Vexxing Lookup: Update That Supplemental Payment Based Upon Certain Conditions

Jul 1, 2009

I have a list of employees who's job status may change at the end of a given month. If the status changes, they have a supplemental payment that is tied to their job status and may change as well. But that depends upon certain conditions like their years of service and their union.

I'm trying to write a formula that will update that supplemental payment based upon certain conditions, but I can't quite seem to get it right. A challenge is the table I'm looking values up in has 8 columns and the value could be in any of the columns depending on years of service.

These are the conditions for the lookup:
1. If their union local is the same, they would keep the supplemental payment so long as it is not more than allowed for the title. If it is more, they get the supplemental that corresponds to the new title and the years of service.

2. If the new title is PAA and they have 10 or more years of service, the new supplmental is $600.00

3. If the new title is Clerical Associate II and they have a 6 or more years of service, they get a supplemental that corresponds to their years of service.

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Lookup Based On A Few Conditions

Mar 13, 2008

I am wondering if I can do a formula that would tell me if the name that appears in column J or K appears more than once at the time/date slotted in columns A and B. Basically, I want to make sure that the name(s) in column J and K aren't assigned 2 different places at the same time slot (column B) on the same say (column A).

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Lookup Based On Two Conditions ...

Jul 13, 2009

I know that there are bunches of threads concerning lookups with multiple criteria, but I just can't figure out how to translate one to my situation. I want to return a value based on an item name which is in column A, and an operation which is in row 1.

The array from which I need to look up the value contains part number in column B, operation in column G, and the actual value I need returned in column H.

So I need to return something like this: ...

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Lookup Based On 2 Conditions

Dec 22, 2006

In the sample that I have attached. I am trying to compare Control ID and Business Date in Sheet[Test] and Sheet[Perform], If they are the same, then populate in Sheet[Perform] Column Test Status with the corresponding row in Sheet[Test]. note that Control ID and Business Dates are not constants.

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Lookup Unique Based On Multiple Conditions ...

Jan 2, 2009

I am looking for a solution other than using an advanced data filter for unique records only.

I would like to take a large list (columns A:D), and automatically filter for unique records and other conditions and paste the results in different tables (Group A & Group B).

Group A only includes records with value ="A" in the checksheet column.
Group B includes records with value <>"A" in the checksheet column.

Does anyone have any ideas how to do this so that when I paste the large list in columns A:D, the other tables (Group A & Group B) are automatically populated?


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Lookup Value From List Based On Multiple Conditions

Dec 21, 2007

I have a list of holiday data which has the following info. Name, Date from, date to, hours off per day. I need to look up this information and place the number of hours against each day for each person. The problem I am having is that I can't get the hours into the cells for which the date is between the date from and date to. I have attached spreadsheet and how I want the summary page to look. I just need the correct formula inserting.

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Adding A Payment Based On 2 Values

Mar 12, 2007

i have myself a table on the left is all the members names and along the top are 12 dates (1/1/07, 1/2/07 etc).

In another sheet i have a drop down box for the name of the person and a dropdown box to select a date and then a space to enter the amount paid so i need a macro that will find the name and date i selected from one sheet and take the amount paid into the other sheet and insert the amount in the correct place.

If it is unclear what i mean i will post screenshots tomorrow.

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X Y Charting With Supplemental Information

Mar 26, 2014

I have a large number of files containing thousands of X and Y coordinates. I prepared a macro which loads these X and Y data from all the files into one workbook, and it writes the file names into each row. So, in the end I get a file with this formation:

X Y filename

x1 y1 filename_1
x2 y2 filename_1
x3 y3 filename_1
xi yi filename_2
xn yn filename_m

It would be great if I could make then an XY Chart which contains the information of "filename" column too. I didn't mean labling, because in the end I'll have hundred thousands of points, so if I added labels to each point it would be impossible to see anything. I would only set that if I move the mouse to any point of the chart, it would show not only the X and Y coordinates, but the related filename too.

Is it possible to set it so in excel?

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Update IF Condition With More Conditions

Jul 10, 2014

I am currently using the below formula and is trying to add a condition to this.


The condition i am trying to add is

If the result of the above formula is less than the value in cell BK2, then look if the number in B2 is available in sheet2 (another sheet) column B.

If the number in B2 is available in sheet2 coloumn B,then the result should be BK2.
If the number in B2 is not available in sheet2 coloumn B,then the result should be above mentioned formula which is =IF(NETWORKDAYS(MAX(BI2,DATE(2014,6,1)),MIN(BJ2,DATE(2014,6,30)))<0,0,NETWORKDAYS(MAX(BI2,DATE(2014,6,1)),MIN(BJ2,DATE(2014,6,30))))

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Transfer & Update Data From Column With Conditions

Jul 25, 2007

I have a lot of data broken up into numeric decimal form in one column. I need all this data to be transferred to different worksheets based on the amount of decimals. Attached is some of the data I need sorted. The first sheet is my main sheet, then the next sheets need to be ascending in numeric order by sorting the data with two decimals under the column Tear number system.

For example I need the next tab to be the data with 0.21 with 2 decimal places, then the next tab would be the data under 0.28 with 2 decimal places, then the data under 0.29 with 2 decimal places. So the 0.21 worksheet would be 0.21 and have all the data for 0.21.1, 0.21.2 all the way through 0.21.6.

I also need this to be compatible with new inserts to the main table. Meaning if a new number is entered in, the number and data would automatically be entered and sorted to the tab that the number pertains to. I have tried a vlookup function but have not had much success. I have also tried recording a macro but am having problems with that as well.

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Lookup Using Two Conditions

Jun 7, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with data extracted from two systems. I need to compare the amounts to ensure they're the same. I'd like the "BIS" sheet to do a lookup of some sorts (either formula or macro) in the "Actual" sheet on box number (column E) and Category (column J) and return the total actual in (column I) next to the corresponding box number and category in the "BIS" sheet. I've attached an example of the spreadsheet.

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Lookup Latest Value Given Conditions?

May 30, 2014

see attached for the sample data. I'm looking for: Sat Score (from column F), that is from the latest/max Report Date (column A), for a Project (column B), THAT IS NOT BLANK

In other words: For each project, we want to know the score from the latest report. But sometimes the latest report doesn't have a score, so we want the score from the latest week that actually has a score. If none of the weeks have a score, return blank.

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Lookup With Multiple Conditions

Dec 3, 2005

way to return a value from a data table by specifying 3 conditions to be met.

Eg. My data table is in cells W1:Z100
(Column names = Track, Distance, Class, Time)

I want to be able to return the time value, based on track, distance and class values.

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Lookup Maximum With Conditions

Nov 21, 2006

i have a list of price list, and it is updated once a while, which means there is a change in version number.

The table is a direct extraction and it has to be like that...

I have tried to vlookup but only return 1 line, same as match and index... or maybe im not using the forumla correct.

Attached is the excel example hope this help. as you can see there is alot of dupe reference but different version and prices

I cannot concatenate the reference and version number as my lookup reference doesnt know what one is the latest version...

but one thing is constant, that is the version number is always needs to be the highest.

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If Formula To Combine Two Lookup Conditions?

May 23, 2014

Combine two lookup/IF formulas:


So if formula 1 conditions aren't met then it by default would result in formula 2 conditions being met.

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Lookup With THREE Conditions - One Vertical / Two Horizontal

May 23, 2012

I have a table where I need to return a value according to THREE conditions:

1. Vertical, which is a shop code for instance

2. And 2 horizontal:
- One: segment (heading level 1)
- Two: product (heading level 2)

E.g. for "Shop1", what's the value for segment "PI" and product "Credit", etc.

An example file attached : fz73m5zEmZS6Y14-C.xlsx‎

The key thing for me is to do this WITHOUT changing data structure, because that really would be a huge pain. I mean, if it's no possible to do without changes (e.g. adding an extra column, etc.), I'll have to live with that I guess. But ideally I would really like to avoid changing data structure.

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Conditions LOOKUP Two Files (ISNA)

Dec 21, 2006

Let me first explain what I tried to do, before getting to the mess I created. Maybe I should use another formula?

I wanted to compare the amounts in two files on the basis of the same product number. Thus search for a sheet and a column in another file for the same value of A6 (current file) and show the value of the same row in another column (of the other file). However, if there is no value I wanted it to display zero (0) or a text such as "False".

First I did a basic LOOKUP which should work?. However it still showed #N/A for cells without a reference value (A6 is THA) or target cells without a target value (100.00). I tried to avoid this by combining the ISNA function. However, although the last value shown is correct, the ones before change and seem to add up, or refer to another cell?

Another issue I did not come to yet is the fact that I would like it to search for the correct sheet based on the first three letters of the reference (A6), preferably not case sensitive. A6 is Tha13, first three letters indicate sheet name Tha. Any suggestions on this? ...

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Lookup Value Basd On Multiple Conditions

Sep 25, 2008

I could use some help with a look up formula with mutliple conditions. In my worksheet I have a column for an order number, date, activity, machine, job status code, unit of measuer and cost. I need to find the quantity reported by a specific actiivty and unit of mesaure for a speciific order number.

Here is an example:

I need to find the quantity reported in the 7th column for order #1 based on Actiivty "2" and U/M "m".

Order No.DateActivityMachineStatusU/MQuantityCost19/1/200811Cm101 $ 3.23 19/1/200821Cm317 $ 10.17 19/2/200812Az5 $ 43.25 29/1/200811Pm23 $ 2.50 29/3/200821Pm57 $ 27.50 29/3/200812Pz2 $135.00

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Vlookup- Multiple Conditions For Lookup Value

Jan 8, 2009

MetricsCategoryJan 2008VisitsTravel50view_offerTravel10

Above is the data I want to lookup on. I need to be able to do a lookup for travel visits and a seperate lookup for travel view_offers.

Is there someway to do this with a vlookup or maybe match index?

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Lookup Multiple Conditions To Return One Result

Sep 28, 2009

I am preparing an "automated" order form. I have a list of products (ten) in a pull down list, a list of options (3) in a pull down list and a list of the pricing.

So, If PRODUCT_A with OPTION_A, then PRICE = $X.
If PRODUCT_A with OPTION_B, then PRICE = $Y.
If PRODUCT_B with OPTION_C, then PRICE = $Z.


I want the user to select the product, then the option, and have the correct price "pre-fill" the cell.

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Simple Formula For Lookup With Two Conditions And Duplicates

Sep 16, 2013

I have two spreadsheets of data, one column contains an employees name, the other is a value.

Employee Amount
Bob 10
Frank 12
Katie 14
Katie 55
Simon 5.2

I would like to do a lookup that states if name is Katie and value is 55 and is in sheet 1, return "Yes", else return "No"

The name and value conditions will read off the other spreadsheet.

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Userform: Lookup, Add Data, Then Update

Dec 11, 2006

I have made this userform.

What i want to be able to do is select an item from combobox (comboCPM) and then be able to check off some or all of the checkboxes then up date that line items record.

Check box value can be a "x" or "true" dont really care.

I have gone though the combox excercise at, but when I try to use that logic in my spread sheet I get nothing in my drop down... just blank spaces

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Update Or Lookup Data In Another Sheet

Nov 30, 2006

We use an accounting purchasing program that stores it's data in Access format. I have an Excel sheet that does a query to that data source and returns inventory part numbers, descriptions and pricing.

This file is about 3mb. Using this file as a data source (was trying to make it portable so the sales people can take the data with them) I created a quoting sheet, where they can lookup parts and have all the info pull into the quote so they can give customers a quote with fairly current info. At first I had my search routine copy and paste in links to the info, but that created a problem when the sales person wants to open an old quote to see what they gave someone. So then I had it just paste values, which works fine except when the quote has expired and the sales person wants to keep all the same parts but wants current pricing. I was thinking something like index(match) but VBA code wouldn't let me do that. I was hoping to write code for a button that they can click and it fetches current info.

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VBA Code To Lookup Value In Range & Update Cell In Row

Jul 16, 2009

I have a function that is called upon saving a UserForm. One of the Text Labels contains the ID field that I need to use to do a lookup into the first column of a Named Range and then I need to update the cell in the 4th column of that row.

From my research, I'm assuming it will go something like this:

Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(valve, Worksheets("TestWorksheet").Range("TestRange".Cells), 10, False).Value = "TestValue"

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Excel Form To View And Update Table Using Lookup In VBA

Apr 18, 2012

I have got a table, with a range B1:CC200. I have been able to run a macro which pops up a form and shows the particulars of a selected month corresponding to those in the table. (e.g., say entries in column D pertaining to say, March 2012 are shown in the form). Problem is I want to be able to update the entries using the form, but no no success. Am quite new to vba but the code I tried to use on the command button after updating is shown below

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
TextBox1.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B2:CC2"))
TextBox2.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B3:CC3"))
TextBox20.Value = Application.Lookup(Range("A1"), Range("B1:CC200"), Range("B20:CC20"))
Unload Me
End Sub

Where A1 is the month in question, B1:CC200 the range of the database and row B2:CC2, and B3:CC3...., B20:CC20the data I need to update. .

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Payment Staus Sheet

Dec 2, 2008

This is a new payment status sheet that my company has put together to use with future clients. There are a few things that we would like fixed but can not figure out ourselves. I have attatched the document along with some notes as to what we can not get to work.

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Entering A Payment And Seeing A New Balance

Apr 9, 2009

I would like to be able to choose a month (from a drop down menu), then choose who the payment will go to ie. creditor (from a drop down menu) ie. car, truck, cc payment, as a result of those selections, then enter the amount of the payment, and finally the ending balance will appear. I have the drop down menus in place and I have all the balance calculations in place. I could use the spreadsheet that I have but I only want to see the below info. Plus I don't know how to link or lookup this data to the stuff I've already created.

Select Month:
Select Creditor:
Enter Payment:
New Balance:

I have already set the sheet up calculating the balances after a payment has been made. I know how to hide all the formulas, but I don't know how to get it to so that you choose a month, then creditor type (from drop down menus), and payment so that you see a new balance. I only want to be able to link or lookup the month, creditor together so that a payment can be made to that cell that I've already established. As a result, then that cell can be shown in the new balance.

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Night Payment Calculator

Feb 8, 2010

Not sure if this is the correct section for this kind of query but I'd like some assistance with a calculation that I can't seem to figure out.

Essentially it's for calculating night payments for our employee time-sheets. Our staff have very sporadic shifts and are paid extra for working between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00, basically when employee's enter their start and end times I'd like the spreadsheet to automatically calculate how many hours they have worked between those hours, I imagine it's very simple but I cannot figure out which function to use.

To complicate matters, because staff can work shifts which start on one day and finish the next we work on a 48:00 clock basis so its' not only between the hours of 00:00 - 06:00 where they qualify for night payments but also from 24:00 - 30:00 if that makes sense?

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Set Up Payment Record Sheet?

Aug 12, 2013

I am trying to set up payment record sheet as follows

First Tab: This is the total value of each item, with the payment date in cell C1

Second Tab: Is the payment date of the item

Third Tab: Is the payment due tab

So what I want to do is enter the payment in C1 on the first tab. Then on the second tab I want to enter all the items that want paying on that day, but this will also have previous payment dates shown as a sort of record of what was paid on what day.

On the third tab I want it to show all the payments that correspond to the same date as C1 DATEVALUE

And on the gross tab I want to show all payments to date including the current date.

I have got the payment date to work but I cant get it to show all the previous values.

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Model For Payment Schedule

Aug 20, 2013

I'm currently developing a model for a payment schedule. For example, lets say a customer purchases an item from a store, but the store receives that payment in the following month. I'm looking to develop a dynamic model so that if I change the assumption from 1 month to another term (2,3,4+ months etc.) the model will adjust accordingly.

I've started with a formula


But of course this will not work once the term is set to larger than 1 month. With B14 representing 1 month, and G11*B13 being payment information (price * quantity).

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