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If Match Then SUM? - Wanting To Add Multiple Values If Criteria Matches

Column A would be Recipe Numbers, Column B the Planned Total.

I want to search column A for all matching recipe numbers.
Then, any recipes that match, look in column B for the planned totals, adding all incidents where they match.

Then the most difficult part, which just occured to me now.
I only need the Total Planned Total and Recipe name reported once.

Recipe#..........Planned Total

I will not be able to sort these lists.

If-Match-Sum? to display:
Recipe#............Total Planned Total

I've researched for the first part... and it seems like Match will only find the first match and not look further? Am I wrong on this?
How to display the results hadn't even occured to me yet, since I was still trying to figure out how to GET the result.

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Wanting To Sum All Amounts In One Column, From Criteria In Another Column
I have attached a work book, with worksheet Attendance which I am trying to calculate the sum of amounts in column N with the criteria from column C and E.
e.g Criteria Column C Jul-01 to Jul-31 or Sep-01 to Sep-30, Column E Alicia or Amelia.

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SUMIF Multiple Conditions (two Columns Match Criteria Add The Third)
Im trying to have a formula look at two diferent columns and if they meet the criteria add the third column.

I tried using sumproduct but It wont give me anything but error messages or a zero.

Looks like this

Need it to say:
if column A = Stewart and Column B = Fiduciary then add up the amount in Column C

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Sum Values If Multiple Variable Criteria Are True
I'm trying to find the sum of a range of values based on multiple criteria, and the criteria is that the fields all have to be identical, then sum them. I've attached a brief example spreadsheet that has the fields


What I want the formula to do is first find the range of all the matching states, then find the range of all the matching Cities within the states, and then sum the values based on them having matching city values.

I've been able to do that with one criteria using SumIf, I'm not sure if this will help paint an image of what I want to do:


But I can't figure out the way to do multiple criteria against itself. Most of the results I get from Google using multiple criteria are using a set few values, and I can't seem to figure out how to alter those methods to work with my situation.

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Sum By Multiple Criteria & Use Cell Values As References
I want a total of column F based on criteria in column D and column K from the worksheet named in cell C9. I have put in the indirect function in the first part but am messing up the syntax in the second and third part of the formula. "Indirect(C9&" should be where 'Oct2009' is shouldn't it. Where am I going wrong with the following formula?


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Multiple Criteria Matches
I am trying to set up a worksheet whereby two critera when matched from a drop down list will populate cell 'x' with a coressponding answer. if you have Destinations then a From and To column with various locations listed below, then in a thrid column you have an output cell which is kilometres. What formula can i use to match the various location 'to' and 'from''s with the correct kilometre match?

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Populating Cell Only If Multiple Criteria Matches ...
I have two worksheets. The first contains a list of software (some having duplicate listings) in column A and a list of comments in column B. None of the software titles that have duplicates will have comments.

The second worksheet contains a condensed list of software (the previous list without the duplicates) and a column for the comments.

I need to have a formula that populates the second worksheet comments cells with the corresponding comments from worksheet one only if:

(1) The software title in worksheet two matches the software title in worksheet one
(2) The comment cell in worksheet one contains a comment (or text)

I have had only partial success; my obstacle being the duplicate software titles in worksheet one.

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Lookup Multiple Criteria & Sum Result On Multiple Criteria
I am trying to solve a problem. I am currently using this formula
= SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet2!B2:Sheet2!B300="MARKETING"),--(Sheet2!D2:Sheet2!D300="200612"),Sheet2!E2:Sheet2!E300)

This formula works for me as it is but I would like to add more months to 200612. I want this to also be 200701 and 200702. In another cell there will be up to 10 months. Is there a way to do a Vlookup or something that will look up these months in another table, rather than keep typing them out in the formula?? Otherwise my formula will be very long.

So the info looks like this in excel
MARKETING 200612 -10
MARKETING 200701 -25
MARKETING 200708 -50
ECONOMICS 200709 -30

The info goes on and on. The two variables are the MARKETING column and the month column. My problem is that I would like a seperate table that can be the months. So 200612 and 200701 is one table, and 200708 and 200709 is another table. The table changes often so I dont want to mess with the formulas, rather a table.

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INDEX / MATCH Multiple Ocurence Match Values
INDEX/MATCH multiple ocurence match values needed

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Use Multiple MATCH Criteria?
I have been trying for the last 2 hours to write a formula that does the following;
If a number appears in this table (on another worksheet named VAT Codes) then return VAT but if it appears in this table (on another worksheet named VAT Codes) then return NO VAT. The following formula returns VAT but N/A when it should say NO VAT; =IF(F3="","",IF(MATCH(F3,'VAT Codes'!$I$7:$I$19,FALSE),"VAT",IF(MATCH(F3,'VAT Codes'!$K$7:$K$143,FALSE),"NO VAT","")))

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Index Match - Multiple Criteria
I have a couple of desired outcomes.

1. I want to find the “Close” price based upon “Date” and “Time” input (search criteria).

2. I want to know when (what time) a “Price” (input) falls between the “High” and “Low”, on a specified date.


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VLook Up Match Multiple Criteria
On sheet one, I am trying to match the employees job code for that particular week in cell K2. The vlookup/match is trying to find the particular job code for that employee number for that particular week ending.

Cell A2 (sheet 1, shows their employee #),
Cell J2 (sheet 1) has that particular week ending.
Cell K2 has this formula in sheet 1:

Sheet 2
Column A = employee numbers
Column C = job codes (which I need to appear in cell K2 for sheet 1)
Column D = has the week endings to match against column J in sheet 1

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Match Multiple Criteria From Different Arrays
I'm trying to create a template that will be able to return a sales persons call target based on the category they sell and the current level they are. It works when I only ask it to look for one or the other, but I'm getting stuck trying to make it use both. I've attached a small sample. My original equation is as follows


and this works perfectly fine. The problem I've now got is I need to add in a second criteria for setting the row_num. I've tried the following but I get a ref error. =INDEX($C$2:$Q$51,AND(MATCH($B3,$A$2:$A$51,0),MATCH(D3,$B$2:$B$51,0),MATCH(G$1,Telesales!$C$1:$Q$1,0)))

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Match Value Of 1 Cell To Multiple Cells And Give Multiple Values
Sheet 2 is the problem.

I need to match cells e3:h3 whenver the dates change in in cells c5:c9 and then put there result of cells b5:b9 into the corresponding cells of e5:h9.

Basically what I'm saying is that I want to keep a track of all previous pay amounts from each pay period. So when the next period changes the date it also copies the new pay amount to the corresponding date of the previous pay section.

I have included a sample.

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Formula - Average Values That Match Criteria
The attached workbook has two tabs:
1. Burn Rate - this is where I need my formula to calculate
2. prorder - this is where the table will be

What I need:

1) from 'Burn Rate', get the 'PO ID' we will look up in the table.
2) go to 'prorder' - when the 'PO ID' there matches that same 'PO ID' from the other worksheet - take the value in column F - this is the number that will be averaged.

In other words - in 'Burn Rate', for a given 'PO ID' (column A), I want to average all of the values that are found in column F in 'prorder', and return that average to 'Burn Rate' (column B).

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Sum- To Add Left Values And Right Values
I have got two values like this 63/59 innone cell and 18/11 in other cell.I want to add left values and right values ,I have done this using left function


but the problem is some time the values is in single digit , then the formula stops working bcoz of this "/".

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Match Values Then Add Corresponding Values
I need to match one cell to another cell on a spreadsheet and then add values on the right of the each matching cell. The values in matching cells vary from text/number format or some combination of both. I've been trying few things and can't seem to find a way to do this.

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Sum Across Multiple Tabs, Multiple Criteria
Excel 2007

My workbook contains 13 tabs - 1,2,3,...12, and Summary

My data starts on line 4 of every sheet but varies in length - so far the longest goes to line 30.

Rows used on all 13 sheet are as follows:
A - contains facility names
B - contains a two or three letter code
C - contains hours
D - contains dollars
E - contains adjusted rate

On the Summary tab I have listed all the facilites and two or three letter codes. I need to sum column "C" on tabs 1-12 when they match columns A & B on the summary tab. I have tried the following but can't get them to work:

=IF($A5=""," ",SUMPRODUCT(--('1:[12]12'!A$4:$A$50=$A5),--('1:[12]12'!B$4:$B$50=$B5),'1:12'!D$4:$D$50))
I did not put the [12] excel added that automatically I had 1:12

I just seen the THREED for the first time today and am not sure if this was the correct place to try but it didn't work anyway

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Sum Multiple Criteria On Multiple Worksheets
I need a summary page in a workbook that will pull data from multiple workseets with mulriple criteria.

I have treid sumproduct, but that doesn't seem to be working when I select a range from multiple workseets.

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Multiple Criteria Lookup With Date Range Match
I am trying to create a formula that will lookup multiple criteria within a table, one of those criteria being a date that falls within a certain date range. The purpose of the data is for billing tenants and owners in a building. I have successfully been able to use Index Match to lookup 2 criteria, one of them being a specific date match (see my attachment). However, I need to add a third criteria looks up the date that falls between a specific date range. The concept is to run a query where I enter a Unit (apartment) number into one cell, a Billing Date into another cell and the Type (Owner or Tenant) into a third cell to determine the Name of the person who fits these criteria... Criteria A Lives in Apt XX, Criteria B Who's lease start date and end date is inclusive of the Billing Date that I entered and Criteria C who matches the Type of customer, either Owner or Tenant. I have attached my sample spreadsheet.

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MATCH For Multiple Criteria While Ignoring Empty Array Cells
I'm working with a large amount of data (A21:BZ1503) and I'm trying to identify unique situations where any pre-defined combination of multiple columns in one row is flagged by producing a pre-defined value. For example:

I have my pre-defined criteria in worksheet 'X' hidden in my workbook -- note that there are many blank cells.

Worksheet 'X'ABCDE1Dept.CourseInst.Adj.2AGSM1.23MATH101Professor1.44ENGL1051.65ENGLProfessor1.86ETST1002

On worksheet 'A' the various users enter data -- each row is a unique group with data entered into the columns -- again note a cell can be blank:

Worksheet 'A'ABCDE1Dept.CourseInst.Adj.2AGSM110Professor3ETST2204ENGL108Professor5ENGL105Lecturer6MATH101Lecturer..............................

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Index & Match Formula: Multiple Row Criteria
I am trying to get my INDEX & MATCH formula to retreive data from my table.

This is what I can do so far:
100 12
250 45

=INDEX(table,MATCH(B13,balance),MATCH(C13, date))

But I am trying to get it to get another row to look up as well.
I want it to look up the color then the 100 or 250, then the date.
red100 12
red250 45
blue100 78
blue250 1011

I think i need to insert another match code in the row section but cant seem to get it to work.

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Chronological Listing & Match Criteria From Multiple Columns
I cant get this one off the ground. Normally I am pretty good to find bits and pieces of advice from other posts and put something together, but this one has me stuck from the get-go. I want to create several lists based upon the row(s) containing at least one set of criteria (day and time, contained in two differnt columns). Each row allows for up to 3 sets of days and times (i.e. columns B and C, columns D and E, and columns F and G) Each row is date and time stamped as to when the data was entered in that row (column H).

I want one list for each set of the various day/time combinations allowed in columns B thru G. The list should provide the name(s) contained in column A, in chronological order based on column H, when a criteria match is made in columns B:C, D:E, or F:G. This is far easier to understand with the attached sample. The lower section of the sample represents my desired output that I cannot seem to achieve.

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Count Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria Of Multiple Values
I am trying to find a formula to count rows that meet multiple criteria, but one of the criteria can be multiple values. I have a list of people with a list of clients that they are responsible for. Each person is responsible for 10-20 clients. Every day I run a report that shows the project worksheets submitted for each client and if money has been awarded or not.

I'm wondering if there is a way to count, for each person, the number of project worksheets that show "awarded" in column K. That would mean that I would have to look for, for each person, any of their multiple clients in column B and "awarded" in column K.

I am trying to put the formula in D2:D9, as I use A2:D9 for a chart. O1:P79 contain the names of the people and the applicants that they are responsible for. A17:D158 contains the list of project worksheets (updated daily). I used =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(B17:B999,P1:P14)) to count the actual number of project worksheets for each person, but I can't figure out a way to modify that to add in the "awarded" criteria also.

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Add Multiple Cell With Two Criteria
i want to know how to add multiple cells with two criteria. here is my example. im using sumif and it works with one criteria, but with two criteria what should i do ?

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Sum Values That Meet Certain Criteria
I have a spreadsheet that is set out to look similar to a MS Project plan, with dates across the top, users in column A and Assignments in column B. In the corresponding cell that matches the user, date and assignment they will enter the number of hours they anticipate working on the assignment.

I then have a summary sheet that covers all assignments, week ending dates and users. I want to be able to calculate the hours and copy it into the cell in the summary sheet that matches the Day, User and Assignment. I have tried using SUMIF, but this requires the criteria cells to all be in columns, but with this sheet the dates are in a row.

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Sum Unique Values Under Criteria
With reference to a thread that is nearly similar to my own problem:

I have a similar problem, though maybe a little more advanced. I would like to do the exact same, but when looking at the sample.xls in the referenced thread, my data can have zero values/blank in the C-column. For instance, if C6 is blank, then the formula will not add the value in the next row. In many cases this would easily be solved through sorting, but the structure of my sheet do not allow for this. So what I am looking for, is a formula for only regarding rows where the cells in column C is <>"".

Maybe this cannot be done in a single formula, and has to be solved through VBA, but having seen some incredible solutions here, I thought I'd give it a try.

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Sum The Values If You Have 2 Criteria And 2 Look Up Ranges
I need a formula that sums the values with 2 different criteria and 2 different look up ranges

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Add Up All Values From The Cell Above The Search Criteria
I am trying to add up all values from the cell above the search criteria. Although sumifs does work well, it wont search the entire sheet, it only works in specified rows.
Also, the problem is that the values to be added are determined via a vlookup based off of a cell whose value is chosen by a drop down choice.

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Search Multiple Values In A Cell With Multiple Criteria
I am trying to search for multiple values in a cell with Multiple criteria.

E.g: Please find attached the sample excel data.

I tried using VLOOKUP which is not working as I am having multiple values in column A.

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Match Values Between 2 Sheets, Copy All Corresponding Data & Sum Results
I want to locate the corresponding acct number between worksheets “primary_data” and “qty_movement” and once a match is found (from acct worksheet) then copy over the acct numbers and the share data to the results page. If there is no match I don’t want anything copied to the results page, just ignore that data on either worksheet “primary_data” or “qty_movement”.

•Both ranges on “primary_data” and “qty_movement” worksheet are variable, as accts are left off or kept on depending on the daily activity so the ranges are never set.
•I need to concatenate on “primary_data” worksheet cells A&B&C to get acct number
•concatenate on “qty_movment” worksheet cells B&C (need to keep zeros in front of actual numbers for acct number reasons)
•these accts need to be cross referenced as the accounts on the “acct” worksheet (pre-populated with corresponding acct numbers that never change and will always be on that worksheet)
•If a match is found on the “acct” sheet then I would like it to either replace the acct so they match on both worksheets or just to recognize those accounts correspond with each other and do the below.
•then take the 2 concatenated acct numbers off of “primary_data” and “qty_movement” in the I cells and copy them over to the “results” worksheet as well as the share data from “primary_data (column E)” and “qty_movement(Column D)” and then compare the 2 share amounts on “results(column E)”

i need to elaborate on anything, the attached sample sheet shows what i want to do, but without any formulas or code.

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Sum Numbers With Multiple Criteria
How to sum dollar amounts in one column as they relate to two other columns. The two green columns (Account & Dept.) need to correspond to the appropriate dollar amount (Total Transaction Amount) and then the dollar amount needs to be summed under each Dept # as it relates to the Account #. As you can see you can have different Depts. for the same Account.

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Multiple Condition SUM With Or Criteria
I am trying to use an OR condition within a sumproduct formula. Why am I not getting correct results?

(see attached)
I want to sum all costs for each of my PO #s:
If the Rebate Type is IPT, Wireless, or Security, then the result goes in the "Fndtn Ext Cost" column
If the Rebate Type is IPT Advanced, Wireless Advanced, or Security Advanced, then the result goes in the "Adv Ext Cost" column.

The formula I am using is as follows:


But for some reason, even though the OR statement is evaluating to FALSE (I tested it by itself), it's still summing ALL the extended costs for that PO #.

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Sum Of Cells With Multiple Criteria
i want to add the cells in column d, if column A=E1, if Column B=F1.

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Sum With Multiple Criteria Without Having To Concatenate
I have data in sheet 1 and sheet 2. Sheet 1 contains a product code and line number and sheet 2 has the corresponding cost.

I want to be able to bring back the cost to sheet 1 without having to concatenate the product and line number.

I'm sure this is possible with a formula, but I am currently stumped.

I pasted the sheet 1 and sheet 2 data below. Note that the sheet 2 data extends the full row and does not wrap.....

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Sum Formula With Multiple Criteria
I'm looking for a formula which will filter the area expiring in any given year per property. An example would be (from the attachment) - what percentage of area of Property 2 is expiring in 2010? Answer is 50.94%.

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Sum With 2 Criteria Across Multiple Sheets
My question is similar to the thread Count/ sum with two criteria from multiple sheets. For example, I would like to use SUM Formula the number of widgets sold by store (Column A) by month (Row 5) for each salesperson (sheets Homer, Marge, and Lisa). I'm using the following Count Or Sum Two Criteria From Multiple Sheets equation to achieve the desired results: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$A$1:$A$3&"'!A:A"),$A6,INDIRECT("'"&$A$1:$A$3&"'!b:b")))

where my worksheet names are in range A1:A3, the store names are in range A6:A10, and the months are in B5:D5. However, for each month, I have to manually change the column ie. from "'!b:b" to "'!c:c", "'!d:d", etc. In my real worksheet, the columns extend down to ED so to manually change the range would be extremely time consuming.

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Sum By Criteria Across Multiple WorkBooks
Is there a shorter way of doing this formula using sumif on Excel 2002? This formula works but only up to worksheet 13, need it to go through 31. =SUMIF('1'!A4:A41,"12C",'1'!E4:E41)+SUMIF('2'!A4:A41,"12C",'2'!E4:E41))+SUMIF('3'!A4:A41,"12C",'3'!E4:E41).............

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Add The Sum Of Cells By Color- With Different Values
I have this fantasy footy comp I run and every week I enter player by player scores. To make it easier for me I need to a strange formula. Basically can you make a formulua to sum cell based on text colour?

Every week the 3 players with the highest scores get votes. Eg highest gets 3 votes, second highest 2 votes and 3rd highest 1 vote. After each game I look thorough the players and change the colour of the 3 best to make them stand out. Green on black for highest, yellow on black for 2nd highest and red on black for third highest.
Is there a way to at the end of each week to have a the cell (for example cell v43 in my sample) to update or add up all the 3pts 2pts and 1pts that player has accumulated throughout the season?? In my example I have just hand counted them and inputed them.

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Index & Match Multiple Items/Criteria: Finding The Nth Occurrence
I've read the how to for finding the nth occurrence using index/match but the example given does not really help solve my issue. The file I've attached is a condensed version of the actual file, which has more columns but I deleted all but the necessary ones for clarity. What I am trying to accomplish:

On sheet1 there are three columns, Business, Amount, and Closing Date.

Not all the business names have a closing date and the spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by business name, so sorting by closing date, and using the method used in the topic " find the nth occurrence in excel", is not an option.

On sheet2, I would like to see ALL the business names that have a closing date in the respective month, as opposed to just the first. Then to the right of the business names I have the sum of all the amounts in that month, but I figured out how to get that one already.

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Sum Cells Multiple Criteria Different Sheet
I have tried many options but can't seem to figure this out.

I have two tabs:
Trial balance and Analysis

On the Analysis sheet, I have a cell where I want it to look on the Trial balance sheet, find all codes these codes (7813.1, 7813.2, 7813.89) which are in column A:A, then give them the totals of what is in G:G.

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Count And Sum For Criteria In Multiple Columns
I am trying to figure out how to create a formula using multiple criteria in different columns. Ideally, I need to use the whole column (i.e. E:E rather than E2:E400) because I don't want to have to update the formula every time I input data.

I will simplify my spreadsheet for example purpose. Basically, column A has a unique identifier that either begins with an "M" or an "R." Column B either contains a person's name or a "-". Column C contains a dollar amount.

1. I need to be able to count all the cells in Column A that begin with an "M" AND have a "-" in Column B.

2. I need to be able to SUM the $ amounts in Column C ONLY for the items that begin with an "M" in Column A and have a "-" in Column B.

Is there any sort of formula that might do this? I have tried SUM arrays but as I said before, I would rather be able to use the whole column.

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Sum Multiple Non Continuous Ranges By 1 Criteria
I am trying to write an array using =sumproduct. I cannot get the second array to work. Whenever I split up the arrays they work fine separately, but not together. This is what I am putting. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am not sure if I am even using the correct formula.


So basically, I am creating a transcipt. So in column B if the subject is Math, I want column F to be added and so on and soforth. See there are more arrays, because it is broken down to grades 9, 10th, 11th, 12th. And what is being added is their credit (.5 or 1) for the class for each year.

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Sum With Multiple When Two Ranges Or Criteria Are Met
What I'm looking for is that it ADDS the values, when 2 or more ranges and criteria are met. I don't think it's possible through the SUMIF because it allows "range,criteria,sum_range." But I know there's another way around, if so, please demostrate in a basic formula.

Like.. I have something on A:A (name) and B:B (points), and the formula must meet the 2 ranges & criterias (name & points) to add the values in C:C (money).

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Sum With Multiple Criteria :: End Balance
I need to sum the values of a column based on multiple criteria. i.e. I would like to sum the column "End Balance" based on both "Company"='B' and the "GL CODE" > 4404...... and < 4406.....

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Multiple Criteria Sum With Dynamic Ranges
I have a sum part of which is $I$4:$I$500.

The 500 part of the sum is constantly being manually changed using edit replace because of a growing amount of data.

In cell A1 ona another worksheet within the workbook I use the Count function to count the number of rows containing data. This cell is named DataCols

Is it possible to combine $I$ with the named Range DataCols?

I have got this far - ="$I$"&INDIRECT("ColNo") which returns 500 if I remove "&I$"& in front of it.

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Sum Only If Multiple Criteria Is 1st Met
Have tried SumIf but still not good enough.

The formula I'm looking at is to sum up 2 or more column if the below criteria matched:

1) Cell A1 = Cell A2 and / or Cell A3
2) Cell B1 = Cell B2 and / or Cell B3
3) Cell C1 = Cell C2 and / or C3

Which formula should I use?

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Count/Sum Unique Values Based On Criteria
I'm facing a big problem and I can't found a solution for days.

I'm trying to count/sum unique values in a Range, base on a criteria excluding Blank cells. Basicly I'm using the Formula Below:


Let me Put to you an example for you been able to understand my problem.

Example considering Range "C2:C20" exluding blank cells

(1) - To count unique values

(2) - To count unique values based on criteria in range "B2:B20"

(3) - To sum unique values on "E2:E20" based on same criteria

They all work fine. But I need to insert a merge at Row 10 for
better reading purposes and the (2) and (3) are returning (#DIV/0). The (1) formula still work's.
I just don't know what to do guys ....

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SumIf The Sum Of Unique Values Is Greater Than Criteria
I have a problem which is beyond my capabilities. I need excel to sum amount column (See example table below) by unique values in company column then conditionally sum those values based on the year of investment, stage of company and finally, the kicker, the summed Amount by unique companies value has to be less than a certain threshold.

For example, I want companies in Stage Column of Exit only and in year 2004 only BUT only if the sum of the Amounts by unique company values is less than 100. So in the example table this would return 0. I have code and criteria written to sum unique values based on similar criteria such as sum if company Stage is Seed and Year is 2004 but for the life of me I can't seem to make the jump further.

For Unique values I used this function:
=DCOUNTA($A$1:$D9999,2, Criteria)
=DSUM($A$1:$D9999,2, Criteria)

This along with criteria explained before returns the number of unique companies that are Stage=Seed and Year=2004 or sum of amounts with that criteria.

I am trying to adapt this technique to get what I want but to this point have been unsuccessful. My best guess is that I will need to create an array of the unique companies (New Sheet column A) with the Summed Amounts (New sheet column B) and then run functions again with the easier equations and criteria? I am trying to avoid combining company records as each investment needs to remain individual and there are 16000 records. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Company Year Amount Stage XYZ 2004 10 Seed XYZ 2004 20 Seed ABC 2004 5 Early ABC 2004 25 Early DEV 2004 14 Later DEV 2004 19 Later TRU 2004 100 Exit TRU 2004 120 Exit TRU 2004 100 Exit

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Sum & Multiply Values Within Criteria Range
Please see the attached .xls.

I've tried to replicate my formula (result is in cell J5) via an array formula but keep getting stuck.

Basically there is a 2 dimensional array of weights (range1, limits)
each range in range1 and "limits" has a midpoint
a constant value (Fixed Amt) is added to each midpoint in range1
then multiplied by another constant value (Inflation Index)
The value is then capped by corresponding value in the limits range

this is repeated for all points in the 2 dimensional array (range1,limits) (essentially weighting the results)
and the sum is returned.

I've been able to get most of the way with an array formula, but end up collapsing the array when I use the min function.

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Sumproduct :: Sum Data Based On Multiple Criteria..
I am trying to sum data based on multiple criteria..

The english version of the formula is Sum all refunds for Store during week

Original Data Format: ....

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