Loop Through Rows With VBA And Select Output File With Selectable Dates

Apr 9, 2014

I have developed a user form in VBA which is used for entry into an excel worksheet. From this data, I need to do the following:

1) Create 2 output files for Job data entitled "J" and another file entitled "S". The "J" and "S" is captured in a field in the data. I need to hit a button that allows these 2 output files to be produced, so I need to 'loop' through rows of the data to do this/

2) In addition to 1), the user needs to be able to 'select' the date range they would like to see 'J' and 'S' data over. This will be based on a field called "Startdate'. How could I do this with the button above-can I parse an input value to a form and select the 'J' and 'S' files on this.

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AutoFilter - Using Selectable Rows

Aug 7, 2007

If I create a pivot table, I'm able to click the arrow to the right on my row header, unselect "Show All" and then manually check boxes next to the rows I want to show. The pivot table then shows only the rows I'm interested in.

I can't figure out how to do this with filtering outside of the pivot table. I can select AutoFilter and then select "All", "Top 10" or individual rows, but I don't have the option to use a checkbox style selection to choose multiple, but not all, rows.

How can I set this up to have checkboxes associated with the AutoFilter dropdown so I can pick and choose which rows show?

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Automatically Select Most Latest File Name From Similar Names Ending With Dates

May 25, 2014

I need to use the VLOOKUP feature from the most latest files, I am using VLOOKUP in VBA code which is working fine, however the problem is that the files from where I do VLOOKUP are added randomly in a week.


There are 2 Files, 1st File where the data would be looked up from the 2nd File, Now the 2nd File has names like this "Offline Data as on 10th May 14", "Offline Data as on 13th May 14", "Offline Data as on 23rd May 14", etc.

Now these files are send by another department, and each time the most recent data has to be searched from these files.. All of these files have to be maintained separately for record purposes.

Hence in the VLOOKUP, Lookup file keeps on changing...so is it possible to make a code in such a way that the code picks up the most recent file for reference, from the above example we would need to pull the data from the most latest file which is "Offline Data as on 23rd May 14" , if any other file is added in that folder more recent than the one mentioned than the code should automatically link it to that file.

I have managed to codify the lookup but due to this filenames being changed always I have to do this manually..as this has to be done at several columns in several sheets its extremely time-consuming.

So, logic code to pick the most recent date which is embedded in the filename...

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Loop Through Index Worksheets Using For Loop And Select Clause

Nov 4, 2013

I have a workbook that contains, say, 50 worksheets: the first two worksheets summarise the data and are static in that they don't move position. However, the next four worksheets contain certain data for any given month. Each time a new month comes along, say, November, I insert four new worksheets after the two static ones as a result October's four worksheets are simply moved down the line in terms of worksheet order.

I need a macro to refer to the first six worksheets only (not the other tabs). I opted for index referencing for each worksheet, ie one - six. Now within these six worksheets in any given month, I need to sort the data by a certain column. The problem: in sheets 1,4,5 and 6 I need to rank by column E, but in sheets 2 and 3 I need to rank by column C. I have stepped through the code, which works for sheets 3-6, but doesn't seem to refer to sheets 1-2.

Sub WorksheetLoop()
' Loop through an indexed number of worksheets; _
' & this ensures that the worksheet range is dynamic _
' and is able to adjust when new sheets are added/removed, etc.
'Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim i As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet


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Loop Formula To Search Through Range To Get Expected Output?

Feb 14, 2014

Trying to look for formula for searching through Range and search through Data to achieve expected res

Data Output ExpectedRange
Pune 123 is city Pune 123 Mumbai 999
Maharashtra 345 is state Maharashtra 345Pune 123
India 678 is Country India 678 Nagpur 666
Maharashtra 666 is state OthersPune 555

Below is the query i used for manual search however need formula to see through Range and achieve output expected

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Pune 123",A5)),C5,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Maharashtra 345",A6)),C6,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("India 678",A7)),C7,"Others")))

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Select Worksheet Using Combobox With Colored Data As Output?

Jul 15, 2014

I get a macro which will provide me coloured data by eliminating the non-cloured(with white) data. Sheet1 has a combox of worksheet within an excel sheet which is listing all the worksheet in an excel sheet.By selecting the worksheet name(for example sheet1, sheet2.....sheet26) and I can move to worksheet I selected and can view the data(coloured one).I have around 25 excel worksheet within an excel sheet and each sheet has various different kind of colors but I dont want the output to show non coloured data after I select the worksheet in Combo box.

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IF Date Is Between 2 Dates Then Output Additional Column?

Mar 25, 2013

I'm having where basically I've got the below scenario on a spreadsheet:

Start Date - 14/03/2013 (Cell A2)

I want to look up this date against a 52 week structure to see where it is in our "working calendar year". I've got a table which has the following fields:

Week Start (Cell E2) - E.G 11/03/2013
Week End - (Cell F2) - E.G 18/03/2013
Week Title - (Cell G2) - Week 1

This table follows the same format for all 52 weeks.

Now in this example "Start Date" falls between the "Week Start" and "Week End" date so I want to output Week 1 in cell B2. However I could have a "Start Date" of 29/03/2013 that falls in week 3 of the working calendar.

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VBA To Output Column Of Dates Within A Range For Multiple Ranges

May 21, 2014

I need a 'simple' vba that outputs all the dates in a range that correspond to a particular ID in a column as well as that same ID in a column beside the dates.

So basically using the data in columns A to B as input, to get columns E and F as output.

Also, for a lot more than just 3 IDs.

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Aug 12, 2008

I am making a report that puts out a CSV file my trouble is that some of the numbers are converted to date when they are opened in excel. This report is sent out company wide and I need a way to keep the numbers from changing to date. I have added a tic(') mark to the front of the number but it comes over as '12308. What can I do.

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Output Csv File

Jul 1, 2006

I'm wondering if it's possible to use a button in excel where I can output a cvs file (from another sheet in the file) with just a click on that button.

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Save Output To A .txt File

Apr 23, 2006

I have a text file output from a program that is named “ABC123.exp”. I open up the file with Excel and after manipulating the data with VBA code which includes identifying the Source Path directory(strSourcePath As String ) and the File name (strFileName As String) I want to be able to open up a 'Save As' Window and save the manipulated data into the same Source Path directory(strSourcePath) with the File Name being the prefix of the original with a suffix .txt extension. Ex: “ABC123.txt” instead of “ABC123.exp” and the Save as type: Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt). This way my original data won’t be overwritten.

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Excel 2011 :: Copy Cells From Consecutive Worksheets And Paste Sequentially Underneath Each Other On Output Page With Loop Function?

Feb 18, 2014

I have data from (row 1, column 1) to (row 53, column 5) on 283 consecutive worksheets in a singular excel file that I would like to be presented on a singular worksheet starting from the data on worksheet 1 and descending to the data on worksheet 283.

I am looking for a copy and paste loop solution that will copy the data from each page and sequentially paste the results on a singular output page in descending order (worksheet 1 data, worksheet 2 data... etc) so that I can sort the data.

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Output Redirection From BAT Or VBS To Text File

Jun 26, 2014

I am working on a VBA routine that calc and verifies hash files for a series of folders and sub directories, using a command line prog called exactfile.exe (exactfile.com). It is very similar to M$'s FCIV utility, but it is actually supported on Win7/Win8. The issue I am having is that I cannot get the standard output/error/console stream to redirect to a text file. I've written the routine multiple ways, trying to figure out redirection. I was using this site

HTML Code: [URL]....

as a reference.

Here is my VBS approach. This code is dependent on another sub passing folder_name as a string

[Code] .....

The VBS then executes using wscript, however, since exf.exe does not return an exit code the same way FCIV.exe does, I need the results redirected to a text file. The results vary from a single line saying "No errors." or multiple lines indicating which files do not match their original hash.

Here are a couple iterations of my BAT approach, where i use the BAT to call the VBS. I really thought I would be able to use the standard redirect > here, since the executable is launched using cmd.exe, but I've not gotten the results I want.

[Code] .....

I've scoured more pages than I can count, but no approach seems to work, so far.

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Output Property To Save As File

Jun 5, 2006

I'm trying to display some result in my sheet and I don't go further of the MsgBOx use. see my vba code

Dim xslt As New MSXML2.XSLTemplate40
Dim xslDoc As New MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument40
Dim xmlDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
Dim xslProc As IXSLProcessor
Dim paramxml As MSXML2.DOMDocument40
xslDoc.async = False
xslDoc.Load "c:compara.xsl"

If (xslDoc.parseError.errorCode <> 0) Then
Dim myErr
Set myErr = xslDoc.parseError
MsgBox ("Ha um erro " & myErr.reason)
Set xslt.stylesheet = xslDoc
xmlDoc.async = False
xmlDoc.Load "C:Instructional_program.xml".................

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Parse An Output File From X-12-arima Using Vba

Jul 10, 2006

I'm trying to parse an output file from x-12-arima using vba. The file is in this format

invalidate the results of this test For the last three year period.
ICMETI, Total Inventories Communications Equipment PAGE 9, SERIES foo

D 12 Final trend cycle
From 2002.Jan To 2005.Dec
Observations 48
Trend filter 13-term Henderson moving average
I/C ratio 1.08 .............

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Output Used Range To Text File

Oct 9, 2007

I would like to output the text I perpared in " sheet 1" into a text file, "output.txt"

The imformation I like to output start from coulmn C, and column D then column E.....
The numbers of rows in each column could be different, and also there may be some single empty column in between. The totals numbers of coulmn is unknow.

the text in the output.txt should contant all the imformation in the sheet started from column C, coulmn D, column F.... (if coulmn E is empty). and the text in the output.txt file is continues with no gap in it.

To make it even more powerful for later use, The column that begin with NOT should not be output.

Excel Data-


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Store Row Number Within Loop And Delete All Stored Rows After Loop?

Sep 11, 2013

I have working code that returns a row number within a for loop based on parameters I set.

Each time the for loop runs I would like to store this row number, then after the loop has finished, delete all stored rows.

for rowNum = 1 to x (some variable end row number which I already have worked out using End(xlUp).Row)
if x = y then
*storedRow = rowNum
end if
next rowNum

Lines with a * are the bits I can't work out. I've been trying to understand arrays by reading posts on what other people have done, but I can't fit (or fully understand) the reDims, or reDim preserves into my code. I've seen what appear to be quite complex ways involving uBounds and LBounds, but unfortunately I can't see how to use them.

All I want is to simply keep adding a row numbers to a variable, (i.e. row 2, 5, 20, 33, 120, etc) and then delete those specific rows.

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Edit Change And Output A Text File

Feb 7, 2009

I use excel to read in an ASCII data file in which every line beginning with H is a header line and lines beginning with S are data line.

I want excel to filter out the header lines and output the file with the data lines only then outputs these in a new file.

I also want it to read the values from column 72 to 75 and subtract 6 from them then output them again to the same new file.

Sub read()
Open "d:/intouch/0502SPSS.LOG" For Input As #1
Dim i As Integer
Dim lines(9999) As String
i = 0
Do While Not EOF(1)
Line Input #1, z
i = i + 1
If Mid(z, 1, 1) = "H" Then
i = i - 1

ElseIf Mid(z, 1, 1) = "S" Then.................................

the problem is that the new file is generated but it is always empty

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Output To CSV Text File Produces Extra Spaces

May 21, 2008

I'm outputting some cells to a CSV. At first I tried using the SaveAs function but that renamed my worksheet and didn't work for ranges (as far as I know)

Sub Export()
Dim myADPFile As String
Dim x As Byte
x = 5
Open myADPFile For Output As 1
While (Not (Sheet3.Range("A" & x).Value = NA))
Print #1, Trim(Sheet3.Range("B" & x).Value), ",", _
Trim(Sheet3.Range("C" & x).Value), ",", _
Sheet3.Range("D" & x).Value, ",", _ ..........................

The values are correct. However, the excess amount of spaces is not. Using the Write function just encases everything in quotation marks. Replacing spaces isn't a good solution because the first row MUST be in that format, and removing all spaces would require more code to put spaces back in. Is there a way to get rid of all the excess spaces surrounding each value?

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Excel Macro To Output Text File After Global Find And Replace

May 19, 2014

See attached image.

So what I am looking for is to put a macro behind button 1 which will do the following

Enter A Default Value Of 123 In The Yellow Boxes (B7:K7)
If They Are Blank When The User Clicks The Button
Performs A Search And Replace To Replace The Values 01-01-1990 With B8, 02-01-1990 With C8 Etc Until K8
Output The Contents Of Sheet 2 To A Text File (In XAI Format) In The Following Order A1:A100, B1:B100, C1:C100

[Code] .........

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Selectable List Box

May 21, 2007

Can a list box (or other type) be created that would come up and allow a selection of multiple items. I do not need the items to be viewable beyond the selection, only to be ablle to sum different segments of the rows that were selected.

As example: Upon clicking in cell B 141 of the sheet a box would come up that would include the descriptions (in column C) of all items that are between rows 1 and 140 that have identifeid by a "y" in Column B. Then you could select as many as you desired and the sum of the quantity (column d) of the selected items would then appear in D141.

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Make Only One Of Two Cells Selectable

Sep 7, 2008

If I put data into one of two cells I want it so that the other cell cannot be selected. I can't say I've struggled with this for days as I really don't know where to start

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COUNTIF With Selectable Range

Sep 18, 2009

I am trying to use the COUNTIF function but over a selectable range. in other words instead of a fixed range like =COUNTIF(A1:A11,"=yes") I want to be able to choose the range Axx:Axx selected by drop down menus.

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Creating A Selectable Menu

Apr 14, 2009

I am attempting to create a Menu (food) in Excel 2007. I have a list of foods that I would like to select once one is selected the next list would be for the next item and so on. I know how to create a drop down list but once I select an Item
I would like the next list to narrow down the field (or choices). I am not sure I explained this well enough so here is another way to put it.

First Column would be a choice of meats. Beef, Chicken, Pork, etc.
If you select say Beef the next column would be a veggie, Carrots, Peas, Green beans. But with Beef you cannot select Carrots. and so on.

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Loop Select Case

Sep 24, 2009

How do I loop a select case so that it ends at a specific cell.

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Select Sheets In Loop

Mar 22, 2012

I have a list of worksheets that I want to select from a list.

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3

These sheets are in a workbook that contains other non Region sheets.

How do I select all of them without hardcoding the sheet names?

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Loop To Select And Delete A Row

Jun 21, 2012

Below is the loop. An error occurs at Rows("y:y").Select

The y value that would be found in cell C500 would always match the row that would be selected and deleted. For example if cell C500 had the value 13, I would want Rows("13:13").select and then deleted.

Sub Macro2()
' Macro2 Macro
For y = 1 To 100


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Select Case And Loop?

Aug 9, 2013

I have a subroutine involving a Select Case and a loop.

I am of the opinion that writing the loop within the Select Case would be faster than having the Select Case within the loop.

Am I correct or does it not make a difference?

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Using Select Case In A Loop?

Sep 18, 2013

I am trying to loop through and read values from 4 combo boxes which I have renamed SaveOptionBox1 to 4. They are ActiveX controls. The code throws no errors but I can't output the values of my array 'dirname' on the sheet to prove it worked.

Sub Directory()
Dim ROOT_PATH As String
Dim cnt, dirnumber As Integer


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Loop To Select Different Sheets

May 2, 2006

I've put the following code together;

Sub RemoveStars()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Cells.Replace What:=" *** ", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False
Cells.Replace What:=" *** ", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub

There are more sheets that this is run on, but I am sure you get the idea. I guess that this can be done using a loop, I would prefer to code the sheet names in, there are 5 in total.

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