Rearranging Data From Combined List To Separate Lists?

Aug 21, 2014

Is there a simple way via VBA to alter the layout of data from a mixed up two column list into multiple headed lists on another worksheet (within the same workbook)?

The attachment should better demonstrate what I mean. Sheet1 has example data of how it is and Sheet2 shows how I would like it.

The data will be dynamic in the sense the numbers of unique values in column A will change (only increase, never decrease), as will the number of unique values in column B.

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Sorting List Of Items Into 2 Separate Lists

Oct 25, 2011

I work for a printing company that prints labels. We have 6 printing presses, lets call them A,B,C,D,E & F. Certain labels can only be printed on printing press F.

From our business system I can run a report in excel format giving details of all the labels that we have sold in the present month. I need split that report into 2 separate excel spreadsheets; 1 showing everything that was printed on presses A to E and the other showing everything printed on press F.

I also have another excel spreadsheet which gives a complete list of all the labels that have to be printed on press F.

Every label that we print has a part code and both spreadsheets show this part code so that would be the linking factor between the 2 sheets.

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Rearranging List Of Data In One Column

Oct 18, 2012

How do I rearrange a list of data in one column that are in sequence to appear at random i.e data should not follow any particular pattern.

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Rearranging Exported SharePoint Lists In Excel?

Jul 1, 2013

I've just exported a list from SharePoint to Excel, which gave me as a result a owssvr table, so far so good cause every time the list in SP is updated I can do a refresh and get the latest values; however once I opened the table I realized that the columns where not correctly order they were all mixed and the information does not look as it is required so I need to rearrange them. I do not need to delete a column I just need to be able to move them between themselves so that they will follow certain order: Product ID, Name, Amount of pieces, Place where they are stored, etc. this is very important because later on I use "vlookups" to do a series of reports.

I've tried cut- paste to move the columns to the correct position, unfortunately once I close the excel file and try to open it again, I got a message saying that the content is not readable and when Excel repairs it, my owssvr table loses the link to SP so I cannot update refresh the table anymore.

I cannot edit the list in SP as this site does not belong to me and I only got access to export the data and be able to refresh the table, all I want is to be able to move them within my ovssvr table so that locally I can work with them better.

Here is a pic of what I am talking about: cmms.JPG

So for example in the pic I put, I need that instead of Comments in Column E, Product ID can be in Column E, then Name in column F and so on..

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3 Dependent Dropdown Lists / Combined Selection Provides Specific Information

Nov 11, 2013

I'm trying to create a database where when 3 dependent drop down list selections are combined, information is displayed.

I've tried VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH but to no avail.

Attached is the spreadsheet and what I am trying to accomplish. On the first sheet ("budget form") is a table named "Event Costs - room hire". I have created three drop down lists that interact based on what you select. Some rooms offer different services and so are dependent on the selection.

However, I want the final box to display the price depending on what is selected in the previous 3 lists. The amounts and a table I have created is in the "Product Database" sheet and the table is labelled, "Room Hire Control C".

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Syncing Two Lists Of Data For One List Of Individuals - One List Has Multiple Entries

Jan 20, 2014

I need to consolidate these two lists of data into one list.

First set is just a basic list of individuals with their data.

Second set is multiple entries for those same individuals. Each entry shows a subscription to a programme. The final single sheet should have one row per individual which shows all of the programmes they are subscribed to.

See attached, example sheet.

The real list is 3000 IDs, so need some kind of formula to do this.

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Data Validation List :: Dependant Lists

Aug 28, 2007

I have a question regarding the data validation lists. What i have is 4 different lists


What I want to do is...once a user chooses a department, he gets a list of assays done in the chosen dept. and also a list of instrument used by the dept and a list of manufacturers

I used the examples shown here

and was able to succeed in creating dependent lists to some extent...I am attaching whatever I have able to accomplish so far, which is able to pull up the assay list based on the dept. ...but am confused as to how to get the Instrument and Manufacturer list at the same time .....please choose 'Chem 2" from the dept list to see what I have managed to do so far

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One Data Validation List Dependant On Four Dv Lists

Sep 28, 2007

I have on a sheet:

4 data validation lists that contain the exact same values.

would like to have:

One validation list box that is dependant on all 4 vd lists.

I posted a thread on dv and came to the conclusion that it is not possible to use INDIRECT() as it only allows for one cell reference and not four.

Is there another way to do this?

Glove Man, I tried your suggestion but couldn't get it work.

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Formula To Separate Specific Data From Data List In Sheet1 Into Sheet2 / Sheet3

Jun 30, 2014

I have attached a sheet that has part of a data list, sheet called (Full Data) what i am trying to do is seperate the data into event locations into individual sheets.

The data ref will be column F which is the different event locations.

I thought the best way to try and do this was to create an if/ match formula using the sheet tab names as the if match, with the event locations in column F.

I have added two sheet tabs so you can see that i require the data for (Ain) to be put into the Ain sheet.

The data list in Full Data sheet will be continuously updated so i will need the range to be around 10,000 entries.

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Make Combined List From Several Tables

Nov 28, 2013

I need to make a Combined Name List from several tables by formula or Macro code.

Attached file defined detail and what is exact wanted.


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Vba For Rearranging The Data

Aug 28, 2009

I want to rearranging the data in year wise for each company. My data (Sheet 1) is in this order.

Year Company A Company B

1996 Data 1 Data 1
2006 Data 11 Data 2

I wan to rearrange the data (Sheet 2) in to the following order.

Company A 1996 Data 1
2006 Data 11

Company B 1996 Data 1
2006 Data 11

Is there any possibility for vba for this soloution. If i will increase the no of companies, whether the vba will work or not.

I have attached a file for the same

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Formula To Pull Out Data From A List To Create Class Lists?

May 16, 2014

if there was a way to automatically add each student to a class list as their information is inputted. What i mean is, after input Sally Student in the main enrollment list she would automatically go to the class list for the class she has chosen.

I have attached a sample workbook with my desired results. Basically what i want to do is make this easier for those in charge to get the class lists from the main list without having to copy and past all the time.

The class lists are in the tabs in the workbook.

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VLOOKUP & Lists (range Called List That Has 3 Columns Of Data)

May 20, 2009

I have a range called List that has 3 columns of data:

Corporate Human Resources Services PMA
Corporate Procurement Director
Ops Central Customer Services Lost Property Office
Ops Travel Information Travel Info Call Ctr
Ops Travel Information Centres Travel Info Centres

I have 3 columns on the entry sheet called Business Unit (Col A), Department(Col B) and Sub-Department (Col C). I want to limit the choice in column B to based on the selection in Column A in the form of a drop-down list e.g choosing Corporate gives a list of Human Resources Services; Procurement.

I am using the list option for field validation and the following formula in cell B2: =INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(A2,List,2,0)). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I don't get a list of options just a blank cell. Do I need to use a different formula other than VLOOKUP..?

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Can't Remove Duplicate Rows From A Combined List

Aug 4, 2013

I have 2 lists, A and B. The lists were Obtained by different methods. However the information is now static and It seems that they have compatible information and format. But when I cut and paste A to B to make a single list, and I try to delete duplicate rows in the single list, I'm unable to do so. What can I do? Attached are the lists.

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Rearranging Data From One Sheet To Another

Oct 31, 2012

I have about 20 columns headed things like Product Number, Size, Colour, Weight etc

So for example, one record might be something like:

Product number


I have about 10,000 of these records.

What I need is to rearrange them in another sheet which just has 3 columns.

Product number
A record would look something like
Product number


Is it possible to transform the first format in the first spread sheet to the second format in the second sheet?

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Rearranging All Data To Three Columns

Sep 19, 2006

I have a worksheet that contains data in the first three columns and then the 4th column is empty and then there's data in the next three columns and then an empty column etc. How can I cut the data from columns E to G and I to K and M to O etc....and paste it directly below the data in columns A to C? I dont know how many columns of data there are in the worksheet and every set of 3 columns of data (eg. E to G) varies in size. I recorded the following macro of what I want to do.

Sub rearrange()
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
End Sub

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Comparing Three Lists - Identify In 3 Separate Columns

Jul 9, 2013

I am working on a project, I have three different lists that I want to compare and I want to identify in 3 separate columns which titles are found on which list.

For example:

Title List 1List 2List 3

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Cross-referencing Two Lists From Separate Sheets?

Jan 16, 2014

I'm working with several sheets, each containing databases of customers that bought different products. I'm trying to do a cross reference so I know which customers has already bought multiple products.

English is not my first language and I might not be able to clearly express what my problem is, so I included a worksheet example.

In the example, you can see that Lea bought an apartment coded with APRT-001 from the first sheet. Lea also bought a condo coded with COND-002. What I'm trying to do is to put a note beside the her entry in the apartment that she has bought COND-002. And vice versa on the COND-002 entry on the second sheet.

What I usually do is combine all the data in one sheet, use Conditional Formatting to point out the duplicate name entries, and work through the whole thing manually. The thing is, there are thousands of names and I need to update the list regularly

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Rearranging Data In Table Without Calculating Anything?

Jan 6, 2014

I have a csv file that includes several runs of a test per day on 5 different parameters. I need to rearrange this data to show the results from each run on each date, but arranged in a different way. I've attached an .xlsx file that best describes what I have

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Macro For Rearranging Data Table?

Nov 28, 2011

I have a data table which looks like this:

1 2 3 4 a b c
5 6 7 8 d e f

And it should be converted to look like this:

1 2 3 4 a
1 2 3 4 b
1 2 3 4 c
5 6 7 8 d
5 6 7 8 e
5 6 7 8 f

So basically, the data in the last columns should be transposed, and the data in the first columns need to be copied in the cells of the new rows.

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Rearranging Data From One Column To Multiple?

Apr 25, 2012

unable to find anything besides splitting numbers and letters in a column into multiple columns.

The raw data at the moment looks like this:
ID Number
Ticket Number

Sheet1 *A158662TIC-00013Food4flags512346TIC-00027flags8picnic9555510TIC-000311Food12picnic139707414TIC-000415Food16picnic17784218TIC-000519Everything
I would like to somehow change that into this:

Sheet1 *ABCDE15866TIC-0001Foodflags*21234TIC-0002*flagspicnic35555TIC-0003Food*picnic497074TIC-0004Foodpicnic*57842TIC-0005Foodflagspicnic

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Find The Minimum Distance Between Two Points Using Two Separate Lists?

Jul 5, 2011

Is it possible to find the minimum distance between two points using two separate lists of different lengths without creating separate columns of equal row sizes

? I am trying to find the shortest distance form one point to another which is a fixed value. I am using the standard distance formula: =SQRT(((X2-X1)^2)+((Y2-Y1)^2)+((Z2-Z1)^2)).

My X1,Y1, Z1, has 2,000 rows in three columns that need to be compared to find the minimum distance from my one row/column of X2,Y2,Z2.

Is there a command that could go through and use each row of the X1, Y1, Z1, while looking for the MIN of the above formula without having to create an equal amount of rows for the X2, Y2, Z2?

I know I could do it by running this out the long way and then finding the min after I do all the math but I am wondering if there is an automated way for Excel to go through and do the forumla and then only return the MIN value?

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Displaying Combined List Of Names Based On Several Column Cells?

Jun 25, 2014

I am trying to create a summary Calendar that would display all the names of the people who are off on a given day. I have a grid where I display each day of the month and a person in the group has their own column. If they are out of the office for any reason their name appears in that row. In the big Summary Calendar cell for each day of the month I want to look across all the people columns for that day and then display the names of the people who are not going to be in the office. Can I do this by a formula or will using VBA work best.

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Populate From Data From List Values And Save As Separate Files?

Sep 14, 2013

I need to create time sheets for about 30 contract workers.

Each time sheet needs to have their name as well the date for sunday of that week inserted into the form. (once the date for sunday is entered into the sheet, the rest of the dates for the week will be extrapolated out).

Then, once the data is inserted for a single worker, I need that file to be saved using the workers name in the file name.

The script would then open a new time sheet template, insert the second workers name and the date for sunday and save the file. Repeate for next 30 workers.

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Rearranging Data In Form Of Panel Data?

Apr 18, 2014

Is there any way to rearrange data in this way for the following:

/////////[Ticker A] [Ticker B] [Ticker C]
2010 ///// 0,3 ////// 0,6 /////// 0,9
2011 ///// 0,7 ////// 1,4 /////// 2,1
2012 ///// 1,3 ////// 2,6 /////// 3,9


2010 Ticker A 0,3
2011 Ticker A 0,6
2012 Ticker A 0,9
2010 Ticker B 0,7
2011 Ticker B 1,4
2012 Ticker B 2,1
2010 Ticker C 1,3
2011 Ticker C 2,6
2012 Ticker C 3,9

Worth function, worth macro, what worth everything that's automate this process. Are spreadsheets with hundreds of rows.

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Combining And Rearranging Data Records From Multiple Worksheets To A Single Worksheet

Sep 13, 2009

I have a set of related variables that are split over multiple worksheets, and I need to be able to take specific information, duplicate certain values and produce an output sheet for use in a separate piece of software.

The variables are:
Position Number (Sheet 1)
Position Title (Sheets 1 and 2)
Position Requirement (Sheet 2)
Requirement Importance (Sheet 2)

The output sheet requires a list of all the requirements for each position number, which means the position number itself needs duplicating (in new rows) X number of times, where X is the number of requirements assigned. The appropriate requirements are then to be pasted in next to each position number (and the requirements can be found by comparing position number to title, and from title to requirements).

Normally, Id be able to do this using lookups and so forth, but my problem arises when I have multiple position numbers with the same related title (in the attached example, there are three plumbers with unique position numbers). I cant figure out how to say to Excel a plumber has five requirements, and there are three plumbers, so duplicate each position number for each plumber five times, then insert the appropriate qualifications (and their associated importance values) next to the position numbers.

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How To Separate Row Data From One Workbook Into Separate Workbooks Based On Cell Data

Apr 23, 2014

I need to separate row data from one workbook into separate workbooks based on cell data. Currently I filter the data, copy and paste it to a new workbook and save it. It's a tedious process and was hoping to find a way to automate it. I have attached a sample file. In this instance, I would like a separate workbook for the filtered data in Column 1 and then all the row data gets copied to new workbook. So all of Pennsylvania data would get copied to new workbook, then all of the Michigan data gets copied to a new workbook. I have also attached an example of the end result that I need.

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Sorting Combined Number And Data

Apr 20, 2012

How to correctly sort data when it contains both text and numbers.

This is what is currently happening


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Pounds To Kg Separation In Combined Data

Aug 19, 2013

I receive a monthly spreadsheet from our trucking company which tracks the package and weight of that package. However I need to pull the weight out and run a report on total weight. However it is a mix of pounds and kilograms. Please see my example. What I want is a final column of all weight converted to kilograms. Note as well the spacing in the data as sometimes the "lbs" is right next to the number and other times there is a space between them.

Raw Data

package 1

package 2
5 kgs

[Code] ........

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Combined If & Offset & Copy Data

Apr 11, 2007

I need to create a macro wheather it be for each row or perhaps a dynamic macro that based on the active cell it can then offset based on my Expense type(Column B) into the respective row.

i had placed a sample of what i need to come up with highlighted in red. I need to copy the data in C7, C8, C9, etc... into D7:N7, D8:N8, etc... I have over 950 rows this code will need to be copied to. Columns do not move.

So if choose "fixed then i need for the macro to copy and paste data in each of those cells for Febuary to December. Should i choose "variable" then it places a "0" for Febuary to December and should I choose "NA" then nothing happens and i dont need code for that. It needs to be running constantly that way i dont need to run the macro so it needs to be in a module i beleive.

My problem is that i have three years of data and i have over 950 rows for expenses. THis is just a morsol. I cant place code in the cells as the expenses go there and it will just over write the code and is useless to me. That is why i need a macro that based on what i choose it then copies January's expense appropriately and for now it doesnt need to be dynamic but i prefer that it be based on the active cell if this is possible as i used over 950 option buttons and it worked but as the file gets bigger it crashes my computer.. 'Not enough Resources" .. gigs of ram and a 3.6 processor..

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