To Get Average Or Count Of Column With Conditional Statements For Date

Feb 12, 2009

The data:
There are a number of columns, but we'll use the first 2 first. Column A has the dates from 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009. Column B will has numbers, mainly 0-100. One cell will have a 'report date' which is just a date.

The formula needed:
I have a few cells labeled wk1, wk2, wk3. Week 1 will start with the 'report' date. wk1 I would like the Average of Column B IF the dates in Column A are within the 'wk'. wk1 = report date TO report date + 6. wk2 = report date + 7 TO report date + 13 and so on.

My goal is to have the formulas all set so that when we move to another report date and the raw data is added, I can just change the 'report date' and everything (the wk numbers) will automatically update with the new raw data.

The furthest I got was this, but it didn't work.

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Conditional Sum & Count: Count Request Matching The Crateria Of Date And Other Conditions

Nov 17, 2007

see my attached sheet cotaining the following questions. in a day report sheet how should i count request matching the crateria of date and other conditions. in a monthly report a heavy conditional sum calculation which make slower sheets how can i make it faster.

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Average With Conditional Month, Year And Date Range

May 8, 2008

I collect unique prices each day. I am trying to find a way to determine the average of the numbers collected from the 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the current month. This formula will need to calculate for multiple months and years. So for example, I need Feb2008 average-which would be the average of numbers found between Jan21-Feb20, I then need Mar 08 average which would be data from Feb21-Mar20 etc. My spreadsheet is setup with the first column having the dates (ex. 01/01/08, 01/02/08 etc) and the second column containing the value for that particular date ($2.85, $3.00 etc).

As the number of days between the 21st and 20th change each month, I just can't seem to find a way to do it without a whole lot of manual effort.

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If Statements; List Any Date That Has Three Or More True Statements With The Coresponding Name

May 26, 2008

Sheet one will contain the following:


On sheet two I need to list any date that has three or more true statements with the coresponding name.

2/26/2008 Bill

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Average If Statements

Nov 15, 2006

consider that I have two columns of data with say five rows each. Column A contains company names (say Company A,B or C). Column B contains revenue that I'd like to average. However, I want to exclude revenue from one of the companies (say Company C). Keep in mind that my actual number of rows is in the thousands, so manually picking the rows to average is not a viable solution.

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Count Conditional Format Cells In Date Range

Apr 30, 2009

Hello, we have a stop light spreadsheet for status with several different projects. In each row there are conditional format status green - good, yellow - needs work, red - bad...based on data from another tab.

There is an "overall status" column that pulls the worst color that exists for a given row.


There is also a date for each row. Now we want to pull the worst color in the "overall status" column for a date range...and display that on a separate summary tab.

For 4/1/09 thru 4/15/09 - pull the worst color from the "overall status" column from that date range.

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Using Multiple IF Statements Then Coming Up With Average

Jun 22, 2014

Here is the first required formula, which will go in cell P7:

If N7>=75 a value of "Y" should be returned. If not, a value of "N" should be returned. BUT if N7 is blank, a blank should be returned.

Here is the second required formula, which is more complicated, and will go in cell Q7:

(1) If Cell P7="Y", then a "Y" needs to be returned in the cell.
(2) If Cell O7>=2, then a "Y" needs to be returned in the cell. If not, then a "N" needs to be returned.
(3) If Cell P7 is blank, then the cell needs to remain blank.

Here is the final formula, which will go at the bottom of the page.

I need the Q column to return an average of the number of "Y" values, not counting the blanks as numbers. (For instance, if there were 18 "Y"s, 2 "N"s, and one blank, the value returned would be 0.90.).

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Conditional Column Count

Jul 16, 2008

I have this big sheet, as u can see the device name in separate column and the information related to this device below it. i need to count the number of columns that contains = Fa or G only , also i need to count the number of columns that AdminStatus= up AND OperStatus=up ...

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Count Filled Cells In One Column Based On Date In Another Column

Apr 24, 2009

I think I am working all around this in Excel 2003 and feel like I am in the neighborhood, but can't seem to quite get there. On sheet1 I have 2 columns of 100s of rows. All of the cells in column A will be filled in with a date as time goes by (1-May-09 for example). Several of them may be 1-May-09 as a matter of fact. In column B, some of the cells will have a number in them and some of them will be empty. On sheet2, I want to construct a formula that returns a count of cells in column B that have a number in them based on a specific date in column A. For example:


If I could get the formula right, it would return an answer of 1 for 1-May in the example, because only 1 of the 1-May entries in column A has a number in the adjacent cell in column B. A formula for 2-May would return an answer of 2 since only 2 of the 2-May entries in column A have numbers in the adjacent cell in column B, and so on for the month. If I understand things right, there are too many arguments for COUNTIF. It seems that SUMPRODUCT should work, but I can't make it so.

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Formula To Check Column A For Date Range And Count Column B

Oct 28, 2009

I have a formula that counts if a date range is present. However I need to change it to count another column only if that date range is present. For example a17 a50000 the user will enter the date of the order. and in column B has the order number. I want the formula to count the order numbers for a data range in column A.
Here is what I have but it is counting the dates in col A not the order numbers in B?

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Count How Many Cells Have Data In One Column If Within Date Range In Another Column?

Jan 22, 2014

I am trying to Count (or counta?) cells in one column if they have data but only if within a date range in another column.

So, in the example below, I would want to count how many cells in column E have data in them, but only if the date in column A falls between Jan 1 2014 and Jan 5 2014. (In this case, result should be 4).



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Conditional Statements Using IFs Together

Aug 14, 2009

Trying to use several ifs together. Not sure, where my end if's need to be. I keep get Next w/o For error.

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Conditional Statements Not Holding From Mac To PC

Sep 23, 2009

I have some fairly simple conditional statements to format date fields based on current date and upcoming dates. They work perfect on the mac, but when my co-workers open the excel sheet on their PC's it all whacks out?

how to create or save these so they open properly on both platforms?

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Conditional Statements To Check

Jan 27, 2010

I have an set of conditional statements to check which i'm not sure whether to use IF or CASE statement. Find below the

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Conditional Formatting With IF/Then Statements

Dec 1, 2008

I need some help with applying some conditional formatting to cells that are populated with logic. I attached a portion of the sheet I am working on.

The cells in rows 41 and 42 will always be there so I am ok with them. The data in cells C43:I43 is loaded if a certain feature is selected on a separate sheet. If it is NOT selected, I need the values to not show up, (this part is already done with the formula in the cells) and i also need the conditional formatting to make all the cells white or blank. The same is true for the data in cells C46:I46

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Conditional Formatting With If Statements

Jun 12, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has several columns containing names and data. In the first column, is a person's name, in the second, is a client number for that person, and in the third is the "last contact" date. I have a fourth "reference" column that has a conditional statement I was trying to use for formatting. For example, in A1 would be "John Doe," in B1 would be 987, and in C1 would be 06/10/07. The next row would have data for a different person. In column E I have my reference column.

If the last contact date is less than 4 days from the current date (which is in cell K2), the reference column (using an if formula) will produce the number 1. If it is 5 or 6 days from the current date, it produces the number 2, and if it is 7 or more, then it produces the number 3. Here is the exact formula:

=IF($C2+7<=$K$2, "1", IF($C2+5<=$K$2, "2", IF($C2+4>=$K$2, "3")))

What I want to happen is this: if the reference column produces a 1, then I want the corresponding row to turn red. This would only include the name, assigned number, and last contact date. I do not need the entire row to change a certain color. If a 2 is produced, I would like the row to turn yellow, and if a 3 is produced, I would like the row to turn green. This is going to run for many rows (up to 150). How do I do this using VBA? Keep in mind the numbers in the reference column will change if the "last contact date" is updated to a more current date.

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Count Cells With 1 In Column If Date Is In Another Column?

Jan 16, 2014

In column G I have 1 if the item is a Map, this 1 is placed there if Column H has an x. In column N I have a date

I would like to count the number of Maps that have a 1 in G AND a date in N.

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Count IF, Then, Else Statements That Have Values

Aug 2, 2006

I tried Count if statements and sum statements, but nothing is working. I
have 2 columns Ex: If "Jane" from column 1 and "Dog" in column 2 then print
the total number it repeats. This sheet is large. Here's and Example:
Here's the data
Jane Dog
Jim Dog
Jeff Dog
Jane Cat
Jim Dog
Jane Dog
Here is what the cells should print (just the number)
JaneDog = 2
JimDog = 2
JeffDog = 1
JaneCat = 1

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Conditional Formating: If & And Type Statements

Jun 11, 2009

I have tried a variety of if & and type statements but I cannot get this 2 conditional format to work. Review attached spreadsheet.

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Conditional Formatting With Multiple If / Or Statements

Aug 2, 2012

I am having difficulties trying to get some conditional formatting done.

For the below i need to highlight the 2012 YTD Column based on the following conditions, and i cant get the formula correct

GReen = If 2012 YTD meets /beating both 2012 target and 2011 Actual figures =And(D2

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Multiple Count If Statements With Wildcards?

Jun 27, 2014

I am trying to creat a woorksheet that will calculate the number of time a test question was wrong. I am trying to acount for the various methods the data will be entered, with spaces or commas ect... this is the current fumula that I am using but it is not performing the desired effect. The problem is it is ramdomly counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 when the double digit numbers are entered. is there a better way to achieve this than the current formula bellow.

starting from 1
ending at 50

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VBA Run Time Error 13 In Nested Conditional Statements?

Jul 17, 2012

I am using VBA to put a formula into a cell. The formula is

VB: = IFERROR(VLOOKUP(LEFT(A5,11), 'New Quarterly Report'!A$11:E$37,3,FALSE), " - ")

But when I try to put this into a cell using the value option, I get a run time error 13: Type Mismatch. No problems while im compiling it but it comes up only during execution

VB: Sheets("Summation Table Template").range("B4").Value = "= IFERROR(VLOOKUP(LEFT(A5,11),'New Quarterly Report'!A$11:E$37,3,FALSE), " - ")"

When I try to put only the VLOOKUP, it works fine.

VB: Sheets("Summation Table Template").range("B4").Value = "= VLOOKUP(LEFT(A5,11),'New Quarterly Report'!A$11:E$37,3,FALSE)"

But I want the cell to not show #N/A when a value through vlookup is not found. Other formulas Iv tried are to use ISERROR with IF and also to store the formaula in a string and then put it into Range.Value but it still gives me a run time error 13.

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Can Conditional Formatting Formulas Have Multiple Statements

Aug 20, 2009

Can you have IF and AND statements in Conditional formatting formulas?

I put this and I get an error: =IF(AND($G5=""($H5=<>"")) I was testing the water for adding and OR statment also. I really want if cell G5 is blank and cell H5 or I5 has text, then G5 should be red.

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Extending Previous 'conditional Statements Solution'

Jan 30, 2010

use of SUMPRODUCT and what I believe is called a double unary operator (--). Here's the original post with Paul's solution:

I've since discovered that a previously unknown column of data (I'm transcribing data from paper documents) needs to be included in the calculations. Specifically, the new column of data (shown in yellow in the attached example) has to be taken into consideration when counting product quantities. An explanatory pseudo code statement, also appearing in yellow in the example sheet, describes.

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Conditional Formatting To A Column Based On Date

Mar 7, 2012

I have a column of cells containing dates. I need to change the colour of any cell which is 7 days older than todays date. I would like to leave the header and any blank cells unchanged. Every formula I've tried has changed the enire column, or if I selected a range, the entire range.

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Cancel Conditional Formatting If Date Entered In Column

Jul 2, 2014

Cells in Column F change colour under certain conditions. How do I cancel or apply no format to cells in Column F if any date is entered in Column G.

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Get Excel To Count Only If Two Logical Statements Fulfilled Using Ranges?

Jul 24, 2013

I am trying to get excel to count a value if (and only if) two logical conditions are fulfilled on two different cell ranges.

1st condition: In cell range x, the value should = C2

2nd condition: In cell range y, the value should be greater than 0

I've tried an AND statement and failed, and I've also tried COUNTIF statemetns and had no more luck. This could well be due to my skill level however.

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Return Count Of Cells Within Column Which Are Between 2 Date Ranges

Jan 16, 2013

I want to work out how many cells in a colums are "equal to or more than AND less than or equal to" certain date ranges.

E.G. Column A has random dates from 01/10/2012 to 31/12/2012. I want to know how many of these cells have dates that meet the criteria of >=01/12/2012 and <=31/12/2012.

I have searched on here and found COUNTIF which didn't work. I also tried DCOUNT which I couldn't get to work.

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Count The Amount Of Entries Based On The Date In A Column

Jan 17, 2009

I have a spreadsheet containing 10,000 + entries.

Each Entry is Dated within Column D2:D10786 in this format - 1-Nov-08 (example).

Lets say i have a cell on another sheet Cell A1 and in this Cell i want it to Count how many Cells contain the dates from Nov-08 in my Date column..

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Average Column Of Cells But Ignore Errors And Return Average Of Numbers That Are There

Jun 14, 2013

E11 through E24 contains numbers and a few errors (#N/A) that need to persist (the errors need to show).

E10 needs to show the average of the numbers that are in E11 through E24, and just ignore the errors.

I have many columns like that - where the errors need to show and I need to show an average of the number/values that do appear, ignoring the errors.

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