Inventory Of Warehouse - See Which Items Sell The Most

Jun 23, 2014

So i have many different list of items that i have supplied, pretty much shopping lists. I am now trying to create an inventory of my warehouse and i would like to see what i should buy more of and less of. is there a certain table or template or something i can plug in all my lists and have excel break down all the data and tell me whats what on all my info. i have about 45 different lists and each list has an average of about 150 line items.

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Tracking Age Of Inventory In Warehouse FIFO Accounting

Mar 8, 2014

I am trying to create a worksheet that tracks the age o f the inventory in my warehouse. I am charged each week at an increasing rate and want to be able to track what these charges will be. I would like to be able to sum up the data below in a pivot table that shows how many units are falling into each age group, this would add up to a max o f 10 weeks o f increasing charges.

3/1/14 received 1000 units
3/6/14 ship 600 units
3/8/14 charge for 1 week at 400 units
3/8/14 receive 500 units (900 pieces on units)
3/13/14 ship 300 units
3/15/14 charged for 100 units at 2 weeks and 500 units at 1 week

This needs to be able to assume this is going on for 10 different items, I would like to be able to track the items independently and in bulk.

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Inventory Count :: Last/current Year & Warehouse

Jul 24, 2009

I've got these inventory numbers that I've been working with.

Last years Usage and this years usage combined per warehouse for each item.

Plus another sheet that has On-Hand counts per warehouse for each item.

What I'm trying to do is pull my usage count per item per warehouse and place it all on different sheets so that I can compare numbers and do a few different things.

On my data sheet I have the warehouse number, in my example, "TOT.", 0100, and 0101. In the next column is the item # and on the end is the total used for that item by that warehouse.

On my the individual warehouse sheets I have the warehouse number, and the item # and some other things.

What I need is someone to look for the warehouse name "TOT.", 0100, or 0101 and then find the Item # and get the total used from the total column. If it wasn't used or does exist then I need 0 to appear.

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Second Tab Is Inventory Numbers And The First Tab Has My Inventory Items

Feb 27, 2007

I have a workbook. The second tab is inventory numbers and the first tab has my inventory items. I scan in the inventory number (unique) and it adds it to my inventory sheet. As I use inventory I scan the barcode and it inputs the serial number into my used inventory tab. What I need to do it when I scan the serial number for used inventory into the used inventory sheet to have it go to the inventory sheet and delete the line for that serial number.

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Inventory Application: Track The Movements Of The Items

Feb 17, 2009

I am building an inventory application in 2007. I need to track the movements of the items so I was planning on a worksheet containing the item no, date, location.
Since an item will move around and thus have multiple records, how can I extract only the latest date record for each item and store them in another worksheet ?

So I would have 2 worksheets, a. transactions, and b. current inventory. Or am I trying to reinvent the wheel. I am sure there are a lot of inventory applications already written - how do I find one? So, 2 question!..

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Parsing List Of Inventory Items Into Names And Numbers

Mar 28, 2014

I've got a long list of inventory items. The naming convention of these items is not totally consistent. Below is a representative sample of all the different kinds of names:

1800Brandacom (CLIENTA) 25.00
1800Brandacom 25.00
brandb (Variable)
brandd variable

[Code] .....

I need to separate out the name of the brand and the number (or if the item says "variable", use a 1 for the number) into two columns, so that the results would be:


[Code] ....



[Code] ....

For the numbers, I have used this array formula to search for the first letter in the string, and then search for the first number following the first letter, and then return all numbers up to "." Unfortunately this does not work consistently when there is a number in the middle of the brand name or the item has no number.

[Code] ....

For the names I have used this formula, which fails when the name has a "-" in it.

[Code] .....

Any way to extract the names and numbers which would work consistently across all the items!

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How To Print Multiple Inventory Labels Based On Inventory Levels

Sep 10, 2012

How do I print multiple inventory labels based on our inventory levels?

For example:

Item No 1000
Descr Window
Customer Taylor
PO 9001
Quantity 10

Item No 1010
Descr Door
Customer Jones
PO 9011
Quantity 35

I want to print 10 labels with the info from Item No 1000 and 35 labels from Item No 1010????

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FIFO Inventory- COGS & Inventory Valuation

Aug 18, 2009

I had been trying really hard to get some solution on COGS valuation & inventory valuation on FIFO basis. my daily transactions are typical sales & purchases.

Attached is the inventory in/out movement from Quick Books. in the column "Num" type bill is the entry from purchase bill whihc always has a reference as P/O####. This is how i will capture the landed cost against a PO., another type "Inv Adj" is inter warehouse transfer. Name is cusotmer, Inventory is my item number. in some cases it is like "2000", in some cases it is 10000:10121, and in some cases it is 10000:10200:10201 that is why they fall in different columns when i export them.

What I would lilke to do: 1) Run a report by month, by customer showing cost of goods sold on FIFO basis, I can capture sales amount by running another report.

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Eliminating Sold Inventory From The Inventory List

Aug 8, 2006

I am not an excel whiz, so I will need layman's terms if possible. I may have found a solution to my problem under another thread, but I couldn't understand it. I have only briefly worked with macros, a very long time ago. Here goes...

I have an inventory list that has not been updated for sales of the inventory, only for purchases. I have sales lists, generally by month, in separate spreadsheets. I am looking for a simple, efficient way of either eliminating or at least matching up the data in the sales list to the inventory list in order to remove sold items from inventory (on paper). I am hoping the result will be a fairly accurate inventory list, and related value, so that a physical inventory count won't be necessary at this time. Obviously I could copy all of the sales info into one spreadsheet, sort by inventory number, then manually delete all sold items from the inventory listing. I am REALLY hoping there is a better option.

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Warehouse Spreadsheet

Nov 30, 2006

I have a 1046 line spreadsheet that I need to enter 8 additional lines after each current line. I would like to do this for the entire spreadsheet at one time. I also need to lable each of the 8 lines from the name of the org. line. For example, the org. line product name is 1234 and I need to lable the 8 additional lines under that product 1234-A, 1234-B, 1234-C, etc..

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Match Quantities Of Buy And Sell

Feb 1, 2008

I want to match the quantities of buy and sell appearing the same line but in different columns based on FIFO. In case of mismatch, the excess quantity should be transferred to a new line below the same column in which there is a mismatch.

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Split Buy And Sell From Live Feed

Jan 17, 2014

I am not good at excel. I would like to split buy and sell orders from the live feed and updating when new feeds come in.

B 4150
S 6200
B 3350 B 4 150
B 2180 B 3 350 S 6 200
S 2220 B 2 180 S 4 300
B 1120 B 1 120 S 2 220

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Spreadsheet That Update From The Data Warehouse

May 28, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that update from the data warehouse (I do this manually daily) there is always new sports being added

When I update I would like a macro to check for new sports and if there is one then msgbox me and add it to my table on the next sheet that I use for lookups.

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Formula For Calculating Warehouse Picking Rate?

Mar 11, 2014

I am trying (and failing miserably) to create a fomula to 'score' my pickers in a warehouse environment.

The basic variables are;

1) Units (Total quantity of units on picklist)
2) Lines (Number of different products on picklist)
3) Time (Total time to complete pick)

To give an example, if Units = 8, Lines = 1 and Time = 00:01, I want 'Score' to = 100.
(Based on benchmark, rounded down to lowest common denominators)

The added complication I face is the relationship between Lines and Units; it would take someone longer to pick 1 unit from 10 lines than 10 units from 1 line.

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Setting Sell Price To Specific Profit Margin?

Nov 29, 2012

I am looking for a formula which will calculate a sell price with 20% profit after taxes and costs. I need it to factor in a fixed shipping cost (eg £10), a 7.5% Amazon fee of the sell price, then 20% tax of the sell price. I currently have a formula which essentially does this but as I'm not good with Excel it requires me to input all the values every time which is not practical considering our large inventory.

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Pyramid Payment System - Bonus On Company Sell By Salesman

Mar 21, 2014

Sales Amount
Introduced by

indirectly introduced


[Code] ........

I have salespeople who I want to pay a bonus to but I've also offered them a bonus on how much the salesmen they referred to the company sell and this goes like a pyramid down 3 levels.

so I have a list of salesmen next to there name is how much they have sold then who introduced them. from this I need to make a list of each salesman and below all the people he introduced and the people they introduced with the sales in the cell next to them.

To show how it could look I've done an example above of the information I need for tom, as you can see all the data is in the first 3 columns and tom needs to show that he introduced bob & Sue, but because Bob & Sue also introduced someone, tom needs to show he was involved in this as well and jo, terry, mark need to show, preferably in a different column as the bonus for them is lower.

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Conditional Formatting IF Function To Identify Past Due Items In Red And Items Completed

Aug 13, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that lists a set of actions and the days they need to be completed.

The due dates are listed in column c and in column h I have a the user choosing "completed" from a drop down data validation.

I have a dashboard on a separate worksheet, showing if the item is complete and the due date.

Ideally I would like to display the dates on the dashboard in red if they are past due, and the box in column h was not marked complete.

I have been going through my books and trying to solve this, but I run into a different issues.

Even if for now If I can get the main worksheet to display the color conditional formatting that would work

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Count Items In Column That Match Multiple Data Items?

Mar 27, 2014

I need to count the total number of times 4 different values appear in a column. This formula works for one value:


Where H1 contains the word Assigned. I need to also find and add to count for matches in I1,J1 and K1 which contain New, Pending and Work in Progress respectively.

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Select Multiple Items In List And Then Print Those Items?

Dec 26, 2013

I am wanting to create a list where I can select multiple items within that list and then print only those selected items. I have created something similar thru data validation, but I can't get it to print.

In addition, I would like to be able to subdivide the list into multiple categories, then select items from these multiple categories and print them.

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Excluding Selections: Added To The 20 Items And Not To The 3 Items

May 23, 2006

If i select 3 items from a list 20 items to be show on the cube this is fine and works however if i then add another item to the list i now have 21 items and for some reason it also adds itself to my 3 selected items to become 4 items. Is there anyway I can get it to be added to the 20 items and not to the 3 items..

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Creating A Unique List Of Items In Column A That Have A Corresponding Non-zero Value In Column B, I.e. Excluding All Items Where Sumif ColumnB Would Sum To 0

Jul 17, 2009

I know how to use array formulae to create a unique list, i.e.{=INDEX($G$1:$G$760,SMALL(IF(ROW($G$1:$G$760)=MATCH($G$1:$G$760,$G$1:$G$760,0),ROW($G$1:$G$760)),ROW()))}

however this is giving all the unique items from column G and I only want the unique items that have a non-zero value in column H as well. This would be the sumif of all instances that would have to be zero. I've tried to crack it and I've tried to search for solutions but so far no joy.

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Making Average Buy Price And Average Sell Price

Aug 13, 2008

to formulate Excel formulas to obtain the average buy price and average sell price for me to do this futures trading. Thanks a lot. I downloaded the Htmlmaker to post the spreadsheet here to show the manual way to calcualte the average buy price and average sell price but when it is on html form, i clicked on the 'Please click this button to send the source into clipboard' button & then i paste into this thread. Is the way to make my spreadsheet appear here correct cause it cannot work.

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Subtract From Inventory

Jan 28, 2008

Firstly i am running Excel 2003 (at work)

Now my problem is that i have been asked to make a spreadsheet about Printer and Fax Cartridges (Zzzzz) but i do not know how to do the sum.

this is how my Spreadsheet looks like this (cartidge amount etc all on top line of spreadsheet)
(Hp45 etc all down left hand side) ...

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SUM Of Daily Inventory

Feb 9, 2010


BUT THIS FORMULA NOT WORK FOR NEW FORMAT OF INVENTROY DATA. I tried to make some change in it to get the result, which is not working well.

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Inventory Sorting

Jul 3, 2009

I am doing inventory right now and need help sorting numbers that I have. Ex:

I have numbers like


I need something that will help me sort it by the numbers only (numerically by the first part only). I want the above numbers to look like the following after sorting:


Basically, I'm trying to get the computer to sort the numbers numerically by disregarding any letter before the number.

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Inventory Tracking

Feb 12, 2007

I have a worksheet that has multiple units listed on it. Each unit has a materials used list with quantities. I want to reference this column to another sheet and get a total materials needed list and also reference it to my inventory and subtract that number from my materials on hand. how can I do this?

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Inventory Count ..

Mar 7, 2007

I am trying to figure out a formula for doing my inventory. I have items with control numbers on them and I would like to determine how many items there are. Example Starting #12335A Ending #12445A, if you subtract 12445A from 12345A you get 10, but in the inventory you need to count the ending number as it still remains in your count, so the answer is actually 11. I have been using for example =Sum(A8,-A9) +1 to get the correct number. However, if I have additional lines on my report that do not have inventory in them, they will show an incorrect total of 1 because of the +1 in the formula. I am trying to figure out how to do this calculation without having to delete and add the formula each time inventory is added. I have people that will not go near the formulas, so I need it to total with out having to be changed.

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Inventory Worksheet

Apr 17, 2009

I am trying to put together an inventory worksheet and I have a rec'd column and a usage column, followed by a total column. I want to be able to havea formula in the total column at all times, so whoever updates the inventory sheet just needs to put rec'd and used. What I am trying to do though, is have the total row for a particular month blank, unless someone enters a rec'd amount or a used amount.

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Inventory Tracking ...

Jan 29, 2010

So far I was able to find solutions to all of my small problems with excel just by searching here but with this one I need help and ideas how can it be done differently.

We need to track inventory from when its taken, when it was installed and we need to know every month when inventory is counted how much do we have on hand in our truck....

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Inventory Spreadsheet Formula

Nov 5, 2009

I'm trying to set up an inventory spreadsheet for my work, but i'm running into a snag.

What I want to do is have three columns that interact with eachother.

1. Units in stock
2. Reorder Level
3. Reorder Tolerance
4. Status

What I want, is to have the status column react in one of three ways. Either "In Stock", "Reorder Needed" and "Out of Stock".

So if units in stock is at 110, with a reorder level of 100, and a tolerance of 10%, I want the Status to show "Reorder Needed" with a red cell color. But if stock is at 111 or more, I want it to be shown as "In Stock". Zero should be "Out of Stock".

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