Moving Values Down A Row?

Mar 24, 2014

I want to move the vales from F8 to F9, F9 to F10, F10 to F12 (there is a space)and so one. I would like it to be triggered by changing the value in F8 if possible. I have tried a good few ways, sometimes I get a stack 28 error.Zones.xlsm

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Moving Values From A Column To A Row

Jan 18, 2010

Is there a quick way to transfer the values from a column to a row? If so, does this have to be for the entire column or can you select part of the column and transfer it to a row?

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Comparing Cell Values And Moving Whole Rows?

Jul 2, 2014

I'm trying to compare the values of columns B and G and if any of the cells are G < B, I would like to move the whole row into the second worksheet. And only if possible, it would be awesome if the macro could check column A for duplicates before the value comparison and sum up the column B if there are duplicates. In my example row 6 and 7 on column A have the same suppliers code and the amount totals to 2.

In this case for example, the value of the third row of G is lower than B, and therefore I would like the whole row 3 to be cut out from worksheet 1 and moved to worksheet 2.

Original view of sheet 1:


And then cut out the rows in which G

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Monitor Fast Moving Decimal Values In The Even Numbered Cells

Jul 26, 2009

To monitor fast moving decimal values in the even numbered cells( e.g. F2 to F 30 ) of a column, ignoring blank cells, and if two of cells values simultaneously fall below a certain value e.g. 2.04 True if not False.

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Moving And Deleting Entire Rows Between Tabs In Workbook And Moving Them Back If Needed

Sep 23, 2013

I have an excel work book with 6 tabs. I would like to have Excel move an entire row from one tab to another tab (removing the row and inserting it in the other tab). I.e. Example I have a tab with items that are marked as "Open Actions" so if I were to change the drop down to close. Excel would move that entire row of actions to the tab with the "closed actions" and insert into the next available row. Now if someone were to come back at a later date say no it should be reopened than I would change the drop down to open and excel would move that row back to the open actions tab into next available row. I tried a PIVOT table and no good I played with few macro and not.

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Moving Cell Values Appearing Multiple Times Into A Table Listing Them Only Once?

Jul 5, 2014

I have a table listing certain values (Column C) and their respective probabilities, based on normal distribution (Column D). As these probabilities are dependant only on values from Column C, I'd like to list all the values from that column into another fragment of the sheet, say F6 and below, but each value should appear there only once, no matter how often it occurs in its original Column C (I listed them manually in Column F in the enclosed example). Moreover, if a new value appears in Column C, it should be also included in the new place and sorted in increasing order.

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Moving Whole Row Down When Pasting?

Jul 9, 2014

Let's say there's a couple row:


Here's a column I will be pasting:

[Code] ....

If I want to "Insert Copied Cells" in place of Yellow on Row1 and shift the cells down, the rows would look like this:

[Code] .....

How can I make it so the rows would be the following during such a paste:

[Code] .....

This is because I have hundreds of cells that I need to insert as columns all the while pushing complete rows down. If you're trying to understand why, it will be for some online marketing purpose as demonstrated here in this sheet: [URL] ...

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Moving To And From Combobox

Feb 9, 2006

I am unaware how to set up a combo box to allow users to move from the combobox to the next combo box . tab or enter? The way we do it know is we click with the mouse from combobox.

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Moving A Row To Next Sheet

Mar 5, 2007

I have a workbook with 2 work sheets, when a row has "yes" typed into the "accepted bid" column I would like that row to be placed into the second sheet in the order in which it was entered "yes"
so, if on the first sheet a row, lets say row 10 had "yes" typed into it but row 10-15 on the second sheet had something in it already, the info would have to be placed in the next available row.

I have approximatley 20 rows on the first sheet and the ones that transfer to the second can just be added to it as needed.

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Moving A Range....

Apr 30, 2009

Is there a way to write VBA code that can reference a range of data that may be moved on the spreadsheet by the User? For example, if I write VBA code to reference a range of data such as:

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VBA Moving A Sheet...

Jul 15, 2009

I need to know the function to move a named sheet to the end of the list so its the last sheet in the workbook. Worksheets("xxxx").Copy After:=Worksheets(?)

Im copying a worksheet and want to move the new sheet to the end but I dont know how to finnish it. I tried to do.

name3 = Worksheet.count + 2
Worksheets("xxxx").Copy After:=Worksheets(name3)

but I get an error and cant debug it.

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After 50 Characters Moving To Next Row

Oct 7, 2013

I am very new to macros I have a list of data all in column D. I need the macro to go through that whole column and for any cell with more than 50 characters stop at 50 and continue the remaining text in the cell below. This can all happen in column E.

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Moving Average In VBA

Dec 8, 2006

this User Defined Function (UDF) would operate on any specified data (ignoring blanks) over a range. Inputs to the UDF are range and period.

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Moving In A Matrix

May 23, 2007

I have a matrix A with 12 rows and 10 columns. My problem is if in the cell(i,j) there is data then the same data should appear in a similar matrix B, but in a cell which is 15 cells behind the cell(i,j).

That is it should start counting upwards from cell (i,j) in B and once it reaches the top of the matrix it should continue counting from the bottom of the immediate left column and go up. When it reaches the 15 cell from cell(i,j) in b, it should print there the value that was in cell(i,j) of A.

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Moving To Certain Tabs

Jun 21, 2007

I have created a simple button that I want to take me to a certain number of tabs.
I have about 24 tabs. I can't see them all. I create a button that will take me to a specific tab from my main page. This works fine till I rename the tab. I want the code to read a sheet number or something like that instead of the specific name.

This works till i change the name "JobList"

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Moving From One Module To Another

Oct 10, 2007

I have code broken out between two different modules due to size limitations in a single module. I'm not able to figure out how to move to the second module after running the first module. I've tried something like this:

Sub FirstModule()
End Sub

Sub SecondModule()
End Sub

I'm getting an error that says "Compile error: Expected variable or procedure, not module". I understand that it's not allowing me to use the name of a module as a procedure, but I can't find any information on how to call the second module.

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Must Input Before Moving On

Mar 4, 2008

i have a spreadsheet model that i have inherited that needs some rigour. currently, users are inputting the bare minimum and then running away with calculation errors all over the page. I want to be able to "force" them to fill in certain fields before allowing them to move on. Eventually, I will do this via a User Form but until then, I need something to help my lovely users along in the right direction.

So, if a user inputs a project name (say G15), they will have to also enter Project Type (I15) and Start Date (K15).

while I am here, I want to be able to have the Project Status show as Potential if the Start Date is in the future. I already have validation set to limit the user choices to "Current,Completed,Suspended,Potential,Cancelled". I am not sure how to get the validation list to be contingent on the start date.

and lastly, does anybody have a little piece of code that will make the Start Date show as the day that the Project Status was changed to Current? So, even if the Start Date was initially a few weeks away, if Status is changed to Current tomorrow, the Start Date should be overwritten with tomorrows date.

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Duplicates - Moving To 1 Row

Aug 24, 2009

I'm working with duplicate rows of data and need some help to put them onto one line. I'm working with about 58,000 rows of data.

I have the following as an example:

Ref Name Address 1 Address 2
AAB01 Dr Jones 16 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB02 Dr Peterson 18 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB01 Dr Jones 21 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB01 Dr Jones 18 Marsh Ave CL4 2JK

AAB01 is the duplicate, however it's not clear which address and postcode is correct. I want to perform some sort of formula that will add to the first instance of ABB01 the details from the duplicates.

For Example:
Ref Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 1 Address 2 Address 1
AAB01 Dr Jones 16 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH 21 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH 18 Marsh Ave

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Moving A Row To Another Sheet

Sep 16, 2009

I have a sheet with 7 columns and approx 30 rows. I want the information within a particular row to be moved to another sheet if the value of the 7th column is equal to zero.

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UDF For Moving Average

Aug 29, 2008

I have obtained a function (from this site at Exponential Moving Average) which is supposed to help calculate simple mathematical values but it's not working on spreadsheet. assist with taking a look at this as I have attached the spreadsheet?

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Moving A Worksheet To An Add-in

Apr 26, 2006

Is it possible to move a worksheet from a workbook to an add-in.. just can't seem to do it for some reason. As a last-ditch attempt, I tried to convert the add-in to a workbook, but I can't seem to do that either

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Moving All Files With Vba

Feb 13, 2007

I'm looking for a macro to move all files from one folder to another. I won't know what the files are called and don't really need to know. They could and will be different every time. The purpose is to clear out the files created in the past fortnight ready for the next batch job to run.

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Moving Information From One Workbook To Another?

Aug 15, 2014

I have to copy a column from another workbook and past in to the column in this workbook. However the column i am copying are all referenced from other cells. Is there a way to just copy the numbers and move them into this workbook to avoid double data entry?

I am attaching the 2 work books.

1. Is MSP commissions Structure that is where the data needs to be pasted
2. Grace - this is an example of what we will need to be copying from.

On Grace - copy Column G, Rows 65-81... The paste those numbers into MSP commissions structure column D, Rows 9-25......

We will have a file similar to Grace for EVERY deal closed....FYI so this process if possible needs to be replicated many times.

MSP commisson structure.xlsx
File Type: xlsx Grace.xlsx

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Moving Rows Of Data Into 1 Row

May 20, 2014

I'm essentially getting a lot of data at the moment, which has a few orders people have made on my website.

Essentially, think order id, address etc and then all the products the customer has ordered.

However, the part which includes what the customer has ordered creates multiple rows of data, with the order ids etc duplicated. What I need to do is consolidate this into 1 row. So to add additional columns instead of rows.

The reason fro this is I want to mail merge the data into an invoice and mail merges work of 1 line of data at a time. I've attached an example, any way to do this?

(Attached to this post / or linked here: [URL] ....)

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Moving Last Word From One Column To Another

May 3, 2007

I have a list of peoples first and last that I am trying to import into another application. My problem is that the application wants the first names in column A and the last names in column B. Right now my excel has the first and last names in the A column. I would just copy and paste, but there are 2,600! I just want to move the last word in column A to column B...

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Fix Position When Moving Between Sheets

Feb 26, 2009

I use a Workbook with several Sheets. I want to be able to quickly move to the same cell (whatever cell is currently in use) up and down the Sheets. Ideally I would also like the chosen cell to be centered on the page as well!!

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Vlookup; Moving To Tabs

Mar 20, 2009

There are 4 tabs titled: xy,xx,yx and ss. On tab ss; in cell A1, there's a formula that gives the sheet name of one of the remaining 3 tabs (so depending on a few conditions that are not important for this problem, its value is going to be xy, or xx, or yx.)

what I want to do is (say on cell A2), create a vlookup formula whose table array should go to one of the 3 tabs depending on the value of A1. So, if A1=xy , then, I want the table array to be ,xy!a1:b90, ..

However, I cant use an if clause (say: if(a1="xy",vlookup(..,xy!a1:b90,2,false),if(a1="xx",vlookup(..,xx!a1:b90,2..........) because I actually have 20 tabs and I dont want to go nuts with a bunch of nested expressions.

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Moving To Next Row With Out Hitting Return

Oct 16, 2009

Is there a way to move to the next row without hitting return when you reach the end of a specific cell so as not to over run the cell size?

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Moving Data To Another Cell

Dec 11, 2009

I have 3 columns Z, AA, AB. The heading for Z1 is A, AA1 is B and AB1 is C
In column Z2:Z2000, there is a mix of A, Bs and Cs. I want A to stay in Z1 column, Bs to goto AA1 and Cs to goto AB1, also I want this added to a macro that I previously created, so everything happens with one push of a button

Now for save, not sure if this is possible or not, if I can have this added to the macro as well that would be great. When I push my macro button, the file saves to Dec (todays date) DB (81).xls The number 81 is the total count of A, Bs Cs, this # will change depending on how may A, Bs and Cs there are. I really hope there is a way of doing all this




----- B.....

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Moving A Row Of Data Into One Cell

Dec 13, 2012

Essentially, there are two columns I am dealing with. One is "Sales Rep" and it lists all of the sales reps employed by the company. The other is "Zip Code" and that will list all of the zip codes that sales rep is responsible for.

Now, I have a row of data, all of those zip codes listed out, that each rep is responsible for, but my supervisor wants all of the zip codes listed in one cell, in that second column. Example: (02018, 34098, 16711).

The commas are not necessary, but is there any way to get this done other than manually entering them?

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