Interest Only Payment Formula

Aug 24, 2006

I have been raken by brain for a simple formula to calculate an Interest Only Payment on a mortage note, example,

sales price = $162000
term = 360
interest = 8.5

I was able to calculate the payment of principle and interest, but I need to validate what would be an Interest Only payment on this?

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Interest Rate Calculation With Payment Increases

Mar 4, 2014

I have a capital lease amortization schedule with annual increases to monthly rent that I am trying to solve for an interest rate such that the balance nets to zero at the end of the term. I am calculating on a monthly basis; in other words, principal minus monthly payment plus monthly interest expense equals ending monthly balance is calculated in each row each month. The present value is known, payment term is known, future value is zero, and the payment amounts increase annually. These assumptions may change for new leases so ideally the solution would be dynamic, adjusting for shorter/longer terms, etc. Here is an example of my assumptions:

Payment start date: 8/1/13
Term end date: 10/31/2025
Rent length in months: 144
1st months rent: $500,000 - payments are due at the beginning of the month and are paid monthly
Annual rent escalation: 3% - i.e. 1st 12 months is $500k/month, 2nd 12 months at $515K, etc.
Beginning NPV: $75M
Ending value: $0
Imputed annual interest rate: UNKNOWN

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but the monthly payment is allocated between principal and interest. Monthly interest expense is calculated as the current balance * (imputed interest rate / 12).

Currently, I've plugged the interest rate such that my ending balance is 0, however I was hoping to calculate it on the fly as opposed to manually plugging it.

how to calculate annual interest rate with these inputs? Is there a way to make the rate function work with payment increases?

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Calculate Of Interest With Different Interest Rates Per?

Dec 29, 2013

I have a problem calculating a total interest for an input period that has different interest rates. You can see the attached file: INTEREST.xls

I have used a function but the result comes out wrong. Can I fine tune it or do I have to change my method of calculating.

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Cumulative Interest Formula

Nov 18, 2008

I have a person who was paid £1000 pension pa for ten years. I've found out that the pension should have been split 50/50 with half increasing by 5% pa. Thus in year 1 total pension would be £1000. In year 2 the total pension would be £1025 ((£500 x 1.05) plus £500)

I know that in year 10 the total pension should be £500 (non increasing) plus £814 (£500 x 1.05 to the power of ten). My problem is how do I work out a formula which calculates the total arrears due in year ten? I'm thinking the arrears due after the ten years is £314 but something is telling me it's a lot more.

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Compounding Interest Formula

Dec 10, 2007

I am trying to set up a budget for my self. Of course I am trying to make it as complicated as possible.

I have done searches online and that is how I found this forum. I am finding amortization formulas, but not what I want

Here is my question.

I have two fields, Mortgage and auto loan

I want to have a field that does a calculation for me.
I know following fields as an example making numbers up
Interest rate is fixed at 5.5%
Amount left on loan is 150,000
Loan is fixed at 30 years with 28 years left

I want to run a formula so when I make a monthly payment of 1000 dollars how much of that goes to interest, how much to principle (not to make this complicated even more, but let say that I have 200 escrowed which I am not sure if that has interest calculated on(I donít think so as it is property tax?))

Same example for car loan.
5 year loan, 4.5% interest, payment 438 a month.

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Formula For Interest Compounding Monthly?

Feb 20, 2014

If i borrow Rs.50000/- at 7.25% interest compounding monthly, repayable in 4 quarterly instalments, when i put it in excel using pmt function for emi quarterly payment and ipmt for interest calculation at the end of the 4th quarter (i.e last instalment) the balance will not become zero it shows a balance of Rs.14.35 its due to interest compounding monthly, is there any formula in excel to overcome it?

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Quarterly Interest Calculating Formula

Oct 21, 2009

I use Excel 2007 , I created Interest calculator , on Daily basis , to caluculate interest , compounded quarterly.

But I want to make it compact , as d one I created is long enough.

A3 = Principal Amount
B3 = Date of Investment
C3 = Interest as on Date
D3 = Number of Days , amount Invested {comes out of formula set}
E3 = Rate of Interest

Now in F3 I want the Interest amount , compunded quarterly.


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Formula For How Much Interest Would Be Paid In A Given Timeframe

May 27, 2008

I am currently trying to create an excel spreadsheet where I would know how much interest I will pay in the next six months, since the balance changes every month I am not sure how to formulate the total interest paid with in a specified time period.

I currently can calculate the interest and fill in the below rows with each month but I would like to simplify the report so that I can add the Balance, Rate, Payment(2% of balance), and Time period and in another cell it will tell me how much interest I will pay in that time period. Bascially I would like to keep all the calculations in one row.

For example

Balance | Rate | Payment | Time Period | Interest Paid
$1,000 | 10.00%|$20.00 | 6 | $48.56

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Compound Interest Rate Formula

Jan 27, 2007

I am trying to calculate the effective annual interest rate earned on an investment and find the results are close but not really accurate. I suspect because I have not included the frequency of interest in my existing formula

r = n * nt root (A/P-1)

r = the effective interest rate
n = the number of times interest is added per year
t = the total number of years
A = the current value
P = the original value

The 2 problems I face are;
1. Confirming this formula would provide the correct answer (need maths expert here) &
2. How would "nt root" (as in sqr root, but using the product of the years and frequency) be used in Excel

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Formula For Calculating Partial Year Interest

Feb 4, 2014

I have developed a financial calculator that asks the user for the "input date" which is used to record balances as of the input date. My interest calculation for the first year is based on the current date compared to the input date. For example, if the user is keying in a current balance of 10,000 @ 10% interest, and the "statement date" or "input date" is 12/30/2013, and the current date is today, 2/4/2014, then it should calculate interest for the entire year of 2014. It is not doing that. It calculates $3 interest.

But if input date is 6/30/2013 with current date of 2/4/2014, it seems to work OK. It calculates interest of $504 in that case. It appears to get messed up with the year transition between current date and input date. The formulas I have listed below appear to work fine except when the input date is 2013 for the year and the current date is 2014. The formula does not "see" that input date was last year. There must be a minor tweak to formula I am overlooking.

Cell C2 = Today's Date=TODAY()
Cell C3 = Input date (user keys in date in mm/dd/yyyy format)
Cell E2 = "translate input date to year format" =DATE(YEAR(C3),12,31)-C3
Cell E3 = Investment Rate
Cell G2 = yr 1 interest rate adjusted =(E3/1)*($E$2/365)
Cell C21 = Current Balance
Cell D21 = Interest Yr1 = C21*G2

I need the interest calculation to account for partial year accrual.

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Cell Lock, Interest Calculator Formula

Oct 17, 2009

1. Can I lock particular cell If Yes,How? I want to lock cells which contains formulas.

2. If cell K7 shows 11 I want to see G11 in H9. Same if Cell K7 shows 201 I want to see G201 in H9.

Its a interest calculation sheet where K7 is number of days amount invested and COLUMN G shows interest accured.

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Compound Interest Excel Table Formula

Dec 20, 2011

I would like to have an excel table that has 240 usable lines going horizontal (to the right) and vertical (down) from the starting number.

I need it to compound interest in both directions

240 is the total number of days per year I am trying to track

There should be adjustable starting amounts and compound interest

Be able to adjust the entered amount anywhere along the time line and it recalculate the amount from there on...

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Daily Compounding Interest Formula Based On Two Different Rates?

May 29, 2014

What I am trying to do is to create a formula for the attached spreadsheet - that calculates the daily compounding interest based on the higher rate of the two rates for the first five years then after 5 years the calculation should only be based solely on the blocked rate.

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Payment Staus Sheet

Dec 2, 2008

This is a new payment status sheet that my company has put together to use with future clients. There are a few things that we would like fixed but can not figure out ourselves. I have attatched the document along with some notes as to what we can not get to work.

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Entering A Payment And Seeing A New Balance

Apr 9, 2009

I would like to be able to choose a month (from a drop down menu), then choose who the payment will go to ie. creditor (from a drop down menu) ie. car, truck, cc payment, as a result of those selections, then enter the amount of the payment, and finally the ending balance will appear. I have the drop down menus in place and I have all the balance calculations in place. I could use the spreadsheet that I have but I only want to see the below info. Plus I don't know how to link or lookup this data to the stuff I've already created.

Select Month:
Select Creditor:
Enter Payment:
New Balance:

I have already set the sheet up calculating the balances after a payment has been made. I know how to hide all the formulas, but I don't know how to get it to so that you choose a month, then creditor type (from drop down menus), and payment so that you see a new balance. I only want to be able to link or lookup the month, creditor together so that a payment can be made to that cell that I've already established. As a result, then that cell can be shown in the new balance.

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Night Payment Calculator

Feb 8, 2010

Not sure if this is the correct section for this kind of query but I'd like some assistance with a calculation that I can't seem to figure out.

Essentially it's for calculating night payments for our employee time-sheets. Our staff have very sporadic shifts and are paid extra for working between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00, basically when employee's enter their start and end times I'd like the spreadsheet to automatically calculate how many hours they have worked between those hours, I imagine it's very simple but I cannot figure out which function to use.

To complicate matters, because staff can work shifts which start on one day and finish the next we work on a 48:00 clock basis so its' not only between the hours of 00:00 - 06:00 where they qualify for night payments but also from 24:00 - 30:00 if that makes sense?

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Set Up Payment Record Sheet?

Aug 12, 2013

I am trying to set up payment record sheet as follows

First Tab: This is the total value of each item, with the payment date in cell C1

Second Tab: Is the payment date of the item

Third Tab: Is the payment due tab

So what I want to do is enter the payment in C1 on the first tab. Then on the second tab I want to enter all the items that want paying on that day, but this will also have previous payment dates shown as a sort of record of what was paid on what day.

On the third tab I want it to show all the payments that correspond to the same date as C1 DATEVALUE

And on the gross tab I want to show all payments to date including the current date.

I have got the payment date to work but I cant get it to show all the previous values.

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Model For Payment Schedule

Aug 20, 2013

I'm currently developing a model for a payment schedule. For example, lets say a customer purchases an item from a store, but the store receives that payment in the following month. I'm looking to develop a dynamic model so that if I change the assumption from 1 month to another term (2,3,4+ months etc.) the model will adjust accordingly.

I've started with a formula


But of course this will not work once the term is set to larger than 1 month. With B14 representing 1 month, and G11*B13 being payment information (price * quantity).

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Calculating Date Of Payment?

May 2, 2014

I have a list of several hundred loan recipients who are all starting to pay their loans back on different dates. I am able to get the calculation to work so that I just need to put in the start date and excel works out the other 5 or 6 payment dates.The problem is, some people pay back on the 29th, 30th of the month which is giving me a headache when they are supposed to pay in February. The formula I am using calculates the next date of payment to be on the 3rd March (skipping the February payment all together).

The formula I am using is : =DATE(YEAR(A10),MONTH(A10)+1,DAY(A10))

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Conditional Payment Terms

Aug 21, 2008

I have a situation where I need to highlight different customers based on what there terms of payment are. Conditions 1 and 3 seem to be working fine but for some reason condition 2 is not working at all. I made sure all names are exactly as listed in the A2 cell....

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Payment Expense Spreadsheet With Gst

Nov 3, 2006

I used erecord the other day to do my activity statement for the first time (I have just started a home based business which has not yet started trading but I had to send the BAS for the purchases that I had made for the business) and it was quite easy to use and you can send it electronically to the ATO which saves a lot of hassle particularly as I am very not accountancy litterate. However I am trying to develop an expenses/payment spreadsheet similar in function to erecord but that allows me to categorise the inputs.

My headers are:
Cbookref = (drop down validation box) similar to a chart of account #
Category = ie - advertising accounting fees etc.. uses a look up function with cbook ref to populate field
Description .........................

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How To Find Last Date Of Payment Schedule

Sep 30, 2013

I'm working on a report where i need to find the last date a payment was made by a certain client. The problem is that not all clients have the same amount of payments so I cant just choose a payment number in my formula.

Trishlast payment.xlsx

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Adding A Payment Based On 2 Values

Mar 12, 2007

i have myself a table on the left is all the members names and along the top are 12 dates (1/1/07, 1/2/07 etc).

In another sheet i have a drop down box for the name of the person and a dropdown box to select a date and then a space to enter the amount paid so i need a macro that will find the name and date i selected from one sheet and take the amount paid into the other sheet and insert the amount in the correct place.

If it is unclear what i mean i will post screenshots tomorrow.

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How To Calculate Payment Due Date From Number Of Days

Jul 7, 2013

How can i get the actual Payment due date from no. of days using macro. i. e.

Posting Date Dues Payment Date
------------ ------ ---------------

22.06.2013 21 days ???

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Loan Payment And Make Installment List

Nov 29, 2013

I have a file which student Monthly Loan Payment schedule.

I want to make a list which shows all payment period by installments and payment amount , dates by Student names.

Attached file, you can see all detail and wanted LIST.

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Debt Reduction By One Time Payment In Amortization?

Mar 14, 2009

How to calculate a One time Payment to maintain the Tenure In Amortization?

I havea loan of Rs 1,00,000/- to be paid @ 8%/12 for the first year and then from 13th month , it will be Floating Rate of Interest which would be mostly higher than 8%/12...

I will be paying this loan off in 5 years ( i.e. 60 months)
and the EMI = Rs 2028/- per month..

Lets say, if the Interest goes up to 12%/12 after the 12th EMI then the tenure increases by 5 months from 60 months to 65 months thus adding to the cost of Rs 2028*5 = Rs 10140 more..

Now What amount do I need to pay alongwith the regular EMI's to maintain the tenure of months?

The amount Im referring to is a One-Time Payment added with the EMI for the 13 the mOnth to reduce the Principal and accordingly the tenure?

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Payment Function Giving Negative $ Result

May 24, 2006

I'm building a real estate payment calculator. I'm using the Payment (=PMT) function in Excel 2003. When I add the information that it asks for in its wizard, I receive the correct numerical figures but with a minus sign in front of it making the result negative, i.e. "-$630.13" instead of "$630.13."

Is this file corrupted or have I put something in incorrectly?

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Counting Number Of Days Between Anniversary Day And Payment Due Date

Aug 11, 2013

i am trying to get the number of days from last time ticket paid till todate, considering the day & month of the hiring date but the year of the last time paid. say AAA hired on 15-Nov-2001 receives a ticket every 24 months; received last ticket in Nov 2011.

i want to count the number of days between 15-Nov 2011 until 31-Jul-2013 (dd & mm are from joining date yyyy from last time paid) i have a list of 1200 names with different dates of joining and different dates of payments.

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Payment Days Table (change The Range For Each Time)

Nov 18, 2009

I have 2 production unit : A; B
They make payments to suppliers on certain periods : p1, p2..
The payments are on variable and different currencies : EUR, SEK, USD, CHF,AUD..

I explained the sample case table in attached excel sheet. My question is "how can i create the summary table easily and quickly by excel?"

currently I am calculating it by a simple excel formula (vlookup) that I need to change the range for each time. It s very time consuming and easy to make mistakes..

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Vexxing Lookup: Update That Supplemental Payment Based Upon Certain Conditions

Jul 1, 2009

I have a list of employees who's job status may change at the end of a given month. If the status changes, they have a supplemental payment that is tied to their job status and may change as well. But that depends upon certain conditions like their years of service and their union.

I'm trying to write a formula that will update that supplemental payment based upon certain conditions, but I can't quite seem to get it right. A challenge is the table I'm looking values up in has 8 columns and the value could be in any of the columns depending on years of service.

These are the conditions for the lookup:
1. If their union local is the same, they would keep the supplemental payment so long as it is not more than allowed for the title. If it is more, they get the supplemental that corresponds to the new title and the years of service.

2. If the new title is PAA and they have 10 or more years of service, the new supplmental is $600.00

3. If the new title is Clerical Associate II and they have a 6 or more years of service, they get a supplemental that corresponds to their years of service.

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