Pick Values From One Column And Organize In Another

Mar 31, 2009

I have a column of numbers and I want to copy numbers, with a constant periodicity, and paste in a new column. In the example below, I copy values from column A and past in column B, picking only every third value:

1 1
2 4
3 7
4 10

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VLOOKUP And SUM Formulas: Pick Up Another Value In Column 9 And Should Add Value In Column 7 And 9 And Return It

Apr 6, 2007


In the first vlookup it picks up a value. I need to do the same vlookup function but it should also pick up another value in column 9 and should add value in column 7 and 9 and return it. Employee id numbers are in column E in the first page.My formula checks for the employee id in Su sheet and retrieves the value from the seventh column. I need to retrieve also from 9 th column and add them together.

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How To Pick Lowest 15 Values In A List

Mar 4, 2012

Have column A which is list of names and column E which shows how much each name owes. I want to compile a list of names and amounts owed for the 15 biggest debts (ie. 15 lowest numbers as they are negative values).

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How To Organize Column According To Another Column

Jun 9, 2013

if I have three columns:

X1 X3 3
X2 X1 7
X3 X2 9

want column B and C stay organized according to column A:

X1 X1 7
X2 X2 9
X3 X3 3

where B is adjusted with the A and C fits together with B.

how can I do this simple formula or macro?

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How To Pick Name From Column Based Value Difference In Column B

Dec 12, 2013

I have data like this:


Now I want to pick names from column A with rank difference between name should equal to 30.

Expected result


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Formula To Pick Last Value In A Column

Mar 23, 2009

Is there a formula or function that allows me to always select the lowest (not min) actual lowest in a column? For example, I have a formula in A1 and I need it part of it to always reference the bottom of a certain range (i.e. A5.A200).

So one day the lowest would be A7 but a week later it could be A8. I don't want to have to keep changing the formula in A1 to find the lowest value. I will be adding data on a regular basis.

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Pick Random Name From Column

Dec 24, 2007

I've got a list of names in a column in excel, what's the easiest formula to pick a random name from that list? (guess I can use f9 to randomize)

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Pick The Number Farthest Down In A Column

Mar 17, 2009

The attachment shows a ledger that I am trying to build. My goal is to automatically add the Ledger balance(G) at the end of each day to the Investment cash balance(J) column. Some days there are multiple Ledger transactions, other days there are none. If there were no Ledger transactions on that day I would like to use the last recorded Investment cash balance. (ex. on weekends there will be no transactions)

Note: I want exactly one balance, the ending daily balance, per day on the investment side of the worksheet.

I have struggled with this all afternoon. My goal is to make this as simplistic as possible for two reasons. 1) I am not a master programmer by any means. 2) I want this file to open on any computer the has a MSExcel on it without have to install any addins.

For these reasons I am thinking it would be best to stay away from macros, which I am minimally proficient at creating.

Let me know if you have any good tricks to solve my problem. If macros are the ONLY or absolutely the BEST way to do this, then I guess you can twist my arm an we can go down that avenue.

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Pick Up Line Items By The Value In One Column

Feb 12, 2014

As per attached file, there are altogether 4 sub-files and 1 master file.

I'll need the code to automatically pick up the top 9 revenue(highlighted in Green) and top 9 EBIT(highlighted in Yellow) by values in Column N from 4 sub-files and paste to the master file.

Attached File : Example file1.xlsx‎

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Pick Combobox Column To Display (ID Vs Name) Via VBA

Jul 2, 2013

I have some vba code that opens up notepad and populates it with data from Access 2010. Everything works great including the notepad function, the database, and how the data is stored and displayed in the table/form.

The problem: I want to display the service name not the ID in notepad

I passed the field that I want to include in notepad as a string. However, it returns the ID and not the name of the person.

I don't want to change anything in the form or field property because it works perfect as is.

Is there a way to pick which column to display in the Email by vba code?

Column 0 = the ID and Column 1 = the name

^^That doesn't work for me

Here's my code (it works)

Private Sub cmdNoteAccept_Click()
Dim strCode As String

strCode = strCode & Me.Servicer & ": "
strCode = strCode & Format(Me.DateCreated, "MM/DD/YYYY")

strCode = strCode & "Insert message here"

Shell "Notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
SendKeys strCode, True
End Sub

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VB Code To Pick Best Pricing By Qty Column

Aug 20, 2008

I receive hundreds of part numbers to quote daily. I send out RFQ's to my suppliers and they respond with pricing. I gather all the data into a similar excel sheet below and assign the wining supplier.

in automating a task that will compare the group of data for best pricing and populate a "WIN" code in column "A" if that supplier was chosen for the that qty pricing.

Here is the excel example.

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Book1___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutI22=ABCDEFGHI1Scenario #1 - Supplier chosen for best pricing based on column "E"        2WINNERPART#VEN IDBRK1COST1BRK2COST2BRK3COST33 123ALL90110510107.54 123FO3511258107.755 123RO501958.51086WIN123AR651858.751087         8         9Scenario #2 - Supplier chosen for best pricing based on column "G"        10WINNERPART#VEN IDBRK1COST1BRK2COST2BRK3COST311 123ALL90110510107.512 123FO3511258107.7513WIN123RO501958.510814 123AR651858.7510815         16         17Scenario #3 - Supplier chosen for best pricing based on column "I"        18WINNERPART#VEN IDBRK1COST1BRK2COST2BRK3COST319WIN123ALL90110510107.520 123FO3511258107.7521 123RO501958.510822 123AR651858.75108Sheet1 [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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Pick Up A Specific Number From Column

Jun 9, 2007

I have two columns in excel. Column “A” where I have different group names column "B" all the different numbers and column “C” where I have ranked based on column “A”. I need a formula that would pick a number that is ranked 51 with specific group. Currently I’m using below formula (where MC1 represents one of the groups)that is working great unless there is no tie, however if there is a tie for rank 51 and let say two numbers are 22 and 22 the formula will return 44.


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If Formula: Pick Out Which Is The Largest Figure Of Column A,B,C,D For Each Row

Oct 14, 2008

See attached. This is a report that I have to do every month. I cant work out a formula for it. What I need is a formula that will pick out which is the largest Figure of column A,B,C,D for each row and put the corresponding header in column G. i have manually put these in. Would anyone know a formula i could use for this.

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Putting Index Column - VLookup Does Not Pick Up Dates?

Apr 5, 2014

does it not like dates? i have columns of data and i wish to search it for each month and then print a months worth. here is part of the data. maybe vlookup does not like dates? i tried putting an index column on the left, 1,2,3,4... but it still would not pick up "Jun"

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Compare Multiple Rows And Pick Largest Value From A Column

Dec 10, 2013

See data in the attached image in Col A thru Col D. In Col E, I want to populate the max value for the same part # from Col C or Col D depending upon value in Col B.

I have included a sample of the expected results in Col E for illustration purposes.

For example Row 3,5,6 are all part # 1 with Col B ="Y", suggesting they are interchangeable parts, therefore, I would like the formula to have ability to pick 10 (since its largest between 3,10,0) from Col C.


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Pick Data From A Specific Row/column (eg 10/B) Related To Active Cell

Dec 2, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with my Periods along row 10. e.g. C10: "1", D10: "2", E10 "3", F10: "4", G10: "5" etc. (green on the attached sheet). I have my departments along column B, e.g. B11: "Baked" B12: "Fresh" B13: "Frozen" (yellow on the attached sheet)

what I need and cannot work out is some VBA code that will populate two variables (lets call them Period & Department) when I click on one of the figures. For example if I click on cell: if I click E14: Period would have the contents of cell E10, and Department the contents of cell B14.

if i click G14: Period would have the contents of G10, and Department the contents of cell B14 again. I know how to get the click on the cell to work properly etc, and I have code to slot these variables into that works very nicely, I just can't get this bit to work!!!!

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Organize Data

May 20, 2006

im having trouble trying to figure out how to organize the following data. It concernc cycling races that has its own data like type of race, country, number of mountain stages etc. but also for each race i need a subcatagorie wich holds the data of all riders that participate in it. like;

Race: Categorie race: Number of mountain stages: etc.....:
Tour de france Grand tour 8 ...
Giro d.italie Grand tour 19 ...

but also for each race:

Race: Teams (wich will need up To twenty names): Riders (For Each team up To 9 riders:
Tour de France Gerolsteiner Totschnig, Zberg, etc...
Tour de France Discovery Channel Armstrong, Beltran, etc...

How would you organize information like that, the trouble is it must be able to use all the excel functions AND be able to update the list trough an webquery and VBA code.

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Formula To Have Spreadsheet 2 Pick Items From Pass / Fail Column On Spreadsheet 1

Jan 23, 2012

Workbook 1 has 2 spreadsheets. Spreadsheet 1 contains Item and Pass/Fail Columns. under the item column is the serial number of the item tested. the Pass/fail column has the serial number duplicated if it failed tested. what is the formula is to have spreadsheet 2 pick the items from the pass/fail column on spreadsheet 1?

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Organize Multi-columns To One

May 30, 2012

I have a bunch of worksheets with various data that is in columns ranging from 1 upto 20 (this is different with each sheet) across and each column has data rows that has various numbers.

What I want to do is create a sheet when I need to organize some data and control A all the data and paste on to this sheet hit a macro and have it take all columns and stack them in to column A.

Each row will have a different number of populated cells and there are sometimes 5 columns up to 20 columns

Column A - 100 data pieces
Column B - 325
Column C - 100
and so on...

The macro should leave all items in column A but then cut all 325 records (row 1-325) and then paste them starting in cell "A101" then move to Column C and stack those below what was moved form column B and so on.

The code will stop at the first blank space in each row and will go from right to left until it hits the first blank cell in the columns.

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Organize List Of Various Months And Dates?

Jun 18, 2014

Is there any way to organize a list of various months and dates

First by creating a column of just the months, then by all of the dates, serperated by commas?

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Organize And Evaluate Items Into Worksheet

Jan 7, 2014

First, I tried to input Ibs, Size, Items into a worksheet with layout.

Then, calculate how many items are they and separate them into two categories - "Big" and "Small".

Final, I would like to create another worksheet to evaluate how many items belongs to "Big" and "Small" with a column chart to present.

Question : How can I accrue the total of items and sort them into the right categories automatically.

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Organize Data By Odd Number And Pair

Mar 16, 2014

I have list of county roads and would like to organize them by odd number and pair. Macro that can change the pair number first then the odd number here is an example


[Code] ...........

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Macro To Move Rows And Organize

Mar 4, 2009

I have been trying to do this for 3 days using "Record Macro", but something always seems to be messed up. The main problem is that the worksheets are protected and the macro asks for the password.

Here is a calendar sheet that I've been working on. It contains the calendar on sheet 1(not important) and a client roster on sheet 2. The client roster gets filled quickly, and obviously gets unorganized. What I'd like to do is create a macro so that when a date is entered into column AA (when a client is discharged), that entire row is moved onto sheet 3 (Discharged). At the same time, I'd like all of the names in column A alphabetized.

I even tried to create an "Organize" button so that the users could just click it and alphabetize. The problem I ran into with that was that the users are using Office 2000, and the names get alphabetized but all of their information no longer matches up.

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Using Index And Match To Organize By Rank

Nov 6, 2008

My sheet has a bunch of Name's in column D, either the text "Store" or nothing in column E, and a dollar value in column F. I'm trying to figure a way to display the names in order of highest to lowest dollar value based on the criteria that the name must have the text "Store" next to it in column E. If column E is blank then the name would not be included in the ranking. I thought I could use the following code to accomplish this:

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How To Organize Survey Data That Has 2 Choices

Nov 17, 2013

I did a survey of what kind of clothes people like to wear and why. So there are two things that people have to write down. ex) jeans and cus they're comfortable / shirts and cus they look good

The data that I received was organized as followed

I just put in random things just so you can get the idea of whats what



Okay so what I want to know is how I can get the responses from the data spreadsheet I showed you before into this organized data table above.

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Organize Worksheets In A Workbook Ascending

Nov 21, 2009

I have the code below that will organize worksheets in a workbook ascending (1,2,3...) and would like to know how to deal with the For loop not initialized "Run-time error '92'" message that shows up at the end.

I'm teaching myself as I go and would like some light on this if you don't mind. Also would like to know if there is any 'better' way per-se to do this kind of task.

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Organize Numerous Numbers By Fractions

Jun 19, 2007

I am currently trying to organize numerous numbers by fractions, and it just will not set up right.

1 1/2
2 X 3/4
1 X 1/2
1 1/2 X 3/4

What would be the best code used, or method, to ensure that these numbers organize correctly?

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Organize Raw Data Spread Over Many Four Columns In Rows?

Dec 5, 2013

I have raw data converted from pdf into excel Workbook spanning into many sheets.Each sheet having 5 sets of records. It is highly disoriented.Some times it is in 4 columns and some times in three columns having 30 unique Records which I Want to put in rows neatly in a single sheet .Raw Data is like in table below.In some Columns There are only 20 Records.I want them in rows organized under headers.

Name: Aa bb


Problem is that in some columns there are only 10 fields present,eg: name field is there Add,state,Country is not.Also in some columns many fields are in a single cell,eg: Tel,fax,Email in a single cell.

Each Record That Needed to extract starts after : Also I can Replace all required fields like name ,add, city, to 1,2,3 if that is going to work.

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Organize Worksheet Tabs In A Tiered Fashion?

Apr 13, 2009

Is there a way to organize worksheet tabs in a tiered fashion? (i.e. making 2 or more rows of tabs at the bottom)

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Excel 2007 :: Organize Data Into Lists?

Nov 1, 2013

I work as an alternative health practitioner and am making reference lists to use for working with various conditions. So far I've been using MS word and manually typing out everything into lists, but since that document is becoming hugely ungainly to work with (60+ double columned pages) I thought maybe there is an easier way to do this?

So my question is, can I use excel (or another program?) to do these things? And how would I go about doing them?

"Tag" various procedures with symptoms to alleviate. For example, can I tag Scalene trigger points (technique) with the symptoms brachial neuritis, extremity numbness, neck pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, etc (some techniques will need 25+ symptom tags). Because of the large amount of "tags" I'll need to add, being able to quickly add them (for example, maybe typing them all in one cell separated by commas) is crucial Sort the data by symptom i.e "neck pain" and have all techniques tagged with "neck pain" show up in list form. Transfer all the data I already have sorted into the excel spreadsheet - for example I have a list of 100+ techniques for "neck pain", so I would need to be able to paste that list into excel and tag it with "neck pain" so it would show up along with anything added in excel. Be able to copy/paste the compiled list of techniques for each symptom into a document that I can print out and use as a reference at work. So for instance, be able to search "neck pain" copy the list of techniques for neck pain without including any extraneous data (such as all the tags) and paste it into ms word as text, not a table.

Edit: I have Excel 2007

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