How To Use Mid Function In VLookup

Sep 9, 2009

Using the Mid function in Vlookup. I want to get the mid of the value which i get using vlookup.

Example: if my Vlookup gives the value as "GSC 03-Parts & Service Systems-GSMS-Test " i want to use the mid function to get the a new value as 03.

I'm using the below code :

[Code] ....

Attached File : VlookMid.xls‎

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Nesting Index / Match Function Within Vlookup Function?

Dec 3, 2013

let me start by saying that I know an example workbook would be useful here, but the part I'm struggling with is the [managementroster.xlsm] file, and there is A. no way I can release it to the internets and B. its so huge/complicated I couldn't even begin to reproduce a portion of it, scrubbed of data, and hope to maintain its functionality in a meaningful manner.


This formula checks a staff number on this spreadsheet, and then goes and looks at the staff number on the roster. Once found, it returns that staff members roster, but changes any manager codes in the MRC list to Mgr, and changes all other roster codes to Free.

I now need this formula, before altering roster codes to Mgr or Free, to only return codes that are a match for another table (or after really. I don't particularly care, so long as only codes are shown that match data from another table). I think an index/match function would do the trick, but this forumula is already at the edge of my excel ability, nesting another function within it is completey beyond me. The relevant cells for the index/match function would be:

This first Match function targets the column. $E3 is the date required, $BA$1:$DN$1 is the range the dates are entered in
Match: Lookup value = $E3
Lookup array = '[ManagementRoster.xlsm]Vacancies!'$BA$1:$DN$1
match type = 0

This second Match function targets the row. $A$4 is the department name, $B$434:$B$452 is the range where all departments are entered

Match: Lookup value = $A$4
Lookup Array = '[ManagementRoster.xlsm]Vacancies!'$B$434:$B$452
match type = 0

Index: array = $BA$434:$DN$452

So I think my final function is

[Code] .....

But I have absolutely NO idea where it would fit within my first formula, or how to code it so that my original formula only reproduces results that are found in both sheets, or anything.

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Vlookup Function Together With An Offset Function

Oct 26, 2008

I am trying to use the vlookup function together with an offset function but i am not getting it to work properly.

The situation is as follows:

I have a column E in which i use the vlookup function to find its corresponding value in B which in turn refers to a named range. However, the figure i want the function to return is 2 columns to the right and 2 rows above the value which the vlookup funtion finds in the first column.

I have though of using the offset function, but i cannot figure out how to make this work.

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Use Mid Function In Vlookup

Sep 9, 2009

using the Mid function in Vlookup. I want to get the mid of the value which i get using vlookup. Example: if my Vlookup gives the value as "GSC 03-Parts & Service Systems-GSMS-Test " i want to use the mid function to get the a new value as 03. I'm using the below

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Vlookup Function

Oct 23, 2009

vlookup function. find whats wrong with my code

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Vlookup With If Function

Jan 25, 2009

IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(E24;Sheet1!$A$6:$N$25000;10;FALSE))=0;"NOT FOUND";"FOUND")

This Formula doesnt seem to work, it shows me either every row with found or not found..

If there is a match to E24 in other sheet and has a value in column 10 it should say found otherwise not found.

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Using If Function And VLookup

Jul 18, 2012

How do I use excel to refer one cell as a constant value while the second cell varries as the cell value changes along multiple sheets.

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Using Vlookup On Trim Function

May 1, 2014

I'm taking 3 very different reports and consolidating them into one manageable readable form. Only problem is that no 1 report has the same info. I've created a key to form pick up the same information that is read differently. As my spreadsheet grows so do the formula issues. I've had one report that has been the biggest pain to break apart. It takes several things and consolidates them, ex: big 2014 girl - dog 20145

I'm using a trim formula to read the last 5 digits that is the only consistent part of the string. =right(J3,5) to trim what i need to read (20145). this formula works. I'm than trying to preform a Vlookup based on what is returned from the trim. The trim number is located in a separate tab as the "key" 20145 = golden Labradors. formula for vlookup that works by itself, but throws up a blank cell when i point it to the trim cell.

=iferror(vlookup($A2,Info!A:ZZ,2,False)" ")

$A2 = the info 20145 from the trim
Info! = is the tab with my 20145 = golden Labradors
A:ZZ = the range in which i need it to find 20145
2 = the second column where it should find 20145 = golden Labradors
False = exact match.

Why my formulas work separately but not when used together? The Vlookup will work if I type in the number 20145. I don't want to type 20145 anymore. I want to use the trim and have the vlookup notice the number pulled from the trim.

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Using INDIRECT Function For VLOOKUP?

May 8, 2014

I am having issues using the INDIRECT function to lookup data from a sheet with the same name as that appearing in a given cell. For example, in cell D27 i have the text "S1_358_810" (Not including quotations). I also have a sheet named "S1_358_810". My formula is as follows;


[Code] .....

However this is returning #N/A. There is a list of numbers in sheet S1_358_810 in column N and from that I want the value in column Q (thus 17).

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Summing In A VLOOKUP Function

Dec 17, 2008

I have a vlookup function that is looking up a range of cells. I would like it to look in the range and then sum up all of the values that meet the criteria. At the moment it will only bring back the value of the first match it finds in the range, I would like it to bring back the sum of all the values it finds in the range, is this possible? Example:

Vlookup(Jan-08,$a3:$c$7,column 4 values, 0), if Jan-08 is listed in the range more than once, I would like it to add up all the values in column 4 that match.

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Dec 7, 2009

Function sequence giving me "N/A": =VLOOKUP(LEFT(C6,5),H:I,2,FALSE)

Basically, I have numbers that each start with a unique sequence. The first 5 numbers of that sequence represent a certain cell carrier.

What I want to do is have the function look up the first 5 characters of a cell and depending on the 5 characters, I want it to return a certain value.

My idea with the vlookup was to have the lookup value be the first 5 digits and then in my table, it would take only those 5 digits and return a value I have specified in the second column.

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Jan 27, 2010

I tried with the VLookup, and HLookup and neither one worked for me. I have a reference table with all the data, and then input sheet where I want to bring this data by using one of the excel function. ie. When I enter office name on the top of the input page, I would like the Tax ID # in cell C3 to fill in using the excel function from the data on the reference tab. Same with cell C14 & C15. see attached for an example.

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VBA - VLookUp Function In One Userform

Aug 14, 2014

See attached file for my sample workbook.

What I would want to happen is that I want to be able to use Vlook up by using the Value of the Textbox1 in the Info form and place the vlookup result in the fnameresult box.

Data are in Nickname sheet A:B

test template.xlsm

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Using A Vlookup Function In A Macro

Dec 18, 2008

I am trying to use the Vlookup function in a macro but I can't figure out how to write it. I am using a controlled loop to cycle through my data. So for the first entry, my lookup data is in cell A2. The lookup table is located in a sheet called 'Trade Table' and the lookup field is in Column B and value needed is in column C. The results go in column G. The excel formula is as follows:

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Can We Use Multiple If With VLookup Function

Aug 14, 2006

I have to extract multiple words from the string using VLookup function.

(Example :"Cell A1 "This is the best example")

Example : Finding "This" from cell A1- result VLookup (Sheet1) A1:D12
Finding "IS" from cell A1- result VLookup (Sheet2) A1:D20
Finding "BEST" from cell A1- result "Excellect"
Need to haev function for this

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Vlookup But Do Not Want To Use Concatenate Function

Mar 28, 2007

Trying to do Vlookup with If but dont know how , I can do the concatenate function and then Vlookup as in Sheet 3 but that is too much of load to deliver in quick time specially i have pull data in dynamic and continuous update.

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Nest A SUM Function In A VLOOKUP?

Apr 28, 2009

I have a template with multiple sets of the same categories. I want to consolidate the data for each category in a summary. However - the template is expandable by using a macro - so the number of SETS of categories is not fixed. So a simple SUM function won't work since the list of cells expands. I don't want to re-write the formula each time and the method I have is "brute force" with lots of extra columns.

My thought - If I do a VLOOKUP for "Design" and the data is the "unit cost" column can a formula be written to see all the occurences of "Design" and SUM the "unit cost" returns?? example book is attached. hit the "add option" button to see the way the sheet expands.

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VLookup Function Or IF Rule?

Jan 4, 2012

What I need is for in the order start date column, I need a formula to pick out the first year where the value is inserted into the column and then insert the year into the order start date column. I would do this manually, but with thousands of rows a formula would prove to be most beneficial.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Order start date
515 151 2013 200 2015 1515 2018 5454 2012

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Jul 26, 2007

I am dumping data out of SAP, including the following fields:

* Vendor
* Material
* PO #
* Qty
* Amt
* Date

I would like to concatenate the material and vendor and pull in the PO # for the most recent date.

The VLOOKUP part is easy on the material/vendor, but I haven't had any luck in integrating a MAX, LARGE or RANK function to pull in the PO corresponding to the most recent date.

Once the PO # associated with the most current date can be identified for the material/vendor combination, I will need to utilize another vlookup to match the PO # up against a separate data file to pull in pricing. If anyone can think of a way to accomplish this in one step as opposed to multiple formulas.

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IS Empty Function Wih Vlookup

May 16, 2008

I have the following code for a vlookup , the code has to ckeck for each of the cells in column A . If the cells is empty , it should not run the vlookup and need to continueto the next cell. The Vlookup is running for the empty cells too.

Sub uploadtb()
Dim lastrow As Long
With Sheets("BS")
lastrow = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
End With

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VB Code Instead Of VLOOKUP Function

Jun 14, 2008

The code instead of Vlookup that I'm using at the moment. It takes too long if you have 40,000 to 50,000 rows of data.

The data that I have is something like the sample bebow:

Col A from A1 to A15 with numbers like:

Col C from C1 to C10 with numbers like:

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Vlookup Function To Look Up In A Table

Sep 29, 2008

I need to create a summary table of dates and data. The trick is I need the vlookup function to look up say 7/1/08 in a table that all the dates are of the format 7/20/08 and so on. Is there a way to have the vlookup return the proper data by ignoring the day.

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Dual Vlookup Function

Jan 15, 2010

[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]I need a fairly simple formula (I think) I have this table in another worksheet. I would like to be able to input select from a list "integrity" in A1 and from another list select "20" in A2 and then in A3 this mythical formula (if A1 = Integrity and A2 = 20, then 120%) I suppose i could write a ridiculously large if,then statement but I was thinking more of using a duel vlookup function.

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Avoid #N/A! In Vlookup Function

Dec 22, 2008

I have been reading and studying up on everything I can get my hands on with excel, and today I read the golden rules sticky. One of them confused me, so I need to understand, so I can follow it. "Don't Nest 2 Lookups To Avoid #N/A! Allow it to Occur and Reference Like: =IF(ISNA(A1),0,A1) and Hide the Lookup Column." I need cells to be empty instead of returning #N/A! So I nested using the ISNA. I do not understand the formula example above and hiding the lookup column. Here is the formula I have in one of the cells: How do I change it, so it returns an empty value instead of #n/a without nesting the lookup =IF(ISNA(IF($I$8="Student",((VLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,2,FALSE)))/D33,IF($I$8="Class",(HLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,28,FALSE))))),"",(IF($I$8="Student",((VLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,2,FALSE)))/D33,IF($I$8="Class",(HLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,28,FALSE))))))

Also I really need the cell to be empty if nothing has been entered in I8 or J8, but right now it returns FALSE. For what I am doing, it is important that the cell is empty if no data can be found.

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Iserror Function For Vlookup

Aug 8, 2006

I'm having trouble with an iserror statement in part of a procedure I've been writing. This macro uses vlookup often, and will occasionally have errors so I have been trying to use the iserror function to trap them. The code is as follows: ....

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Hyperlink And Vlookup Function

Jun 21, 2007

I am performing a vlookup in a worksheet and want to retrieve a hyperlink displayed on another worksheet in the same workbook.

The Vlookup finds the item I am looking for, but the hyperlink comes in as text. Do I need to perform the vlookup differently when trying to retrieve a hyperlink?

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If Function With VLookup Over Multiple Sheets?

May 9, 2014

It is entered in Column B of the sheet Round 2. Basically what I want it to return is the lower price from two different sheets looking them up by part number. Also I guess something I didn't think of is that the HD Final Sheet will not contain all the parts...while the other sheet Round 1 will have all. In cases where the part number is not found on the HD Final sheet I want it to put the price from the Round 1 sheet.

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Using Indirect Function In Vlookup Should Give Corresponding Value For The Particular Name?

May 11, 2014

I have two workbook, test1 (master file) and the other one is test_10_05_2014 with 100 some of them being updated daily. The last portion of the file "test_10_05_2014" is the date and we have different file on daily basis.

using Indirect function in vlookup should give corresponding value for the particular name. Formula used is giving error,

[VLOOKUP(A2,Indirect(" ' "&E1&" ' !$A$2:$X$1000),6,FALSE)]

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VLookup Combined With Count / Sum Function

Jul 12, 2014

I am attempting to create a vlookup formula that will count or sum a series of data so that I can pull it over into a summary sheet on a report. The vlookup formula that I am using is

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE))

It seems to be working I just cant figure out how to incorporate the count or sum function into it where I need it.

Test Sample File.xlsx

I have attached a sample of the file I am working with.

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VLookup Function That Searches For Two Variables?

Dec 9, 2013

I need to figure out a vlookup function that searches for two variables and return an answer. such as the example attached;

vlookup -- 12253 & 605.34 (if these are matching then) 131001

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