Multiple Vlookups In One Cell

Aug 16, 2009

I have two lists of IDs in 2 columns. I want to sort of do a vlookup of each row in one column to see if it is in the next column, and I want to sum a third column that goes along with column 2 based on whether the same IDs from column one is in the second column. And I want to do all this in one cell. For example:
TestA TestZ 10
TestB TestY 20
TestC TestB 8
TestD TestA 7

I need one cell to calculate for me that based on the IDs in column A, column B matches with the IDs TestB and TestA, therefore giving me the sum of 15 (8+7). Doing a vlookup and auto-filling down and then summing up is not an option, so I'm trying to calculate it within one cell if possible. And I can't get sumproduct to work because the matching IDs are not necessarily in the same rows.

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ISERROR Formula In Cell That Has Multiple Vlookups?

Apr 18, 2008

My problem is when i get a product that isnt in the reference sheets (ie. in cell I19), so when that happens i get "#N/A". I know i can add in ISERROR into my formula, but every time i've tried this it hasn't worked so im missing something...

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Vlookups With Multiple Returns

Aug 25, 2008

I am trying to write a formula that will give more than 1 return for a vlookup statement.
The info i am looking up is sku code (col a) and expiry date (col b).
There are more than one entry for some skus , but I am only getting returned the first expiry date.

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Using Average With Multiple VLookups

Nov 3, 2011

I have a table that has the data below

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr

Brand 0 1 2 3

I want to do a vlookup with match to find the month and then return the value of a rolling 3 months.. So if i look up Apr i want to look at the rolling 3 prior months average ie, average of (Jan,feb and March). i have the vlookup formulas working, its when i include the multiple vlookups (Match -1, -2 etc, the average is calculating the blank cells for some reason..

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VLookups With Multiple Results

Apr 12, 2013

I'm attempting to work with a v-lookup that will have multipe results. In column A of my spreadsheet are invoices numbers and in column B are account numbers. An invoice can have multiple accounts. For example, there are two lines for invoice "ABC", each with a different result in column B (see below)

Invoice Account
ABC Cash
ABC Receivable

My goal is to have the vlookup bring in both values, but in separate rows (see below)

Column A Column B Column C
ABC Cash Receivable

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Adding Multiple VLookups Together?

Jul 31, 2014

I'm having issues with a formula that I am using to add three vlookups together. The problem is that there may or may not be data in one of the columns I am looking up with the vlookup. I am looking up hold times for reps each week then adding them together to get a monthly sum. This formula works when data is available for all 4 weeks. When I have a rep that started in the middle of the month there isn't data for all 4 weeks so I want Excel to just treat that as a 0 or Null, Currently it just provides a 0.0 for the whole thing instead of adding what is there.


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Vlookups That Return Multiple Values?

Dec 17, 2013

I am trying to write a formula that is based on a vlookup that will return multiple values. Attached is a spreadsheet that is an example for what I am trying to do. On the download tab it is an example of a general ledger. On the total tab I want to enter a GL# and have it list all the entries for that GL number. I know I can try an array, but I have not been able to figure that out.

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Faster Way Of Doing VLOOKUPs On Multiple Items?

Nov 9, 2009

Instead of doing a long long formula that is =VLOOKUP(x1,....)+VLOOKUP(x2,.....) is there a faster way of doing it in the one formula?

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Combine Multiple Vlookups In One Formula

Sep 20, 2008

I am using this formula
to look up a reference code for "pipe". The reference codes for "pipe" are in column 2 of a table on sheet 2 and are dependant on the dimensions of the pipe given in column 1 of the same table. C2 in the formula is where the dimensions are given. (hope that's clear ).

What I want to do is to extend the above formula to look up column 3 of the table on sheet 2 if, for example, A2 contains "Bend", i.e., =IF(SEARCH("Bend",A2),VLOOKUP(C2,Sheet2!A4:B12,3)).

Combining those two formula using "=if(and " worked for me for the first test, but changing the contents of A2 from "pipe" to "Bend" results in a #Value type error.

I can't use if A2 = "pipe" because extra words could be introduced into A2, e.g., "copper pipe" - therefore the equals would not be appropriate.

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Excel 2007 :: Using VLOOKUP And OFFSET Instead Of Multiple IF And VLOOKUPs?

Jul 29, 2014

Sample data


Country A


Country B


Now, whenever I type in any country it should show me the most recent figure available for that country.

Suppose, if I type Country A in, say cell A14, then it should give me output 2% in cell, say A15. When I change that same cell to country C, it should give me output 10%, country B should give me output 5%.

Currently I have used IF and multiple/nested VLOOKUPs to arrive at this output. Is there any better way to do this with VLOOKUP and OFFSET?

I am using Excel 2007.

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Slow Macro - Multiple Vlookups To External Sheets

Feb 29, 2008

I'm working on a macro which compares values in particular cells across different versions of a sheet. Unfortunately there are quite a lot of values, and my code is running very slowly.

I'm trying to get the data in a grid, with the file version across the top, and down the left the project name. For each file version I need to look up a specific value for every project listed.

At the moment, my macro is creating a seperate formula for each cell which does a vlookup on the project name to the specific external file.

The relevant bit of code is below

At the moment its runnig to slow by several orders of magnitude, Working on a 4 by 10 grid it takes about a minute, and I'm going to need it to be able to handle a 50 by 800 grid.

While the code is running, the CPU is not maxed out, so I'm assuming that its the calls to the file system which are taking all the time.

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim ccount As Integer
Dim rcount As Integer
Dim sFilename As String
Dim sPath As String

With ActiveSheet
For ccount = 1 To Range("c1").End(xlToRight).Column - 2

sPath = Left(FileNamesList(ccount), InStr(FileNamesList(ccount), "Pipeline ~") - 1)

sFilename = Right(FileNamesList(ccount), Len(FileNamesList(ccount)) - InStr(FileNamesList(ccount), "Pipeline ~") + 1)

For rcount = 1 To Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row - 2

by SDB.xls]Pipeline'!$A$1:$AO$300,3,0)

Cells(rcount + 2, ccount + 2) = "=VLOOKUP(""" & Cells(rcount + 2, 1) & """,'" & sPath & "[" & sFilename & "]Pipeline'!$A$1:$AO$300,3,0)"

Next rcount
Next ccount

End With

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Vlookups In VBA

Mar 26, 2008

I have an array (partArray) that contains a number of parts that I need to get values for. The part array is populated (Thanks Norie!) by bring in the contents of a cell and splitting them into array elements. I then run them through a trim loop to remove the white spaces. Up till here thefunction works fine.

I created a partRSL array to hold the matching value for each part ( I know i can use multidimensional arrays but i dont understand them yet and need to deliver a prototype to get some approval from senior mgmt ).

The idea is that as we run through each element of the partArray we will vlookup the corrseponding value and assign it to the appropriate element of the partRSL.
When I use the function below it returns a #value. I think that the element of the partArray i want to lookup is not being used as a string and so the lookup is failing.
As a test to see that this is working i have the function returning the value of element 0 in the partRSL array as it is distinct from the rest. (It should be returning a number (integer)

Function FindAlt(option_address)
' Initialise the array
Dim partArray() As String
Dim partRSL() As String
Dim i As Integer

'Populate Array by spliting the comma separated contents of the select cell and assigning each to an array element
partArray = Split(option_address, ",")

'This works fine
For i = LBound(partArray) To UBound(partArray)
partArray(i) = Trim(partArray(i))
Count = Count + 1

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UDF - Combining VLookups

Dec 17, 2012

I am trying to write a UDF function where I lookup if a value is on a range on different sheet. I would like to be able to write what I want the result to be in the function. I also hard coded that the function need 3 range and 3 results, but I know it is possible the make the number of component vary depending on what the user writes. I would like my function to do that.

Here is what I have written so far :

Function find_para2(var As String, rng As Range, result1 As String, rng2 As Range, result2 As String, rng3 As Range, result3 As String)
If WorksheetFunction.IsNA(WorksheetFunction.VLookup(var, rng.Address, 1, False)) = False Then
find_para = find_para & result1 & ", "

[Code] .....

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Hyperlinks And Vlookups

Jan 31, 2013

I need returning a working hyperlink from a vlookup. I have a table with part #'s and hyperlinks. On another tab I want to type in a part number, have it search the table and return the working hyperlink. This will allow the user to just click it and go to that tab.

Here is my example spreadsheet : Book1.xlsm

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Vlookups Retruning #n/a

Dec 17, 2008

I have a vlookup for one cell into another sheet however it retruns #n/a(cell A1) the cell adjacent is an if command (Cell B1) it reads if(b1>0,1,0) the only problem is if the cell (A1) will not return zero just #n/a how can I turn the #n/a into a zero? so cell A1 will return a zero and not #n/a

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Sum VLOOKUPs (not Cells)

Aug 12, 2009

I have a list of cells and for each of them I preform VLOOKUP in a certain table.

Now, I want to sum the values all the VLOOKUPs without viewing the results of each VLOOKUP. In other words, I don't want a cell for each VLOOKUP result. I am only interested in their sum.

Is there a way to do this?

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Nested IFs And VLOOKUPs

Feb 6, 2009

I have a simple Staff Rote which is fed by data on Time Sheet. Currently it is working ok with two definitions;

T : Time
B: Break

If I introduce a 3rd and 4th definition like;
A: Leave
X:non working day
formule will get even more complicated.

Is there a way of simpifying this with a code and introducing the new definitions.

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Two VLookups In One Formula

Feb 14, 2012

I want to vlookup one value into two different tables and return the 2nd column in the respective table it finds the value in. if it does not find the value in either table, return "". Currently I have the formula below, but it is not working 100%.


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Vlookups Recognize A Value

Jan 5, 2007

Any recommendations on vlookups being able to recognize a value that does exist within a table? It returns an N/A and the formatting is the same for both references.

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Nested If & Vlookups

Jul 6, 2006

I am having trouble using an if statement with a vlookup.

The first calculation i am trying to do is calculate the cost of storage for the product, each product (3 of them) has it's own charging matrix which i have turned into a table on another sheet and therefore want to use the vlookup to return the correct values (meaning that i can change the underlying table and not have to change the formula each time a price change occurs), the sheet calculates the dwell time between entering and leaving, if dwell time is less than 7 days the charge is the number of days * products <7 days rate, if it is >7days then the charge is 7 days at the products lower rate and then the balance at the higher rate. I have a formula that is a longwinded way of calculating it for one size only but would like to add vloopup so that dependent on the units size the storage is calculated.

I have attached a sheet as an example, you will see the data table is quite large and as we consume extra services i plan to use a tick box to indicate use and then add this to a running subtotal again through an if and vlookup.

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Nesting If Statements With Vlookups

Feb 2, 2009

I know how to do a vlookup and I know how to do an if statement. I also know how to do an IF(ISERROR or IF(ISNA ....

However, I can not get this to work:

=IF(C73<7,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$39:$H$45,2,FALSE),IF(C73<13,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$6:$H$36,2,FALSE),IF(C73>23,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$48:$H$56,2,FALSE),"")))

I can not wrap my head around how to make this work w/ IF(ISNA ....

Also, why must you use < or > .... I actually want the numbers to be 6,12, and 24... However, it seems when I use an equal sign it fails.

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Vlookups And Editing Those Fields

Jul 7, 2009

I am trying to create an asset management database using excel, and would like to be able to add custom notes to each entry (index) so as time goes on, I can refresh my memory what we have done with a particular item. I have attached the current file I have created.

Essentially, when I use the GREEN drop down menu in the top right, I want it to display the notes/comments that I enter in the rightmost column of the data, as the attached file illustrates.

However, I want to be able to hide that rightmost column and be able to edit the data from the new area (white space) it is being displayed in, however as I have it set up right now, if I edit the cell, it edits the forumla and poof goes all the comments and the formula becomes messed up.

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VLookups And Filling Weekdays Only

Jul 4, 2012

I have done a V-lookup that auto populates my project report doc with different lead times/dates depending on the product selected. Problem I have it that the dates being pulled through are for all calendar dates and not just working week days.

I know you can select a selection of dates and fill as week days however all of the dates on my primary sheet either have the project start date minus lead time formula or the vlook up formula in it. Filling week days overwrites any of this.

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Nested IF Statements Using VLOOKUPs

Dec 13, 2013

I'm trying to nest the following:

=IF(VLOOKUP($F6,'Dept location'!$A:$B,2,FALSE)>0,VLOOKUP($F6,'Dept location'!$A:$B,2,FALSE),FALSE)

=IF(VLOOKUP($H6,'Project location'!$C:$K,9,FALSE)>0,VLOOKUP($H6,'Project location'!$C:$K,9,FALSE),FALSE)

=IF(VLOOKUP($V6,'Dept location'!$A:$B,2,FALSE)>0,VLOOKUP($V6,'Dept location'!$A:$B,2,FALSE),FALSE)

To start with, not sure I have the ">0" part correct in the above IF statements. That expression is meant to be asking it: Is the VLOOKUP finding valid data (result #N/A)?

Next, comes the nesting part. If the VLOOKUP isn't finding valid data (result = #N/A), then I want it to move on to the next IF statement.

I have 3 different columns I want it to look at; hence, the 3 IF statements. In the end, if none of the three IF statements results in any valid data, I want it to give the result "Research".

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Vlookups And Conditional Formatting.

Dec 13, 2007

I would like some conditional formatting to happen when the vlookup is true AND false.

The lookup is looking for a number, if the number is there, i want it to colour the background RED. When it is not there (the vlookup says #N/A) i want to have it coloured YELLOW.

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Can I Combine VLOOKUPS In A Formula

Jan 29, 2009

Basically i need to type in a formula in sheet 1 under each of the months that will match the account name and location from B1 and C1 to the data range in sheet 2 (Columns B and C) and return whatever value is listed on sheet 2 under column E. My gut tells me I need to use multiple look ups but I've tried this and got numerous errors.

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Right To Left Vlookups, But Not In Order

May 22, 2009

I have the following formula that works great when everything is in a straight range:

=IF(B60=1,INDEX($A$3:$A$22,MATCH(B59,B3:B22,FALSE),1),"No Skin")

However I am trying to make it work where the data is broken up into multiple sections, for example instead of the
range being a3:a22 it would be a3:a6,a10:a15,a:20:a22 etc....

I tired this but it gave me an #N/A

=IF(B63=1,INDEX(($A$6:$A$9,$A$20:$A$23,$A$34:$A$37,$A$48:$A$51),MATCH(B62,(B6:B9,B20:B23,B34:B37,B48:B51),FALSE),1),"No Skin")

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VBA - IF Functions And VLookups Assistance

Aug 4, 2009

The will eventually end in a series of pivottables. I am currently at the step where I need to add vlookups. This is for an inventory management report that averages 20,000 rows and 20 columns of data. I add a few columns (using vlookups) to increase visibilty to the operations dept.

The first thing I need help with is creating the VBA language for using a vlookup table from another workbook that pastes the vlookup formula every cell to the bottom of the data

Then I need to utilize an IF formula for one column that says IF c2 is blank use vlookup-formula1, and IF it is not blank use vlookup-formula2, and then paste at every cell all the way down.

I hope someone can help, and I hope I didn't write too much to where everyone will skip pver this thread.

I am currently to this state, and ready to continue.
' OHR1 Macro
' Macro recorded 7/22/2009 by iahopbxm
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+o
' Sort and Add column Headers
Selection.ColumnWidth = 9.43...........

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Vlookups From Combo Boxes

Aug 15, 2006

I am trying to use a vlookup from input from a combobox. In other words, if a user selects "Los Angeles" from a combo-box titled "city", I want the state of California to appear in a cell labeled "State" (A3).

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Nested If Statement With 2 Possible Outcomes And 2 Vlookups?

Oct 18, 2013

I have an If statement I am trying to get to work but not sure of the flow. Each part works seperately but not together. What I need is if column E is blank leave blank, if cell DI2 is Yes then use columns DJ to DP for the lookup if DI2 is No than use columns O to U for the lookup. The first 2 lines are the individual formulas that work independently. The 3rd was my last attempt at combining them.



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