Hyperlink Within Workbook Without Changing Name Of Link

May 27, 2014

I have an overview worksheet that features a list of dates; I want to hyperlink the dates to the another worksheet within the workbook that represents the month. I want to do this without changing the dates in the overview sheet. For example, I have 2014-05-23, 2014-05-24,2014-05-25 in my overview sheet and I have a worksheet titled May 2014. When I try to hyperlink the dates to the May worksheet it turns the dates to #### in the overview sheet. How can I stop that from happening? 

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Extract Hyperlink Formula Link Address

Nov 17, 2006

Not sure if anybody has been succesful or not in the following but I am writing a macro to check that each hyperlink in my report is operational. My situation is as follows:

Cell A1 has the following hyperlink formula: =hyperlink(Worksheet1!B1,Worksheet1!B2)

I am attempting a workaround to capture the cell reference (B1) where the path and filename is stored and directing the macro to open the link. But when I try to send the hyperlink formula (Cell A1) to a string variable in vba, the result is the contents of Worksheet1!B2 instead of the entire formula.

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Excel 2007 :: Data Validation To Hyperlink Won't Follow Link

Aug 22, 2013

I have a worksheet with several data validation dropdowns that each link to a series of hyperlinks. When you click the dropdown and select the hyperlink, it opens up that particular file. All of these work, except for one of the dropdowns. Even though I can see and select the names, the link is NOT activated.

Is there some obscure excel feature that I am not aware of that is preventing this one from working? Why would this be?

Excel 2007.

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Changing Section Of Link In Formula?

Jan 20, 2014

It's a new year, which means new tables and lists. I have a list of 450 People with a reference to their own individual file. They all receive a new file at the start of the new year that I Need to be able to reference in a new list. Here's an example

Joe Bloggs has a cell next to his Name referencing

[Code] .....

In 2014 Joe will have 'Bloggs 2014.xls' as will 449 of his friends, each named individually. The only part that changes from 2013 to 2014 is the date in the Name of the file. Can I somehow just Change that one part of the link without having to manually relink everything?

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Link Changing As A Result Of A Value In Another Cell

May 24, 2006

In a worksheet I want that a link changes, after I change a value in another cell.

When cell A1 is 2006_04 the link should be:


When cell A1 is 2006_05 the link should be:


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Changing Multiple 'hyperlink Displays' At Once

Aug 1, 2008

I have about 1000 links (to files on a server) in my Excel 2007 spreadsheet. I would like to edit them all at once so the word 'link' is displayed but the link stays the same. I can do it for each entry, but have no idea how to do it all at once - is there a way?

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Hyperlink Index To Changing Sheets Tab Names

Jan 11, 2008

I have a long list of tabs listing "projects" which have changing names - on the first sheet, I want to have the table of contents automatically update and link to each tab - I want the user to only have to change the tab name to have the table of contents and link update -

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Open Workbook 2 From Hyperlink In Workbook 1 Breaks References?

Sep 17, 2012

I have set up a workbook (wb2) that has external references to another workbook (wb1). All is good and works fine when you open the 2 files from windows explorer. I have then put a hyperlink to wb2 from wb1. When you click on this link the file opens but throws up errors saying some of the named ranges cannot be found?

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Hyperlink Error: "Unable To Open [link]. The Internet Site Reports That The Item You Requested Could Not Be Found. (HTTP/1.0 404)"

Feb 23, 2010

I'm trying to build a hyperlink using text formulas in Excel but I get the following error message: "Unable to open [link]. The internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found. (HTTP/1.0 404)". The strange thing is that if I copy-paste the link in the web browser, the page opens normally (which proves the link is correct).

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Excel 2010 :: Paste Link Chart From One Sheet Of Workbook To Another Sheet Of The Same Workbook

Jul 20, 2014

I've created a chart in sheet 1 in a workbook. I want to copy and paste that chart into another sheet (lets take sheet 2) of the same workbook. I am using Excel 2010 version.

Whenever, I try to copy a graph and want to do "Paste Special as Link picture". The problem I am facing as "Paste Link" option is inactive.

I am attaching the Excel for your reference.

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Link To Workbook Pop Up Box

Nov 2, 2009

I have a macro that works across 2 workbooks. In the middle of the macro, a message box pops up "This workbook contains links to other data sources" and I need to select yes or no. This is because I am using a vlookup. Is there a code that I can put in to the macro to select Yes to this box and therefore not stop the macro half way through??

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Changing Workbook Formulas To Reference New Workbook Name

Aug 6, 2012

I have a workbook "Weekly Field Report-Master Copy" and another workbook "Weekly Field Report $$$-Master" The "Weekly Field Report $$$-Master" workbook has all the formulas that pull data from the "Weekly Field Reports-Master Copy" workbook and populates a financial report of that week's field unit production.

When I save the "Weekly Field Report-Master Copy" workbook to a new name "Weekly Field Report Job #1" and then save the "Weekly Field Report $$$-Master Copy" workbook to a new name "Weekly Field Report $$$-Job #1" is there a way to automatically change the formulas in the "Weekly Field Report $$$-Job #1" workbook to now pull data from the "Weekly Field Report Job #1" workbook instead of the "Weekly Field Report-Master Copy" workbook???

Currently I am manually changing the formulas in the new workbook "Weekly Field Report $$$-Job #1" to reference the data in the new workbook "Weekly Field Report Job #1". Otherwise the formulas pull the data from the "Weekly Field Report-Master Copy".

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VBA Code To Use Hyperlink Within Workbook

Dec 31, 2013

I need a code in VBA which I have to use the Hyperlink within the workbook e.g. "Place in This Document.

Assuming I have two Worksheets WS1 = Main, and WS2 = Reference respectively

In WS1=Main, I have a list in Column from E3 to E1000. let say E3=1, E4=2, E5=3, E6=4, E7=5..., so on and so forth.

In WS2=Reference, I have a list in Column from F5 to F1002. let say F5=1, F6=2, F7=3, F8=4, F9=5..., so on and so forth.

What I want is if I click the E3=1, E4=2, E5=3, E6=4, E7=5..., in WS1=Main if will jump to specific cell in WS2=Reference e.g. F5=1, F6=2, F7=3, F8=4, F9=5...,

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Cannot Find Link To External Workbook

Jul 31, 2014

I have a document (unfortunately I cannot attach it) in Excel 365 that each time I open it I get the usual prompt that it is calling an external link. As much as i'd love to hide the popup I need to find the link to solve to problem but I'm at a loss.

Simply breaking the links doesn't work for some reason, so I've tried updating the source to reflect the current file. No luck there.

I've searched the workbook for the name of the link in question, searching for all formula for name itself as well as variants of "[" and ".xlms".

I don't see anything in the name manager referencing that external file.

I don't recall if I copied from that particular document, I may have as it was a duplicate file. I tried looking over the cells I believe I copied from it but didn't see the reference.

I've installed Kutools and Bill Manville (MS MVP) FindLink Tool. Both of which says there is no external link.

I've looked at the compatibility checker which basically just says, yes there is an external link but give no insight on how to address.

I've tried a couple of macros, some of which crashed excel, some of which simply said that there was an external link but not how to find it. In my frustration I forgot which one that was but I'm about to try that approach again and look for that code.

external links.png

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Formula Contains A Link To Closed Workbook?

Jan 5, 2014

How do I get rid of the link??? My formula seems like it is not working because it has a link which I cannot find anywhere.


Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 2.38.08 AM.jpg

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Link To Password Protected Workbook

Jan 24, 2012

I have a master for each manager that pulls a few values from each of their employees personal sheets.

The personal sheets (about 30) are individually password protected so only the owners can open them.

This is creating a security issues as the links in the master require the passwords for each of the "source" workbooks.

Is there any way to add some code so that the passwords do not need to be entered each time?

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Creating Link To Another Sheet In Same Workbook

Jun 22, 2012

Project is shared, cannot use vba.

I have in A2 - A12, The names of different sheets in the workbook. I would like to create a link so when a user clicks on the cell, it will take them to the specified sheet.

Lets say cell A2 contains the text '1208', when pressed I would like it to open up the sheet 'A1208'

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How To Link Data From One Sheet To Another In Just One Workbook

Sep 22, 2013

So I have a set of data in my sheet 2 that I want to be connected to sheet 1. The data in sheet 2 looks like this,


2Fe2O3 + 3C = 4Fe + 3CO2



Cr2O3 + C = 2Cr + 1/2CO2



while in sheet 1,Reaction No

Carbothermic Rxn



What I want to do is that when I put a reaction no (e.g 1) at the empty cell next to the label Reaction No, the data in sheet2 (i.e. Reaction, H and S) would automatically be reflected in the empty cells next to Carbothermic Rxn, H and S.

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Break Link To Non Existing Workbook

Aug 14, 2007

I inherited a spreadsheet that contains a link to another spreadsheet. I want to remove the link and I can not find a way to do this. I have checked under Edit/Links but there is not a delete or break links options. The linked spreadsheet does not exist.

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Click-able Link To Open Another Workbook

May 9, 2008

I want to reference a cell from another workbook that is a hyperlink, but I want it to stay as a hyperlink and not text. Example would be workbook1 cell A1= workbook2 cell A5(which is a hyperlink) but in workbook1 A1 shows the text of the name of the hyperlink. I want the workbook1 cell to be exactly the same hyperlink...this way when I have multiple workbooks I just need to change the master workbook.

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Hyperlink To Show Up On A Different Worksheet In The Same Workbook

Mar 24, 2009

Im trying to get a hyperlink to show up on a different worksheet in the same workbook.

in the orginal cell (in this example L11) i have placed a hyperlink to an external file.

in the cell on the other sheet i have placed


this shows the text up (in this example : test ) but the link has disappeared.

how i can get the link to show up aswel as the text?

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Hyperlink To A Sheet Contained On Another Workbook

Apr 1, 2009

I have tried placing a hyperlink in a cell on sheet1 workbook1 to sheet1 of workbook 2 however it opens the workbook but does not take me to the correct worksheet stating: Reference is not valid.

Link is Abstractions.xls#Master for example

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Hyperlink To Cells On Another Worksheet In Same Workbook

Jun 19, 2013

I've been trying to create a hyperlink to another worksheet in the same workbook using cell("filename") to extract the filepath because the filename could change or the file could be moved. I use

=LEFT(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("[",CELL("filename",A1),1)-1)&MID(CELL("filename"),SEARCH("[",CELL("filename"))+1, SEARCH("]",CELL("filename"))-SEARCH("[",CELL("filename"))-1)

to extract the file path, and then try to throw it into the hyperlink formula like:

=HYPERLINK("[&G1&]'Sheet2'!A2","Go to link")

where G1 is the cell where the filepath is stored.

I'm not sure if my syntax or something is wrong but it's not working out.

I am also looking to use vlookup or somethign in the hyperlink formula to match the cells in column A of sheet1 to column B of sheet2 so I can hyperlink it to the same number on sheet2. Right now in the example below it is all linked to go to A2 on sheet2, and dragging the formula down doesnt change it to A3,A4 etc.

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Hyperlink To Specific Sheet In Another Workbook

Sep 16, 2013

How to create a hyperlink to a specific sheet in a different workbook.

Both workbooks are located on the same drive if that makes any difference.

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HYPERLINK Function To A Second Worksheet In One Workbook

Dec 11, 2008

I'm having a problem with the HYPERLINK function. I am trying to make jumps from an index sheet to the large worksheet with all the actual info in it. The name of the file is SKU and the large info sheet is also called SKU. First I took the SKU sheet and numbered the rows (="A"&CELL("row",A1)), then in the index worksheet I created a VLOOKUP that finds the corresponding chapter title and returns that value.

Worksheet 1

2 100 =VLOOKUP(A2,SKU!$A$1:$B$3,2,FALSE) ="[SKU]SKU!"&VLOOKUP(A2,SKU!$A$1:$B$3,2,FALSE)
3 150 =VLOOKUP(A3,SKU!$A$1:$B$3,2,FALSE) ="[SKU]SKU!"&VLOOKUP(A3,SKU!$A$1:$B$3,2,FALSE)

I used the HYPERLINK formula in column D: "=HYPERLINK(C2,A2)" and it returns something that looks like the right thing but the link won't open.

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Link Formula To Unopened Excel Workbook

Oct 14, 2012

Im looking to insert a formula in vba code that inserts the formula from a closed workbook to the active cell. At the moment i have this as an example of what i need:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='[SRS 5FFBEP.xlsm]7%'!RC"

However the file part in square brackets [SRS 5FFBEP.xlsm] and tab 7% i would like to replace with a link to a cell reference that contains the file path as this needs to change and update so i would end up something like this:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=('" & Workbooks(Worksheets("SRS Files").Range("d29")).Worksheets("SRS Import").Range("c10") & "'!RC)

Note that cell Worksheets("SRS Files").Range("d29") contains the full file path (in text format) and Worksheets("SRS Import").Range("c10") is the link to the tab that reads the 7% (in text format).

As it stands the first set of code works fine however i need it to be able to change as previously stated. So what i need is to replace the file name and tab with cell references

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External Workbook - Reference With Single Link?

May 16, 2013

Is there a way to specify the filename for an external workbook that can be referenced throughout the spreadsheet? In my case it would be better if I could change the single reference instead of having to change it throughout the entire spreadsheet everytime I needed to use data from a different file.

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Can Link Row Of Coloured Cells Into Another Spreadsheet In Same Workbook?

Jan 14, 2014

I have created a Vacation Calendar workbook with 6 sheets. All the sheets contain the 12 month calendar. Each row contains an employee and the columns are the days of the week. I have to keep track of 5 departments. I have 5 supervisors that are on different sheets that need to be included on the 6th sheet. I have set conditional formating to show that when I type "v" in a cell that is will go green. Is there a way to populate this information to another sheet without having to copy and paste?

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Link To External Workbook From Cell Reference

Nov 24, 2011

I've got a field where I enter the current month, from this I derive a file path which is stored in A4.

ie: A1 = '01/11/2011' (UK Date format)

A4 = '\myserverdirectory20111111MyFile.xls'

What I'm trying to achieve is to then have a link in cell A6 that will link to the file in A4. I can specify my cell reference as this will never change, just the file path.

So, if I changed A1 to '01/12/2011' my A4 changes to '\myserverdirectory20111211MyFile.xls'

I'm trying to set A6 to something like ="&$A$A4&"!B1 to get the value of B1 on my referenced sheet.

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Excel Workbook - Finding Hidden Link

Jan 9, 2014

I have an excel workbook that a colleague of mine is working with. each time she opens it, she gets a message telling her that a .xls file could not be found, and a web-address specifying the file path. We went through the workbook together and looked at all of the formulas and i cannot find anywhere that this address is referenced. I also looked for any code, but there was nothing showing on any of the worksheets in the entire workbook. I broke all the links to other workbooks, used find and replace to search for the path, and to search for all the formulas. I also copied the tabs to a new workbook, but to no avail.

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