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Macro To Find Data

I am looking to create a macro that finds the data "Supplier Name :" then moves 3 cells across from this found cell and combines the text in the two cells to the right of the current cell.

So for example my supplier name should read MrExcel Ltd, but is spilt between two cells as MrExc and then el Ltd

I would like this then to loop down to the bottom of the spreadsheet doing the same thing each time "Supplier Name :" is found.

I have tried to find this on other posts but can't seem to get the right code combined from other posts.

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Find Data Macro
FIND a unique number in column B from a variable number in cell A1 (1000-9999). I do not want to use Vlookup and prefer to avoid a prompt for operator entry

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Macro To Find Data And Insert Row
I've got a problem that's causing me a headache. i have a document with 1 column and 4000 rows (its an export from active directory).

I need to do a search cell by cell (so A1 - A4000) for any cells that contain the text "changeType". When a cell is found, i need excel to insert a new row above the current cell and insert the text "modify" into the new row (in the first column).





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Macro To Find Several Names And Paste Data
I have this macro below written. It isn't working for me and I am trying to figure out how to write it. Basically, the macro is supposed to go to the test.xls workbook and then look at names in row 4, from there it will take each name and search for it on the all csrs new.xls workbook and then move over to the right 5 times and copy data and paste 1 down from the name on the test.xls workbook. One workbook has the names going to the right and the other workbook has the names going down....

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Macro To Find Required Data Than Copy/paste In Specific Cell Address
I want to copy some data from internet and paste it in to worksheet location Range A1:A30. the data look like following information.

LocationKuwaitP.O.Box:4819 SafatAddress:ShuwaikhTel:-22253580Fax:-24343645Category:CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES

the above information have following header ie. Location, P.O.Box, Address, Tel, Fax and Category.

every time one of the header inforamtion is missing ie. Address or P.O.Box, Or Fax, due to this problem every time cell address of information aganist header is change. supose in first copy/paste Tel inforamtion is in A15, but second time it may be on A13, and 3rd time it may be on A17 and so on.

I want to make a macro which search header ("Location", "P.O.Box", "Address", "Tel", "Fax", "Category" ) from a Range A1:A30. than down two steps to copy header information (75325412) and paste in fixed cell location C1:C5 (C1=Name, C2=Location, C3: P.O.Box, C4=Address, C5=Tel, C6=Fax, C7=Category) in same sheet. and repeat the steps to copy information aganist header from all header in Range A1:A30.

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Macro To Find A Word In A Sentence By Using The "FIND" Method
giving me a macro to find a word in a sentence by using the "FIND" method.
For example I have a sentence say "I am happy" in which I have to search whether any of 2 words say "Happy" or "Sad" is there or not. If the sentence contains any of these words, then that row has to be highlighted.

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Find The Data In Some Rows That Match With One Cell And Automatically Fill The Data
I want find the data in some rows that same with one or more cell and automatically fill the data. And for more details, I have attached the examp file (Examp.xls).Antoni

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VBA Program For Data Entry - Find The Matching Data To Update
I want the script to find if the value entered in the form is matching the values in column 'A' in the database and if it matches then it needs to select the cell as active cell - to populate the form details. And if there is no matching value found, the script needs to select the last empty cell of the column 'A' to populate the data entered in the form.

1) Form has 10 different fields that needs to be filled by the user.

2) Field 1 - is a text box for 'Request #' to be entered by the user.

3) After filling in all the fields - once clicked on OK, the form should search for the the 'request #' entered on the form in the database (Form and the database are in the same workbook).

4) If the 'Reqeust #' in the Column 'A' matches the the 'Request #' entered in the form, then the matching cell should be selected (Activecell -Were the data can be overwritten, with the new entry)

5)If there is no matching 'Request #' found in the database, the script should loop to select the next available blank cell in column 'A'. So that the form data can be entered.

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Find Cell Data In Cells Containing Extra Data
The 1st set is in a column. Nice & tidy all twelve characters in length & alpanumeric


The second set is a mess, taken from a lotus notes inbox from the subject line off an email, eg. there Blah blah zz0123123124 etc etc. What I want to do is do a reconcilliation between the two with a lookup, but have no idea which route to go down to get round the messy data. I have been using =IF(ISNA(MATCH(A1,'[spreadsheet to lookup to.xls]sheet1'!$A:$A,0))," No match"," Match")
but here the data is clean. I have searched teh forum ;o) DaveH & found something about > Instr() but this can't be used in formulas..

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Find Next Macro
I have recorded a Macro in excel 2000 that will find cells containing ".xls" and then copies and pastes the values into that cell. How can I get this macro to repeat until it has found all the cells containing ".xls". The Macro I have recorded is:

Cells.Find(What:=".xls", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

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Macro To Find Last Row
I need a Macro that will go to the last row of a set of numbers that will need to be summed - there willbe a varying number of ropws depending upon the numbers pulled so I think " last row +1 " would be involved but then the sum function for each column would need to be inserted to get the total of each column (I have the macro to pull the numbers into the columns but need the final piece to automatically sum up those colums)

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Macro To Find And Sum
I have the sheet below and I am trying to have a code that will find all similar funds and sum their numbers in range ("C2:L17").

Sheet1  ABCDEFGHIJKL1Funds AMT111AMT120AMT121AMT131AMT161AMT111AMT999AMT170AMT179AMT1352100 981956787676657656726311453231359 73733426557776623238172234434100 9548456424545334332334388689898754534343451410 83839454533434654345564558087834345346100 839323121454534323222311212343271356 0112112154546633342 81356 92882543433665521334532312234223212191357 6373765544234576546613432334101421 3232112121211132232324345456767232553111359 6678114343421212232323433435534324543121487 78667432123456343354533131359 5909767656565454343534343141357 5756572223234453343343343151358 7272543321423122153423443443434161400 8264305435656475432165533434171410 97333277558876567551213464183890 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

The result of the code should look like this:
Sheet1  ABC20AMT11* 49227721AMT12* 18512322AMT13* 50195023AMT16* 16921224AMT17* 59939925AMT99* 2507913 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Macro To Find Next
I have a sheet where three columns are appearing as City, Assignee Name, Email id.
In macro there is a form with one find button, one combo box for selecting city, two input box> one for assignee name. 2nd for email id,
This code is for combo box but its taking a1 also after clicking on combo box i wanted that the header should not be on combo box after clicking on it-

Private Sub CmbEmpNm_DropButt*******()
Dim EmpRnge
ActiveCell.Sort Range("a2"), xlAscending, , , , , , xlGuess, , , xlSortColumns, xlPinYin
EmpRnge = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Address
CmbEmpNm.RowSource = EmpRnge
End Sub

Appart from that for find button the coding is -

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()....................

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Using Find In A Macro
While debugging my project, this maco had to be rerun scores of times. And it was working well till about 2 hours ago.

it gets stuck at this particular line and an error is generated - Object variable or With block variable not set (Error 91)

Dim sSub As String

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

Range("A1").Select 'This will be the active cell for this sub

'the sub of the download
sSub = Cells. Find("Watch") 'the line where the macro stops

other lines using "Find" are alsocreating a problem, for example

Rows("1:" & Cells.Find("As on").row + 1).Delete Shift:=xlUp ' delete from beginning upto "As on" row

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Find Then Select Row Macro
Is there any way to create a script or macro to "find" a number from column A that is in column B, then select it that row? Then it willl repeat that process with the next number in column A until the end....

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Macro For Find & Replace
I have a workbook (materials forecasting) that automatically pulls from another workbook (production schedule).

The materials forecasting workbooks are named in regards to the current Monday (ie 02-02-09.xls, 02-09-09.xls, etc). The production schedules are named in accordance with the financial periods and weeks, ie PD1WK1.xls, PD1WK2.xls, PD1WK3.xls, PD1WK4.xls, PD2WK1.xls, etc

The materials forecasting sheet looks two weeks out.

EXAMPLE (pretend that today is the first day of PD1WK1)

Cell C1 will reference PD1WK1.xls
Cell C2 will reference PD1WK2.xls

Each week I copy the old materials forecasting sheet and rename it to the current week (ie I take 02-02-09.xls and rename it to 02-09-09.xls). I have a bunch of macros set up to move my deliveries up a week and what not. One macro I would like to set up, however, is that by putting a value in a cell the find and replace macro will work.

Cell A1 will reference PD1WK2.xls
Cell A2 will reference PD1WK3.xls
Cell C1 will reference PD1WK1.xls
Cell C2 will reference PD1WK2.xls

Then I would have the macro find all instances of whatever value is in cell C2 and replace it with whatever value is in cell A2. Then likewise fore C1 and A1 respectively. (If you think about what I am doing here... all I am doing is moving the schedule up one week so that I am forecasting using the right schedule).

I can manually do this but I would prefer a macro based on a simple user input for when people fill in for me.

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Macro To Find Text
VBA macro to search for text in range C10:C35
and, if that text is found, sum values in the same rows in range D10:D35.

Searched text will usually be a substring of the cell's content, for example:

D10 contains "Things to be done next month"
I want the macro to find "next month".

Besides adding values, I also would like the macro to mark the cells where the text was found, maybe by changing the font color to red, or the font face to bold.

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Find Function Macro
Attached is a sample in which Column"B" contains Total IDs and Column"D" contains worked labour IDs. Now I want the IDs of labour who have not worked in Column"F".

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FIND Not Working In Macro
I am using this code in a macro to find a substring from a string in cell G1.

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Macro To Find And Replace
I had written a macro about two years ago that replaced longer company names with common abbreviations. I store it in Personal.xls, and it has been relatively fast (2-5 sec for most projects with < 2000 rows). However, I tried it on a file with 15,000 rows, and it choked Excel - i.e. it wouldn't run and had to be force quite (Excel XP on Windows 2000).

Here is a portion of the macro (I have about 40 companies that need to be abbreviated, names here have been simplified to protect the guilty ). I stepped through a couple of these lines to see what would happen, and each line took at least 1-2 min.

Sub ChgCompNames()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Cells.Replace What:="Company AAAA", Replacement:="AAAA", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company BBBB", Replacement:="BBBB", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company CCCC", Replacement:="CCCC", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company DDDD", Replacement:="DDDD", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Find, Copy Row Macro
I know this is probably something easy, but I can't seem to find the answer. I am trying to create a macro that will look for the number 5 in column C and if found, copy and paste the entire row below. I need it to find all instances of the number 5 in column C and copy the row below.

I found the code below that seemed like what I needed but when I changed it to look for the number 5, it didn't work. I have tried putting 5 in quotes "5" and that doesn't help. Below is the code and sample data.

Sub OT()
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Columns(3), 5) > 0 Then
Dim xRow&
xRow = Columns(3).Find(What:= 5, LookIn:=xlFormulas).Row
Rows(xRow + 1).Insert
Rows(xRow).Copy Rows(xRow + 1)
End If
End Sub

Original Data
J4R N166888520J4R N166888180J4R N40018524J4R N400185176J4R N40018558

What I want it to look like
J4R N166888520J4R N166888520J4R N166888180J4R N40018524J4R N400185176J4R N40018558J4R N40018558

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Macro: Find The Code
i need a macro that will look in column B and find the following rec codes, if found then keep these codes else delete (Entire row) for all other rec codes in this column,


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Macro For Find And Replace
There are 1000's of XML tag with values.. i want a macro which should replace all the tags(the value which is in between angel brackets should only be removed and angel bracekst also should be removed) with or without space and tag value should remain unchanged.

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Macro Find Top Cell
I want to make a macro, which would let me automatically generate a SUM function.
I have a table with headers "Name, VAT number, invoice number, invoice sum, VAT, total". With a help of another macro, it automatically adds a new line with certain information. When the month is over, it makes an adittional line in the bottom of the table with total sum of "Ivoice sum, VAT ant total". I know how to insert a formula, but do not know, how to find the upper cell from which to SUM downwards.

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Macro - Find Then Copy Row(s)
I have a spreadsheet with 20 sheets, with each sheet representing work done by an individual. The sheet would contain all the tasks and the percentage of work alotted. I now need to capture all these in a summary spreadsheet BUT only if the task is "IN PROGRESS" which is indicated in one of the cells.

Currently, we're doing it manually and it is a pain to go through all the names and copying the rows one by one. The summary should show the names with the corresponding project name and allocated time (copy whole row).

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Find And Copy Macro
I'm trying to come up with a macro which will go through column A once searching for a value (ex. "apple") and upon finding a cell with that value, take cells 79-100 from that row, copy them to cells 82-103 of the next row, and delete the row which contains the value.

I believe the functions I need to use are:

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Macro To Find And Delete?
I have tried to record this but I cannot get it to work? On the tab “Add & Delete” cell “L17” I have a drop down list that is a list of the policy numbers from the “Data” tab.

What I am trying to do is assign a macro that searches column “J” on the “Data” tab based on the “L17” content on the Tab “Add & Delete” when it finds the data it then clears the contents of that entire row.

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Macro To Find In Another Sheet.
For matching and linking i use the below code. when you double on any cell it will find the match in the same sheet.

Modify the below code so that it can used to find in another sheet(lets say sheet2). To be specific find value is in sheet1 and search area is sheet2. And also if possible the code should find exact match.

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Find Value In String Using VBA Macro []
I need to check a certain value in a string


In the list over I want to find nr 2 and 3. Using Instr sorting for 'ap' gives me all the list. How could I use string functions in a VBA macro.

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Getting Macro To Find Cell Value
What i want to do is to have excel search for a number that i specify and input a certain number adjacent to it. So...

47 28

i would specify excel to search number 47 and have it input 28 next to it, and continue to do this for a list of numbers....

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Find & Copy Macro
I'm using Macros. I have a workbook composed of three sheets "Anzahl" "Tabelle 1" and "Sheet1".

For "Sheet1" I want to create a macros that will search for the word "Sonntag" in the B column and then copy the corresponding values in the C and H column to a different part of the sheet. I have used the following code

Sub SearchAndInsert()
Dim i, k, k1 As Integer
k = 3
k1 = 3
For k = 1 To 355
If UCase( Range("b" & k).Value) = "Sonntag" Then
Range("c" & k).Select
Range("p" & k1).Select
Range("h" & k).Select
Range("q" & k1).Select
k1 = k1 + 1
End If
End Sub

However, everytime I hit the run button or press F5, nothing really happens and nothing is copied.

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Find And Move VBA Macro
find and move VBA macro - funky when WhatToFind in more than one row

Making a program that will find a value input by the user, and move the row of the cell that value is found in to the top of the list.

Works perfectly if there is only one row containing the search string. If more than one row contains the search string, it moves things to odd places.

here's the

Sub FindAndMoveToTop()
Dim FirstCell As Range
Dim NextCell As Range
Dim WhatToFind As Variant
'Window prompt allowing user to define WhatToFind
WhatToFind = Application.InputBox("What are you looking for?", "Search", , 100, 100, , , 2)
'If WhatToFind is a value and not blank, move on
If WhatToFind <> "" And Not WhatToFind = False Then
'Start with first worksheet
'Start at first cell
'Find the first cell containing WhatToFind (specified by user)
Set FirstCell = Cells.Find(What:=WhatToFind, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)
'If FirstCell exists, move on
If Not FirstCell Is Nothing Then
'Ok, First Cell is set
'Keep going...

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Find Command In Macro
I have the following lines in my macro:

Dim LastMonth As Variant
LastMonth = Year(Now()) & "0" & Month(Now() - 1)
Cells. Find(What:=LastMonth).Activate

I am trying to find the first instance of 2007+previous month, i.e. April =04, in a data set. Not sure how to tweak this formula to make it work.

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Macro To Find Middle 3 Numbers
Dim varUserInput As Variant
varUserInput = InputBox("Enter 3 Digit Number:", _
"Project Number", "")
If varUserInput "" Then Exit Sub

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Find Words Starting In - Macro
I would love to be able to click on an assigned button in a new sheet, and a pop box appears.

Then I can type in a word, click find, and the macro will go through my whole list of keyword phrases and find all the words STARTING with the word chosen in the pop up box.

Yes, I could just sort from a-z, find the word, then copy and paste etc.
But I work with large lists sometimes, and its just so much easier to type the word, click find and the macro returns the list of just the phrases with the starting word I've chosen

As a note. I did put a post up a while ago which a coder called Jindon solved which works perfectly. (A great job by the grand master)
This macro finds the words ending with.
So, what I would really like is exactly the same macro, but it finds words at the start of a phrases not the end of a phrase.
I'll post Jindon's macro now

Sub Find_Words_Ending_In()
Dim sTime As Single, res As String, msg As String, x As Range
Range("c3:c" & Rows.Count).ClearContents
res = InputBox("Enter word to find")
If res = "" Then Exit Sub
sTime = Timer
On Error Resume Next................

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Macro Code To Find The Maximum Value
I would like to run a macro loop to find Maximum value out of these three column and return text into a cell as "maximum value found = A" or B ....

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Find, Match And Sort Macro
On my worksheet I have the 6 columns below starting in A1.

The Code is an ASX code and the PE is the price earnings for each code for the past 3 years

The 3 code columns A1, C1, E1 are letters and the 3 PE columns B1, D1, F1 are numbers.

I need to match and sort these so the codes with their PE's all match so I can compare them.

Using the codes in A1 to match the rest would be ideal as this is he most recent data.

Every year new stocks are added and some deleted so none of the rows match.

Its hard to post and example so if you need more info please ask.

I have very basic vb skills and may be able to adapt some code already posted if anyone knows of some.

Code08 PE 08 Code07 PE 07 Code06 PE 06

AAC 3.4 AAC 5.5 AAC 12
AAF 6 AAE 13 AAI 3

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Detailed Macro To Find Duplicates
I work with large spreadsheets. I was hoping that someone would know how to create a macro that will take selected cells in column C and search all of column C for exact duplicate entries. The macro envisioned would let you select cells to test. If a dulicate entry is found I would need the macro to test the cells in column E against one another. If both C & E match exact (if possible maybe display the findings in a pop up box) I would like the macro to ask me if I want to delete the duplicate entry, if yes, delete the entire row. If no, skip it and move to the next one. If C but not E match I would need the macro to ask me to remove test cell. if yes, cut out the entire row of the TEST cell and paste it in a new sheet. If no skip it and move on.
Am I just dreaming or can this be done.

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Macro To Find First Empty Cell In Row
I'm looking for a macro that will search through E2:IV2 and take me to the first empty cell in that row.

I've tried a couple of things but none of them seem to do anything.

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Selecting Duplicates Using A Macro To Find Them
how can i select only duplicates using a macro?

i have a list in which i have a set of duplicate values i need to select only the duplicate ones using a macro to have them worked on

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Find, Highlight Across And Sumif Macro
I have a large spread sheet. I need to find 38 accounts in the spreadsheet, highlight them across the span of the spread sheet and then do a sum if to the side. I need to use this Macro monthly on a new ageing and some months some of the accounts may not be in the ageing.

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Macro Find Text String
I have a workbook which contains 12 sheets, is it possible write a macro which will search for a text string which could be on any of the 12 sheets

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Find And Replace Script / Macro
Find and replace script / macro?

I'm not sure what type of function is needed for what I'm describing below. I'm thinking it is a script or macro? I don't know anything about writing scripts or macros and I am quite new to excel.

I'm trying to learn chinese and am making chinese flashcards for myself.

The fact that some of the cells have chinese characters probably doesn't matter, but I just want to be thorough in my description....

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Harder Find/replace Macro
way to find/ replace some null values in a range of selected cells in a column. I would like to select a first and last cell, and replace the value -999.25 with the average of the cells that are above and below it. If there are more than one -999.25 cells, I would like to do the same thing with the average of the cells that above and below the first and last -999.25.

I would also like the same macro to replace any value that is over 200 with the average of the cells above and below it...

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VBA Code To Script A Macro To Use The Find Box
I need some VBA code to instruct a macro to use the text entered in the find box.

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Variable Ranges For Find() Macro
Need to pull data from Sheet4 to sheet1 by Sales Person based on a validation list cell on sheet1.

Each Sales person has a different number of accounts listed on Sheet4. The data is setup like this (my apologies for not knowing how to copy and paste the data)

Will Use Jane Doe and John Smith As examples-

A1, Jane Doe, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.
A2, Jane Doe, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.
A3, John Smith, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.

So Jane Doe has 2 customers total, and John Smith has 1 customer.

I am dealing with a total of 300+ Sales People and over 4,000 customers, all with a different number of customers per sales person.

How in the world can I write a code that will pull all of Jane Doe's customers when she is chosen from the validation list, and paste those customers and their coinciding data where I need it to paste?

I have the validation list working, so all I need at this point is help with the copy/paste code.

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Macro To Find The Last Date Of A File
I need to write a macro that will find the most recent date of file. For instance, I may have the following:

BIBLIO.MDB367411204/30/1998 22:27:36 CDT
BIBLIO.MDB361062407/25/1996 01:00:00 CDT
BIBLIO.MDB361062404/24/1998 01:00:00 CDT

Where Biblio is the filename, then the size of the file and the dates. I want to do this for a very long list and get only the most recent date used and delete the others.

I have a list of several thousand files and I want the macro to be able to go all the way down the list.

I am using Excel 2007.

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VBA Macro To Find And Replace In Word
The error is a Run-Time 450 (Too many arguments or invalid property assignment), when I click debug it highlights With Selection.Find

Sub TestTemplates()
Dim s1 As String
Dim s2 As String
Dim s3 As String
Dim appWD As Object
Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application")

s1 = ActiveSheet.Range("Name")
s2 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add1")
s3 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add2")

appWD.Visible = True
appWD.Documents.Open Filename:="C:UsersRemy LabueDocumentsCareCore WorkTest Letter TemplatesTest Letter 1.DOCX"

Call DoFindReplace(FindText:="(1)", ReplaceText:=s1)...................

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Find A Folder Extension Macro
this query has now took a peculiar twist in the fact that my boss now wants to change the goalposts

here is a thread with the code in


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Find Replace Macro Stops After Row 37
Here is the find / replace vba I am using.

Sub Replace()
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(19), Replacement:="-", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(24), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(145), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(146), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(160), Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart

End Sub

It makes the replacements up to line 37, then stops. If you then delete the first 37 rows and re-run the macro, it again performs replacements, but only on the next 37 rows.

I would like the macro to do the whole sheet...

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Macro Find&replace Only Exact Value
This macro finds and replaces multiple values found on another sheet. however, it does not only take the exact value, also others.

If i want to change "Example 1", "Example 2", ... "Example 10" into "One", "two", etc. Example 10 then changes into "One 0" because it changes the Example 1 (without the 0 in 10) into One. Is there any way to alter this (or do you have another macro to replace multiple values?

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