Macro For Embedding Images Versus Inserting

Apr 7, 2014

I am trying to make a macro that will embed images into a worksheet for my company. I researched online and put one together from stuff I've seen posted but when I email the file, the receiver can not see the image. I believe it is because "inserting" a picture only inserts a link to the picture but not the actual picture. Is there a way to embed the picture using the same macro without the sender having to send the picture and the worksheet?

Sub photo1()
' photo1 Macro
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'varible Picture1 is inserted down below - ***change both***
Picture1 = Application.GetOpenFilename("Picture,*.JPG,Picture,*.JPEG,Picture,*.GIF,Picture,*.BMP")
'edit "("Picture,*.*")" section to add or chanve visible file types

[Code] .........

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Inserting Images From A Folder?

May 17, 2013

Column A, has image file names. We want to insert corresponding images in Column B

The images are in a folder. We would like to know if there is formula/procedure which will lookup the filename and grab that image from the folder and insert into Column B. The images size in the folder are 500x500 pixel, we would like the inserted images to be reduced to 30% of the original size.

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Inserting Images Into Lotus Notes Email

Feb 13, 2004

Finally I have the code all okay for Sending Reports, and other extra comments etc...

And now...
Is there code available for picking up images ( Screen snaps) and inserting into an email in Notes after the Body of the Message?

Either a reference to a link or some code would be greatly appreciated, cos I cannot find any info at this point in the archives ( Presuming I have searched using proper parameters ).

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Macro Dealing With Images

Aug 11, 2008

I am in serious need of a macro that will search a folder for image names and replace them witha determined image name col. If this is possible it would be a live saver.

For an example

Skus.................Image Name from File (Imported)........Renamed Image

725564..............725564.jpg.................................."Text that I insert"
894646..............atol-894646.jpg............................"Text that I insert"
713246..............713246-atoll.jpg..........................."Text that I insert"

So baically I need images to be searched by sku and replaced with determined image name from a different column.

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How To Bring Images In Outlook Using Macro

Nov 26, 2012

I have designed a macro to convert the contents of an excel sheet to HTML format and bring it to outlook email. Everything is getting copied in the email except an image. How to bring that image in the same email draft?

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How To Put Macro Code To Images Near Cells

Feb 7, 2014

put around 2000 image products into a near cells based on my currently codes.

For example i have:

A1: 0102-2000
A2: 0102-2001
A3: 0103-2002

And i have a folder with all images products looks like 0102-2000-523532523.jpg, 0102-2001-43252352.jpg, 0103-2002-5654754754745.jpg

How can i put with a macro code all these images near the above cells?

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Embedding JPEG Into Cell

Apr 4, 2014

I have attached an example of what I am trying to achieve. I am looking to have a photo [jpeg] embedded into a cell so that when I call the cell up in a match formula it will call up the photo. I tried a couple of VB codes I found on the web but cannot get this to work.

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Excel To PowerPoint Without Embedding?

Sep 28, 2012

I have a monthly task where I collect raw data, and make up various charts in PowerPoint.

I have been making the charts in PowerPoint as previously, the file size of the .ppt was too large as it was embedding the Excel sheets into the PowerPoint. Is there any way I can set up sheets in Excel so that I can update them every month and then run a macro so that it updates the graphs automatically (without the embedding)?

I think copying them over as a JPG might work but is there any other way? I have no idea about the code needed, and I'm using Office 2003.

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Linking / Embedding Worksheet To Another Workbook

Aug 14, 2013

I'm looking to link/embed a summary sheet from one work book to be displayed in another. When i update this summary sheet i wish for it to update the linked work book.

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Embedding Date Format In Text String

Jun 6, 2006

I want to format my spreadsheet title so it reads number of reports for june 2006

="number of reports for MM YYYY"

So far all i get is -

="number of reports for 6 2006"

using my code which is

="number of reports for "&$BD$2&" 2006"

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Embedding Script That Will Automatically Invoke Putty Program And SSH To Network Devices

Oct 4, 2013

I have a spreadsheet of device names and IP addresses. I want to be able to click on an IP address and have it automatically invoke A SSH program ( putty.exe ) to automatically login to the device.

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Formula Value Versus Cell Value

Feb 9, 2009

I have formatted a cell to be a Number with 1 decimal place. When I place the value of 1.0 in the cell I see 1.0 in the cell and 1 in the formula bar. I need the formula bar to display 1.0 as well.

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Active Cell Versus Select

Jun 10, 2014

What is the difference between the two ?

When should I use each one ?

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Auto_xxxx() Versus Event Handlers

Apr 14, 2008

By the time I started using a lot of VBA, the Auto_Open() and Auto_Close() methods' use was waning, supplanted by the _Open() and _BeforeClose() event handlers for the workbook object. So I never really got into the habit of using them.

However, I've been reading Bullen, Bovey & Green's book Professional Excel Development1 and they use Auto_Open() quite a bit. So I've been plinkin' around a bit trying to suss out the differences. Do I have this more or less correct?

If I put in both an Auto_Open() in a standard module and a Workbook_Open()in the WB's code module both execute. But if I were to have Application.EventsEnabled set to FALSE; the Auto_Open() still executes upon opening the workbook whereas the Workbook_Open() will not?2 And that since the open event handler runs before the Auto_Open() subroutine, using the Auto_Open() to insure that events are enabled does not cause the WB_Open() event handler to fire.

Auto_Close() runs even if EnableEvent = FALSE and (of course) WB_BeforeClose(...) does not fire. HOWEVER, just to make things interesting: if EnableEvents = TRUE and I hold down the SHIFT key while opening, neither of the open procedures fires. Whereas if I hold don the SHIFT key when closing, the _BeforeClose() event still gets raised; but the Auto_Close() does not run.

Does that about sum up the differences? Or are there more differences that I should be aware of?

1. If you have developed a few complex projects and more-or-less can run back through Walkenbach's PowerProgramming with VBA book without seeing too much that you've forgotten; then this is the book to take you to the next level.

2. Both scenarios assume that macros are enabled.

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Empty Cell Versus Null

Apr 29, 2007

How exactly does Excell treats uninitialized variables ? I have created a function which takes in one of the cell values as a parameter.. However, it seems that when I don't reference an empty cell, the code does not work. Let the function be ABC, and the let the cell be A1

When I use
=ABC(....,A1,....) , it works
However, when I use
=ABC(....,,....) I am getting an eror

Now , I tried using the IsEmpty function , and it seems tht when i use ,, or ,"", then the variable is not caught.. however, the variable is caught when i use an empty cell such as ,A1,

FYI, I am using the vba's formula method to assign this function to a cell. So when I use
"," & ActiveCell.Offset(to reach A1).Value & "," , I see blank ,, when A1 is empty

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Clear All Versus Default Font Size

Jun 17, 2013

I'm currently having an issue with Clear All... which sets the font to Tahoma, size 11. Font is okay, but I have my default size set to 10. Everytime I Clear All on even a single cell, the row size increases from 13.50 to 14.25 (from 17 to 20 pixels).

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VBA Code In A Template (.xlt) Versus Regular (.xls) File

Apr 21, 2007

Does VBA code created in an Excel file that is saved as a Template (.xlt) work the same when the file is opened as an .xls file?

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Chart For Requirement Versus Available Stocks Month Wise

Feb 19, 2014

I want a chart for month wise requirement Vs available stocks to watch or plan for further purchases availability

Monthly Graph (Data file) is attached

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Calculate Percentage Difference Between Budget Versus Actual

May 6, 2014

Here's my example: We budgeted $15,000 (cell C38) for tuition reimbursement and YTD have already paid out $11,500 (cell B38).

I currently have the formula =100*B38/C38

This returns the answer $76.67. When I format the column to percentage, it the returns the answer 7666.67%.

How do I get this to read as 76.67%???

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Send A File By Email Versus To A Local Desktop

Jul 13, 2007

Case "TD"
strfilename = "\TomsblackibmTomsProposals" & strfilename

I would like to send this file by email if possible instead of to his computer. The user recently went from a desktop "in the office" to a laptop "all over the place".

Sub Save_and_SaveSalesman()

Dim strPath As String, strPath2 As String, CurrPath As String

Dim WB1 As Workbook
Dim WB2 As Workbook

Set WB1 = ActiveWorkbook

'First thing, save my work

CurrPath = WB1.Path

'ASSUMING THAT C6 and O3 are BOTH in WB1
'move this line HERE: only do this once, and concatenate in the Select..Case later
'doing thsi inside the Select..Case pulls values from WB2, which might cause errors.............................

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Conditional Formatting To Highlight Cells With Formulas (versus Constants)

Nov 24, 2010

Is it possible to use conditional formatting to highlight cells that use formulas, as opposed to having constants?

I have a sheet that uses formulas to provide a default value, but you can type in a number if you want to replace the default. I want to be able to easily identify which ones use the default formula.

If I use functions like FIND, they look at the result of a formula, and not the formula itself.

I know I can write a UDF that will figure it out but I was wondering if there is some built-in way.

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Inserting Row Using Macro

Mar 16, 2009

I'm wanting to add a button on the last row of a worksheet to "add rows" above the buttion (entire row). I have some cells (6 total) that have a formula that needs to carry over to the newly created rows. Some cells remain blank but some cells need to have the formulas fill down to the new rows (i.e.: =sum(a2+1), =sum(a3+1)...

Is it possible to give option of choosing how many rows someone wants to insert?

Help in creating the button, option to choose # of rows and the macro to insert those rows.

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Embedding "Find" Replace Function In Worksheet

May 28, 2009

I'm trying to put the "Find" Function inside my worksheet to make it easier for the end user. How would I do this? See worksheet for example.

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Inserting Code Via Macro

Mar 5, 2012

Is it possible to insert for example Private sub Workbook_open() into This workbook by executing macro?

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Macro That Allow For Inserting New Columns?

Oct 17, 2012

I have recorded a basic macro that allows me to copy a formulas in cells CF11 to CH11, and it pastes it into cells in columns CJ to CL. Copy of code is below if you need it.

The issue I have is that I need to insert new coumns into the worksheet, and I need to copy the formulas from columns CF to CH, and they will now need to pasted to columns CN to CP. Note that this is a monthly report where we keep the prior months, so each month will need to add new columns. There are 8 tabs in the workbook, and they all use the same macro, just over different rows (columns all line up).

Is there a way that I can get the macro to paste into the correct column without me having to adjust the macro each time?

Copy of code is as follows:

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormulas, Operation:=xlNone, _
SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormulas, Operation:=xlNone, _


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Inserting Column Macro

Dec 22, 2006

simple little procedure to insert columns on two sheets and call each by the same name. Macro runs off a command button and inserts a column at E:E and gives the user an input box with which to name the inserted columns.

Code: ...

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Macro For Inserting Rows, After Every Nth Row

Aug 8, 2006

I need to insert a new row, in a spreadsheet, after every ninth row that now exists. How is this easiest done?

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Inserting Dates With A Macro

Feb 14, 2007

How can i make a macro that inserts todays date, tomorrows date, the next day and the day after that??

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Macro - Inserting Multiple Rows

Feb 23, 2009

see the attachment. You will see that I have recorded two macros:

1) To insert a new row for new people.
2) To insert a row for new animals.

With regards to 1), I would like to create a macro that copies the contents of the row with the penultimate name in the people section, and for a new row to be inserted beneath the copied cell. Similarly, with regards to 2) I would like to create a macro that copies the contents of the row with the penultimate name in the animal section, and for a new row to be inserted beneath the copied cell.

The issue that I have is that the macros do not copy the penultimate cell in each section, but copy a particular row, say row 11 each time I want to insert a new animal. So if I had inserted numerous new rows for the people section, and subsequently wanted to insert a new row for the animal section, I press “crtl+sht+a” which copies the contents of row 11 and which is not the contents of the penultimate row for the animal section.

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Macro - Not Inserting Cells As Desired

Feb 24, 2009

I have two sections to this spreadsheet: 1) the entity section; 2) the order section.

I have created a macro to insert rows in both these sections. The macro appears to work fine for the first section but not for the second section. The problem I cannot solve is in respect of cells D9:D10. The macro is as follows:

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