happens THREE OR MORE times, i still only want to exclude two of them. Same thing goes if the second lowest happens more than once, i only want to exclude at most two values from the avg.

currently, i have 12 values in my list.


list --> one in each cell going across

25, 50, 87, 56, 99, 80, 81, 82, 50, 100, 98, 99

i have the answer as 83.2 doing it by hand. the 25 and one of the 50s would be dropped and the rest would be averaged.

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