Macro To Consolidate Workbooks?

Nov 13, 2013

I need to create a macro that pull in data from various spreadsheets, all with the same layouts, but with different file names and different worksheet names, into on master worksheet. The data should drop in after the title line and then continue on after each data set has copied.

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Macro To Consolidate Various Workbooks Into Onesheet

Oct 12, 2009

I have to maintain a weekly tracker for my team. 13 team members will send me thir trackers every trackers every week and I need to consolidate all of them into 4 weekly and 1 monthly tracker. is there a macro which can facilitate this compilation of 13 excel workbooks into one new worksheet? all worksheets will be similar i.e will have same # of columns but can have different # of rows.

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Script To Consolidate Workbooks

Jul 8, 2008

I have a long task ahead of me and hope that someone may be able to assist in shortening it a little....?

I have a directory with circa 200 workbooks which have filenames that are dates in the format The workbooks all contain just 1 sheet. I need to move each of the sheets into one master workbook and title each sheet with the old filename.

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Consolidate Data From Different Workbooks

Sep 7, 2007

I need a macro code to combine data from 2 different workbooks to a new workbook.

See attachments for ease of understanding.

- Data in sheet1 of both book1 and book2 should be pasted in a new book (eg: book3)
- The result I am looking for is like sheet2 of book1 (colour differentiation done for ease of understanding and not required to be implemented in the code). Also since I could attach only 2 books, I have pasted the desired result in sheet2 of book1.
- Also note that headings of book1, book2 and the resultant book3 will be same.
- Both book1 and book2 are stored in the same folder (im not sure if this info helps)
- It is important to note that data keeps changing and new rows will be added in either book1 or book2. So when I refresh the resultant book3, it should add these rows that were previously missing.
- First it should paste all data from book1 (old and new rows), then it should paste all data from book2 (old and new rows).
- I think the sheet2 of book1 will help you to understand what I mean by the above note.

The above exercise is for me to get a logic. In the actual scenario, there are more than 2 books to pull the data from. And also there are more than 20 columns to pick data from.

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Consolidate All Sheets Across Multiple Workbooks

Jun 30, 2014

I came across the following code, which does exactly what i want. It opens up all workbooks in a specified folder, and consolidates these into one. Each worksheet data is added below that of the previous workbook.


I have changed this to suit my workbook which has the header rows starting in row 6, but is now giving an error due ot the copy area not being the same size as the past area. It appears to be copying columns A:M and trying to paste this into the main workbook in columns A:N.

[Code] .....

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Consolidate Sheets Of Same Name From Multiple Workbooks

Aug 29, 2007

I have same kind of file stored in a folder every day. For example an expense statement that is being pulled every day has sheet tabs Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. Every day it gets stored in a particular folder. I need to consolidate for say 4 weeks. All sheet tabs look alike. I need to consolidate all mondays, all tuesday sheets ... in a master work book.

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Consolidate Multiple Workbooks Into The Master Workbook?

Jun 12, 2013

how to consolidate multiple workbooks into the master workbook? I need to consolidate 12 workbooks into the master workbook every month. The subsidiaries will report me their figures monthly. Hereby attached one of the subsi, "B Co" reporting package, and the master copy "XYZ Holding Co" how it look like. Hence, may I know how to write a macro so that it will auto update monthly when the subsidiaries return me their reporting package, so that I can auto update in my master copy for tab BS and tab PL.

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Consolidate Data From Multiple Sheets & Workbooks

Sep 23, 2007

I have been working on this project for some time and still haven't got anywhere with it. What I am essentially trying to do is create a master summary workbook where by you press a button to activate a chunk of VBA that will grab the same range of data from multiple workbooks but also multiple sheets in those workbooks, only problem is the number of sheets in each workbook are constantly changing so I need first find some way of accessing a closed workbooks, then I need a way of looping through a segment of code that will look into approximately 10 workbooks all with a different number of sheets and taking a fixed range of cells out of each sheet and for every workbook make a new tab and paste the information in that tab then move onto the next workbook, find the number of tabs (missing out the first 3 tabs of every workbook) and copy and paste the fixed range from each tab onto a new tab the summary workbook.
I will then have a summary workbook with a number of tabs, each one a different workbook with all the data from all the tabs in that workbook, I can then pull that information using formulas or some more VBA into a summary tab on the summary workbook, consolidating all of the information.

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Summarize/consolidate Specific Rows From Workbooks In Folder

Jan 4, 2007

I need to consolidate/summarize specific rows from various workbooks into a summary sheet on a new workbook. I get a daily workbook, and am currently manually copying and pasting the rows I need at the end of the month into a summary sheet.

All of the workbooks are in the same folder. All of the workbooks contain data in Sheet1 only, all have the same header row (A). I need to find and copy the entire row based on two values in column AH. If the column contains JAN LA or JAN LA 125, then I need to copy that entire row into my new summary sheet. Not all of the workbooks will contain data for me, but most will.

I have been trying some of the macros I found on here to try to copy every Sheet1 from all workbooks, but I can't get it to work. I was then going to filter through the data to find the ones I need. If I can get it to copy only the rows I need instead of the entire sheet,

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Consolidate Data From Multiple Workbooks From Different Folders/directory

Feb 5, 2010

I was searching through the internet to look for some help with regards to consolidating data from multiple workbooks from different directories into a single worksheet called Summary.

I would like to copy the entire worksheet from different workbooks in different directories into this workbook I like to call Summary. To manually do it I have to open the workbook I want to copy the worksheet from. Right click on the tab and select Move or Copy, select the sheet I want to copy and select the workbook I want to copy this sheet to. Repeat this process for all the workbooks.

The next step is to copy and paste from these sheets into a main summary sheet. The data range from these sheets are starting from row 13 onwards and they may be of different size between Column A to Column W.

For example the workbooks are coming from :

S:Area 1West.xls from worksheet Andy
S:Area 1East.xls from worksheet Bill
S:Area 1North.xls from worksheet John
S:Area 1North.xls from worksheet Albert etc...

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Consolidate Multiple Workbooks Based Only On Pre-defined Cells

Apr 8, 2007

I have multiple workbooks in a particular folder. Each workbook has only one worksheet named "Data". I need a VBA script that could open each file in the folder, copy only particular pre-defined cells that have been mentioned in the script, and then place it one below the other on a new sheet.

Ex, if the pre-defined cell is A2, C6, and D7. I want the code to open all the sheets in the folder one by one, copy A2, C6, and D7 of each workbook opened, and paste it one below the other on the new workbook that is running the macro.

As an add-on, it would also be great if the next column cud carry the file name of from which workbook the information was picked out.

The result thus in the new workbook wud be like...

A2's data | C6's data | D7's data | File Name
Andrew Male Married march3.xls
Peter Male Un-Married march4.xls
Susan Female Divorced april2.xls

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Consolidate All Data In Multiple Worksheets Of Multiple Workbooks In One Master File?

Jul 12, 2014

I need a macro that would consolidate all data in multiple worksheets of multiple workbooks in one Master file.

All the workbooks will be in one particular folder. The macro should search for data in all the workbooks and consolidate it in one master excel workbook.

I am currently using both excel 2007 and excel 2010. This macro would really reduce manual work as currently consolidating data from 45 to 50 sheets takes an ample amount of time...

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Consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) To New Master Project List Using VBA

Sep 5, 2013

My task is to consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) to a Master Workbook. The Project Lists has a different structure and almost different content. The relevant information is always on Sheet1 but it has completely different ranges. The only constant is the Project Number, which should be used to sort the information. Every Project should be listed only once with all the existing information.

I found a code written by Ron de Bruin which has already some components that I want to have in my VBA but I think there are still a lot of necessary adjustments to do.

Sub MergeSelectedWorkbooks()
Dim SummarySheet As Worksheet
Dim FolderPath As String
Dim SelectedFiles() As Variant
Dim NRow As Long
Dim FileName As String
Dim NFile As Long
Dim WorkBk As Workbook


The Master Project List should has the headers in Row1 and the information listed below. The Macro should automatically places the correct information to the correct column. Some of the information are in 2 or more of the lists but they should be listed only once in the Master List.

Project Number

Project Description


I guess a problem is that the structures of the Lists are quite different so there must be a kind of sorting process.

In the end I want to have an Excel File with the Macro and a Command Button and by clicking the Macro creates a new Workbook with the Master List.

It would be better if there is a variable range instead of a defined. Like the Macro searches the last row and starts at this row and column.

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Consolidate Multiple Spreadsheets (consolidate All The Data)

Oct 17, 2008

I have a workbook that has multiple tabs and need help trying to figure out how to consolidate all the data. I find myself spending hours doing this manually each day.

Here is what I have:

Workbook has tabs labeled....Wk1_Mon, Wk1_Tues, Wk1_Wed, Wk1_Thurs, Wk1_Friday, Wk1_Summary......and repeats all the tabs through Wk5....then I have a Month_Summary tab.

I have 25 users with 25 seperate workbooks each with individual information on each workbook.

I am trying to get a sum of all the data on the Month_Summary tab for each month for each user and as well as a sum of the Month_Summary tab for all 25 users.

The end result I am looking for is to get a Yearly Sum of all the Month_Summary Tabs for all 25 users as well as individual yearly summaries for each users.

I have one main Folder which contains 25 folders (one for each user). Under each user folder there is a seperate Workbook for each month.

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Consolidate And Sum Macro

Sep 14, 2006

I have a Spreadsheet that has about 150 rows filled with information. Column A (Part Description) Column B (quantity). Certain parts are repeated multiple times. I am trying to come up with a Macro to assign to a button that will do the following.

1.Grab every part on the sheet that has a Quantity in Column B and insert it in Sheet 4 starting in row 15.

2. Instead of having duplicate parts i want it to sum the quantities of all the matching parts.

Right now i am just using a "Hide 0 Quantity" Macro but it is still a pain.

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Macro: Consolidate Data From 10 Worksheets To 1

Aug 20, 2009

I am trying to take a workbook with 10 worksheets and have the contents copied and pasted into a new worksheet without any extra blank rows onto a new spreadsheet. Does anyone know how to achieve this? The purpose is to copy the information off each of the 10 worksheets and be able to use the consolidated information for pivot tables.

Important Facts:

- Each worksheet starts with data in cell A7 and ends at BL7

- The number of rows on each worksheet is inconsistent (e.g. one sheet ends at row 12 another at row 101)

- The columns have uniform titles and data below

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VBA Macro To Consolidate Several Worksheets Into One & Print

Apr 11, 2009

I used a Macro from here that creates one worksheet from several then prints and deletes it. However the Macro doesn't carry over my column/row size formats. Is there a fix?

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Consolidate Rows That Have Formulas In Them But Blank With Macro

Apr 3, 2014

I am looking for some VBA programming that will allow me to use 1 button to consolidate rows (delete them). The problem I am running into is that the rows I want to delete have formulas in them so I can use "find all blank cells & delete" type of macro.


Attached are a couple of brief images on a small scale what I am looking to do.

I want a user to be able to have this sporadic list of choices, consolidate them so the are all one right after each other, then export to a word file for editing later on.

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Macro To Consolidate Data From Multiple Sheets To One

Feb 11, 2014

I have the following macro, however I am struggling to make it work on my file:

[Code] .....

I have attached my sample. essentially i have the dec, jan etc month tabs to consolidate into the summary sheet. i would like the data to be dumped from both sheets into the summary sheets. i will be adding a feb, march, april etc tabs as the year progresses.

I would also like column A in the summary sheet to repeat the name of the sheet the data is being retrieved from.

Attached File : sample macro_issue01.xlsm

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Macro To Consolidate Data And Paste It Into Another Sheet

Feb 20, 2014

I Need to write a macro for the following example.

In sheet 1.

It has data as below

HTML Code: Name Task week hoursworked
1 SAM Teaching 1 2
2SAM Teaching 1 2
3 SAM Teaching 1 3
4 SAM Teaching 1 1
5 SAM Teaching 1 5

I want to consolidate the data as like below and to paste it in sheet2.

HTML Code: Name Task week hoursworked
1 SAM Teaching 1 13

If the Name, Task and Week columns are same then macro should do sum the hours and make it into a single line as mentioned above.

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Macro To Oepn Multiple Txt Files And Then Consolidate

Jun 18, 2009

I have twenty individual txt files. I want excel to open each, sort them according to certain parameteres, and then i want excel to populate all 20 of these into 1 workbook with 20different worksheets. Each worksheet tab to be called by either the same name as the txt file or a name established using a form. The twenty files can always be called the same name, and rarely will i will add a new file or will I remove a file. But sometimes, i may only want to run a couple files....

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Consolidate Macro Elimination Duplicate Statements

Dec 21, 2009

how this code can be condensed getting rid of some of the duplicate coding?

Everything is duplicate except for the For i = 1 To x part as the formula that is added is changed from sheet to sheet.

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Macro To Consolidate 20 Workbook Sheets Into One Sheet

May 12, 2011

I have 20 excel files each having more that 1000 records, the format and header for all the files are same.

I need to consolidate all these 20 different files into one excel sheet, having only one header row at the top. Since I need to perform this step frequently, I am planning to automate it.

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Macro Or Formula To Condense Or Consolidate Ranges

Apr 9, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with over 1000 rows of information.

There are two columns FROM_ACCT_NO and THRU_ACCT_NO.

I need to create a macro that will give me a condensed account ranges.

Example the first range would be 2000000 to 2000003.

The next range would be 2000005 to 2000298.

And so on, and so on etc....

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Macro To Find Duplicates And Consolidate Certain Relative Cells?

Feb 5, 2014

I am currently working on a project where i am given a sheet that typically has several hundred rows of data and not seemingly organized in any manner. This document has 6 columns, and my main focus is a range of dates (in MMM-YYYY form) from around early 2000 to now that can have duplicates. The dates(Column C), have corresponding Usages (Column D), and Costs (Column F) and I need to add these values together and remove the duplicate months so I only have one Usage and one cost Per month.

My spreadsheet has 6 Columns of data, and varying number of rows. Currently, since I receive the numbers in an unorganized fashion, my macro organizes the data into a table and then sorts the table be date so I have the oldest dates first and the duplicates are adjacent. There may be varying numbers of duplicates, though typically 0 to 4.

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Excel 2007 :: Macro To Consolidate Multiple Worksheets?

Jul 6, 2012

I have a workbook with 4 sheets and with sheet 5 as a "consolidated" sheet. I have to create the macro, which will on a daily basis copy the populated data from those 4 sheets and paste into the sheet 5 (same workbook). The data in the Sheet 5 should be pasted from row 2 below each other.. Row 1 will be the headings and shouldn't be replaced. The data in all 4 sheets should be copied from row starting 37, columns C to BA but it will end with different row numbers. note that columns A & B are populated but shouldn't be copied.

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Finding Macro That Will Combine / Consolidate Rows When Cells From 2 Separate Columns Match

Sep 26, 2013

I need a macro that will combine/consolidate rows when cells from 2 separate columns match. example...


Column A column B column C column D column E
row 1 Seminole 80 unleaded 1064 100100
row 2 Seminole 36 clear dsl 825 100100
row 3 Seminole 80 unleaded 1101 100100
row 4 Seminole 30 dyed dsl 3421 100100

This is what I need the macro to do:

Column A column B column C column D column E
row 1 Seminole 80 unleaded 2165 100100
row 2 Seminole 36 clear dsl 825 100100
row 3 Seminole 30 dyed dsl 3421 100100

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Macro That Takes Workbooks Or Files And Runs Them Through Another Macro

Apr 25, 2007

i need to make a macro that takes workbooks or files and
runs them through another macro. i already have the 2nd macro
done and it is working perfectly i just need to know how to make the one
that finds the other files and runs them all through the macro i already made. My boss said that he will have about 150-200 files to run through this macro.

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Macro Available To All Workbooks

Nov 30, 2007

I would like to create a module for spreadsheet and I want it to be included in all excel files, i.e. whenever you open any excel file that vba module should be included

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Macro Not Working For Other Workbooks

Jan 28, 2014

Below is a code which I added to my 'Quick access toolbar' (and which is based off a hidden workbook). I use this macro to fulfill tasks to regular excel spreadsheets that are not macro enabled, however, I can't seem to get this macro to work for other workbooks. How to modify my code to work for other spreadsheets.

[Code] .....

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