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Input TextBox Control To Corresponding Cell

When I select in my combo box I would like it to populate fields. That part is fine. When I try to input I want it to input in corresponding cell to the combo box selection i made. Problem is I can only get it to input in a certain cell not cell corresponding.

Option Explicit
Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim iRow As Integer
If Me.ComboBox1.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
iRow = WorksheetFunction.Match(Me.ComboBox1.Value, Range("People"), 0) + 1
Me.TextBox1.Value = Cells(iRow, 2)
Me.TextBox2.Value = Cells(iRow, 3)

End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Unload Me.....................

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Control Code Input ?
Control Code input. I work with Autocad, when I extract data from a drawing into an Excel format (.xls) the extraction does not up date.

What I mean is:

In cad I input 6”%%C L=7” and get 6”ř L=7”. I need the excel file to convert as well. I need to program the cell? How?

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TextBox Control Being Cleared
I have a rather large userform with numerous textboxes and comboboxes. Data entered into the text and combo boxes is written to the next empty row of a sheet. As the data to be entered into the next row may not "all" vary from the last I would like to have the data I have last selected or entered remain in the textbox or comboboxes for the next. I attach an example for a better explaination.

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UserForm Control TextBox Or ComboBox
If this control is a TextBox, I would like to read the Text property,
and if it's a ComboBox, I would like to read the Value property.

Public Function readValue(c As Control) As String
If (TypeName(c) = "TextBox") Then
' convert the Control to TextBox then put readValue = c.Text
If (TypeName(c) = "ComboBox") Then
'convert the Control to ComboBox then put readValue = c.Value
End If
End If
End Function

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SetFocus On TextBox As First Control In A Frame
In Excel 2000 there seems to be a problem with setting the focus in a UserForm TextBox if the SetFocus method is applied in the same submodule as the UserForm.Show method. Microsoft's circumvention for this is to put the SetFocus command in the form's Activate event submodule.

This seems to work OK except when the TextBox you are applying the SetFocus to is the first control inside a frame. It works if the TextBox is not the first control, and it can be circumvented by first setting the focus on a subsequent control then switching the focus to the intended control.

However, the circumvention is not that useful if there is only one TextBox control in a frame or, as in my current project, if you try to create a generic piece of code to validate controls from multiple forms and set the focus from within the generic code.

Does anyone know of a way over overcoming this problem and being able to directly set the focus to the first TextBox inside a frame?

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TextBox Control Lookup Code
i am trying to use a look up formula to populate a textbox on a userform. this is the code but obiously does not work

Private Sub TxtbName_Change()
End Sub

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Allow Control Toolbox Textbox Font Editing
I have an excel workbook where on several of the worksheets I have Control Toolbox Textboxes inserted into the sheet. The Textboxes are for when a user wants to type notes onto the worksheet.

My issue is that the Textboxes do not allow the user to edit the font because the VBA project is locked.

How can I allow users to edit the font in the Textbox without giving the VBA password away to the user?

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Control Toolbox TextBox Moves When Printed
I am using a form textbox on a worksheet. I have the textbox positioned where I need it to be but when I print the worksheet the textbox moves out of position.

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TextBox Control Passes Number As Text
I am trying to store some information in a cell from a UserForm. The two sets of information I have are:

InvoiceNumber(number with no decimals)
InvoiceAmount(currency with two decimal points)

The problem I get is when I use the following command to store the information, it stores the information as text rather then a number.

Worksheets(CustomerName).Range("C" & Position + 1).Value = InvoiceNumber
Worksheets(CustomerName).Range("E" & Position + 1).Value = InvoiceAmount

I tried using the NumberFormat option as below, but it doesnt fix the problem.

Worksheets(CustomerName).Range("E" & Position + 1).NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00"
Worksheets(CustomerName).Range("C" & Position + 1).NumberFormat = "0"

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Textbox Input Greater Than 9
I have a userform with a textbox1 on inputting the numbers 1-9 the code fires to open that qty. of worksheets it works fine. But, why if the user wanted to input 10 it reads the 1st number 1 and only opens 1 sheet. I need it to open another userform if 10 or greater is input.

Option Explicit
Private Sub Userform_Initialize() 'CALCULATES # OF SHEETS

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Search Function Using Input Textbox
I have a search spreadsheet where I click a button, and an input box appears where I put a car reg in, and it searches a different sheet, returning results on the row the reg belongs in.

I've had a slight change in spec. I now need the same function to work, but instead of an input box.. I want the user to type the reg in a text box that is already on the sheet, and then click a search button to retrieve the results.

Is there anyway to easily amend the following code to get there?

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Input Numeric Values Only On Textbox
who can restrict the input values to numeric values only? I have 2 textboxes where the user enters employee id and numeric choice value of 1,2 and 3...I need help in making the textboxes restricted to numeric values input only. How Preventing the users from entering alpha and symbols values.

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Pass Calendar Control Date To Selected TextBox On Another UserForm
I have a workbook that has multiple spreadsheets. Data is added to the spreadsheets using userforms for each spreadsheet. I have created a pop-up calendar to add dates and want to know if there is a way to add dates without having to create multiple calendars for each txt field on each userform. I would like it so that when I click on the calendar it would put the date into the text field it was launched from.

This is the code in the calendar which only puts the date into the field named Dat_Clsd.

Private Sub CMD_Close_Click() .....

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Calculate/Display Times Greater Than 24 Hours In TextBox Control
I have made a userform where I calculate how long time an operation takes. If the time fe.g. is 25 hours and 24 minutes then I get the result 1:24. I have attached my userform as it looks now. If you write 540 in the bar and 550 in volume and press "Beregn" then "Norm tid + 10%" will write 1:24 and not 25:24. Is it possible to have the Userform to write 25:24 or 1day and 1 hour and 24minutes?

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Lookup Based On Input Into Textbox On Form
I have a form that pulls up. When the person enters in a ticker symbol I would like the VBA code to perform a lookup in a range "Data_Company_Names" (3000 lines long of company ticker sybols and names) and use the corosponding Name to fill in the textbox for the name. If no Ticker symbol is found then the textbox would be blank.

I realize I would have to use some type of Private Sub TextBox1_Change() code but I am not sure how to have it lookup in a range and return the corosponding name to the ticker. For example, when the form pulls up and the person enters AAPL in Textbox1 then Textbox2 value should equal the Apple which is the company name located in the column over from AAPL in range Data_Company_Names

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Is Userform Textbox Input By User Default TEXT?
If it is how do I convert the user input for the text box field as number. thx

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Insert Vertical Text In Cells Based On Textbox Input
I am designing a from with a variable number of titles. The user should be able to insert a title into a column by typing in the title that he wants into a text box, and pressing a command button that I have created ( named add). The problem arises when I try to get the text to lie vertically as opposed to horizontally (in the cell, not as a text box. If this can only be done as a textbox, let me know). Is there any way to do this?

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Select Next Control / Cell On Worksheet After Enter In Control
Within the ComboBox properties, is there anyway to control after "enter" his hit, you move to the right instead of down (similar to the edit under Tools/Options)?

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Find ComboBox Value On Sheet, Return Row Number & Use To Input TextBox Values
I've created a userform that has one ComboBox (ComboBox1) and two text fields. I am trying to get the userform to return information to my worksheet in the same row as the name that is displayed in the ComboBox. This is my VBA code.

Private Sub Cmdpayment_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Sheet4
iRow = Cells. Find(What:=Me.ComboBox1.Value, After:=C5, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate
ws.Cells(iRow, 12).Value = Me.txtpdate.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 13).Value = Me.txtpayment.Value
Me.txtpdate.Value = ""
Me.txtpayment.Value = ""
End Sub

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Input Text In Given Cell After Any Input In An Area
I am just starting to get my feet a little damp with VBA and I am trying to make a macro that will act whenever any text is entered in any cell within a 3x3 square. Whenever any text is entered in any of those cells I would like it to enter a text ( "X" ) in a cell which is specified by a cell in the spreadsheet (this cell will output which cell the macro should write the text in in this format "A:1" or "C:3"). How can I make the program act only in reaction to the user entering thier text, and also, how can I get the macro to read A:1 and enter the text into that specific cell? Any help would be so awesome, the book I have is really difficult to navigate.

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UserForm – Data From TextBox To Cell Then Cell To TextBox
I have a form “RiseSpan” with three TextBoxes, “txtInSpan”, “txtDepth” & txtOutSpan”.
I wish to enter values in “txtInSpan” and “txtDepth”. These values are placed in cells A1 and A2. If both “txtInSpan” and “txtDepth” are greater that zero, I want “txtOutSpan” to show the value of cell C11.

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Formatting TextBox And Check Which TextBox Is The Active TextBox In The Loop
I am attempting to format some TextBoxes from within a For/Next loop. I need a way to check which TextBox is the active TextBox in the loop. Using i as the variable, I came up with this code snippet: Me.Controls("TB" & i).Text = Format("TB" & i, "mm/dd/yy")

If i = 3, this gives me in TextBox3 (which is called TB3) the text 'TB3' and not the value of what is in TB3. It has got to bo something simple, I just can't see it!!!

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Drag From Treeview Control To Spreadsheet Control
I have created a userform within VBA which has a TreeView Control and a Spreadsheet control on it.

I have populated the TreeView control with data and what I want to be able to do is to drag the nodes off the TreeView control to the spreadsheet control.

I can drag onto a normal worksheet but not onto the spreadsheet control (the no drop mouse pointer keeps showing).

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Determine Active Control On Multipage Control
How do I determine which control the user is currently modifying on a multipage form (either changing, enterying or exiting the specific control). when I use "userform1.activecontrol" i get "multipage1" as the control name but I need the actual control on the specific active multipage. (also the .TABINDEX is for the multipage regardless of the on-page control) I use a generic data-field change SUBroutine so need the control name (and the TABINDEX) to provide my SELECT CASE. (so every fieldname_CHANGE calls the same SUB [with no parameters])

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Change Result Cell Format Based On Input Cell Value
Macro Based on an input cell’s (e.g. B12) setting of “yes” or “no”, format several other cells (e.g. B20:G20, B23:F23, C26:J26) as follows: keep the existing yellow shading if input cell is “yes”, change to grey shading if input cell is “no”. I would like this macro to run automatically whenever the input cell value is changed.

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Control The Sum Range With A Cell
I would like to define the range of cells in the sum with a number in another cell. Say I want to sum the past 10 years, I would like the sum definition to be controlled by another cell that includes the number 10.

If I want B1 to be the sum of A1:A10, B2 to be the sum of A2:A11, etc., I would like to be able to control the range of the sum with say, C1, which in this case would contain the number 10.

This would allow me to easily change the range of data I am summing: if I changed C2 to 15, B2 would give me the sum of A1:A15 for example.

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One Cell To Control 3 Operations
I need to have the contents of cell A1 (a 3 component list) control a formula in cell E1. If A1 is "add", then E1 should be B1 x D1. If A1 is "delete", then E1 should be B1 x D1 x .6, and if A1 is "delete ilo", then E1 should be B1 x D1 x (-1).

A1 B1 C1 D1 E1

list qty. list price of C1 item formula needed
( lookup)

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Formula For Cell Result Based On Other Cell Input
I'm trying to work out the way of having a cell give a result based on what has been input into two other cells.

Basically I'm doing up a risk management spreadsheet. I need to have in one cell the LIKELIHOOD of an incident, in the second cell, the CONSEQUENCES of it happening and ending up with a RISK MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT in the third cell.

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Cell Values Based On Input Of Another Cell And Sheet
I want to tie the values of some cells on Sheet 2 to what's put in into corresponding cells on Sheet 1. Example

If Cell B3 on Sheet 1 has the string "B off" put in, Sheet 2 should automatically get "R1" in cell B12, "B off" in cell C12 and "ID123456" in cell D12. If cell B3 on Sheet 1 is empty, B12:D12 should be blank.

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Open Workbook, Find Cell Value & Input To Cell Next To It
I have Quote Master.xls open
I have a value in AA1 that carries a number
I want to open Quote Log.xls
I want to find the cell in Column A (Quote Log.xls) that AA1 (Quote Master.xls) directly corresponds to
I want to offset from that found cell 3 cells to the right and insert from T7 (Quote Master.xls) into this offset cell. Here is the code so far

Private Sub InputIntoQuoteLog7_Click()

Dim CostSheetBook As Workbook
Dim QuoteLogBook As Workbook
Set CostSheetBook = Workbooks("Quote Master.xls")
Set RFQQNumber = CostSheetBook. Sheets("RFQ").Range("AA1")
Set RFQQStartDate = CostSheetBook.Sheets("RFQ").Range("T7")

Workbooks.Open ("\ACT3ENGVAULT EngineersLsheriffDocuments (2008)Quote System MashQuoteLog.xls")

Set QuoteLogBook = Workbooks("QuoteLog.xls")

Set vOurResult = .Find(What:=RFQQNumber, After:=[A1], _
LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False).Offset(0, 3)

vOurResult.Value = RFQQStartDate.Value

End Sub

I get an un-numbered error on the .Find

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Restrict Cell Input Based On Text Of Another Cell
I have two coloumns on a worksheet. In the first column I have data validation drop down list. I want to be able to: if the first column "Other" is chosen then the next cell will allow text for description, if anything other is chosen in the first drop down list cell then I want the next ( text for descritption ) cell to be resticted.

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UserForm Input (a Button That Opens An Input Box Or Dialog Box)
I have to design an input user form (a button that opens an input box or dialog box), which asks user to "Enter number of "columns"".

User enters a number i.e. 2 or 3 etc

It then asks user for the headings of these coulmns and places first column heading in A1 and second column heading in B1, third in C1 and so on ...

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Picture In Cell Into Image Control
I need to move a picture in a cell on a work sheet to a user form image box. I have tried loadimage(range("I3") however it will not work

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Deleting An Active Control Along With The Cell
I have created a spreadsheet that uses checkboxes. When deleting a particular row that is no longer needed, it leaves the check boxes. Is there a way to link them to the cell (which contain formulas) so when the row is deleted, I don't have to delete each individual check box.

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Link To A Cell From A Commandbar Control
I have a right click event for a cell where I create a custom commandbar with single or multiple control buttons based on the cell value. I want to link each control button to another cell in the same sheet.

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DTpicker Value To Cell From Multipage Control
I have a DTPicker on a multipage form on a userform with the following codes:

sheet1. range("Ac2").value=DTPicker1.value


The first line of code is in the DTPicker1_change event.

The second line of code is in the userform_initialize event.

This works fine if I move the DTPicker control onto the userform itself, but if I put the control on the multipage form it fails with the following message:
Run Time Error 35788

An error occurred in a call to the Windows date & time picker control.

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Auto Fill A Cell From Input From Another Cell
I would like to auto populate a cell (A2) due to the input results from another (A1).
For example, if I enter A1 with "100%" then I want A2 to auto populate with "Complete". And just the same for other percentages; if A1 was input with any range from 1% to 99% it would populate A2 with "In Progress". And if A1 was to equal 0% then A2 would be "Not Started".

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Returning Something In A Cell If Another Cell Has Info Input
my spreadsheet to return the word unit if cell a18=1 or the word units if its over 1 but i also want the cell to remain empty if there is nothing input into cell a18 is this possible

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Input Cell Address In Vba By Clicking That Cell
Is it possible to input a cell address in a VBA macro by clicking in that cell?

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Update Cell In Relation To Input Of Another Cell
I will try to be as clear and concise as possiable and adhear to the forum rules. I'm not a excel wizz, though I know the bascics and am willing to learn, I have a list in column A, in thise list there are repeated words eg the word sugar is repeated in A23, A45, A56 etc. In column B i have condition format so when i type a 'x' it turns the cell color from red to green.

What i am trying to do is if i enter the 'x' in column B in relation to the word - in this case sugar - it will automatically enter a x in all the other cells in B that has the word in there corresponding A column that matches the orginal 'x'. So for example if the word sugar is repeated in A23, A45 and A56 regaredless of where i enter the 'x' in the b column, weather its B23, B45 or B56 then cells i didnt manually enter the x will auto update in corresondance to the word...

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Vba Cell Control Based On The Cells Contents
Is it possible to place formulas in vba to control cells based on the cells contents.

A2 will be the the price of an item excluding vat and b2 will be the price of an item including vat

What i want to achieve is if I put a figure into a2 b2 then multiplies a2 by 1.15 to reflect the price including vat. If this is achievable I then want to reverse the proceedure so if I put the price including VAT into b2 a2 divides b2 by 1.15 to reflect the price exc. VAT.#

if all of the above is clear and possible I would like to know if it is easily possible to copy the workings for a3, 4 ,5 ,6 etc and b3, 4, 5, 6 etc.

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Evaluate UserForm Control Where Name Is In 1 Cell & Property In Another
In A1, other code inserts the name of a Form control (textBox, comboBox etc), and in B1 it inserts the name of a Property that is always valid for the A1 control. I want to concatenate these two items to produce a formula in C1 that evaluates the current value of the Property on the running form and continues to update with each recalc. It's ok if I have to force a recalc to get the latest values.

The code feeding the items to A1 and B1 and which will be harvesting the Property values from C1 is running in the same Form that holds the controls being referenced.
So if A1= "Label1" and B1 = "BackColor", then in C1 I'd like the same result as if in VBA I said X = Label1.backcolor. I think that what I need is the Evaluate function, but I've read Arron's article on it I just can't seem to make it work here.

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Set Label Control Captions To A Cell Text/Value
I have an excel application that I'm developing that is going to be used by two different departments. On one side everything will pretty much be userforms. The sheets they the data I need to pull in for them is on sheets that I have such that their visibilty is equal too xlveryhidden. I'm trying to change the captions on labels using the data on the veryhidden sheets. Something like this.

'frmCurrentProposal is a userform
'lbGroupName and lbGroupNum are both labels that should vary

frmCurrentProposal.lbGroupName.Caption = Sheet2. Range("B2").Value
frmCurrentProposal.lbGroupNum.Caption = "Group # " & Sheet2.Range("B3").Value

The labels are not changing their values.

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Square Shows In Cell After TextBox Transfer To Cell
I have a Textbox on a Userform that allows users to enter text and code copies the text to a nominated cell on a sheet. My difficulty is that when the text is copied to the cell at the end of each line of text there is a small 'open square' symbol that I would prefer not to show. I can manually delete the symbol but would like it either not to appear of be able to automatically delete it. If I copy the text to a word file the symbols do not appear.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Sheets("Marketing").Range("b4") = UserForm1.TextBox1
End Sub

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Input Box For A Cell In Every Row
I am trying to work out how I can make an input box pop-up every time a cell in between the range of AU12:AU3000 is clicked on. The user will need to input two numbers, the lowest number needs to be copied into column BG (in the same row).

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Linking An Excel Control Toolbar Text Box To A Cell
I want the contents of the text box (which will be input by the user) to update a cell in another worksheet. I have found numerous examples of how to display the contents of a cell in the text box but I want to know how to display the text box contents in a cell.

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Spreadsheet Control (monitor For The Cell Change Event)
I have a spreadsheet control inside of a userform. I can generally access this spreadsheet and do what I need to do with it. My problem is that I need to monitor it for the cell change event. I normally accomplish this with:

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Cell Input Checker
Is there a code that I could use to check that information has been inputted by the user in to a cell. E.g. Check that A1 the user has entered their name, before the rest of the macro that I have written will run. If they haven't a message box will appear to tell them what is wrong and then select cell A1 for them to input the necessary information.

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Dynamic Input Cell
I am making a basic inventory tracking worksheet which consists of 2 sections. The first section has all the unassembled parts and quantities and the second shows the total assembled parts. I am trying to track unassembled parts and assembled parts simultaneously. I would like to have a cell that I can put a number in (which would represent the number of assembled products manufactured that day) and adjust the totals in both parts accordingly as they are made. For example, if I start the day off with 5 units of all the parts unassembled and manufacture 2 that day, I want to be able to put the number 2 in a cell, hit enter, and then have the unassembled inventory decrease by 2 (per part) and have the assembled inventory increase by 2.

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Put Input Into A Cell In File
I am trying to prompt excel to ask for a date if a cell C3 is empty. And then I am trying to place the value entered into cell C3. my code is as follows:

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Userform Textbox Event That Fires After I Exit The Textbox
I need a userform textbox event that fires after I tab or click out of the textbox. Going by the list of options:Beforedragover, BeforeDroporPaste, Change, DblClick, DropButtonClick, Error, Keydown, Keypress, keyup, mousedown, mousemove, mouseup.

I can't figure out which one will do what I want. The change event happens instantaneously which doesn't work. I need to fire off the event when my focus leaves the textbox.

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